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ENN Conservationists on Ethiopia’s Current Federal Metamorphosis: Difference between Real and Imaginary Ethiopia Articulate

Professor Mesfin Weldemariam

ENN Conservationists on Ethiopia’s Current Federal Metamorphosis: Difference between Real and Imaginary Ethiopia Articulate

By Yosief Abraham Z

On 17/18 December 2017 ‘Oda’ platform for discussion by Ethiopia News Network, Ethiopian figures articulated Ethiopia’s fragile status and possible repercussions of the ongoing affairs. Elaborated that that the connection between Ethiopians has been weak, Abere Gietu stated that there are undeniable and critical questions of Ethiopians over the hyped ‘good governance’ affair. The historian and sociologist also put on eye of probing if the unity between the Amhara and the Oromo is emanating from having positive role in returning Ethiopia’s fragile condition to normal situation. “If they are not united just with a target to smash the oppression by TPLF, time will classify the motive,” Abere Gietu adds.

In addition to this, one of the country’s authors, Alif Abdelkadir, affirms “there aren’t any problems between Ethiopians; in fact, attempting to address the national affairs from the ethnic-centered regional divisions has been another provocation for mistrust.” “What mesmerizing is federalism has been the contemporary fashion and, in our case, the language-centered federalism of Ethiopia is the ignition for other flames,” Abere Gietu added on the raised issue.

Beqalu Alamre, moderator of the deliberation, raised the feelings of abandoning the national anthem and the state’s flag as this has been nemesis for the doers, he requested their perspectives. 

“Federalism was a good option. Practically, however, we are not witnessing the proper implementation of federalism system. As the 1923-1980s historical landscape of Ethiopia testified the bitter results of oppressing people’s cultural and language choices, we are now on the edge of ramifications: saving the state or cultivating the notorious results of vehement anger as the elites are leading us to the cliff of non-returnable path,” armors Mr. Paulos Sorsa, Law expert on the Martyrs of the Red-Terror Operation Victims.

Within the same parameters of this, Solomon Teshome, an instructor on folklore, also probed the driving force for the current affairs and confirmed his support for investigating the curses and advantages of federalism model. “If we didn’t agree on the years since which Ethiopia is established as country, then how we would agree on Ethiopianism? TPLF struggle answered--with respect—his own question of representation, not of others or mine. We are on the cliff of ‘I’ in the place of ‘We,’ a cause for such debacles and instability among some quarters,” Solomon emphasized.

Emboldening to stance by Alif Abdelkader’s that there were not major ethnically instigated conflicts in the country, Mr. Paulos Sorsa slams on reconciliatory initiatives between Ethiopia’s ethnic groups. “As those evidently responsible are a few individuals, reconciliation and series deliberations have to be confined within them at the first place,” the lawyer added.

After assessing the feelings of ethnocracy as model that have, recently, been invading the affairs of some quarters during sport matches and universities yards, the conservationists recalled on the country looms of danger and possibilities to save it from quagmires of instabilities.

It is recalled that Professor Mesfin Weldemariam and Dr. Yakob H.Mariam articulated Ethiopia is in the acme point for incalculable brink of instabilities than any other time. They made this remark on the last week assembly by Semayawi Party under the theme ‘Ethiopia is Appealing.’
Yosief Abraham Z is a freelance journalist and Executive Director of HorMid Media and Art Center. You can contact him at
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