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The Great 42 UK MPs have made a historic mistake on Eritrea as a result of misinformation

UK Parliament

By Yacob

UK is known to be a model of democracy, nevertheless 42 UK MPS signed in undemocratic way against Eritrea and the western mining companies operating inside Eritrea. This was done on un–unsubstantiated human right accusations. They have reached at the decision from the limited input they had from the handful of so-called Eritrean oppositions but who are known within the wider Eritrean communities as traitors and rather as off-positions, as their activities is on anti-Eritrea agendas mainly influenced by the enemies. They made their decision without consulting the wider Eritrean communities and civil societies. They also ignored latest international reports from Denmark Immigration experts, International Human right lawyers from UK and Canada who have written report on the Human right issue in Eritrea. More over they have ignored the historical context of the advent and maintenance of the sovereign country Eritrea.

Before I start further analysis, I would like to make it clear my interest is not to accuse the great 42 MPs from UK. Specially among the 42 MPs the list includes two MPs who I respect, love and admire very much. Their names are Diane Abbot and Sarah Teather. While it is my goal to inform them with the right information, I like to stress the respect I have for them would always be there. Indeed, I was even further disappointed though that 18 out of the 42 who signed are labour MPs, that is 42%.

I believe most of the MPs who signed the motion may have genuine interest on human right, however they have arrived at a mistaken and wrong decision because they were misinformed. They failed to seek reliable and balanced source of information.

Let me share with you the story how the MPs came to motion. The primary sponsor of the early day motion is labour MP Jeremy Corbyn from Islington. I had been told he is someone who is known to have genuine interest on human right issues but has been rushed and misinformed on this occasion.

I am sure you may be asking what led Jeremy Corbyn to sponsor the motion? On October 21st of 2014 he hosted a Talk from Ex-Eritrean member of the Eritrean government who is known to be a very clever and a meticulous writer, but unfortunately who is at the wrong side of the Eritrean history.

Nevertheless, he is an Eritrean considered by many as a traitor who chose the western life style instead of continuing to struggle as part of the government. He left the responsibility given to him to serve his people and now he is working against the unity of the citizens people.

Another speaker on the event, who is suspected to be the architect of the media defamation campaign against Eritrea, who also had been part of the team organising events against Eritrea was Martin Plaut.

While during the year of 2014 there had about ten events about Eritrea, eight of them were focused at either defaming the Eritrean government or distorting the truth about Eritrea. Previous events were witnessed to be well defended by Eritrean youth and community members. As a result of the event hosted by Jeremy Corbyn, possibly based on advice of Martin Plaut; was not even advertised on the Internet and was arranged during the day time refusing access to Eritrean professionals and students who are busy during the day time.

Nonetheless, the event participants were reported to be three people from the Ethiopian Embassy in London, handful of individuals who are known to be the Eritrean off-positions and Martin Plaut himself. The event was reported to be:
very biased campaign against the government and President Isayas Afeworki. – it was done in a matter of character assassination of the Eritrea Government .
For me from the way the meeting was secretly organised but with a consequential motive, it sounds like part of the regime change attempts that has been going on harassing the Eritrean people and Government. Indeed, it is embarrassing the UK MPs are connected with this evil act. Readers should realize this is not an isolated incident as UN staff, had been using his (their:-one was caught but there may be others) position. Further information can be found on:

In 2011 there was also a commissioned of a failed regime change attempt by HRW and Amnesty. More information and clear evidence can be found from the link:

Indeed I feel very embarrassed, ashamed and angered that the British MPs have signed based on a one sided unreliable inputs. They could have consulted the wider Eritrean communities, youth and professionals.

There have been recent publications such as the report from the Danish Immigration Service’s fact finding missions to Ethiopia and Eritrea. The report had identified reliably both the challenges and the real human right situation which is different from the usual defamation you see from the commissioned news report and articles. The following quotations from the report identifies:
the main reasons for emigrating are the prolonged National Service, the social and economic situation in the country including the prospects for a better life in Europe or a combination hereof.

