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Asmarino: Each In His Own Way

This is one of the series: “Asmara Project” the first being: “ኣስመራ ብዓይኒ ኤርትራውያን” covering poems, songs, articles, notes by Eritrean scribers. The third and fourth series will follow. However, the present incorporated monograph is entirely mine aside some notes written by Dehai members who were actively engaging in response to my provocative essay: “Asmarino: Each In His Own Way.

As the title of the book implies, some were uncomfortable, while other highbrow Dehayers were defensive on the basis of their academic disciplines. On my part, I was moved to write such an article just to demystify the sentiment associated with “Asmarino” by employing C. Wright Mills’ : 

“Sociological Imagination” which is solely based upon ones experiences or observations. The entire contents of the subject matter in question reflect this as long as the reactions of the then Dehai members were concerned from purely political and social point of views. However, such a clear-cut categorization germane to Asmarino is a reality dealing with disappearing generation of the golden sixties. For this, it has nothing to do with the post-independence off springs who are shaped by on-going socio-economic transformation, and not to mention the gradual growth of villages to towns, and towns to cities inhibiting a social stratification based on urbanized life style.

Again, for emphasis, I would like to see my readers as if this book is the story of the second generation Eritreans mostly born after the end of World War II. For all these, its scope is very limited in terms of a sketchy sociological analysis demanding an in depth inter-disciplinary studies.

Some of the poems, notes and short articles are related to Asmara since colonial times. Most of them were appeared on Dehai post, Meadna, Madote, and on different Eritrean websites and newsletters. I composed them during the last two decades (1994-2014), the heyday of Dehai, the first social and academic network for Eritreans in the Diaspora.

This slim book is dedicated for “Silver Jubilee” marking the final liberation of our beautiful land after hundred years of foreign rule.

Eritrea ever is……….

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Haile Bokure

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