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Team Eritrea dominates day one of African Road Champs

An elated Eritrean Elite Men's Team Time Trial team celebrate winning the gold medal on day one of the 2015 Confederation of African Cycling African Road Championships on Monday ©

February 09, 2015

By CyclingSa

Pietermaritzburg - The 2015 Confederation of African Cycling (CAC) Road Championships got underway in sweltering conditions on Monday in Wartburg with the various Team Time Trial events taking place as the South African teams dominated proceedings claiming all but one of the gold medals that were on offer.

The day started with the Junior Women and the title was won by the South African team of four although they were the only team in the event. The Junior Men’s race was also dominated by the hosts as they powered to a victory over the Morroccan and Namibian teams.

The elite events were closely contested with the host nation claiming the gold in the women’s race and Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio was happy with the performance considering none of the ladies had ridden together in a team time trial before Monday.

 “We just wanted to go out there and have fun,” the recently crowned National Time Trial Champion said. “It was a really nice course out there but it was quite tiring and we have been travelling a lot recently with the recent SA Champs in Nelspruit but we are really happy to win today.”

 Moolman-Pasio was happy with the team’s efforts and was impressed with the course that was laid out by the organisers but with some tough conditions to deal with she was happy with the how she was able to adjust last week.

 “Last week was really hot up in Nelspruit so we were able to adjust there so the heat wasn’t too much of an issue on the undulating course.

 “Everything was really well organised today and it was great to get out there and get a win,” the Bigla Pro Team star said.

 It was the Eritrean Elite Men’s team that produced the strongest ride in their category to beat the more fancied South African team of four to the title and Team MTN-Qhubeka’s Merhawi Kudus was elated with his team’s effort in the hot conditions.

 “We have had to travel from Europe where it has been really cold so it was going to be hard for us today but winning a continental championship title is great and I really can’t believe that we managed to win today,” an elated Kudus mentioned.

 The Eritreans had a slight scare on the start line and Kudus was worried that it could affect their ride however once they were out on the course all of the issues subsided and they were able to produce a stellar ride that put them on the top step of the podium.

 “One of our riders got a puncture on the start line which I thought might make the race a lot more difficult and made us a bit more nervous but we managed to sort it out and get through the course well and I am still so surprised that we managed to win here today!” he concluded.

The South African team was slightly aggrieved that they were unable to win the gold medal and Louis Meintjes was quick to point out that they are professional riders so travel is no excuse for not winning.

 “These guys also had a long way to travel and after last week we were quite tired but that is what we get paid to do!

 “We are obviously disappointed with the result however we have no excuse for what happened although we put in our best effort and congratulations to the guys from Eritrea.

 “Let’s hope that the rest of the week goes better and we can win some medals for South Africa,” a positive Meintjes said.

 The Tuesday schedule at the African Continental Road Championships will commence with the individual time trials for the Junior Men and Women starting at 09:30am.

 The African Continental Road Champs will be streamed live on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 February (09:30-12:30) and Saturday 14 February from 09:30 to 14:30 on

 Follow the conversation during the 2015 African Continental Road Champs on Cycling SA's social media platforms using the hashtags #CACroadchamps #africachamps on Twitter (@Cycling_SA) and Instagram

More information, including the road closures for Wartburg and surrounds, can be found at


Team Time Trial

Elite Men
1. Eritrea (Daniel Teklehaimanot/Natnael Berhane/Merhawi Kudus/Mekseb Debesay) 01:03.39
2. South Africa (Louis Meintjies/Jay Thomson/Reinhardt Janse Van Rensburg/Nicholas Dlamini) 01:03.42
3. Ethiopia (Tsgabu Grmay/Getachew Atsbha/Temesgen Buru/Kbrom Gidey) 01:04.51

Elite Women
1. South Africa (Ashleigh Pasio/Lise Olivier/Heidi Dalton/Anli Kachelhoffer) 01:17.48
2. Namibia (Michelle Vorster/[Irene Steyn/Vera Adrian) 01:21.53
3. Eritrea (Wahazit Kidane/Mosana Debesay/Tsehainesh Fitsum/Yohana Dawit) 01:23.33

Junior Men
1. South Africa (Jarrod Hattingh/Enno Swanepoel/Gregory de Vink/John Vlok) 0:34.19
2. Morocco (El Mehdi Chokri/Mohcine El Kouraji/El Houcaine Saebbahi/Abdelilah Radif) 0:34.39
3. Namibia (Tristen de Lange/Brandon Plaatjies/Herbert Peters) 0:36.49

Junior Ladies
1. South Africa (Amy Venter/Frances du Toit/Mandie Swart/Lynette Benson) 0:45.01

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  1. Eritrea really has the top 5 best cyclists in Africa. With Daniel Teklehaimanot, Natnael Berhane, Merhawi Kudus, and Mekseb Debesay on your team, it's almost unfair for the other African teams. This event will be a complete domination by the Eritrean squad. #LandslideVictory

  2. Jeganu deqi Errey kem u ketselu..Thank you for your effort and congratulations..You make feel us proud to be Eritreans.

  3. The pride of every Eritrean-Congratulations

  4. Congratulations Eri-team/(Wahazit Kidane/Mosana Debesay/Tsehainesh Fitsum/Yohana Dawit)


  6. Congratulations to the Eritrean cyclist teams, both male and female teams, for making your selves, your family and your country proud.

    Here is Weledo Warsai, taking Eritrea to the podium of glory and fame for all to see. Thanks for making us proud!

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  21. Congratulatins again

  22. Hey,

    It was the Eritrean Elite Men's team that created the strongest ride in their class to beat the more fancied South African team of four to the title and Team MTN-Qhubeka's Merhawi Kudus was elated with his team's exertion in the hot conditions.Thanks all!!




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