Corruption is very limited compared with other countries in the region

The government has a genuine intention to keep the living standards at an equal level and it is serious in its efforts to distribute food to the parts of the country where there is a need for humanitarian assistance. It was added that the state’s revenues stem from the Diaspora tax and from joint ventures between the state and foreign mining companies. Since 2011 the mining of gold and now copper has generated revenues to the state budget. On the other hand food import which Eritrea depends on is expensive
The above affirms the government of Eritrea is rather working on improving the human right of its citizens. Revenues from mining and the 2% tax help with doing that, anyone interested in genuine un-politicized human right of Eritrean citizens, should not try to attack both.

In regards to the repeated political accusation of the mining companies. The issue had been addressed by international human right lawyers from Canada and UK. There is no evidence the Mps had consulted those reports and professionals, rather their sources had been limited to unreliable sources. For dependable sources you may refer to the followings:

The Nevsun report above had been confirmed to be independent by Martin Plaut himself in
his guardian article as
the Canadian mining company Nevsun Resources commissioned an independent assessment (pdf) of working conditions at its Bisha mine, in which the Eritrean government holds a 40% stake
Human trafficking had been used as a way of accusing the Eritrea Government and sadly used as a method harassing Eritrean citizens often targeting those with relations who can go deep in to their and lender pockets to make the payments. It is know that it has been as way of organ harvesting.

We cannot deny that, there are Eritrean citizens have fallen to be victimized in the hands of smugglers and traffickers. The causes for the whole tragedy are the organised smugglers, the traffickers and those who celebrate the sad phenomenon for their own political dream, they often take documentary pictures at a close range. It is imperative though we realize human trafficking is not an incident restricted to Eritrea. The Economic Roots of Trafficking in the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and Executive Committee confirms
One of the most rapidly growing illicit activities over the past two decades has been trafficking in women and girls mainly for the sex industry in Western Europe (Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Germany and United Kingdom) and the United States.
The same source also confirms
Some European estimates suggest that, in 1990-1998, more than 253,000 women and girls were trafficked into the sex industry of the 12 EU countries
The Wikipedia article ( gives an indication to the size of the Human Trafficking Industry as:
Human trafficking represents an estimated $31.6 billion of international trade per annum in 2010.[9] Human trafficking is thought to be one of the fastest-growing activities of trans-national criminal organizations.
A legitimate question we can ask is What does the Eritrean government says about Human trafficking. The statement by his Excellency Mr Osman Saleh minister of foreign affairs of the state of Eritrea at the general debate of the 67th session of the united nations general assembly reinforce the Eritrea position as:
It is not only a criminal network of human traffickers that Eritrea is contending with, but more insidiously, those who are using the traffickers as tools, those who are creating an enabling environment for the crime through generous funding, vicious propaganda, provision of safe havens and active destabilization. Eritrea has solid evidence that individuals and groups posing as “human rights defenders,” representatives of at least one UN agency and officials of some governments are implicated. This is why Eritrea has officially called on the United Nations to launch an independent and transparent investigation of this abominable affair so as to bring justice to Eritrean victims and to a country that is the target of a malicious, concerted and unlawful campaign.
In regards to human right, Eritrea is known to even look after the human right of the its war of prisoners. Additionally, despite of two illegal base sanctions and being forced to be in no war and no peace situation; Eritrea had managed magnificent exemplar achieving in meeting the Millennium Development Goals. Anyone interested could Google for UN report further details.

The 42 Mps have sadly added their names to the long list of individuals who have carried international harassment, abuse or bullying that has been directed to the people and government of Eritrea.

The real focus should be on the primary sources of the human right concerns including people trafficking and smuggling are: the illegal sanctions and endorsed occupation of Eritrea’s land.

One of the bullying tactic used on Eritrea is by fabricated accusation related with Somalia. Bomb Somalia how you like and blame Eritrea has been the most popular template that has been used by those countries that carry out aggression on Somalia.

