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Michela Wrong is Still Wrong on Eritrea

Michela Wrong

Michela Wrong is Still Wrong

We Eritreans know Michela Wrong; the author of the book titled “I didn’t do it for you” a very controversial book targeted to the nation of Eritrea with full of unsubstantiated facts. Now I have read an article under the title of “When Migrants Flee Progress, Not War” posted on Dehai News Media dated April 23, 2015 authored by her.

Her writings begin with a derived (Social Justice) ideology which directly reflects her behavior of not disclosing her true intentions. For example, in the 12th paragraph of the above stated article, there is an issue of concern.  She stated the following sweeping allegations to Africa in general, about the IMF working program known as “Africa Rising”, a program aimed to bring people together such as policymakers from Africa and beyond, the private sector, civil society, academics, and private foundation with the goal of sustaining the current growth and sharing its benefits among African populations.  This program is not an African initiative but it is Western World economic development program for Africa and it is always attached with deviant intensions.

For her information the State of Eritrea is not a part of the IMF Development Program,  

Then she continued with the basic needs of Africans who are risking their lives to immigrate.  I think all what she does not want to say is: all the problems of massive migrations from Africa are the creation by Western and European countries supported by some eager deviant journalists by either condoning or by not intentionally reporting the program. Now she is trying to tell us thru a very slanted presentation that is far from the truth.  For example today what the world witnessing the massive immigrants fleeing from Africa to Europe because of the European financial incentives that is being offered to them which causes them to leave in the first place?

Speaking about the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that she raised:

She said: “The point is: All that just isn’t enough. Eritrea, run by a former communist rebel movement that seized power in 1991, may well offer its citizens excellent medical care. Claims that it knows how to protect its people from East Africa’s frequent droughts and resulting famines may even be true. But the government has failed dramatically to deliver on a range of less quantifiable needs that hold the key to human fulfillment”.

Fulfillment to her means people should have a lot of options including (deviant life style) and not being limited to social norms.  She is not in favor of Eritrea’s accomplishments for the Millennium Development Goals, at all.

On the same subject she also said:  “While governments such as the one in Eritrea may score impressively when it comes to keeping youth fed, vaccinated, and literate (the MDG emphasis is on primary education, of course, not the tertiary education likely to produce rebellious students), they routinely frustrate deeper needs”. 

She does not reside in Eritrea and has no real life access the day today life style with Eritrean people.  She is in no position to comment about their frustrations deeper needs.  This is another example of her trying to mislead the general public without any substantiated facts as usual.  She would rather see the young people of Eritrea begin to engage in Homosexual anti social behavior, that is why she wants to see the curriculum changed so that it could begin to disturb Eritrean society by introducing alternative life style.  Furthermore, to assume Eritrean students with higher education could be rebellious is nonsense.  She has never engaged or interacted into their educational accomplishments.  Therefore, she cannot even be in a position to make a judgment call about their academic accomplishment or their deep frustrations with the exception of the unfortunate disparate refugees who will say anything to gain access and entry for amnesty.

I would like to make one thing clear that since her overall writing focuses on Eritrea and its leaders, she undoubtedly must learn again that Eritrea is a legally sovereign country and under no circumstance that Michela Wrong must not infringe on Eritrea’s legal sovereign right. She continues not to understand the Nation of Eritrea is a sovereign legal nation, when she improperly addressed president Isias and others as former communist rebel movements or former rebel leaders; it looks like she is a delusional person that does not follows the proper addressing protocol that any one from academia would know.  The correct way to address Eritrea and its President shall be: President Isias Afewerki the President of the State of Eritrea.

