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EU MP laughs at Ethiopia ruling party’s 100% election win

Ana Gomes

EU MP laughs at Ethiopia ruling party’s 100% election win

By SomalilandPress

The Member of European Parliament Ana Gomes tweeted a long laughter responding to the Ethiopian ruling party claiming 100% election victory in the 2015 national election. “I laugh of the ludicrous results engineered in the farcical ‘elections,'” added the MEP Ms. Gomes.

According to Ethiopia’s controversial election board, the EPRDF ruling party has won 100 percent of the votes nationwide this week, including in Addis Ababa and the mid-western Oromia region. These two opposition stronghold regions are where MEDREK and Blue Party supposedly had won in a landslide according to an independent unofficial exit poll. During pre-election campaigns in April, million man marches in support of Medrek and Blue parties were held in dozens of urban centers through out Oromia.

However, even the leaders of opposition parties did not win a parliament seat so far, according to the disputed election board. “It was not an election, it was an organized armed robbery,” said Dr Merera Gudina, leader of the Oromo wing of Medrek party.

AU observers concluded the election was calm. But in a rarity, the AU observers; who are infamous for backing incumbent African regimes, complained about ballot boxes not being empty before voting began. In polling stations where there was no ballot box stuffing, ruling party members were also found inside the private booth, personally telling voters which way to vote, according to a New York Times report. “At first I was going to mark next to the five fingers,” said Workitu Daba, a 40-year-old farmer, referring to the symbol associated with Medrek. “There was someone in the booth with me and they said, ‘No, mark here!’ So I changed it,” she said.

Some opposition media also reported unconfirmed number of killings and the arrest of several opposition observers on Tuesday.

According to Dr. Gudina, most of his Medrek party’s election observers were kicked out of thousands of polling stations where AU officials were not present. Out of the 45,000 polling stations in Ethiopia, the small AU mission monitored less than 200 stations.

The US State Department also expressed concern on the Ethiopian election, describing “continued restrictions on civil society, media” and on “opposition party observers.”

A Western Diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the West is getting impatient with Addis Ababa and many embassy officials expected that the ruling party might allow the opposition to win some seats. “We are shocked. Even without factoring in the huge support the opposition enjoys, just the fact that Ethiopia is an extremely diverse country of 90 million people alone makes 100 percent election victory very unrealistic.”

But Teshome Borago, a US based Ethiopian political analyst, said the election problems are always the same because there are no independent federal institutions in Ethiopia. “Some Ethiopians are actually blaming opposition leaders because they are giving people false hope and doing the same thing over & over again expecting different result,” he said.

The European parliament member Ms. Ana Gomes summed up on Ethiopia, writing on twitter, “Fake elections, fake results.”
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EU MP laughs at Ethiopia ruling party’s 100% election win Reviewed by Admin on 4:46 PM Rating: 5


  1. ..bahahahaha x)) joke of the year

  2. you always blame ethiopia.But do not forget we eritreans have no constitution and legal election.Only authoritarian dictatorial regime

  3. @asmerom asmelash _Better no election, than fake election! _Fight for genuine constitution and election, free yourself from Woy`ane.

  4. No election is better than fake election

  5. "EU MP laughs at Ethiopia ruling party’s 100% election win"

    So is the rest of the world!

  6. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 30, 2015 at 6:33 AM

    Woyane-tgray won the fake election100%---> HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA...!!!

  7. The opposition new that ,the election would not be fair,transparent,and regular. I ask them why they participate ?doing so they gave woyane, a sort of legitimacy. Now they have to swallow the bitter pill of result. May God help ethiopa. Ah..I forgot susan fried rice already confirmed to be a godmother for the next five years ....massage of congratulations continues arriving.

  8. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 30, 2015 at 11:05 AM

    U wish--ugumesh!!!!