In the past few years countries such as Ethiopia, Uganda and the west such as US and others have blamed the problems in Somalia on Eritrea and security council has put an illegal sanction on Eritrea just on allegation without any kind of evidence.

Even Keneya for a brief time had also been added to the list of those countries who accused Eritrea, once again the accusation was done without providing any tangible evidence. But had been picked all the major new agencies. Aljazeera’s had reported:
The United Nations has accused the African nation of posing a threat to the East African region, partly by financing Somalia’s anti-government fighters.
The allegation was dropped after it did enough defamation of Eritrea.

To anyone who is interested in the truth the clear pattern of the accusation is visible. Most of the accusations are done by those who have done some sort of criminal activity in Somalia.

On the 23rd Of December 2009 Eritrea received a special Christmas Present, a Sanction based on allegations that are proven to be fabricated lies.

The allegation against Eritrea was based on two lies:

  • Eritrea supports politically, financially and logistically Somali insurgents
  • Eritrea has occupied part of Djibouti’s land

Please note that the Somali related allegation against Eritrea comes in three different versions:

The first was that Eritrea has 2000 soldiers in Somalia. When Ethiopia’s US commissioned war against Somalia was waged, not even one Eritrean soldier was found. The allegation was quietly dropped.

Another allegation that Eritrea is supplying weapons to Somali groups was made just before the celebration of Eritrean independence in May 2009. This was not true or believable as Eritrea and Somalia don’t have a common border. The countries in between (Djibouti and Ethiopia) and the sea are fully controlled by the US marine force and naval warships.

No evidence was supplied and raising sanction based on it was too embarrassing. But it was repeated countless times by corrupt journalists who were happy to copy and paste the allegation without doing any fact finding and giving it the impression it is true without any factual evidence.

It is extraordinary that none of them looked or asked for any evidence. For some unknown reason, major media organizations such as the BBC and Guardian (because of Martin Plaut) have been seen to be biased against Eritrea, exaggerating on negative reporting even when it is incorrect, and under-reporting (or even not reporting) when it is good news about Eritrea.

For bringing the second sanction the allegation was twisted to:
Eritrea provides political, financial and logistical support
Eritrea does not believe in politics that is based on religion, race or tribe. It hasn’t got any favorite or particular group of Somalia to support. Eritrea firmly believes the Somalia’s problems should be solved by Somali only, without any foreign interventions. No one can find any fault in that.

Eritrea is self financed and is not fully dependent on aids or grants from donors especially when condition is attached. Even though Eritrean government manages its financial commitment very well often buying crops for its people, it is not in a position to spare any finance, commodities, military equipment’s or personnel to any group in Somalia.

Also Eritrea fully understands the consequence of war and would not do anything to cause war between Somalia government and opposition groups.

The Lack of consistency is clear evidence that the allegations against Eritrea are fabricated lies. On the contrary, the accusers of Eritrea:

  • have dumped Nuclear and medical waste in Somali waters;
  • In 2009 US have supplied 80 tones of weapons to Somalia’s government, a surplus amount which found its way into the weapon black market in Somalia;
  • Both Ethiopia and Uganda (who were seen to campaign for the sanction against Eritrea) not only have they supplied weapons, but have used them to kill people in Somalia, including kids.

As for the accusation of Eritrea occupying part of Djibouti, it is not true and has been instigated
by the US, who have formed a military base in Djibouti.

It is surprising the Security Council talk about Djibouti while allowing Ethiopia to occupy Eritrean
land for about a decade after a final and binding international court decision and virtual

As it can be seen on page 344 of the book Surrender is not an option, John Bolton has confirmed
US have prevented the implementation of the border demarcation according to the final and
binding international decision.

