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Obama's untruthful statement in the State of the Union Address


This statemnt does not hold the slight truth. It is simply a deception. A President not telling the truth to his own people and the people of the world. Not something new. Such was the case also with all his predecessors.

He may think that he can deceive some who do not know Americ's policies, but not those who know them very well. He made this statement to portray Russia as an aggressor. In reality, America is the aggressor and not only against Russia. America is an aggressor all the time and over all over the world. Name me any country which is not bullied by America. Speaking on the situation on the borders of Russia, America is strategically encircling Rissia. It's army and weapons are stationed on the borders of Russia, in the north, west and south. Why? to curb Russia, politically, economically and militarily and if conditions allow even to attack.

An example of Obama's not honest and untruthful speech is Eritrea. Contrary to his deceptive speech, Ameruica is the number one in bullying small states. Eritrea is a small, economically not strong country, but self-confident and proud country which does not want to get orders from America. Eritrean leaders knows what is good and what is bad for their own country. America's democracy is not Eritrea's democracy. We want our own democracy, a democracy that puts every citizen on equal rights.

If we take an example, when American democracy portrays for example, a per capita income of 2000 dollars, derived from their GNP, does this really reflect to the per capita income of those who live in the streets, who sleep under bridges, who live in ghetos, so on and so forth? Such ascertion in a democracy is a fallacy and Eritrea don't want to adopt a democracy filled with foam.

The statement "BIIGER NATIONS CAN'T BULLY THE SMALL" is merelly a show. In fact America's bulling is more directed to smaller countries who are no match to them. America cannot dare to bully bigger countries like Russia, China, India etc., because they know what to expect. Smaller countries in the world who do not adopt their policies are deemed to be quashed to the ground. If a country does not come up to their terms, then it has to be ready to be bedeviled, defamed, depicted as the worst country on earth, as Obama already described my country Eritrea as such.

George Bush's famous big talk: IF YOU ARE NOT WITH US, YOU ARE AGAINST US: If you don't do what they tell you to do, then:

STEP 1: They recruit traitors, train them to spy inside and out of their own country, teach them how to creat unfounded lies, to blemish their own country and its leadership. They order the UN to work closely with such traitors, give them higher positions in the UN or NGO to sell their own people and country for money, co-ordinate their under cover missions and in the name UN Agencie, like Human Rights, Amnesty Inernational etc., spread their misinformation through their biased newspapers, in Washington and New York. By the way, almost everybody knows that the UN is an extended arm of America. If the recruits do not bring the required success, then:

STEP: 2: The next stept is to enact sanctions through the US captiive, UN Security Council. If they are not able to pass a sanction, then:

STEP 3: Together with their partners in Europe, they go alone to put a sanction on those countries which is a clear violation of the United Nations Charter. What is the roll or what is the significance of the existence of a UN then, when what they could not get in the UN, get by going alone to make sactions. For what then does the UN exist at all? Why does countries still be members of the UN, if membership exist only on paper. Their representatives are there to warm up the chairs only.

STEP 4: The next step the take, if sanctions do not work, it is the job of the CIA, although the CIA is all the way along from the very beginning. We have senn the fate of Ayende, Sadamm Hussein, Muammer Gadaffi, Chaves etc. The only sin of these people and others is that they want to go the way what is good for their country. They want to put their countries' interest before the interest of America. This is America's democracy.

Obama preaches the Europeans to do more in the integration of young immigrants in their societies. One is supposed to sweep his own backyard before pointing one's finger towards others. How about the killing of young blacks in his own country every week? What moral does he has to tell Europe what to do, when America has a raciest society. This President came to power mainly through the vote of Afro-Americans. Yet he did very little to improve the plight of Afro-Americans. Is it because he is half white? I don't think so. America threatens continually countries like: Cuba, Burma, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, Eriitrea, Sudan, Bolivia, Iran, Argentina etc., contrary to his speech on the state of the union.

America is everywhere. It has an Ambassador in the EU. Why? To see that American Interests are taken care. They have an Ambassador in the African Union. Why? To twist the arms of those baboons who do not go along with American Interests. America with its veto power can turn over any resolution null and void, if it does not serve its purpose. America with its veto power protects Israel, passes unfounded sanctions against Eritrea or any other country. Why is the International Court Decision on the borders of Eritrea and Ethiopia not demarcated to-date? Because America, through its veto power protects Ethiopa. As I said, UN is in the hands of America. America can even block a topic, even not to be included in the Agenda of UN or UN Security Council Assembly. This is a clear example of the border resolution of Eritrea/Ethiopia, America blocks it not to be in the Agenda.