  9. We Eritreans are the last persons on the earth to criticize the Ethiopians for their election, They have at least started the path to democracy regardless if the election is free or not. What about us no election at all and Issays once told Al Jazera he wont allow election for the coming decades, because he pretty welll know in free and fair election he wont win.

  10. Better fake election than no election at all, according to the dictator there wont be election at all in Eritrea in the coming decades. We Eritreans are screwed by the dictator and his gang, and they enjoy support by people like you who suffers from identity complex. Soon real Eritrean will take back our country from Issays and his gangs.

  11. Good luck weyn zenbal hangol!!!

  12. "fake election, fake result"
    credit Ana Gomez

  13. i stay with the say: in a multiethnic society like ethiopia, any party can win 100% to another for the fact of multi-tribal constituency..of course excluded the miracled weyane and his advisors..(god on earth)

  14. Alec, how many time do I have to tell you? I mean, we know you are stupid people who try to solve every problem with gun, bomb children in school, go to war with every neighbor around, but this is not going to work. Don't ask other Ethiopians to wage war on Tigrians. They are not like you. They don't seek refugee in our land, live on aid and still wish our death. You want us all finished, you have to come and do it as "Eritreans". We all know the consequences that followed the last time you tried to do so.

  15. "Wake-up Ethiopians be4 its to late!!...or woyane-tigray will screw u to years to come" this is coming from an Eritrean who has relatives sheltered in Tigray. Go kiss Arab ass. But they open you alive ungrateful bastards. May be that's what you deserve.

    we Tigrians don't burn you guys and record your agony sound for ransom money, you hate and wish us death. Egyptians and Arabs do, you love them.

    About being finished, may be you should check the rank and records of the Ethio military that you claim is Tigrian.

  16. You are everywhere with empty bravado btw, even on this youtube video. all i see is dead Shabos.

    Bro, you need to ease it on the hate. It will only hurt you, no one else!!

  17. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 2, 2015 at 10:23 AM

    Don't get too cocky bro. No matter how good we are, we
    don't ever let u see us coming. That's the gaffe ma friend. U gotta keep yourself small. Innocuous. Be the little guy. U know, the nerd... the leper... And of-course shit-kickin' Woyane...Look at me. Ha-ha-ha..

    Nebsy, i don't secretly hate u. in that u should respect me. :)...And i don't hate pple i hate woyane-tigray the slave of the *Neocons*. Yes i said bad things but only to those who deserve it. and those video or whatever-- some of them--they were send to me and as Eritrean i've the obligation to challenge the woyane stooges. comprende?! wouldn't u agree. :D

  18. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 2, 2015 at 11:50 AM

    "ungrateful bastards" u say LOL--> Aren't u pple the one
    that back-stabbed--& bitten Shaebia's hand that fed, nurtured and died for u and gave u, ur independence from the Derg. u are the ungrateful bastards. I would say..ur pple that have suffered in the hand of the Arabs, i would say Maybe that's what u pple deserve. but am not psychotic egomaniac.

    FYI--u do know there are Ethiopian refugee in Eritrea.
    So maybe u have some relatives here to. :)

    Dude listen, We Eritreans we didn't get happy when ur
    pple get killed, humiliated, hanged and burned alive in Saudi, Yemen or in South Africa. so stop twisting it. okay!!

    WTF are u talking about...why in the world, would i love an Arab... that make ma pple suffer. and if u are talking
    about our GOEri that have a relation with them, well its
    politics... U know, like ur Govt that have a relation with
    the same pple that destroyed the image of our Black-
    Race..the westerners->(Neocons) sound familiar?!.. Even the war in 98 to 2000 was not about badme* it was a proxy war-->waged by ur woyane-tigray on behalf of their handlers the United States:--> In-order to make Eritrea kneel to the neoconservative ideology. so pls don't try to twist it...Ur manipulation-- even someone with half-brain can see it.

    Remember i don't hate the pple of tigray-- hating the
    whole-- means babies that doesn't have anything to do with this.