The history of use and abuse against Eritrea is repeating over and over too many times. Sixty-five years ago US, UK and UN have annexed Eritrea with Ethiopia for the interest of the west. This has caused the beginning of thirty-year war causing many deaths and many children to be destitute in their own land. US interest on Eritrea was to use it as a listening post against USSR and the whole world.

Financial support, weapons and military training were provided to Ethiopia as rent money for over thirty years by the US government. These weapons and aircrafts were used to kill Eritreans, US listening post kept a blind eye over it.

US have armed Ethiopia even when Ethiopia was a communist regime without any care for the Eritrean people. When it was Russia’s turn to arm Ethiopia, the weapon supply was done at a level it could have been enough for the whole Africa.

Ignored by the East, the West and respectable media companies such as the BBC, Eritreans fought a testing 30 years long war where many children, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters died. Freedom came at a Price. The Eritrean President, government and more importantly the free independent nation of Eritrean is now live kicking because of the price paid by many lives.

It is an open secret that some countries and individuals doesn’t still like Eritrean independence. Thirteen countries including UK have voted supporting the Sanction against Eritrea on false allegations without any factual evidence. The latest monitoring report published in October 2014 states a clear confession that there has never been any evidence to sanction Eritrea:
The Monitoring Group has found no evidence of Eritrean support to AlShabaab during the course of its present mandate.
Previous fabricated Monitoring Group reports were the cause for the two sanctions on Eritrea.
While the real victims of the sanctions are ordinary Eritreans, who do we blame for the sanctions.
I believe the list would include:

  • those who voted and abstained and participated in international bullying
  • the monitoring group, UN and the security Council
  • the media who never questioned the absence of the evidence,
  • think tank who claimed to research about Eritrea but who never questioned that no one ever presented any evidence on any of the accusations they made

While apology should be given by all the above, the first three should really compensate the
Eritrean people for the harm they caused.

In regards to the Illegal occupation of Badme, thirteen year after the final and binding decision confirmed it to be Eritrea’s; as a result of inaction of UK, US, UN, AU and EEU, many kids are growing up away from their fathers as many of them are engaged in safeguarding their country from a possible attack.

If the 42 and other UK MPs are genuinely interested in the human right of the Eritrean people, if they want to reduce human smuggling and trafficking; then for the sake of the Eritrean people, the Eritrean kids and soldiers who are forced to stay in the trenches for the last 15 years then they should put their names and their signatures on the main important concerns that are violating the Eritrean Human Right.

If they really care about the human right of Eritreans then:
  1. They should call for Ethiopia to vacate Badme (proven to be Eritrea’s land)
  2. They should start the process for annulling the illegal sanctions
  3. Sign a motion to see compensation for Eritrea from those who signed to illegally sanction Eritrea.
  4. Immediately withdraw their signature from the motion they signed recently and apologize for their action.
Doing the right thing on Eritrea this time would requires honesty and courage. The British Eritrean community trust our great UK MPs have got it and hope to see them reverse their action to justice for Eritreans.


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The Great 42 UK MPs have made a historic mistake on Eritrea as a result of misinformation Reviewed by Admin on 6:16 AM Rating: 5


  1. UK government never been a model of democracy. UK government one of the main historic enemy of Eritrea. I don't and will not expect any good thing from these MP'S because they are not mature. UK has luck of leadership as a result every foreign policy failed with out any effect. The political Parts in UK especially Labor part has leader ship crisis let a lone to speak the truth regarding Eritrea or investigate the allegation can't even function properly with the part. Conservative as always they are totally authoritarian don't expect anything. But this is the second historical mistake of UK government, but we will never kneel down no matter how loud they bark. I would like to ask the so called 42 MP's " What is the human right record of UK government in Iraq and Afghanistan???" Brutal human right abuse and violation was takes place in UK by the barbaric UK government. The barbaric UK government doesn't have right to point finger to wards Eritrea and its people.

