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In Defence of Eritreanism, The Eritrean Diaspora Front for Justice.

In Defence of Eritreanism, The Eritrean Diaspora Front for Justice.

The Eritrean Diaspora Front for Justice have held their protest against the despicable UN-HUMAN  RIGTHS ARMY know as UN Commission of Inquiry (COI) on June 22, 2015.  The sons, daughters, mothers and fathers of EPLF travelled from all walks of life within such a short period notice and against all odds.  The Can Do People managed to meet face to face with the UN-HUMAN  COI ARMY who were told to HANDS OFF our Eritrea and affair.  The UN COI refused to meet the Eritrean communities from all over the world. So the gallant people went all the way to the doorsteps of UN COI to expose the Pack of Lies.  
Ironically and ridiculously, The Eritrean Diaspora Front for Justice were accused of subjecting the CIO Army to threat and intimidation at the UN-HUMAN Right Council regular 29th session meeting.  A peaceful demonstration is treated as threat by these UN-Human establishments because The Eritrean people were out there to protect their basic Human Rights as a people of Eritrea and exposing the sinister conspiracy brewed at the United States.  American democracy is really becoming a laughing stock of our world these days.  It is beyond belief for UN-HUMAN  Rights council and other puppet countries to accept such a cheap and fabricated accusation against a peaceful people that turned up at Geneva.  However it sounds the UN COI are shocked by the turn up of thousands Eritreans from all over Europe to tell them the truth and are desperate for cover up.  So they came up with another fabricated story to demonize and disregard the people of Eritrea who were at the peaceful demonstration exercising their democratic rights.  Not to mention turning off Electricity so that we cannot air our voice loud as The UN-Human Rights Army were too ashamed the whole world was hearing and observing our peaceful actions in exposing the Pack of Lies invented by the enemies of Eritrea in the name of the United Nations.
What does this experience tell us as a people of Eritrea? How can we retain our Eritreanism and exist simply as Eritrean origin?
I have no doubt the intentions are to destroy The State of Eritrean and the sense of Eritreanism from the people.  I am afraid if we do not mobilise and fight against these evil establishments, we will be doomed as a failed state soon. We will witness history repeating itself (i.e. the annexation of Eritrea under the pretext of UN-HUMAN RIGHTS ARMY).  We have to revive our organisations that were the pillar of EPLF during our struggle for independence.  We may have to consider even building the smallest organisation or Cells.  We have to educate our children and encourage them to participate in the organisation that will enable them to contribute more effectively.  Without being organised, it will be difficult to pre-empt or counterattack against any hostilities aimed at the people of Eritrea.  Our approach must be proactive rather than reactive.
We must deny the platform to the sold out souls of Eritrea in our communities as they have proven to serve no good to the people but to promote vengeance and the desire for self-interest repeatedly.   
By the way there is no need for COI Army to visit Eritrea any more.  Eritrea has already gone to visit UN COI not the other way.  These evil bodies are no longer invited to step on the sacred land where our martyrs are buried.  The Eritrean Diaspora Front for justice vowed in front of the UN COI head quarter that we will not let them destroy us as human beings once again.  We will take any peaceful measures to defend ourselves as nation and people of this world. After all UN was the main player and responsible for the destruction of the Eritrea and its people in 1952.  What fruit is going to come out from such a rotten and corrupted organisation run by a single and arrogant country?
I must admit I see many challenges ahead of us.  As a father of three, I am deeply concerned about the future of my children as Eritreans.  Families have a lot to play in raising our children to be good citizens and ambassadors of Eritrea as well as their birth or hosting countries.
Let our children inherit the ethos of our Martyrs (The creators of EPLF) who restored back Justice, Freedom, Independence and The State of Eritrea.
Awet N’hafash,

Samuel Tukue Ghebreab

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In Defence of Eritreanism, The Eritrean Diaspora Front for Justice. Reviewed by Admin on 8:01 PM Rating: 5


  1. ohh boy.... folks.. i feel your pain but street protests do not work, we protested on the streets of Europe and US from 1961-1991 to no avail but we made them listen to us at the battle field, so now do the same... by that i mean kill that bitch Sheila, that'll make those motherfv<ers listen to our rage.


