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Ethiopia Out of Control with African Union’s Blessings

Amanuel Biedemariam

March 30, 2017 The minority EPRDF of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) announced,

“The House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) has today decided to extend the nationwide State of Emergency for additional four months. The House unanimously voted to extend the State of Emergency after discussing on remarks presented by the State of Emergency Inquiry Board for its extension.

What is interestingly peculiar is the reason the minority regime gave to justify the extension of the state of emergency. Per Siraj Fegessa, Secretariat of the State of Emergency Command Post and Minister of Défense,

“The reason for the extension to the existence of some people who occasionally strive to disrupt peace and security.”

“Some people who occasionally strive to disrupt peace and security?” Some people? Occasionally? The realty, however, the regime has lost control and the only way it can assert its authority is by brut false under declared state of emergency. The official definition of state of emergency is:

“A situation of national danger or disaster in which a government suspends normal constitutional procedures in order to regain control.”

The regime’s total disregard to truth and brazen violations of human rights of the people of Ethiopia has become a way of life.

Sadly, the African Union (AU) and the international community is willingly desensitized to the human calamities taking place in clear daylight in front of their eyes in Addis Ababa where diplomats from all over the world flock to conduct Africa related diplomatic business.

Worse yet, the international community is touting false claims of growth and stability to make a tyrannical regime appear a beacon of hope for Africa and they are funneling billions of dollars to prop the criminal regime committing ethnic cleansing, genocides and major crimes against innocent Ethiopian people which amounts to crime against humanity.

TPLF Can no Longer Control Ethiopia

It is quite evident that the Tigrayan minority regime has lost control to the point that it can no longer trust and, is fearful of none Tigrayan Ethiopians to hold key military positions. According to ESAT,

“Tension has been reported inside the Ethiopian Air Force located in Debre Zeyit, about an hour drive from Addis Ababa. The tense situation resulted from the government measure that replaced Ethiopian pilots by other expatriate jet pilots from Eastern Europe.”

At a time when Ethiopians are remembering and celebrating the victory of Adwa, and at a time when Ethiopia’s key source of nationalism is expressed with pride; the TPLF is bringing mercenaries to operate Ethiopia’s air force planes.

This action and the extension of the state of emergency is clear evidence that the Tigrayan apartheid minority regime is detached from the people of Ethiopia and can no longer control developments inside Ethiopia. The only way the regime can control Ethiopia is by force, intimidation and by imposing a state of emergency continuously.

The state of emergency cannot bring solutions to the famine, economic woes and the state of disarray that the country is engulfed in. It will not make Ethiopians work with the regime. It will not stop Ethiopians from demanding their rights. It will not make them stop fighting the regime that is imposing draconian measures, pillaging, and exploiting the nation for personal gains. To the contrary, it will hasten the situation and slowly help disintegrate the nation.

AU’s Historic Complicity & Collusion with Killer Ethiopian Regimes

The callousness of the African countries representatives calling Addis Ababa home is reflection of the corrupt, inhuman and oppressive regimes they represent. Addis is perfect haven for AU because they receive the best treatment from a regime that exploits Africa for its gains.

In November of 1974, when the Derg assassinated 60 Ethiopian ministers; and during the Red Terror when the military junta massacred hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians in broad day light in Addis Ababa in the backyard of the OAU; the silence of the African leaders was criminal.

Shielded from international scrutiny, hidden in a perfect setting and protected by a regime that serves the interests of the West and other powers, AU’s representatives are comfortable servants of foreign interests from Addis.

After over 60 years of ineffective annual gatherings, the people of Africa have forgotten what the AU is supposed to do, what it represents and what it means to them. Lack of critical press and scrutiny in Ethiopia and elsewhere; prolonged period of ineffectiveness; lack of unifying causes that reflects the needs of the people etc. have made Africans forget the AU completely.

Which, in a way, is perfect setting for African Union representatives that are agents of Western and other interests. Nothing about the AU in Addis screams African. In fact, the very building where they congregate is built by China.

Funded by foreign interests, regional groupings such as ECOWAS, AMISOM and others are committing atrocities against innocent African people in the name of Africa, terrorism, regional stability and Human Rights. AU supported regime changes at the behest of Western interests are rampant. African Union is the stamp that Western powers exploit to further Western agendas.

When the west decides to act in Africa, all they do-is state that it-is “African initiative,” and use United Nations decisions as cover and to give their actions international legitimacy. However, Africans have no say on decisions the UN makes in the Security Council on their behalf.