  2. Dear Homibe,

    I completely agree with your observation. And what is "Great" about these MPs who apparently are too lazy to even find out the truth for themselves before opening their filthy mouth accusing the honest and hard working Eritrean government? The UK, the US and others know well that the human rights challenges Eritrea is facing could be solved if they would stop being antagonistic against our country and enforce fully the Weyane intransigence about the final and binding nature of the EEBC decision. Then they can talk about human rights until their throat cracks. These clowns must understand they couldn't be more caring about the so called human rights issue in Eritrea than Eritreans and they need to stop these condescending attitude they have denying that the "Sun has long been set in their evil empire".

    The UK has never been a "Friend" to an independent thinking third world countries short of what it sees as getting potential multi-fold benefit and Eritrea is not an exception. When the time is right, the UK government may be legally held responsible for the state of affairs it left Eritrea in the 1940s.

  3. I never believe on a certain model of democracy (specially the west), as history teaches me that everything can be upside downed based on interest..So i don't believe nor give weight to what a british mp's decision..what so ever when we were on the incredible war this mps were inexistante.
    Never kneel down..
    Awet Ne Hafash

  4. The question is what do they want us to be? Many Eritreans are concentrated on American criminal policy against Eritrea. The CIA is try to come from different country, and Uk never had good history in Eritrea. Now hey want the terrible mistake they committed in Iraq,Libya to Eritrea people. The question is how will they do it? Well,one way is,tirelessly media propaganda against Eritrea and fund blindly like Asana media, to campaign with high hat rage. Other possibilities is find Eritrean who betrayed their own land, the same principle of Libya. The Uk is frustrated by the people of Eritrea who refused to go back to 30 years disaters,human catastrophic, rape,mass cried. Uk is one of the five permanent united nation choose to be quiet when Eritrea was burning by Ethiopia supported By United states for 40 years. The main of UK and USA is goal to wards Eritrea people is to have the same chance as Iraq,Libya,Afghanistan syrya and Somalia. Will they have the same approach? From my point of view no, because human right watch, the monitoring group was exposed themselves in front Eritrean people. They tried to find other approaches. Other targeted that can be work as an agency are of course Eritrean oppositionist? Opportunists/ those especially participated in different criminal action, like human traffic, destroy embassy, destroy community and others who openly betrayed the country. But we Eritreans if we make mistake today, it will be a grave,,,the chance is fall to Libya,,,Iraq,,Libyan and Iraq they never thought to be like this was obvious..when you let the hyenas in to your house.

  5. Swallowing the truth is hard!!! Yacob, you will be remembered as a puppet of the mafia group called PFDJ, not being sided with the majority.

  6. When justice, equality and freedom prevail, opportunists rehabilitate themselves to resemble the new era.

  7. Nothing new, it's not their first time to make historic mistakes toward Eritrea and its people but long since the first day they stepped on the Eritrean soil in 1941 non stop to the present day.
    No one should expect them to redeem voluntarily but always expect their wicked action as soon as they eventually find a narrow crack in our defensive walls.
    They know that the only way to destabilize Eritrea is by mobilizing Eritrean traitors/termites or rodents as many as they can but we also know that they will use lofty but in essence void banners like: democracy, human rights, free speech, freedom of worship etc. etc. to lure the gullible and as a possible pretext for an additional saction.
    Shaebia and the Hafash are no fools, even in the 50th Eritreans had assigned descriptive nicknames for the foreign nationalities they had to deal with:
    Turkish: turki frdi yeblu
    Ethiopians: way yharrd way ytellem
    Italians: goita jahra
    English: amslu kem wekharia
    and through hear-say, Germans: goita tbeb goita ter kem aater. (discipline)

  8. Yacob, the puppet of the PFDJ. The sanction needs to be expanded to include people like you .feger,

  9. I fully agree. If they care, lifting the sanction and Kicking out Weyanea are the priorities.

  10. what about us the eritreans : tir ilka okyale or tsimbilalie meakora zeykedenet, midri kedenet

  11. Blah blah blah. Let the experts determine the human rights conditions in the pfdj abused country.

  12. I think you are also categorized as those Countries you mentioned above by your own leaders that chooses to fight every Countries who opposes your wrong doing to the region and the whole World as if you are still in the jungle of nakfa mentality and when do you learn the diplomacy of the modern World with out name calling or blaming the others in civilized ways for give and take or win win situations? Remember you are nothing and insignificant to the rest of the World except hurting your selves by compromising with un compromised Countries which is beyond your capability or ability to challenge them on your wrong ways that your leader ship is leading you.

