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Martin Plaut’s Mercurial ‘Journalism’ and Embarrassing Mercenaries Mission: Reflections from Cairo’s Book Review Session

Martin Plaut

Martin Plaut’s Mercurial ‘Journalism’ and Embarrassing Mercenaries Mission: Reflections from Cairo’s Book Review Session

By Yosief Abraham Z

We are embarking to a new year. And of course, in 2017, one of the worst skewed media players came from the apologist Martin Plaut when he, headed by Aljazeera and ENN, run to fix unfounded lists on Asmara’s 31 October 2017 incident. Except deeply driven by the maniac to cultivate famousness as expert on ‘Eritrea’s affair,’ he has neither the stamina nor the courage to challenge his opponents.

In addition to his ill-founded reluctance not to answer any clarifications on his book ‘Understanding Eritrea: Inside Africa’s Most Repressive State,’ a review session, organized by HorMid Media and Art Center, in Cairo, Egypt, on 26-12-2017, authenticated the nudity of the book in keeping the preliminary standards one book expect to keep up professionally. Thus, the review session concluded:

1. Rejection of the writer to cite the source of his claims are, by any standard, the gross manner of one alleged journalist who is, undoubtedly, working against Eritreans

2. In opposition to his claim that he is an engaging journalist on Eritrea’s affairs, he is the mercenary of decayed ideologists against Eritreans and he has affirmed himself through his unprecedented contents in the book

3. And, mesmerizing to those who don’t know him but ordinary to those who have been following him, his aims are clearly elaborated with the following remarks:

• On if there was the support of Eritrea to train Ethiopian oppositions in Harena, he has      been derailed from the fact when he told us that Harena is located south of Massawa; the fact is, however, Harena is just in Western lowlands of Eritrea;

• By coloring that all Kunama have their ancient folklore religions like other African brothers, he has perverted the deep fact that majority of them are Christians and Moslem

• In support of Ethiopia’s dream to annex Eritrea by obliterating Eritreanism from the world, Martin applauds Ethiopia’s fabricated ‘victory’ in occupying Eritrea land. To stand for his claim, he added in the book that ‘Ethiopian gallant forces marched till Akordat, an incident that enforced Eritrea’s defense force to repost in Keren in May of 2000.’ In fact, the battle was not beyond Barentu and the regime from Mekelle has never controlled even ¼ of Eritrea as Martin Plaut dreamed to be back then

• Six white people have also given their appreciation on his cover book; in fact, there is no one of them as ‘expert’ on Eritrea. The reluctance of those reviewers to participate in different sessions, including to the deliberation in Cairo, is the continuation of their notoriety thus to be experts on Eritreans by interviewing selected ‘opposition figures’ who are still ready to sale the country to enemies quarters

4. Factual errors, data perversions, claims of negligences and violated neutrality have made the book the worst, inaccurate, inflammatory and accusative on Eritreans minding landscape. Thus, after ex-Dergue high official, Shaleka Seare Weldegiorgis book (‘ክህደት በደም መሬት (Trait to the Land of Blood)), Martin Plaut’s book is good testimony of mercenaries account who want to perpetuate a state affair for their own individual interests.

Therefore, with ongoing efforts to publish full review of the perverting and scandalously armed book, the session authenticated that Martin Plaut is in the track of falsifying claims for satiating his chauvinistic behavior. Moreover, this will not stop him from harboring hatred coverage against Eritreans and their nation.


Yosief Abraham Z is a freelance journalist and Executive Director of HorMid Media and Art Center. You can contact him at

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