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EEBC ruling 14 Years later: The TPLF agenda fails miserably

Eritrean Soldiers standing on top of Ethiopian tank they destroyed

By Eritrean-American

An illegal war was waged against ERITREA, a peaceful nation that got its independence in 1991. The war was planned and orchestrated by powerful folks in the western think thanks and other institutions throughout the world who had a huge financial backing. The mission and the agenda at the time and today continues to be to bring ERITREA into submission.

Eritrea meanwhile already aware of this evil scheme sacrificed its young and old to defend its very survival. On April 13, 2002, the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission established under the Algiers Agreement in collaboration with the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague agreed upon a "final and binding" verdict. The ruling awarded some territory to each side, but Badme (the flash point of the conflict) was awarded to Eritrea. A few months later, the Thuggish regime in Ethiopia that is terrorizing its people to this day attempted to back away from the FINAL & BINDING rule. It was simply advised by the powers that be to not accept the ruling and not to leave the town which belongs clearly to ERITREA.

Meanwhile, Eritrea refuses to come to its knees. It just does not have time for the political acrobatics that is being displayed by a group of people who have the backing of individuals who have abused the international  & American political system as well as the NGO community. Eritrea to this day is asking the international community to put pressure on Ethiopia to accept the ruling. It is the right thing to do. Aware of the dirty back up schemes of the minority regime in Addis, backed by a few handful individuals, the Eritrean people have remained vigilant. What the enemies of Eritrea wished for this great nation is now backfiring on the regime in Addis.  Today everywhere you go you see the vast majority of Ethiopians challenging the minority group and disrupting their meetings and standing up to their brutal behavior everywhere throughout the world.

Their attempt to divide the Eritrean people through modern day sellouts is starting to fall flat on their face. Eritrea is developing and changing its economic landscape while defending its borders. It is today stronger than it has ever been. Even at the expense of its youth and its economic problems the Eritrean government has withstood all types of attacks that are financed by millions of dollars.

Eritrea 14 years later after the EEBC international ruling has improved its diplomacy and has withstood its ground. A nation tested time and time has come out a winner. The country will celebrate its 25th year anniversary as a nation this summer, while the Ethiopian government continues to face the wrath of its own people as it attempts to find a way to get out of the mess it has created.

Some experts have defined obedience to international rules as conforming or complying, but never obeying. So, while the minority regime in Addis does not want to agree to its own verdict, the fact remains that it has signed sealed and delivered it on record.  May be they should have thought about not agreeing to it at the time, as no one put guns to their head. Today for the sake of reputation or to appear legitimate, they have tried every trick on the book and in the process they have tried to destabilize ERITREA by spending huge amounts of money to divide, destabilize and eventually rule Eritrea by proxy utilizing boot lickers that will do the job for them. However, they can’t and will never understand the mindset of the Eritrean people who will challenge them all the way to their death bed. They must come up with a totally new way of dealing with Eritrea and even then their survival is not guaranteed.

Essentially, backstabbers do not always comply with the norms of international law because they may lack the capability to carry out their obligations as we are witnessing today with these thugs in Addis. The regime lives off of lies and deceit and cheating. They have been known to do that for years but were given a chance to correct themselves and today they find themselves in a far worse situation than when they started out. As a very weak state under their rule domestically the thugs will have to be removed and moved very quickly if Ethiopia is to function as a nation. Because in the end they do not have the ability to accept and implement the rule of law 14 years after an international court of law made a FINAL & BINDING decision.

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