  13. It sounds like you are Happy that the Eritrean people are Sanctioned. I think that is why the writer classified you as Off-position. The writer sounds like a PFDJ rather puppet of PFDJ. However it is much better to be a PUPPET OF PFDJ than be a puppet of weyanea. Hatella

  14. Mate, Eritrean people and Government determine not the enemies or so-called experts. They have their own tasks.

  15. ኣረጋዊ ንሲኺ ሱቕ በሊ, ኤርትራዊ ኣይኮንኪን..

  16. ፈገር ባዕሉ, ፈገር ይብል

  17. tekelakeltii nay Ezi ekuy sirAt ab Asmera eski nezi welki-melaki" nabey getsu eyu ampfetka,entay eyu elamaka" zibel huto eski akribulu....kab hawi nab badela wey keA kab badela nab hawi, izi eyu zirekbo zelo Ertrawi ab sidet...ekuy sirAt Eri-sisters kem advertisement(menEsey hageru kigedif) zitetekemelen ni Sawa awridu, hade kabti elamU eyu ."Race extermination through exodus"the errand boy" laElin tahitin yibel alo ni Ertrawian ketifiE ...kibret ab hager tiray eya tirikeb.

  18. It is clear that you know nothing about Eritrea except what is told by its enemies. A person who is interested in justice and the truth would be suspicious of reports from enemies. Do you think diplomacy means letting other countries be your bosses. As if you know what is demanded of Eritrea, you speak of "give and take, win-win" outcomes. Neither your country nor its bosses are asking for a mutual benefit. They are demanding a we win, you lose outcome. Even if they were looking for a win-win result, who would trust them after having refused to implement (your country, Ethiopia) and to guarantee (your bosses) an agreement they have vowed to accept unconditionally as final and binding!

    With your bosses, there is no need for diplomacy--Either you take the orders or else, . . . Congratulations, that is how your country became expert in diplomacy--it lets its children die for the interest of other countries at the expense of its own citizens.If you had not known, this is why we Eritreans scorn your government's servitude!

  19. are an assigned rodent or a termite.
    Human rights, is an issue which may concern other countries and not Eritrea.

  20. Wrong. People like Yacob will be remembered as modern day heroes like what Zerai Deres was for the Ethiopians. Zerai used his sword in his enemies land while hero Yacob is using his pen|keyboard.

  21. Change your list.....what you have listed qualify you as a cheap traitor or rodent.

  22. The same old tired song! Whose "errand boy" is he? You have no answer! You sound like an old propagandist who devises unbelievable rumors as long as it denigrates his enemy!

  23. aregawi, likes much what eritreans do, tegaru copy anything Eritrean. they say bella, bella instead of . They cut their hair, jontra to resemble beautiful ERITREAN kid and change their names to : Meron, Binyam, Robel, Rosa, and many more and some times Esayas Afeworki, Woldeab woldemariam,, especially when they claim asylum as Eritreans. they also like anything Italian word, name, to pretend to be Eritreans, So aregawi debre damo you better shut up and go hom. beggar what are u doing here ab zeygezakha.

