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TPLF leader Abay Woldu is responsible for the Amhara uprising: regime supporter

Abay Woldu, Chairman of TPLF and President of Tigray state. His Tigray expansionist agenda is what ignited the Amhara uprising 

By MoA-Ambesa

The people of Welqait and Tsegede have lived for the past 25 years under Tigray administrative region. This is excluding the 17 years they came under the TPLF before it controlled the state. These people are one of the early and staunch supporters of the TPLF. The TPLF maintained its very head quarters in these regions for most of its bush life, a fact which says a lot about the relationship between the residents and the TPLF.

So, what happened now? Why now after 17 + 25 years of TPLF rule? I did not hear anything as loud and confrontational as the current disturbance is. Why not then?

Even more perplexing is the fact that the so-called ‘Welqait is Amhara’ leaders are in fact TPLFite themselves. The likes of Col. Demeke are said to have joined TPLF at 18 and served it until recently. To add to the confusion, the Weyane of today is more Ethiopian, more “Amhara-friendly” than the TPLF of the bush times when it was accused of particularly being hostile towards “Amhara’’ and openly pronounced their warfare as ‘Ant-Amhara” struggle. It makes little sense that a person who not only believed that he was a Tigrayan for over 40 years but actively fought against the “Amhara” would proclaim that after all these years he is in fact an ‘Amhara’ and now intends to do the reverse fight.

What is really happening? The answer is actually given by none other than Col. Demeke himself. In one of the interviews he gave in Tigringa to VOA, he said if it was not for a ‘mal-administration’, the “Welqait is Amhara’’ question would not have been raised to begin with. I think that says it all. The rest is probably a cover. Here is the interview:

So, what is the real cause of all these deaths and destruction? Well, it must have to do with the most illiterate, most incompetent and most despicable person of the TPLF, Abay Armam Woldu. When one is so incompetent and so illiterate, one cannot lead. At the end of the day such people will only alienate their own people. That is what is happening.

The question is how on earth is it possible for such plain garbage to make it to the top position to begin with? Corruption! TPLF lived only for few months in the 60’s. What is there now is an Adwa PLC, which operates on principles of maximizing profit and benefit to its family members. Armam Woldu is a living proof that the so-called TPLF never existed. Or can I ask those TPLFites what the qualities of this man is to be elected to lead a party? His is from Adi-Abun, Adwa. That is all he got.

Here is the leaders[CEO] of the for-ptofit TPLF (Adwa PLC):
Aregawi Berhe -------1st chairman, from Adwa wereda
Sibhat Nega----------2nd chairman, from Adwa Wereda
Meles Zenawi -------- 3rd chairman, from Adwa wereda
Abay Woldu --------- 4th chairman, from Adwa wereda

Debretsion Gebremichael (currently deputy, in line to be the next president), again Adwa wereda.
BTW, the next being groomed to be a deputy is a lady from Adwa. Take my word.

Obviously this is not just simple corruption, but corruption committed in blood of innocents. Meles Zenawi was found to be not just the 1st but also the 2nd and 3rd ‘traitor’ in the history of TPLF. Per the TPLF "metedaderiya denb" of that time, Meles deserved the death penalty. But Meles repeatedly avoided the death penalty for everybody that brings the charges, that judges it and those who approve the decision were/are all Adwans. Many non-Adwan Tigrayans were put to death for very minor misdemeanors.

The scheme that worked for them is a brainchild of Sebhat gahgah Nega. Basically they pick, promote and encircle themselves at every level of the party hierarchy. For this, the first step was to make sure that general counsel , an obscure but critical, members of the TPLF to be comprised of at least 90% Adwans or people who have marriage ties to Adwa wereda. These members have the right to elect the “central committee members” and the central committee members in turn will have the right to elect the ‘executive committee members’ of the TPLF. It is this executives who would elect the president and its deputy and run all the affairs of the party. If you are not from Adwa, you got no vote. Sibhat gahgah Nega call this ‘democraciawi’ and nearly all his TPLF members believes him.

For the pupose of comparison, please compare the so-called TPLF with ANDM. Forget what their political position etc, is. For what they believe in, ANDM IS NOT owned by a single family, ANDM leaders DO NOT hail from one wereda and because of these ANDM DOES NOT promote the most despicable and the most grossly incompetent like Abay Armam Woldu to lead them. There is no wereda/district in Amhara region, that hates the region. In fact, there are likes those openly organized "Oromoiya Zone" but they never raised to be with Oromoiya than Amhara despite the obvious linguistic fact.

Unlike the Adwa PLC, ANDM people are real revolutionaries who fought for what they believe in. That is the difference between people of principle and people who schemed a system for their own family benefit.
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