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Ethiopian Diplomats or modern-day TPLF slave traders to the Arab world?

The outgoing and the incoming Woyane puppet Ambassadors Mohamed Gudeta Chebsa (1) and Abdulaziz Ahmed (2) and Deputy Head of Mission and Minister Counselor Zenebe Kebede (3)

By Teshome Debalke

Another video on Kuwait Times showing Ethiopian domestic worker hanging from 7th floor window of a building where she works while the employer was filming her fall down. It showed yet again another crime against Ethiopians by lucrative human trafficking enterprises in Arab countries where 1000s of young women and men are essentially sold in bondage arranged by TPLF operatives situated in the Ethiopian Embassies posed as diplomats.

No one except TPLF warlords and their operatives put in varies ministries, agencies and embassies knows how many Ethiopians were sold as modern day slaves in the Arab world. For that reason the TPLF regime’s Foreign Minster that control the Embassies’ website throughout the world never put the identity of the mission’s personnel infested with its operatives unless to cover up its crime.

Over a year ago a Cell video ( that leaked hit the social Media showing Ethiopian women in Kuwait prison pleading for help was eventually published on TPLF affiliated Ethiopia Online Media sourced from Kuwait Times in a cleanup effort of modern day profitable slave trade orchestrated by TPLF operative Zenebe Kebede paused as Deputy Head of Mission and Minister Counselor through Kuwait Times reporter Ben Garcia, a Pilipino national.

The response from Zenebe Kebede collaborated by the reporter sounds like human trafficker protect his lucrative slave trade than a ‘Deputy Head of Mission and Minister Counselor’ of the nation’s embassy that suppose assigned to protect the citizens and the nation’s interests when he rushed to the crime scene for cover up. He said;

“… We visited the prison immediately, but found no harassment or abuse took place”

“The room was probably small but they were transferred immediately to well-maintained deportation facilities,”

“They were housemaids who had run away from their employers and had absconding cases filed against them with the authorities. They were arrested by the police at a checkpoint. There are crackdowns going on in Kuwait against expats who are in violation of immigration policies, and these Ethiopians were among those people who were arrested. They were rounded up and taken by the police, and after a few days, they were transferred to the deportation facilities in Jleeb where they were treated fairly, and following deportation procedures, they were sent back home”

“I call it an isolated case. They were treated fairly like any other violator and they were placed in the deportation center for a few days only. Now all of them are in Ethiopia. We are working with the police officials here with mutual respect and understanding of laws. We know they are very supportive when Ethiopians are detained and they let us know about it. We then process the necessary travel documents,”

Apparently, the website of the Ethiopian Embassy in Kuwait is controlled by TPLF run Foreign Ministry and doesn’t recognize Zenebe Kebede nor revile anything about Ethiopians in Kuwait except the name of the last Ambassador Mohamed Gudeta Chebsa and the usual propaganda of Woyane. No other diplomat, stuff or any info or contact is available in what appears to conceal the identity of TPLF operatives like Zenebe Kebede.

The new video like many before is a reminder how our people suffered in a hostile environment TPLF warlords ‘sold’ them for profit and speaks more about Ethiopians in Diaspora that failed even to identify and expose TPLF ‘slave traders’ and their operatives in every Embassy of the Arab world more so in petro-rich Arab nations known for enslavement and human trafficking.

The ceremonial Ambassadors that are used to cover up the crime of TPLF are ultimately responsible for the crime of TPLF. Like many officials have no whatsoever say over their own Embassies including what is put on the Websites like all non-TPLF puppet Minsters, parliamentarians including the Prime Minster fronted to take orders from central command that assigns TPLF operatives to do the dirty job of TPLF as most Ethiopians discovered how the Woyane Apartheid command-control system that is unraveling in the Media as more and more Ethiopians involve in the struggle to end its long brutal and corrupt TPLF rule.

As Ethiopian close-in on TPLF controlled corrupt officials, operatives and assassins around the world, the diplomatic core under the control of the present TPLF warlord/Foreign Minister Workneh Gebeyehu that followed the infamous Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and Seyoum Mesfin were the mastermind of the crimes of TPLF operatives in the Embassies around the world hiding behind the pupate Ambassadors little known for Ethiopians.

The crimes of TPLF can’t be dealt with reacting to events or leaked videos on social Media but, to disrupt and dismantle their entire operations from its roots. Unfortunately little has been done even to identify the responsible operatives let alone dismantle their criminal operations in every area they involve to undermine and deprive the rights and livelihood of the people of Ethiopia.

In July of 2014 when I wrote “Woyane eat the forbidden fruit” after TPLF kidnaped Andargachew Tsege from Yemen I noted;

“When Andargachew Tsege’s kidnaping was conformed it was obviously clear the same TPLF tugs posed as Ethiopian diplomats operating in the official Embassy in Yemen have something to do with the crime; as it happens in Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda, now in Yemen under Ambassador Hassan Abdela Ali” (pictured left)

I believed and still do the one responsible person for the kidnaping of Andargachew, I wrote;

“Hassan Abdela Ali, as the highest official of the embassy in Yemen is responsible for the abduction of Andargachew Tsege and should be considered a dangerous and wanted man by all Ethiopians around the world to take the appropriate action.”

Where is Hassan Abdela Ali responsible for the highest crime of kidnaping of Andargachew and human trafficking against the people of Ethiopia in a foreign country?

The former Ambassador in Yemen, Dr. Tawfik Abdullahi Ahmed is owner of YATI INVESTMENT PROMOTION PLC in Addis Ababa.

In the same article I posted his statement as an Ambassador of Yemen in March of 2010 regarding Ethiopian refugees as VOA reporter Heather Murdock of VOA wrote;

“According to the Ethiopian ambassador in Yemen, Tawfik Abdullahi Ahmed, the point is moot. He says peaceful opposition political parties are legal and common in Ethiopia, so none of the new arrivals are legitimately seeking asylum.

Ahmed says migration from Ethiopia to Yemen is business, not politics. He says people coming to Yemen from his country are victims of human traffickers, who convince them that they can find passage to rich Gulf States like Saudi Arabia. Once in Yemen, many Ethiopians elect to go home, when they realize they cannot reach their destination.”

Where is Dr. Tawfik Abdullahi Ahmed responsible for high crimes of human trafficking of Ethiopians to the Middle East?

Until Ethiopians identify TPLF criminals and make them accountable for their individual and collective crimes against the people of Ethiopia they are free rooming the street — reaping the benefit of their crimes as investors and businessman. Where is the justice in that?

As the struggle to oust the rogue Woyane regime continue, Ethiopians can help search for TPLF operatives wherever they commit crimes against Ethiopians from their hiding and expose them to the world for who they are.

Everybody collaborating with TPLF warlords and operatives should also be warned; the sooner they abandon TPLF warlords and come clean with the people of Ethiopia the better they will be. No TPLF warlord or the bogus position they hold to cover up their crimes against the people of Ethiopia will save them from the coming tsunami nor guarantee them a safe haven anywhere in the world.

This article is dedicated to our sister and brothers that suffer so much in the Arab world driven out their country and sold as indenture servants by TPLF warlords & Associates.

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