  24. True..we'll dismantle all the defamations projected to our beloved Eritrea

  25. teklay, as your nick name you are faceless, . Yacob has set his views freely, openly and to challenge the world. what is your name? where do you live, what is your nationality what is your history , you need to come out before anything. You are Ethiopian tigray and you cannot stand in front of Yacob or else to give a judgement. Yacob is a true, genuine Eritrean, with knowledge integrity, love and care to his people and country, in general he is the defender of " TRUETH". Why does HIS VIEWS hurt u so much is that you are against Eritrea and its people. If you have a genuine love for Eritrea and its people, you would have supported and not oppose to what yacob has said. So do you see where your problem is. You are the enemy of Eritrean people, knowingly or unknowingly.

  26. None sense, Eritrea today as in past, wants fair way of being. No master-slave relation, mutual benefit relation, not greedy nor selfish ideology.
    As this is an unfair world, included your mentality, is labelling the naive, genuine country in to "south korea, the hero of Africa ect..
    If you have faith dear guest ask your self, i'm I right to condemn this system? Or am I hyena that takes the sacred to the profane? Be fair so that you sleep quite otherwise night or daymares are all the time there

  27. Fantastic Aydina..anehnas ne agame always we see them with a pity eyes, imagine if we want to compete with them, the same thing is for other peoples..

  28. Amhara entekonu, amedam yeblu ne kemzi kemaka, derbay

  29. Adi Abeito..
    that is the making of you. when people like you sabotage. it could be you who did this things and now blaming others, It could be you who betrayed your friends, sold your country people for money and now blaming others, It could be you who stole peoples one run away and blaming it on others. It cold be you and some one like you who trafficked people, and left them on the Sahara to die and blaming others. it could be you and many others like you who sold young women and boys for money, involved in their torture, In their massacre on route to Sahara to Libya= to Eritrea and yet you want me to be accountable for them? That is amazing, that you claim to accuse others. Accountability has to work at every level. you have your share of everything of the blame you are levelling at others.. Tell me who was in the business of torture, trafficking, organ harvest, of many Eritreans who disappeared outside and even inside Eritrea. people like you are the one who have committed the horrible crimes and you are the ones to be accountable to it. I hope you will tell us the truth about what you know. you will be accountable for those rapes. for those agitating people to leave the country.
    There are some Eritrean individuals who work with woyane as aid, facilitators agents and collaborators in trafficking people from Eritrea to Ethiopia and with big money paid to woyane smugglers to sudan. After reaching Sudan they sell them to the Rashaida and other bodouins to trafficking them further, and subject them to torture, rape and eventually massacring them. Eritreans then work with them as interprters, aids and interogators.

  30. aregay, Eritreans are doing better their way everything, all starting from scratch.."tir ilka okyale" check it out somewhere else..

  31. you're outdated, jornal anebeb hallay, national service is 18 months..

  32. Kicking out woyane will put an amhara or oromo in the menilik palace.Do u think that would be good for your Eritrea? I doubt it unless you government changes its attitude towards Ethiopia. No Ethiopian north..south east ..west has a better attitude towards PFDJ ,beause your PFDJ wants a balkanized and weaker states so that they would continue exploiting as they have been doing in the past. I once met a couple of Eritreans in Gabon and we were talking about Ethiopia,and was after Eritreas independence and they said they thought Ethiopia was the only country in Africa wealthy , but now that they saw Gabon,richer and lots of appourtunites,they said they had wasted precious time in that poor Ethiopia. An Eritrean is always after the money that grabs and the cause of all that is happening between the two countries is money.

  33. You must live in a fantasy land. One of the worst human rights record in the world is in pfdj Eritrea. If you want to be ignorant and stick your head in the sand, the rest of the world will not, but will hold the tyrants responsible.

  34. In other words, your pfdj tyrants are abusing the Eritrean people and committing gross human rights violations because woyane is occupying some piece of land? You are all sick to allow these savage pfdj fascists commit worse crimes than Mussolini, Hailselassi, and Mengistu combined against the very people you claim to care about.
    The criminals should be brought to justice!

  35. The insignia on the shoulder is telling. What would we expect from your type of Eritreans-the true apres moi the deluge people (bdihrey sa'eri aytibqola). You are stating clearly, LOUD AND CLEAR, that you wish the country destroyed so as you can revenge on the one man you hate so much!

