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[Video] Eritrean Ambassador Hanna Simon's Interview with France 24

By Eritrea Embassy Media

Eritrea’s Ambassador to France, H.E. Hanna Simon gave an interview to France 24 TV Channel. She explained;- main cause of migration today is due to Ethiopia’s continued occupation of sovereign Eritrean territory including the town of Badme, the Eritrean people and Government have no other option but to be vigilant and maintain a strong and disciplined army. She condemn the COI report, said;- politically motivated cheap shot, and is replete with distortions and lies. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with Eritrea mobilizing its entire human and natural resources for its national development activity and the protection of its sovereignty. During the 30-years struggle for independence as well as today the guiding principle, motto and slogan of the Eritrean people has been Perseverance and determination!

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