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All Naked Lies Exposed. It Is Time to Lift the UNJUST Sanction on Eritrea

It's long over due to remove the illegal and UNjust sanctions on Eritrea.

All Naked Lies Exposed. It Is Time to Lift the UNJUST Sanction

It was during the time when the distorted American policy towards the horn of Africa forging unhealthy short sited strategy with the minority regime of Ethiopia (TPLF), to arm twist Eritreans and bow to the orders that come from Washington and accept the pseudo anchor state administration on behalf of the western interests.

When the Eritrean leadership resisted accepting neo-colonization, they thought Ethiopia will easily destroy the gallant Eritrean people aspiration to live free; under the guise of border issue they ignited unwanted and destructive war. The fact that “Badme” the focal point ruled out by the court of law to be Eritrean Sovereign Land affirms Eritrea always was on the right.

Unlike their desire and expectations, although too late however, they were able to learn that Eritreans are rock solidly united to defend their home land. The war severely failed. A confirmation presenting a second lesson: to learn after the hard fought independence war.

Hence they were unable to get what they were hoping through the barrel of gun, they twisted their strategy in a highly sophisticated with immense investment in human, financial and diplomatic attack against Eritrea.

Among many systemic methods, the bold attack was to taint Eritrea as a nation that helps terrorists, spoiler, undemocratic, African N. Korea, you name it was the precursor for hand cuffing, and isolating the government and the people.

To fulfill their wishes, they fabricated none existing and unverifiable deceits, Eritrea become a victim for the second time at the UNSC this time though “Unjust Sanction”.

Reason provided for the sanction as stated below was “arming training and equipping Al-Shabab of Somalia and later on added the Djibouti border issue. The following was the core point from the UNSC record:

Resolution 1907 (2009) Stipulates Arms Embargo, Travel Restrictions, Asset Freezes:

“The Council demanded that all States, in particular Eritrea, cease arming, training and equipping armed groups and their members, including Al-Shabaab, which aimed to destabilize the region or incite violence and civil strife in Djibouti. It further demanded that Eritrea cease facilitating travel and other forms of financial support to individuals or entities designated by the Committee established pursuant to resolution 751 (1992) regarding Somalia and other sanctions committees, in particular the Committee established pursuant to resolution 1267 (1999) regarding Al-Qaida and the Taliban.”

The fact that the Monitoring Group found no evidence that Eritrea was supporting Al-Shabab on their report to the UNSC, it should have lifted the UNJUST sanctions.

Recently, Qatari government reported that it has taken full responsibility to resolve the case of Eritrea Djibouti border and a “fair and peaceful settlement has been achieved”

Now that all the lies have been clearly verified to be a fabrication to harm Eritrea the Embargo against must be lifted immediately.

With these the ill-advised architects, to have learned a lesson from Eritrea, be it the 1st betrayal by the UN against the will of Eritrean citizen annexing Eritrea to Ethiopia, or the current, placing UNJUST sanction, it is always the will of the people and the truth prevails.

Ibrahim A. Ibrahim

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