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Ethiopian rebels gaining ground in Northern Ethiopia

Patriotic Ginbot 7 fighter


Speaking from Asmara, Eritrea, Patriotic Ginbot 7 Chairman Dr. Birhanu Nega  said, 'Our soldiers are now military operating "deep" inside Ethiopia.'

Dr.  Birhanu Nega, who left his career as an economics professor in America to lead a struggle in Africa against the despotic TPLF regime in Ethiopia, said that the level of the struggle had reached a high point.

In the latest report, Ethiopian rebels gaining ground in northern part of the country has inspired multitudes of Ethiopia's unemployed youths to join the ranks of the rebels.

The economics professor also said, "TPLF's audacity to claim to have won the recent election by 100%, made the political environment conducive to an armed uprising by Ethiopians, and many have now joined Patriotic Ginbot 7 and other opposing groups."

Meanwhile, the ‪‎Oromo‬ Liberation Front (‪‎OLF‬) chairman Dawud Ibsa have called on for more action against the minority Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) regime and warned the affiliated ‪OPDO‬ who are working under ‪‎EPRDF‬ umbrella of TPLF's wing.

The chairman said, "The TPLF created OPDO in 1990, and it is part of the EPRDF, and it was also set up by the intelligence arm of the TPLF. We have no problem with Oromos in OPDO, but we do not consider OPDO to be an independent Oromo organization as it is controlled and moved by the TPLF. It is the TPLF arm in Oromiya; that is how we consider it. The relationship between the OLF and the TPLF is a relation of armed conflict. Thus we have a problem with the OPDO as a political organization, although we do not have problems with Oromos in the OPDO... especially those that have not shed the blood of our people."

Responding to TPLF accusation that Eritrea financially and militarily supports all Ethiopian armed rebel groups, the OLF Chairman said, "We have our presence in Eritrea. Not only in Eritrea, but we also have our presence in the US, an office, we have an office in London, another in Sudan and in others countries too. We do not understand why the Ethiopian authorities particularly select Eritrea. The presence of OLF in Eritrea is not unusual. As to our relations with Eritrea and Eritrean organizations, it is very old. We have had relations with the TPLF during the Mengistu regime. Moreover, the TPLF was more close to the Eritreans than the OLF at that time. It was rather strongly supported and brought up by the EPLF.”

Dawud Ibsa added, "At that time, Mengistu was rather accusing the TPLF for being supported and for being an appendage of the EPLF. It is really a pity that TPLF is repeating this same allegation against OLF."

He concluded, "Our good relations with Eritrea can serve as a bridge to solve the current problem in a more amicable and peaceful manner. We can act as a bridge between all the people in the region. We have a broad vision, beyond the current conflict. All of us in this region are facing common problems, and that is the minority TPLF regime."

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