  3. Dear brothers and sisters,
    We are ashamed of your deeds in Geneva for the following reasons:
    1- Your demonstration was to refute to the report that Eritrea is Ruled by fear and not by law, but you terrorized the Inquiry Commision same like what you do in Eritrea. So, that shows that you went to Geneva because you are forced and not convinced and you don't know why you went.
    2- The victims are in Eritrea and they are the ones who should say the report is not right. How can you talk on their behalf? It is like a man abuses his wife and he tries to answer the court on her behalf!!!
    3- The Eritrean goverment is the accused and how can the Eritrean government say that my people are in harmony and there is no problem in Eritrea!!! Same like point two.
    4- You are using Democracy to kill democracy. What a shame!!
    5- Your demonstration was aimless and without any substance. You tried to be furious of listining to the truth which you have never heard in Eritrea. Why don't you try to engage with the UN and international community as well as your own people in a civilized manner.
    6- You are in the 21st century and In Europe but you are still acting the same action as what you use to do in Halewa Sewra!!!
    7- Please take your fear out and join the Deleity Fithi and leave the mafia regime. It is time to think twice and change your course.

  4. N'zelalem indahafetrka nber...ant mushmush. To answer to some on your point here above:

    1) If, as you said above, we were forced to go to Geneva, who's going to pay my BUS/Plane Car bill? HGDEF? Unlike you, it was on our own defend the country from the enemy that are there to devour it, and keep it mind, we'll never give up because this's a country where my brother and sister, father and mother have sacrificed their life and there's no way that I, their son/daughter could ignore their HIDRI...a word that doesn't exist in your vocabulary.

    2) We can talk on behalf of our people, country and government...don't you know that every Eritrean is the ambassador of his/her country? Besides, all these wouldn't have happened unless there were some sellouts like you ready to sell their mother/sister for the best offer.

  5. ...and this time too we'll make them listen to us...cowards like you can give up but not us, HIDRI ALENA N'SEWAATNA

  6. Zikeberka Sahle, (just to teach you how to behave)
    - I need not to say much. Why are the people in Eritrea not allowed to make demonstration like you in Geneva?
    - Are you saying that Eritrea is ruled by law?
    - Are you saying people are not incarcerated without a due process?
    - Are you saying that people have the right to talk?
    Dear brother, we have lost our brothers and sisters too but they sacrificed their selves for a prosperous Eritrea that is governed by the rule of law and not fear.
    I support National service because it is good for Eritrea in all terms but it should be for the agreed time. After that people should be paid their regular salaries.
    Eritrea is DIAMOND of the Horn of africa. Eritrea is special in all terms for us and the world but it is run by an IDIOT.
    - I could call you a name like what you deed but I belive in a dialogue and constructive criticism because we are brothers seaking for the good of Eritrea.
    Please wake up because with the way our Insane Leader is going we may loose Eritrea.
    Please wake up.
    Let us work together for the Eritrea that is ruled by Law.

  7. - I need not to say much. Why are the people in Eritrea not allowed to make demonstration like you in Geneva? = Demonstration for what? For your info, the people knows very well what's going on and they know the priority of the country on general...
    - Are you saying that Eritrea is ruled by law? = Defently YES
    - Are you saying people are not incarcerated without a due process? = Show me otherwise - proves
    - Are you saying that people have the right to talk? = It seems you've been absent from the country for quite sometime and you base your judgement on reports coming from Elsa. Meron and staff.
    - I could call you a name like what you deed but I believe in a dialogue and constructive criticism because we are brothers seaking for the good of Eritrea. = Free to say anything you see...this proves to you that there's a freedom of speech...Me too believe in dialogue but when you come to your real sense, when you come to realize that UN is there to reverse our independence, when their only motive is regime change and install a puppet government in Eritrea, when you start understanding that we've priorities...then we can talk, then we can discuss...otherwise, for me you're a sell-out.