Knowing this reality, and as a host nation of the AU, the minority genocidal TPLF regime has learned how to manipulate and exploit the African Union as well as the international community for its interests. The TPLF uses bullying-pressure, intimidation and bribery tactics, it uses US Ethiopia relations and counter terror cooperation with the west as leverage against African countries.
Thus, no matter what happens in Ethiopia, it is certain, as in-the past with the OAU, today, AU member-nations residing in Addis will look the other way so us not to upset the ruling regime and lose seat at the dinner table.

The TPLF knows, whatever the TPLF wants AU delivers. It therefore, no accident, when the international community declined to observe the sham May 2015 parliamentary elections, the TPLF summoned the AU as the only international body to observe Ethiopian election polls. The EU and others refused to observe citing past elections results that they claimed failed to reach international standards and failure of the regime to accept their recommendations. Diplomatic expression that means fraudulent process and outcomes.

And true to form, the African Union representatives did not disappoint the TPLF and gave the election process and outcome clean bill of health. Per Pohamba AU Observers’ report,

“A group of nine African Union observers arrived in Ethiopia on April 19, 2015. A group of 50 African Union short-term observers arrived in Addis Ababa on May 17 and 18, 2015 and held a three-day briefing and orientation program from May 19 – 21. Three days later on May 24, election day, a 29 two-person observer teams visited 356 polling stations in Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa and 8 of the 9 regions of Ethiopia namely Amhara, Benishangul- Gumuz, Gambella, Harari, Oromia, SNNPR, Somali and Tigray.”

African Union deployed 59 people, and divided them in groups of 2. to monitor 356 polling stations of a national election that represented nearly one hundred million people in one day. Furthermore, the AU team did not send representatives to Afar region. According to the team,
“The mission could not deploy in Afar Region due to logistical constraints,” and still manage to conclude,

“The AU Election Observers’ Mission concludes that the parliamentary elections were calm, peaceful and credible as it provided an opportunity for the Ethiopian people to express their choices at the polls,” Emphasis added.

The African Union stated that the election “provided an opportunity for the Ethiopian people to express their choices at the polls” when entire Afar region was unaccounted for.

The African Union is shameless for helping to steal the voices of the people of Ethiopia. For playing a decisive role on an election that determined the fate of over 90 million people for worse. The 2015 election report was a sham report and it is yet another black mark for African Union that is complicit to crimes against humanity committed by the minority TPLF regime. The African Union was wrong to side with a criminal regime by bearing false witness to a fraudulent process in the name of Africa against Africans.

Furthermore, the African Union is in violation of its Non-Indifference policy. The apartheid minority Tigrayan TPLF regime ruling Ethiopia has been committing atrocities, genocide, ethnic cleansing, mass arrest of innocent demonstrators, killing of unarmed civilians and confirmed crimes against humanity in front of all African Union representatives. The African Union is complicit in the crimes committed by the apartheid minority Tigrayan TPLF regime. They are the silent witnesses to crimes against humanity. They are responsible for confirming election that was flawed in process and outcome; and ultimately, they are responsible for not exercising Non-Indifference policy.

And the AU is sitting silently and with eerie indifference to all the atrocities being committed by PM Hailemariam Desalegn and his criminal partners just as Mengistu Hailemariam did in brazen disregard to the OAU in the 70s.

The people of Ethiopia are in the worst situation possible because the organization that is supposed to be Non-indifferent about crimes against humanity is in collusion with the perpetrator. It is double whammy when the African Union is in Addis Ababa a capital of a nation that most nations are forced to do business in.

The indifference by the African Union representatives to the massive killing of innocent African people in Ethiopia and everywhere in Africa such as Somalia and the bombing of Libya under false pretext that destroyed a nation is inexcusable crime. The AU is indifferent about massive youth flight that is destroying the lives of families all over Africa. The people of Africa are suffering while AU representatives in Addis are mum as if nothing is happening. This is the very organization that failed to act while staring at the genocides of Rwanda.


It is unfortunate to see a regime that is supposed to represent Africa in the best possible light turned out to be the worst example. The regime exploiting Ethiopia, the minority apartheid Tigrayan clique are perpetrating irreversible harm. These atrocities are taking place in front of the headquarters if the African Union that choses to remain silent.

The AU has witnessed the outcry through repeated massive demonstrations. The AU is bearing witness to how the TPLF blocked Ethiopia’s woes from the world and that there are no opportunities for Ethiopians to connect to the world and express their grievances. However, it chooses to remain silent.

The African Union is enjoying Addis Ababa hosted by a criminal regime that controls a nation by suppressing a nation through declared or undeclared state of emergency Yet, the African Union is choosing to support a criminal regime.

History will judge them harshly.

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