    Another thing, your propaganda is disgusting! No wonder you are not attracting any followers!

    Why don't you tell us how you would improve the situation you claim to be the fault of the government until we vomit! Why don't you tell us how you would implement them? Why don't you tell us how you will deal with situations in case they go out of control? Why don't you tell us what the role of the Weyane is in the Eritrea you dream to rule over? Why don't you tell us how you would have the sovereignty of the Eritrea you hope to lead respected?

    Talking about crime, are you ready to handle the crime the Weyane would commit against Eritrean citizens when it brings you to power (NOT A CHANCE!) on top of its tanks ? How will you be prepared to defend Eritreans?

    Of course all these are just rhetorical questions. No Eritrean in their right mind will let neither you nor the Weyane in! Let alone to defend Eritreans from the Weyane or other aggressors, you do not even have the capacity to take power. You are simply dependent on the Weyane for everything! From your propaganda, your hatred and extreme anger over the Eritrean population for supporting the PFDJ "shines" through. It is easy to tell that you would commit crimes against the Eritrean population.

    Moreover, there is no guarantee that your factions would not fight against each other and turn the country into Libya. No doubt you will tell me that the Weyane would simply watch!

    I am stating the above to make it easy for everyone to see what you guys are about. Of course, I do not believe you will bring anything positive to Eritrea!

  36. Tseba Askina Gasha. Riesu Hizu all Mechim. Kukur Weyana Liberty Yible. Hilkus.

  37. Yekniyna Gasha, Haqi zingerka Netti ?Liberty? Teseyeme Asha

  38. Hey, Ante Hedeh Botihn Agma. Sil Eritrea mawarat Ayfkedlilhim. Weyanea. Real Ethiopians Wede palace. Enanet degmowed service.

  39. Who is recording your masters. It is not opinion that count but the thruth. Read the article.

  40. Indeed, Even President Isayas Afewerki had said the focus has been on education for the six months.

  41. Halew Lew. Anbibika Temhara win Kea Keydeka Tehaneq. Ab Kalaey fitreta Eritrwai koyna Tetfetraka.

  42. You're welcome Warsai. What a nerve!

  43. Liberty dirty, who are those police? did you copy from American website
    the worst human can be treated.Do you know how many in America people killed by the distributed weapons on the street.Do you know 5million Iraq people burned down,bush never ever took responsibility.Did you watch documentary odited by Aljezeera in IRAQ province which was under American camp that the bomb they used in the field washe by rain and went to the stream water pole,almost the whole provice children are born half head,leg,eye it is the worst crime ever in human kind after horoshima.Liberty dirty talk for the true.Have you watch Guantanamo?sham on you you dirty,why don't use other police at leasy you hopless case.Esseyas he might have mistake,but over all he the one sacrifice his own life for years from his child hood.
    Why you call ur name liberty instead dirty traitor

  44. Your pfdj tyrants are and, have been, committing worse crimes than Mussolini, Haileselassie, and Menghistu combined against the Eritrean people. Why don't you answer that instead of blabbering about woyane, your former comrade in arms?

  45. The article is trash, not truth. Moron, wake -up and look at what pfdj tyrants are doing to the Eritrean people.

  46. pfdj tyrants are the traitors who betrayed the Eritrean people and Hidri siwuatna.

  47. Things are not quite what they seem. There are labels branded about political parties and what they stand for and it is hard to see a clear distinction between the parties when it comes to foreign policy. They will repeat a mantra that the USA comes up with. The MPs will agree on what they find expedient for their political gains. I expect, no less. One of the MPs mentioned is my local, and since the last general election I have hardly seen her. Her office used to be open on Saturdays!! She knows what us locals think of her and what our responses will be come the next general elections. I expect similar responses for her party and all!!

  48. I'm still waiting on ONE article written by dawit!.


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