  8. Indeed Hands of Eritrea.

  9. ....moreover Mr. Zihafere Hawikum why is Eritrea considered as worst nation/government in comparison to other our neighbour countries which day in and day out their citizen in the diaspora are demonstrating against their rulers? Is't because Eritrea is worst or the UN, as i said earlier, has its sinister/hidden agenda? Why is that people like you ( if you're a real Eritrean) don't ask the UN and guarantor of the Algiers agreement to come up with their obligations? Wouldn't this one of our priorities for real eritreans? Didn't your Obama promise our young brothers and sisters promised them a better future once they leave their country? Wouldn't be this the reason why we see so many of our brothers and sisters leaving the country for a better future? Now, Mr. Zihafere Wahikum, given these facts do you still consider teaching me of how to behave? I don't think so...

  10. The fear is coming from outside. When will you get this in your thick skulls?

  11. Stay around, the next line of action is to flood their offices with E-mails. To that end you better go, sing and send and E-mail to give them the headaches. If not go your lonely cage lament while the Lions of Eritrea are roaring.

  12. As great Bob Marley saith"when the battle get hot no feel no pain"no matter matter how hard they hit there is no power on earth who will stop us from been eritrean. In the and with the help of the mighty God,we shall be victories.

  13. HGDEF hooligans thought that they could intemidate the investigator the same way as the do with diaspora Eritreans. But that was a big misstake which their maffia boss will pay for. You have made the investigator more determined and sure about whom they are dealing with.......a maffia regime and its criminal supporters with identity complex. On the 22:de the 2% Eritreans had their say and on the 26:th the 100% mass will be in Geneva to show the suppoert for CIO.

  14. Dear Dahlak,
    Your point is not clear.
    Be specific and honest to yourself.
    Let us communicate and have a healthy dialogue and not hate each other.
    We cannot be a nation of intolerance to justice seeker, honest nationals.
    Should we always continue to follow our dictator blindly?
    Shame on us!!

  15. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 25, 2015 at 12:38 PM

    VIVA deqi Erey!!!... Awet N'hafash!!!

  16. zHafere Hawkhum, ZiHaters Hawkhum and CIO is the same guy who used to call himself Yohannes on the last. Watch it Deqi Erey, woyane has changed its colors and coming among us calling himself Erirean.
    Snif snif ! smell your enemy ! Yuk LOL

  17. dude... stop the name calling... everybody is working for a solution for this never-ending ordeal and unfortunately protests with no leverages are called "paper-tiger" because they just don't bite hard. To Europe and the bureaucrats in Geneva it is seen as bunch of African immigrants marching on streets about something, they care less about Eritrea nor Eritreans, the only thing that comes to their mind is getting rid of immigrants out of Europe.

  18. Um no. We will support our government if they are ours. If we decide, we will remove PIA as well as anyone who is not up to standards. But ONLY Eritreans-real Eritreans-will decide this. Not habesha, not white foreigners will do so. And that is the issue. Eritreans are a brave people who do not need help removing anyone if need be. What we do not like is when foreigners, enemies, use human rights and other pretext to do so. Besides, there are so many disasters going on within the borders of ethiopia, america and britain. Why don't they focus on their own issues, and we'll focus on our own?

  19. A parasite is a parasite. They smell evil and latch on for minerals. Thanks for the warning!

  20. One day Tigray will face its karma-

  21. Yeah you're right. Protests are fine, but not by itself. But don't make online threats, they may use it against us Eritreans as excuse to paint us in a bad light. And govt monitoring, be careful brother.

  22. If one says I am an Eritrean when did this officially identity came? It is after independence. Is it not right? If so from the interview of one of the opposition, his comparison surprised me i.e the age impact among protesters and supporters. The struggle starts because there was a great oppression since 1952. After independence the trend was to bring Eritreans and its country in a better position. The participation in building the country together (Warsay+Yekalo). To my surprise this has become a crime! Unluckily the same stubborness like during the annexion is happening now i.e agitating the youth, who were not born during the hardship, interms of material interest. Brushing Eritrian's mentality is a calculation of the past regime. Those who knows Eritreans very well knew Eritreans mental capacity, their exposure, their objective and stand for their rights. The real Eritreans are kind at heart. The port interest allow infilitration and well calculated to destroy its belief. The Eritreans who are supporting GOE are true patriotis. I really want all real Eritreans to comprehend the past and the present situation very well.

  23. Yes!!
    We aqcuired independent Eritrea against all odds on our own, and now we will develop our Eritrea against all odds on our own again.
    No haters be it Eritrean or non-Eritrean are allowed in liberated Eritrea.


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