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NGOs & Humanitarian Organizations Are the ISIS of Eritrea

Ethiopians in Addis Ababa waiting in line for NGO assistance

By Alemseged Makonnen

Most principled nation, hardworking & law abiding people lynched & assaulted nonstop for over half a century by the irrelevant UN and its masters unaccountably. I believe with every fiber of my being that God, the father of Our Lord Jesus Christ will righteously render justice to the people and government of Eritrea at the right time. I know very well, He is the God who is neither early nor late. There is no justice in this modern world of our time, but I assure you justice is coming from the above. Let us all expect and it will be herald for sure.

The cheap shot NGOs & Humanitarian Organizations, like ISIS are now actively engaged in the business of destabilizing nations who refused to succumb to the whims of big nation. Is there anyone who would doubt if I tell you that the former US president Bill Clinton strangely declared that the most interesting & formidable NGO of our time is ISIS, yes, ISIS. Check it out yourself in this video. Also watch the whole video and see for yourself how these unscrupulous & dishonest organizations have become the most dangerous entities to the peace of the world. Specifically, I call upon the gullible and unsuspected Eritreans to watch the video carefully to the end, and then after you will know for sure who really these organizations are and what they are up to.

Now, here below is the link for the video I created.

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NGOs & Humanitarian Organizations Are the ISIS of Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 12:02 AM Rating: 5


  1. Eritrea has social, economic, and political problems. The international community is saying there is human right violations and crime against humanity might have been committed in Eritrea, but in order to refute what the international community saying about Eritrea you have a picture of Ethiopians lining up to receive handout from NGOs. I think Eritrean government and its supporters not only need to reform the political system if they can, they also all need to reprogramed to have the right view and understanding of Ethiopian and Ethiopia. How on earth an alien receiving a hand out, according to the writer of the article, is going to explain how the world sees and perceives Eritrea. Or, you are saying to Eritreans, Ethiopia is bad so if Eritrea is bad, it is ok. It is so embarrassing how some of the articles are articulate to explain a certain situation in Eritrea. no logic , no intellectual in put, no value in any measure when articles are posted about Eritrea. What is going on here? Eritreans are not this bad but well educated Eritreans are silent for a reason. But for how long?

  2. What you need to understand is we're very aware of our problems, whatever they might be. What we're TOTALLY allergic to is, people from outside telling us what to do and not only that but playing "mother teresa" with us, from people who' re veritable and literal satans soldiers. They can maybe kill and maim eritreans but THEY CAN NEVER FOOL US!!

  3. Traitors Acting like opositionJune 26, 2015 at 2:59 AM

    This Organisation are the Main Enemy of whole africa. This System to make you Aid dependend is created to make a begar so they can Steal african recources.
    Its a an Devil agendy

  4. I just wanted to remind those who needs a reminder. They can shake the building but they
    can not shake the foundation this where the words after 911. This is the word for us after 2008,
    we have our own minds.
    Eritrea is for our children, grand children ,grate gran children ................................

  5. eritreans coming by mediteranian or air all are come to defend thier country in our enemys land let them think we are asuylm or refuge we now how to defend our country.

  6. There are nearly 150,000 and still growing Eritrean refugees in camps in Ethiopia. The Ethiopia that every posting on this forum insults and denegrades. I understand the hate you feel for Ethiopia is for what Haile Sellasie and Mengistu did. But that was over as of 1991, nearly a quarter of a Century now. Why is Ethiopia still relevant to Eritrea? Is it because it is the only safe heaven for Eritrean refugees? where they are protected and some of them afforded free high education as well as skills development programs for the idle young Eritrean refugees? You should be grateful to Ethiopia and thanking Ethiopia. Not insulting and disrespecting Ethiopia.

  7. The moral of the article is not to look down on countries that are addicted to aid but to shade some light on the crippling effect of it. As in the article, one needs not to wander far to show its devastating effect and psychological trauma it entails. The ethiops use to be a proud people and had shown the world in a repetitive man made disasters, they would rather queuing till they expired over stampeding fellow starved to get to the hand-out. We do vividly remember over a million souls perished in what has been referred to as a tragedy unlike any, and it will always be remembered not because of the lives lost but as the greatest coming together of well known artists collaborating under the theme of "we're the world."
    What lessons or if any, lesson did we draw from this gross violation of human rights? In the simplest of simple, no NGO will bake you a cake and make you eat it.
    On the other hand the people and the government of Eritrea have been saying to the NGOs and handlers, you have too much on your plate and we would rather like it if you help those that are really in need of your handouts, as to us, the biggest favor from you is, leave us alone. We have been doing it alone for a century now, and we are fully fed and way pass the food insecurity and so on.
    One may think this article is directed at one particular people or country, but the article aims at how the world, specially the so called global south is manipulated by NGOs to advance the sinister agenda of those that live and profit on the expense of the poor and gullible.

