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British Eritrean Community Organisation & Network - UK conducted successful Forum in Birmingham!

British Eritrean Community Organisation & Network - UK conducted successful Forum in Birmingham!

Birmingham, February 21, 2016

In a Forum conducted in Birmingham UK on Sunday 21st February 2016, the British Eritrean Community Organisation Network (BECON) / (Hagerawi Shimagele) in the United Kingdom, resolved to defend their nation and stand alongside their people and government.

The Forum was attended, by the Eritrean Ambassador to the United Kingdom and Ireland H.E. Estifanos Habtemariam, Embassy staffs, representatives of 45 chapters from London, Birmingham, Leeds, Coventry, Nottingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, of PFDJ, NUEW,  YPFDJ, Eritrean Professional Networks, Civic & Communities organisations.

May and its significance to the Eritreans is now being commemorated in a way that highlights the future of Eritrea and its development prospects. It is with this fortitude that the purposeful Forum in Birmingham was conducted with the objectives of a greater mobilisation, higher organisation and creation of nation capacity building among the Eritreans in the UK. The forum was a platform where extensive discussions, critical reflections, responsible participation and work-plan for 2016 in current affairs took place.

Mr Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud, Chairman of British Eritrean Community Organisation Network BECON, who made an introductory statement and gave an insight into some major activities of the public campaign, and work plan of the Eritrean National Organisation UK for 2016/2017, outlining the purposes of the public campaign being on strengthening organisation, and conspiracies and psychological warfare being waged against the Eritrean people.

He also remind participants on looking on the background of the Eritrean struggle on political, cultural, economic, and diplomatic experiences thereby the reshaping of strengthening of these activities on the ever changing dynamics of current affairs and called upon citizens to redouble their efforts to this regard based on the experiences gained so far.

The Eritrean Ambassador to the UK & Ireland, H.E. Estifanos Habtemariam was invited to address and gave extensive briefing regarding situation in Eritrea. He said, Eritrea has come through successive obstacles and animosities in the past years and the disguised hostilities against the Eritrean people. He carried on saying that, history is witness of the Eritrean people’s triumph to the fact that they have always prevailed against all odds. With the cultured and rule abiding people and leadership that has progressive and realistic policies, Eritrea has become exemplary that those who have agenda of domination have openly become hostile against the Eritrean people. He expressed conviction to resist, during which the development progress of Eritrea is registering promising results and citizens expressing resolve to invest in their country.

Following this via video link from Asmara Eritrea, Mr. Yemane Gebreab, Head of Political Affairs of PFDJ, expressed satisfaction on the commencements of various organisations throughout the UK and stressed that participants see through the success and called up on all representatives to become active participants for further strengthening the National Organisation UK.

Also taking stage the Head of Consular & Public Affairs Mr. Suleman Hassen, gave updates on future plans it has drawn up giving detailed explanations on each plan and its work that it has delegated to various organisations which includes NUEW, YPFDJ, PFDJ, Public Diplomacy.

Towards the end of the Forum  Mr. Suleman Hassen and the BECON panel gave detailed answers and elaborations to the questions asked and the comments forwarded relating various matters and issues. After a deeper discussion on ways of getting involved in the national board activities, the participants of the forum concluded with attendees agreed to initiate and will come with an framework to manage the project and will be submitted soon for discussion and implementation.

The participants on their part expressed their willingness and readiness to enhance their contribution towards the ongoing nation building process and that they will always stand alongside their people and Government and will rebuff any external conspiracies by strengthening their unity and will defend their nation whatever the cost.

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