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The Head of Consular Affairs to Canada conducted a meeting in Toronto

The Head of Consular Affairs to Canada conducted a meeting in Toronto

By Eritrean Media

The meeting officially started with a moment of silence remembering our martyrs; subsequently the head of Consular Affairs to Canada Mr. Ahmed Iman in the city of Toronto presented study paper focusing on the current political affairs, economic, diplomatic and social situation in the homeland, further called on to all members from the Organization (PFDJ/YPFDJ/NUEW and ECAO community members) to demonstrate active participation in the state affairs and in all aspects. Furthermore since 1998 until 2014 in which in the last 16 years we have been actively defending our sovereign nation, through vigorously Mekete resistance against external anti-Eritrea agendas aimed at weakening the national development drive was elaborated, having this common understanding will benefit us to have a resonance establishment on the ongoing efforts with a stance to setting up Eritrean national organizing committees of Eritrean & Canadian.

The meeting was partaking by PFDJ; NUEW, YPFDJ & Community members (ECAO) in the city of
Toronto to carry out a workshop focusing on the importance of creating the National Committee of Eritrean Canadians. The tasks of strengthening the organization & national unity and harmony, therefore the head of Consular affairs explained the principle to demonstrate active involvement in the outcome of national programs, including in the development activities as well as better public relations to depict a balanced, correct illustration of the country and to counter the sinister campaigns of defamation by
Eritrea’s agnostic.

After the Study papers were presented the participant had discussion session, further expressed their satisfaction and pointed out their view on issues of common interest to the organizations. Thereafter participants also reiterated readiness to mount staunch resistance against external anti-Eritrea agendas aimed at declining the national development drive and become beneficiaries of the investment opportunities in the Homeland.

Similar programs are scheduled to take place across Canada in the Near future.

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  1. Wow!!! How many people attended? I remember 10 years ago we used to be thousands and now just counted by finger? Let's all be honest now, what is going on?

  2. "Bebi hade seb wehade", even the Guaila hamushte some were clapping, some napping, some came so their "meninet paper"doesn't become void, some are waiting for for years for cemento to finish their villa in Asmera and this is one way to get it by making contacts with the regime's big dogs. Some are truly the middle outer layer of the regime's onion layer and are obligated to attend. Thanks

  3. an italian old say "pochi ma buoni" few but good, do you get it?


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