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Ethiopia: Skirmishes continue between Amhara milita and TPLF forces

Gondar rebels with Ginbot 7 adviser 


Clashes between the Amhara and Tigray militiamen around the Waldiba monastery has continued for the second day on Wedensday, according to ESAT sources.

The sources told ESAT that the Tigray militiamen were being backed up by the regime’s army but the Amhara militiamen have taken control of vast territories in the monastery.

The incident was sparked on Tuesday when militiamen from Tigray opened fire at the pilgrims from Amhara killing one person and injuring another. The militias from Tigray were reportedly preventing the pilgrims from Amhara from going into the Tigray side of the monastery.

A source who spoke to ESAT said The Amhara militiamen in retaliation killed five from the Tigray side.

The sacred Waldiba monastery has been targeted by the government for sugar development which has met with strong objection by the monks and the laity.

Thirty nine monks have been detained after they publicly protested plans by the government to use their monastery for sugar development.

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