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South Sudan Rebels Accuse Government of Backing Ethiopian Rebels

Former South Sudanese Vice President and current Ethiopian-backed rebel leader, Riek Machar, accuses President Salva Kiir's government of backing Ethiopian rebels against Addis Ababa.

By SudanTribune

Officials of the opposition faction of the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement (SPLM-IO) led by former vice-president, Riek Machar, have accused president Salva Kiir’s government of backing new Ethiopian rebels against Addis Ababa.

“We have received reports on the ground that the dictatorial regime in Juba has now resorted to hosting, organising, training and arming Ethiopian rebels,” said Machar’s spokesperson, James Gatdet Dak.

Dak told Sudan Tribune on Wednesday that Salva Kiir’s government has helped in recruiting Ethiopian rebel fighters from the communities of Oromo, Anyuak, Nuer and the South Sudanese community of Murle to destabilise the western region of Gambella.

The rebel official claimed a sizable number of the Ethiopian rebels reportedly also took part in the recent government’s offensive against positions of SPLM-IO in eastern Upper Nile state, which he said aimed to advance towards the Ethiopian border.

“The Ethiopian rebels took part in the recent offensive which the government launched from Guelguk. Their aim was to advance towards the Ethiopian border and cross into Gambella region to launch attacks against the Ethiopian government,” he further said.

Different sources said Ethiopian troops have started to deploy towards their common border with South Sudan in response to the possible attacks aiming to hamper the upcoming elections in Ethiopia.

Sudan Tribune could not reach the current governor of Gambella region, Gatluak Tut Khot, for comment. But unauthorised sources denied rebel accusations of Juba support to the Ethiopian rebels and their participation in the recent military clashes.

"Remember similar claims were made in the past about the involvement of Ugandan troops alongside government forces in Upper Nile and Unity states, but the reality is that Uganda has no ground forces in these places except air cover," a government official said under the cover of anonymity.

The new Ethiopian rebel group is said to be led by the former Gambella regional governor Thowat Pal Chai, who played a great role in establishing camps for the SPLM/A in 1983 during the 21 years of civil war with Sudan.

Among the camps he helped established with the SPLM/A former leader John Garang included the military headquarters, Bilpam and refugee camps of Itang, Dimma and Pinyudo, all located within the territory of Gambella region.

Pal, who fled to exile since 1991, was serving under the former Ethiopian president Mengistu Haile Mariam who was overthrown by the present government.

Relationship between Juba and Addis Ababa has hit its all-time low as president Kiir’s government suspects Ethiopia to be supporting the opposition leader, Machar.

Kiir also in an interview last week with The East African suggested that Kenya was also supporting Machar’s group.

"The problem is that Igad is treating the coup plotters as innocent people who simply protested against the government, yet there was nothing wrong with the government," president Kiir told The East African.

Juba has also been accusing the Sudanese government of training and arming the South Sudanese rebels, an accusation Khartoum denies and instead accuses its southern neighbour of hosting and arming its various rebel groups.

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  1. Riek Machar is an Ethiopian stooge who will commit any crime to rule South Sudan. The South Sudanese people need to unite to fight this cancer that will sell his country for a loaf of bread, in this case, injera.

  2. Really Ethiopian rebels backed by S. Sudan?... This Shaebia-flue viruses might transmitted to the region,,, so need's emergency threat by Woyane-injection to halt the spreading from Isayas to others..... even houth's deligation were in Asmara last week. probabliy the viruses transfer to Yemen also..... which is produced from IsayAss laboratories.....

  3. ወያኔ ማ ሂድ ለማኝ በላት, ምን ኢንጄክሺን ትላለህ, ባሁኑ ኤሌክሽን ኣናያለን, ውይ ኣስዋ ትኖራታለች, ወይ ኣኛ.

  4. The important question would by why are those people so willing to go and BE armed against their own country? ask the obvious question before you go into woyane diatribe.

  5. 1st of all mr donkoro, the Oromo, Anyuak and Nuer they have the right to retaliate. b/c they're getting massacred by the Ethiopian government. Who are u trying to Mislead woyane's boy.



  8. Smart tactics by the ethiopian government. Their ally accuses kiir for destabilising ethiopia, the woyane will use that as an excuse to oust kiir. They will also use that to deflect the attention away from National politics towards foreign politics ("rallying around the flag effect"), a thing that will be useful when it is election.

  9. i agree, it has always been the case but i don't think its Ethiopia but rather its those who never had a good night sleep due to the oil going to China

  10. egna ezih bezu biehere seboch yakatetal..yehen malet aychalem..


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