    Love them u say....Ha-ha-ha-ha u woyane stooges. u pple make me laugh. what a waste.

  19. Bro, do me a favor!

    Please help me understand how Eritrea is treat to the USA, how USA attacked your country and how you successfully made the effort fail. I have heard this story for almost two decades but I don't see clear relation. I know Meles has managed to magnify the bad image your country already has. But, I don't see where the US fits here.

    About Shabia feeding, helping us and all, I wasn't part of the Woyane and not born yet to witness things, so I can't give first hand information. But from the books, I have read about the not significant number of guns provided at the beginning of the struggle and military training. And we are thankful. go to youtube and find Abebe, Eyasu and other artists....

    On the other extreme the Woyane died in your trenches to save your hiding ass in three fronts from the Red Star and other successive campaign for years. I never heard this story mentioned by an Eritrean.

    What you said about the 98 war is half right. It was not about Badme, the cause was the stupidity of your leaders.

    If you respond to this, please write in an English I can understand. I see you use difficult words picked from the dictionary even when your grammar is not right.

    I have an advice for you, Being almost 30, I am probably older than you. And as it is culture of both people to listen to older ones, please do. Nurture the good side in you and teach yourself to love not the opposite. Be way better than those who say the bad things from ourside. They are not solving the problem we have or helping at all.


    ohhh btw, if I am not mistaken, the only African country that supports Egypts "historic right" over the nile is Eritrea. :) :) :)

  20. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 3, 2015 at 12:26 PM

    Dude you can't understand me sarcastic comments, so it's your intellect fault not mine. :)

    This some i take from MICHEL COLLON-column ... he define it perfectly.

    Well,Eritrea is a threat because to U.S because-->...

    1-The Eritrean government has a vision for its country
    and for the region: it is possible to attain a good level of development and to resolve conflicts by dialogue provided one gets rid of interference on the part of foreign powers.

    2-This E.Africa region’s real enemy is imperialism, especially US imperialism. Eritrea therefore desires
    that the Horn of Africa get rid of interference on the part of neo-colonial powers and develop a common
    project. So that makes Eritrea--"The rotten apple in the Horn of Africa!".

    3-The Horn of Africa has a very favourable geographic
    position: it is both connected to the countries of the Gulf and of the Indian Ocean, which is where the
    greater part of world maritime trade is effected. Besides which it has considerable natural resources: minerals, gas, oil and biodiversity. If the countries of this region were to free themselves of neo-colonialism and unify their efforts, they would be able to escape from poverty. This is what Eritrea wants for the Horn of Africa. Of course, the US doesn’t want these proposals to see the light of day because they could lay to rest its own control over this strategic region and access to its raw materials. Washington therefore is trying to put pressure on President Afwerki in order to force him to change his policies. At the end of the day, Eritrea, which had to fight so long for the independence it established in 1993, is still fighting today in defence of its national sovereignty.

    To understand it better you can see the link here..
    it better. :)


    -And about the 98 war Ethiopia's aggression towards
    Eritrea was exactly like-->the Saudi are doing to the
    Yemeni-> a proxy war on behalf of the United States in
    Yemen. you can find it in the link about--US Behind Invasion of Eritrea -


    "ohhh btw, if I am not mistaken, the only African country that supports Egypts "historic right" over the nile is Eritrea."--- you say?...

    -Well, like i said its purely poltics like ur woyane-tigray is trying to do against Eritrea thru their handlers the U.S. If your govt wasn't hustile towards Eritrea, Eritrea wouldn't help this basterds. your govt started it. So bro... “The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend”- wouldn't you agree?! :) :)

    I know you are trying to make Eritrea the bad guy. you have hard time explaing what your woyane-tigray is trying to do towards Eritrea with the US imperialism.

    Remember Eritrea has an obligation to respond accordingly at any cost.


    I don't expect you to understand me or to agree with me-- but I expect, given that it's politics, we'll have to agree to disagree.

