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Hillary, Amnesty, HRW and Regime Change in Eritrea

Hillary Clinton, a wolf in Zuria clothing. Picture: Hillary Clinton wearing traditional Eritrean dress in Asmara, 1997

By Thomas Mountain

Secret internal correspondence from Amnesty International has been published detailing a plan to instigate regime change in the small east African country of Eritrea funded by a grant from the US State Department under then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

This is not a new charge, having first come to my attention in the fall of 2011 when a journalist in London called me one morning asking for my comments on a press conference by Amnesty International denying
charges that the Eritrean government was supposed to have made that Amnesty and HRW had been involved in sending a secret mission to Eritrea in an attempt to destabilize the government.

The problem was the Eritrean government had not made any such charges, at least not that I had heard of. Operating on the maxim made immortal by Claude Cockburn, father of the Cockburn clan of intrepid journalists, that “Never believe anything until it has been officially denied” I set off in search for more on this story.

It wasn’t until that evening that Eritrean TV broke the story with excerpts from the Amnesty International document they claimed to have. The next night EriTV broadcast more highlights from the document and
then the story just disappeared. It seemed that the curtain had dropped on another episode in the rancorous relations between the Eritrean government and the human rights corporations. Left with nothing hard to go on I could only file this one in the “hope to follow up on someday” file.

Now, three years later, the letter has been published and it really is a bombshell.

“Our intended goal is that by December of this year [2011] the regime of [Eritrean President] Issayas Aferwerki should be shaking and ready to fall”.

This was going to be done thanks to a “reasonable grant from the US State Department” to “bring about [regime] has happened in other African and Arab countries”....

The letter is signed by one Catherine Price, Africa Special Programmes, Peter Benenson House, 1 Easton Street

Priority Status; Stricktly Confidential Resonance; Urgent To; Mr. Adams Subi Waitara Amnesty Tanzania Section.

The letter was to inform him that he had been “appointed to be part of a 4 man delegation to Eritrea beginning 6th to 16th September, 2011”. The letter lists the other members of this very secret group including an Amnesty staffer who was then working for HRW.

The letter goes on to say “Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch...have received a reasonable grant from the US State Department...” and that “the main aim therefore of this Mission to Eritrea is to provide funding and to help in setting up websites and computer centers...”.

The letter warns about the need for absolute secrecy, “Do not operate, at any time in groups of more than two in the day time...” and “Do not take any photos with normal cameras, except the micro cameras that will be provided for you...”. It informs Mr. Adams that “Mr. Georges Gagnoy, Human Rights Watch Africa Director, will be monitoring the events and activities online from Nairobi, [Kenya] and will offer any emergency assistance should it be needed.”

Deja Vu? Cuba and Venezuela watchers will be reminded of similar programs funded by the US State Department to destabilize the governments of those countries with the goal of “regime change”. The bombshell this letter drops is that for the first time Amnesty International and HRW are caught in writing accepting “a reasonable grant” from the US State Department to do its dirty work.

What makes this letter all the more believable are the links between HRW and the Hillary Clinton mafia that have been the subject of a protest letter signed by several Nobel Peace Laureates. In particular, one Tom Malinowski who goes back and forth between being a speech writer for Hillary and a senior staff member at HRW.

Those of us in the Eritrean support community know Mr. Malinowski all to well for his history of vociferous slanders and other fabrications about Eritrea going back some 15 years or more. It would be all to
easy for Malinowski to use his high level contacts in the Hillary Clinton State Department to arrange a “reasonable grant” for his cohorts in HRW and Amnesty International to carry out some undercover
dirty work on behalf of Pax Americana.

Amnesty International and HRW are major corporations, with HRW being funded for several years now to the tune of $100 million a year by George Soros who has a long history of working with the US intel
community in former Soviet Union republics ie the “Rose Revolution” in Georgia. Neither organization is “democratic” or transparent. The Board of Directors of both organizations elect themselves and answer
only to the handful of 1%ers that fund their enormous budgets. No one can really tell you just how much and from where these human rights corporations get their funding from. Has anyone ever seen an in depth
audit of either of these outfits multi million dollar operations budgets?

Hillary, Amnesty, HRW and regime change in Africa. Its about time such matters are being brought to the light of day.

Thomas C. Mountain has been living and reporting from Eritrea since 2006. He can be reached when he is somewhere that has access to the internet at thomascmountain@gmail dot com or more successfully by mobile at 2917175665.
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Hillary, Amnesty, HRW and Regime Change in Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 3:57 AM Rating: 5


  1. Thanks for sharing, Mr. Mountain.

  2. Dear so called opposition parties, using amnesty international's exaggerated/ false reports you have been dancing with the devil all along. Now that all the attempts made to undermine and somaliaz Eritrea is out in the public domain, you must be feeling ashamed and very little.
    If you are not embarrassed by your present and past actions then you must be on the payroll too.

