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Eritrea: The History of Alazar Msgna (Jerry)'s famous piece "Fenkil"

The History of Alazar Msgna (Jerry)'s famous piece "Fenkil"

By Bereket Alem

Recorded: February 7th, 1990 live on 1 try
Location of Recording: Ahugo
Studio/Audio Technician: In-House Dmtsi Hafash by Yosief K/mariam
Lyrics: Martyr Mhreteab Gebremedhin
Melody: Alazar Msgena (Jerry)
Musicians: Guhjele Bahli Brgied 44 (Meqhayro)

Many hail it as the anthem of Fenkl, and others simply loved the tenacity it brought to give in detail of what kind of confidence the Freedom Fighters had.

Alazar joined the struggle for Independence in 1977 at the young age of 15 and would later create a classic piece that would stand for ages to come 13 years later. He was apart of the Guhjele Bahli Brgied 44 (Meqhayro) Cultural Troupe where they performed around forts and military bases giving morale and motivation to their fellow comrades. 

In 1990 of February as they were entering the pathway to Massawa to begin the Operation Fenkil Sting he was preparing a song for the battle. His comrade Martry Mhreteab Gebremedhin created the lyrics and Alazar created the melody with his guitar as they entered the town of Ahugo. The problem that occurred was that Alazar couldn't find a vocalist to sing the song as he was just a musician. And then finally his comrades told him to just take a chance at it and sing it himself. So Alazar prepared the song and went to the in-house studio of Dmtsi Hafash and recorded it on one attempt. Audio Technician Yosief K/mariam had expressed his excitement and amazement with the song and told him he had did a marvelous job. 

Alazar didn't expect anything of the song and just simply sung it for his comrades and to be morale for the battle. As he heard it being played over the airwaves of Dmtsi Hafash he was relieved and finally took this as motivation to begin to sing as a vocalist. He did not know that his first song ever created would become the classic it is now as he remembers it just expressed the life/struggle of Massawa and how the Freedom Fighters were determined to liberate it from the enemy.

Today, Alazar is a father of 6 kids, Studio Technician/Owner of Jerry Studio in Asmara, and has released 3 albums.

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  2. Yohana Batse ey..for your silver jubilee..And eternal memory to all Our Martyrs who paid their dear life for our sake.
    It's just time to remember to renew the promise we have to accomplish and the commitment to their will.

  3. Show of force !!!! Eritrea # 1

  4. When Jerry recorded the song Fenlkil, he wasn't a member of the cultural troop (gujle Bahli) Brigade 44. He was rather a member of the Combat Division (Kfle Serawit) 70 Cultural Troop use to be known as Gujle Bahli Meqeyro. Get your facts straight before writing historical events folks.

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