  21. This is what Eri Tv says. Don't tell me about resourceful east Africa. I live there bro. Both countries are shit hole of the world. Is producing 9 qtl of teff per hectare resourceful? long queues for water both in Asmera and Mekele .... no fuel everywhere.... no sugar ....... man, the Eritrean government is in bread baking and retail business. Resource rich my ass.
    You know, I had the same idea until I saw countries like Congo, Uganda (where there are many Eritreans), The Netherlands and India. We are not even modest like people from these places.

    And I can imagine Eritrea causing problem to the world trade that happens via the Red Sea .... The superpowers can do as they please if they want. Nigga, they damaged the former Iraqi forces in a matter of weeks. Even the Ethiopian forces occupied third of your country with AK47. It's not even an advanced army. Don't be like the frog that inhales a lot of air to....

    So, you told me story no different from what I have heard before and I think is nonsense.

    Even on the Political arena, the stupid people in EPRDF were able to poop on Shabia's face. As worthless as EPRDF is it has managed to discriminate your boss on the diplomatic arena. That's how low you have gone.

    Thanks for the insight anyway.

  22. How about the millions from the UK. Oh that is joint venture,my mistake. How about monies from italy..that is joint venure too...Italy,the EU...they will all collect their share of the venture.If you knew why the world is not investing in Eritrea ,you would not open your mouth so wide and be ...By the way do you know India has so much investment in the uk? How about in the US? The rich invest any where they think they would get good return; and offcourse they look at its stability and the countries future in Education ,infrastructure. All these measures have made your southern neighbour the best for investment and are there in droves.By the way did you ever ask urself why the west is treating you the way they are ? Oh yes you do not ...How long can you cheat yourself and live?

  23. You make no sense.
    I wish all the development you said is happening in Eritrea and your refugee brothers stayed out of Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, South Africa ...... I can understand migrating to the west. But brother, you are migrating in droves to the countries you claim to be better than. You sound like you are trying to make me jealous. I don't want to go into listing all the things that are happening in Ethiopia. Google for yourself.

    Ashas hade derfu. Ethiopian forces went to Somali in 2006 for our own interest. There is a video with the leader of Al-shabab calling for war on Ethiopia .......

    Aid industry in a multi-billion dollar initiative that is going on in the world most countries get it by fulfilling requirements. Ethiopia gets its share in the same fashion .... you are not getting it coz you have a bandit group leading your country or may be because of the forced labor earnings ... or the forced 2% sidetegna contributions...... I have no idea how you can lie to yourself like this.

    And I see, this was a mystery for me, I understand now, Shabia left all the trenches it dug and let's walk into the occupied territories ....... You run with your tails shove in your ass when we killed and burnt all you chicken forces (creadit: the above video).

    We never aimed Asmera or Asseb. We have explicitly communicated those are not our lands both to you and to people unhappy about it on our side.

    Well, we came all this way because I said it is wrong of you to say " all other Ethiopians finish Tigrians ...... bla bla". I am happy for you and your people about the heavenly Eritrea, Enjoy. But, your belo belo tactic is not going to work on us. Grow up, have some balls and come with your crippled military to achieve your objective. I doubt that you will achieve it. Aykonen lomi ........ cross the 25 km you mentioned you gave to us..... lol..... Hakli dimu....


  24. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 5, 2015 at 9:55 AM

    First of all i didn't said or claimed to be better than anyone don't twist ma words to make your self good.

    Oh and the list i mentioned, at list we're doing it by our selves, that is the point. :) but hey like always you keep twisting it like that famous twisted heart of yours.

