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Italian senator writes to his foreign minister to improve ties with Eritrea

Italian Senator Aldo Di Biagio

Article was translated from Italian using online software

By Aldo Di Biagio

Coherently with what I have been done in recent weeks I have found useful and appropriate to send a note to the Minister of Foreign Affairs regarding the recent visit of a senior delegation of Eritrean government in Germany.

The aim of the note was to highlight once again an evidence to the positively changed attitude of important components of the international community in regard of Eritrea which, as it is well known, is perhaps the country's most linked to our by historical and cultural links.

I wanted to point out that even with Germany, Switzerland, England, Norway, Sweden, and long since, Denmark and Finland have begun to feel like fundamental a dialogue with the Eritrean Government, also adding that Japan took action asking to open an embassy in Asmara.

Given that context I said that can only be hoped also an intensification of our relations with the Eritrean government in order to return to Italy, historically natural party of Eritrea, a prestigious leading role in bilateral.

On the other hand, as I wished to reaffirm in the note to the Minister, my firm conviction is that to better understand and above all to solve the migratory emergency, it is no longer sufficient to tackle the problem only in its terminal phase, namely the arrival of asylum seekers in our country, but which is always more evident the need to investigate the reasons of the phenomenon through a direct knowledge of the geopolitical context in which this mature, and where appropriate to promote visits and missions on the part of our government for years absent.

The authoritative response of the Minister was not long in coming, and judging by its content, I can say with satisfaction that our Ministry of Foreign Affairs is proving a major change of course towards the approach to issues of utmost importance for the future of our diplomatic relations.

The now next Italian ambassador's turnover in Asmara certainly will mark a turning point in relations with Eritrea, a friendly country to which more and more parties are recognizing a key role in the political and social stability of sub-Saharan Africa as openly declared also by Bronwyn Bruton Deputy Director, Africa Center at the Atlantic Council during a hearing in the course of "the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations".

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