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Add Your Opinions on FIFA Player & Coach of the year along with Eri-International sports

By Mike Seium | Eri-International sports

For the past two years Eri-International sports has been honored to vote as part of the journalist vote for the player of the year as well as the coach of the year in the for FIFA's Balon d'Or. While we did all we could to make sure that we picked the right people, Eri-International sports as a blog of the people would love to get ideas from you that could help us make a better decision even though the final outcome would be ours. In 2010, France Football signed an agreement with FIFA to make the Ballon d’Or the only trophy for the best player in the world. Two years ago I made headlines all over the world as I decided to pick players that were not favorites of everyone but still some outstanding players. Here are the choices that I made at the time (2013) when Eritrea was actual at the 195th position in world rankings.

Eritrea (195th)

Michael Seium (media) - Neymar, Toure, Ibrahimovic.

The time has now come to vote for the 2015 winner of this trophy, which now goes by the name of FIFA Ballon d’Or. While I do not want to put out the full list of players and coaches on paper, I would like for you my followers to share your ideas on who should be the best player and best coach of 2015 in the world's beautiful game. I will post this on Eri-International sports Facebook page as well and you have a choice to respond back by the end of the week as the voting time is getting closer.

Meanwhile, Breaking news of some sort as everyone should follow the big news today that Henok Goitom may officially be leaving for China as reliable sources have told us he has been offered a deal he can't refuse. We will also find out if Henok will be chosen as the MVP of the Swedish Premier league even though he has made the All-League (best player in his position) team representing his AIK Stockholm as a forward.

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