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[Audio] Journalists expose the Lies about Eritrea


ERIC DRAITSER: The reason the empire targets a country like Eritrea is because it beats an independent development path for itself, one that is not dependent on the IMF or World Bank. It is actually trying to use its own human resources and human capital to develop itself. And Eritrea is still the only country in Africa to meet its Millennium Development Goals, eradicating H.I.V. to a large extent, malaria, vaccination programs. All of these things, which are really unheard of in much of the rest of Africa - so-called democratic Africa. And I have to push back to these people and I say, wait a second, you're saying these are "dictatorships" and whatever, but at the same time you're completely ignoring the material reality of the country and what people are actually doing to benefit themselves and to improve their lives. So I then question the kind of propaganda that are embed in people's mind when they make such statements.

ANDRE VLTCHEK: Yes even people from the left

ERIC: Especially people from the left!

ANDRE: Especially people from the left, yes. Eritrea is a very good example. I visited Eritrea, I wrote a lot of articles. And I traveled all over the place, actually. And I was very, very impressed because it's a brave, very proud nation which fought an absolutely horrific war. It was totally devastated.

ERIC: I'm sorry, I just want to interject for listeners. In Eritrea, this was a former colony of Ethiopia that won an independence war against Ethiopia and in retreating, Ethiopia used what we call slash and burn tactics where they literately devastated the entire country, depriving it of agriculture and everything else. So this is a country independent for 25 years which started less than zero.

ANDRE: Yes, exactly. And now if you look at what's happening there, their development model is their own. It's fantastic. It's the second country in terms of generating electric solar energy per capita. It has a very good education system. But then again, it's a country working in this international realm when let's say China built a fantastic hospital there and Cubans are working there. It's a very interesting model. I left the country with many friends and a promise to comeback.

And we talk about freedom of all this, they are not afraid of their friends. I was put in front of National TV and they interviewed me for 30 minutes live. They put me in a hall full of top intellectuals and I gave them a speech which ended up shouting at each other different ideas. And many of them didn't agree with me about things like Russia or China or something, because they have had issues with Russians in the past. It's an intellectually very vibrant place. I was deffeintly very impressed.
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