    "You sound like you are trying to make me jealous"- -------
    Nebsi remember i said I don't give a rat's @ss what
    you think! belive me or not. :) :)

    LOL...Ha-ha-ha-ha...talking with you people is like talking with a F@cking donkey high in Kquenty. LOL

    Dude don't get angry, it's the truth. :D

    Anyways-- like i said you can't understand me because, begging is your culture and to insult your precious master the U.S is unacceptable in your criteria, cuz they're your savior with out them well, you would be nothing. I understand that perfectly. :)

    The U.S fever skip generation to generation-Janhoy-Derg and now woyane-tigray the pets..loyal servants of the American imperialism in 21st century. Ha-ha.. and lets face it Ethiopia is a ticking time bomb waiting
    to explode, Because Ethiopia is becoming unstable=
    ethnic-conflict-genocide because of that soon we will
    see it to be a failed state.
    Oh yeah... And about the war we killed and burned your human wave- your beloved so called soldiers with Napalm. Am gonna let this video speak for it self.
    Enjoy... :D

    you can even ask your cry baby "General" TsadKan, he even wrote a book about how shaebia kick you @ss.
    "Ethiopian forces went to Somali in 2006 for our own
    interest." you say--- LOL...keep telling that to your
    self. Ha-ha-ha...
    See ya...

  25. Arguing with you is a big mistake bro. May be it because you are very young. I thought we would engage in productive discussion .... turns out, you all there are stupid like your leaders.

    I will let you keep hating on USA (beat the hell out of Obama), and Tigray. We will do the occupying Badme, bombing you anytime we want, and visit the pretty little girls in the Shabia refugee camps ( they are Anseba Shabia anyway).

    You will die wishing us death. We prevail mother fckr. you can support and train anyone you want, we kill you all. Like before and sing "AybelnanDo" again.

    Now you better go to the restaurant and wash the dishes to save the 2% lemani contribution. when we beg its in billions nigga, we don't sell no kidney like you cheap asses.

    This is the difference. You say " Oromo, Ogadem, Amhara .......
    kill all the Tigrians........bla bla". But when Tigray want to mess you up, it grabs the whole country of yours by the hair and give it hard saying shut the fk up.... take it deep.

    chicken head borko

  26. Brother waste no time .

  27. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 6, 2015 at 8:09 AM

    Bro..bro..Zig Dihri Wancha Elom Abotat..Take it easy.
    what made you completely lose your shit man?...

    You talk crap and when someone say something back you lose your own shit. Grim Eba Natkas..Ab Aynka Zelo Gundi Zey'raekas Ab'Endamatka--So funny!!..

    And yes, your woyane-tigray...have impunity to bully their neighbors under the skirt of the United States, so holding 'Badme' will change nothing, it only delay the Inevitable. :D
    That's the funny thing, you brain have hard time processing-->bro... Even though Badme- is awarded to Eritrea, and on top of that, your woyane-tigray lied to you pple, in-front of the whole world... And the Ethio-soldiers most of them the Oromo,Ogaden, Gambela..etc.. died for nothing to protect that so called Abay tigray- without knowing all was done for the dream of Abay-tigray. Still like your hyenas leaders, you can't swallow the hard truth. Again you're only delaying the Inevitable. :)

    And we will make sure woyane-tigray will be history without spilling our blood.--- What do you think we are doing? hugs and kisses. LOL...
    That's slowly is been arranged..look at u pple today...slowly but surely disintegrating. hated by everyone --in Ethiopia, you can't even go to the Oromo land without watching behind your back. Ha-ha-ha..

    No matter how good we are, we don't ever let you see us coming. That's the gaffe ma friend. like the mastermind of--The Art of war-Sun Tzu---> said --To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill. what do u think we're doing woyane's boy hmmmm?. don't tell me ur not seeing it. well, even ur handlers predicted ur failure to-wards ur failed state. Ha-ha-ha...
    And remember i don't hate Tigray pple same goes to Americans, don't twist it again. because to hate pple in general, that would be stupid & insane. >:)
    I don't have the patience for this stupid shit already.
    woyane's boy... see ya :D

  28. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 6, 2015 at 8:18 AM

    Indeed bro--- What A Waste!!!...


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