  3. well don Thomas
    just dig another source...amazing...evil..alas
    could you ask you guys who is terrorist? answer honestly!!!!
    America should be list one of the evil terrorist in the world.terrorist means...killing...recruit terrorist,.that is what american elite are doing.
    Human right is now just on the other side terrorist....they paid them and working as terrorist putting jacket of Angel....I said those criminal should face justice

  4. I can't wait for Hilz!

  5. I would be just as happy if it's Condi.

  6. I wish this had happened on the tyrant regime. Eritrean people is fed up by the regime and no one will remove the vampire other than the people.

  7. I wish the tyrant regime was eradicated. Eritrean people is fed up of the regime and the people is the only one to topple the vampire regime.

  8. ተጋዳላይ Thomas Mountain 1000 ሻዕ ምስጋናይ ይብጻሕካ!
    journalism at one's best

  9. ተጋዳላይ Thomas Mountain 1000 ሻዕ ምስጋናይ ይብጻሕካ! journalism at one's best

  10. Indeed, thanks C. Mountain...though we had a clue that there's always the finger of these groups in each and every country's problem, the detailed infos of C. Mountain here above is confirming our doubts...Thank you again and Eritreans from all walks of life have to be united, as always, and defend the country from these evils...Awet N'Hafash...long live Eritrea.

  11. w t f.. Are you people dumb ?? Hillary is part of the establishment, her husband black-listed Eritrea with North Korea, need I say more ??? hello ??? They are all part of the NWO (New World Order) all of them .. Republicans, Democrats, UN, EU, NATO, IMF, World Bank, etc. Wake up people, know your enemies.

  12. w t f.. Are you dumb ?? Hillary is part of the establishment, her husband black-listed Eritrea with North Korea, need I say more ??? hello ??? They are all part of the NWO (New World Order) all of them .. Republicans, Democrats, UN, EU, NATO, IMF, World Bank, etc. Wake up people, know your enemies.

  13. I hope those twat bitches "Condi / Hillary" get brutally raped by the devil for eternity in hell !!

  14. The west in the last two decades lost credibility due to all un-fair actions done in many countries around the world, by the other hand there is a growing interest by the developing countries to tie relation with the new emerged countries who have a non aggressive policy rather than collaboration on socio-economical relation. I think is time that the failed and un-masked old fashion adopted by the west need a radical change for peaceful survival.

  15. This is simply nonsense. wht would Amnesty destabilize eritrea , w small country of no international relevance? We eritreans need to understand that we are the best enemy of ourselves. Why are we using CIA, USA and AI as a scapegoat to cover up our failiures. USA is the champion of democracy and Amnesty is the champion of human rights. They are doing what they are supposed to do; protect humanity.

  16. The US is the greatest perpetrator of crimes against humanity possibly since the beginning of time. Given its history of slavery and the sadness of African-American communities today, I really can't see how you can hold on to such delusional convictions. The US doesn't protect anyone, it protects its own interests full stop. Read up on human rights abuses committed by US governments in the last 100 years. Hiroshima. Nagasaki. Vietnam. Syria. Iraq. Afghanistan. Iran. Libya... and Eritrea.

  17. Isn't that what you and your tyrants are doing to the Eritrean women?

  18. "USA is the champion of democracy and Amnesty is the champion of human rights." Now where did I read this exact wording? Different name same person! "Eritrea is a small country." It shows that you have no idea about the subject. Size does not matter! Is that why Djibouti matters to the West? We could also claim, "Ethiopia is poor, why does it matter to the West?" Upgrade your knowledge about everything before you speak nonsense!

    "Amnesty is the champion of human rights, . . . [They] protect humanity." The gullible and those who are served by them will claim so. Human rights, perfect cover to deprive others of their human rights when it fits you! Tell mostly what can be substantiated, but other times do what benefits the West. Of course do not overdo it, lest you be caught an lose trust.

    If the gullible knew that things are not always what they seem to be! Be critical thinkers, question who, what, why, when, . . ., other relevant questions! Remember that people do the work, and people are not infallible, money is power, . . .In short, do not take anything at face value until you have examined it from all directions!

    The purposeful mis-informers: get a life!

  19. Here she comes again...hope this time around she have learned a bit on mistakes she has done on eritrea and eritreans. Sec. Clinton, we're still here, strong and united as ever.


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