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Video: Eritrean Cycling Championship 2015

Natnael Berhane wins Eritrean Cycling Championship 2015

By Shabait

Asmara, 28 June 2015- Natnael Berhane, member of the MTN, South African Cycling Team, has become the champion of Eritrea 2015 cycling race which covered 190 kilometers.

Tesfom Okbamariam and Amanuel Gebrezgiabhier have stood second and third respectively.

Mr. John Terry, coach of the MTN team, appreciated the talent the professional cyclist Natnael demonstrated during the competition. He also expressed his high regard for the country’s potential in the cycling race.

In the track race that was conducted on Friday, Daniel Teklehaimanot has been the winner of the gold medal.

Daniel Teklehaimanot and Merhawi Kudus are due to participate in the prestigious Tour De France that would begin on 4 July representing the MTN team. It is for the first time that Eritrean cyclists are taking part in this world class cycling race.

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  1. What's remarkable about this race for Eritrea is two of it's citizens are joining the race while only 3 Americans will join 195 other top cyclists from around the world as they start the 102nd Tour de France in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

    Good job, GO ERITREA!

  2. Ertrawian nab bahri Tegaru beal Natnael Birhane and Daniel Teklahaimanot Agames adena yesawetula alewu they are not Eritreans tel agames belia belia neada eu negeru, I know natnael well his father was Goldsmith owner in Asmara he fighted with me when we were kids he is evil agame, wedi hager atfiom etom azmdom eyom zehgzewom zelewu ane ayhegusenin eu ezi

  3. You sound not wedi Asmara at all, nice try LOL LOL


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