  8. I would have said thank you, but all your brothers and sisters are in Canada, America and Australia. .because you scrupulous people took advantage of the poor Eritreans who stayed in the camps oblivious of what is going on under their nose....the red cross and other NGOs support refugees not Ethiopians the human trafficking is the other side of it..some of your brothers made millions trafficking Eritreans to Sudan and beyond....i wish I'd say we are grateful thank you..but no... one thing for sure and tou need to understand this - Ethiopia is a country that is moving and developing based on donor dollars just imagine if they pull the carpet..while I do not wish ill for Ethiopia please do not brag abou Ethiopia we know whats going first and formost Ethiopia need to stand up on her own two feet then ill accept and grant you the bragging right...what was it 75 thousand Ethiopians have been flocking to Lybia? and keep on inflating the numbers at times you say 250 thousand now 150k etc whatever suits you...hummm any way ill leave you to ponder

  9. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 26, 2015 at 1:19 PM

    U see Erty,, u are not Eritrean so u can't understand our enemies... our enemies always use the UN against us to undermine our sovereignty. We want to build our country our selves..and yes if they give us Aid that doesn't have any catch.. well we will take it. but if not, well we are saying leave us be. The UN-US are alway the Enemies of Eritrea since 1950s. so to say they care about Eritrea is laughable.

    Whenever a country in Africa who oppose the western imperialism ideology...who wants to be independent politically and economically, the west always comes to destroy that country's image like what their doing to Eritrea. for god's sake look at former president Thomas Sankara-- they silenced him becuz he challenged them and like always they assassinated him by a coward African. Its kinda the same thing... what they're trying to do with Eritrea. and they want to destroy Eritrea by the cowards their favorite pets, the American lab dogs, the cowards.. the woyane-tigray.

    And the west targets Shaebia or PIA-- well its becuz our ideology is the same as Sankara's. They want to eliminate the leader-(PIA)- like they did to Thomas Sankara. its like Strike the Shepherd and the Sheep will Scatter. u know what am saying neighbor.

    The funny thing is Erty u pple never talk about what the west are doing Africa and her pple...becuz they share common interests with u.. and that common interest is both of u are enemies of Eritrea. and u are working to fill ur belly...Even Ethiopia's economy is based on US & British Aid. and in return Ethiopia do their dirty work-(Proxy-wars). u have been serving on behalf of ur white American masters in Somalia. they own ur behind man.

    Before u say, we wer this and that in the past.. Well today U have allowed this NeoCons to twist ur mind and ur arm, until now, until now you've become the very thing u swore to destroy. A slave of them. I don't care am just telling u the truth, u cant condemned them.. its hard for u to say that..USA doesn't care about Africa, after all how can u say it.... ur food supply is from ur handlers... and like the great Thomas Sankara said — 'he who feeds you, controls you'. : )

    so to talk like u care about Eritreans is just funny, u have no right to talk aboout Eritrea. We can distinguish kind tears from crocodile tears. and ur tears and ur handlers are just a crocodile tear.

    So Erty thanks for ur crocodile tears.

  10. We are Eritreans! We do not beg we choose to come to Ethiopia so we can go somewhere where the dollar euro is and funny enough thousands of Ethiopians are in Sudan refugee camps and working in Sudan in a variety of things from bajaj driver to cleaner etc which is fine..the number is doubled in the las 10 years tell me why is that?

  11. The word hypocrisy is lost to you and your brain is clouded in defense of Ethiopia..which is fine..keep on blabbering.

  12. Is this picture of beggars in Tigray or Addis Ababa? I would have thought it was Tigray. You know beggars and all.

  13. The habesha have been working with whites for 500 years, why wouldn't they see eye to eye? Its only when they get hurt as well that they pretend to be African again. Hell with them.

  14. You welcome!!!!!!!!!!

  15. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 27, 2015 at 6:45 AM

    Oh, Truth hurts doesn't it-Aiete Erty?

    Before u say, we wer this and that in the past..*** Well today U have allowed this NeoCons to twist ur mind and ur arm, until now, until now you've become the very thing u swore to destroy. A slave of them.****

  16. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 27, 2015 at 6:45 AM

    Indeed brother Punt.

  17. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 27, 2015 at 9:17 AM

    It is important to note the NGOs gets their funding from USAid which is infamous for being a haven for spies. they're not just getting expelled from Eritrea also from Russia, Bolivia, Ecuador and so on...

    And don't forget the US plan to destroy an Agricultural economy in Haiti thru their NGOs.

    Allen Weinstein, a member of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) working group known as the Democracy Group, which first proposed the formation of a quasi-governmental group to channel U.S. political aid, served as NED’s acting president during its first year. Talking about the role of NED, Weinstein told the Washington Post in 1991 that “a lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA thru NGOs.”

  18. Warning to all enemies of Eritrea.
    Our beloved independent Eritrea was achieved through so much sacrifice and hence it will never be for sale like many other African countries.
    Anyone who is trying to mess with Eritrea, under whatever name you come with, be it ISIS, WOYANE, AL-QUEDA, NGO, UN, ...we are warning you that we will defend our country Eritrea BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


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