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I Am a Witness of Eritrean Development

Eritrea's Fanko Dam

I Am a Witness of Eritrean Development

By Aaron Samuel Tukue
Age 13

The development of Eritrea has been a life-long dream and I am writing this article not because I have nothing to do on a Sunday evening. I am writing this article to announce that Eritrea is progressing and excelling, in an effort to stay as a country that is truly independent. Take note of the fact I say truly independent. A substantial amount of countries claim to be independent, yet they rely on other countries to feed them. Eritrea does not need pity. We need a country which can be looked at in the highest remarks. A country that does not need help when it falls. A country that can maintain a positive atmosphere. And Eritrea will reach its dream. The years before 1991 brought pain, tears, suffering, anger and sorrow. No longer will Eritrea linger in the past. But we will remain strong and with our heads high, achieve a magnificent nation beyond compare.

I - as a witness of a gentleman with incomparable art skills (known as Gidey) - can corroborate the success we are having, particularly in the matter of reserving water via dams. Experts are working day and night to preserve the future of Eritrea; using methods that can sustain a healthy environment. Adi Halo and Gergera, are spectacular examples of the many breathtaking Eritrean-built dams. Already, we have water that can last our nation 3-4 years, what’s to stop us from increasing those numbers?

Education is essential to improve our country. Chinese builders are helping Eritrea build a new university: “Eritrea Institute of Technology” in Mai Nefhi. We can see that the education department will transcend in a manner that will not only help our country but our future. Scientific discoveries and breakthroughs will lead this country to greatness. Evidence has been provided in this very situation, that just because we wish to be an independent nation, we don’t want to or need to isolate ourselves from the world. So false accusations stand meaningless, if we choose not to believe them. We are great. We are Eritrea.

To conclude this article, I can confidently say, that Eritrea’s development is accelerating fast. We may not be the biggest country in the world, but I guess good things come in small packages. I’d like to quote Abraham Lincoln’s wise words which I believe is the perfect definition of Eritrea, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Awet N’hafash

Adi Halo dam

Eritrean Institute of Technology 

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