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Photos of development projects in Eritrea - Nov. 2016

The following are photos of some of the development projects taking place in Eritrea:

Asmara Housing Project

The Asmara Housing Project located in the districts of Halibet, Sembel and Space is making progress and is currently around 45% completed. The project comprises a total of 1,754 housing complexes including 930 apartments and 824 villas as well as 192 business complexes. The project is being undertaken by Italian company "Piccini" in collaboration with local construction companies.

The following photos were taken on 7th November 2016 and are of the Halibet part of the project.

Photos are courtesy of Berekhet Fessehatzion

Expansion of Hirgigo Power Plant

Expansion of Hirgigo Power Plant near completion. In the photos, Head of PFDJ Economic Affairs Hagos G. is inspecting the progress.

Photos courtesy of Hizbawi Menghisteab

Gahtelay Dam Construction

Video shows Gahtelay Dam construction is picking up steam. The dam is located 3 kilometers away from the town of Gahtelay and is going to be the 2nd largest dam in Eritrea in terms of its water holding capacity.

Asmara sidewalk construction

Sidewalk construction is taking place in Asmara's main street, Harnet Ave. and adjacent streets. The so-called opposition posted this video below as a human rights violation because it shows Eritrean women working.

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