The ill informed Michela’s advocating to stop African Nations from “stamping out homosexuality”:

 She has identified five (5) main obstacles or as she put it on paragraph 12 “reactionary trends” against the “African Rising development program.   The “reactionary trends” as she has stated, out of all those obstacles the one that has the most massive social impact is: she wants the African countries to stop “stamping out homosexuality”.  The Gay Bashings that she has identified is what she envisioned for the practice of “Homosexuality” which we are observing continuously enforced by the UN- Human Right Groups.  This is the effort of the Social Justice advocates working through the UN Human Rights Division to shove down homosexuality those African Nations throat.  When Eritrea built the health care facilities and run health care services, it is a solemn duty to improve the physical and mental health for all Eritrean citizens.  This is the fulfillment of the covenant between the Eritrean martyrs and the general public that they didn’t die to give life for mental deviant people which Michela advocates for in her argument of the “reactionary trends”.  This demand will not meet the Eritrean societal standard and can easily be disproved in the Eritrean Judiciary system when all the facts are disclosed, and a judgment will be rendered this deviant homosexual life style has no social redeeming value for Eritrean society.   As it is for now it is being perceived by the general public of Eritreans as mental deviousness that will result in social harm such as: the high rate of HIV infections, low birth rate etc., According to her deviant pro homosexuality advocacy is not only specific to Eritrea but as she stated to all the rest of Africa as if this would be a good fulfillment to the people of Africa.

The Western countries through the UN and IMF programs have set up to encourage the people of Africa for engagement in this deviant life style homosexuality under the advocacy of Michela as she stated about deeper need of fulfillment against their frustrations as she stated.

We Eritreans do not engage in the “homosexuality” life style.  She has stated: that the “Africa Rising” development program the economic potential of the whole continent.  But one of the distraction to the program, according to what she said: is the “stamping out homosexuality” which really caught my attention how they victimize Africa including Eritrea.  This is my true conformation that Eritrea will not embrace and engage in homosexuality life style in order to achieve more fulfillments according to her statement.

This is another example of Ms. Wrong that she is always wrong.

By: Yemane Tsegay M.S
Aerospace Engineer/Legal Advocate

April 28, 2015

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Michela Wrong is Still Wrong on Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 8:38 AM Rating: 5


  1. Miss wrong, you need to be updated, the era of fabrication is over, heal your mind, get peace..look at back to Eritreans History, next time will teach you not make errors for presumptions..To stay in history of humanity, just do something that could help a group near by your place, volunteering to help elderly, clean public garden, there is no big act like this one than to write wrong things about a pride and very humble people..

  2. The era of fabrication is alive and well on Madote. LOL!!!!!!!

  3. 'As it is for now it is being perceived by the general public of
    Eritreans as mental deviousness that will result in social harm such as:
    the high rate of HIV infections, low birth rate etc.'
    Low birth rate a social harm? Does this 'engineer' know that Ethiopia's population grows at a whopping 2 million a year? Does this 'engineer' know what the population projection for Nigeria for 2050 is? They are breeding like rabbits over there. Eritrea's fertility rate has been declining consistently over the last 15 years due to a decline in child mortality and malaria infections. Don't worry about low birth rates, they are a blessing for Africa and as expected, in this field Eritrea is leading the way.

  4. SHE HAS CREATED A LUCRATIVE CAREER FOR HER SELF BY TRASHING ERITREA. I doubt she gives a damn about any n!gga in Africa, much less any human being in the planet... unless she profits out of it.

  5. ኣሌክ - Alec youApril 29, 2015 at 2:44 AM

    U mean fabrication is alive in ur Tigray-sites....all over the NET. **MADOTE** is ur nightmare. go to ur Agamino site. Agame-parasite!! :D

  6. ኣሌክ - Alec youApril 29, 2015 at 2:44 AM

    I think this old-bitch is fighting her own phsyological problem and try to spit her venom on the Eritrean pple, just to feel good about her self. did she think in this age that here out-date tactics can work on pple like us...maybe in her time..but now even ma cat & dog can't buy her crap for a milk. LOL...

  7. Shut-up u colonized Agame, all you Hamasienites are colonised agame


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