America had many military bases in several  cities of my country for over thirty years. America did not pay a single cent to the Eritrean People for the use of their land. They never built even a one kilometer road to help the country in the thirty years, until they were kicked out by then dictator of their servant country. I never foget the damage they inflicted and the indifference they showed towards our country. I never forget also that they armed Ethiopia to its teeth until our independence, literally fighting us. I never forget also that after independence, when the Palestinian government in exile agreed to come in to Gaza and West Bank, America and its western allees donated FIVE BILLION DOLLARS to rebuild the country. Eritrea had its independence at the same time the Palestinians moved in, America donated a meager FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS, although they were the ones who brought us all the misery. It is unbelievable that till this day, this country shows nor regret and nor remorse to what they inflicted on us and still haunt us where ever they can.

Throughout history, America's history is war, war and again war. Every American born since the First World War, till today, knows only war. The First World War started in Europe, but Ameriva came to the war, although she was not attacked. Second World War started in Europe. America came to the war, although she was not attacked.Today we see the conflict in Ukraine and America coming to the conflict. The wars did not come to America. America comes to the wars. Not only in Europe but all over the world. Statistics show that this country has more than 500 Military bases in different parts of the world. It is almost the only country in the world which operates military bases in such immense size, outside of its' territory. The aim is very simple to understand, if they possess a mighty military force, then nobody will stand on their way to control the resources of the world.

This country is the only country in the world who detonated an Atomic Bomb and brought the death of hundreds of thousands of people and the destruction of other lives and property. Today she keeps its own Bombs but orders others not to build.

When America was not able to defeat the Vietkong in Vietnam, she sprayed with hundreds of planes, vast landscape of Vietnam with CHEMICAL ORANGE with the aim to wipe out the Vietkong, with no regard of the hazard to the people, the vegetation, the Sauna and Fauna. Today, as a result  of CHEMICAL ORANGE, children are born with all sorts of defects, missing arms, legs, eyes an so on, let alone the destruction to the vegetation and soil. Why cause such terrible destruction? In order to control the world economically and militarily?

Yohannes Z.
FFM Germany
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Obama's untruthful statement in the State of the Union Address Reviewed by Admin on 11:12 AM Rating: 5


  1. Victory to Eritrean MassJanuary 27, 2015 at 10:46 AM

    Youhaness, all I can say is you are too ignorant and by extension stupid to attempt to write an article with your broken English on a subject you have no an iota of idea to speak of. Learn what Pearl Harbor is and its history and then ask yourself if WW2 came to America or otherwise.

    All your blubbering admiring people like Sadam Hussein and Gadafi who decimated millions of people during their rule is despicable to say the least. Despite the fact that America removed these despites for its own interest, the fact that they are gone is one chapter forward for humanity. How these countries handle their affairs afterwards is their homework and not Americas.

    For people like you with no conscience, democracy is foreign. It is American. It is neo colonization tool. It is evil. Yet, in reality I wish you were a little less ignorant to comprehend the fundamental idea behind it is universal. For your own information, there is no difference between baito adi and institutions in democratic settings except for the rigourness of the later.

    It is simply hard to believe individuals like you who worship the worst dictator and despotic leader would utter their filthy and dirty mouth and talk regarding democracy.

    Awet n hizbi Eritrea
    Wudket n higdefn akhlabun

  2. Did the united states aka Nato by extension need to target water filtration plants civilian buildings roads and bridges and other KEY items of basic standards for a democracy to take down gadafi?

    Your head is too far up your ass to see anything. Why didn't they also take down mubarak? Obama gave a speech warning the protestors that they were becoming violent. Once the Usa saw that it was inevitable that Mubarak was on the way out JUST like that Obama came out again and said the citizens have a right to out him. Really? But the billions upon billions of dollars he was extorting out of the usa visa vi Israel treaty was a democratic administration? if you are going to just criticize at the very least be even handed. Don't come here and nit pick stuff(s) to suit your argument.

    The united states is AFTER natural resources and over all military dominance because the paper money of theirs has ZERO value at 18trillion dollars in debt. Every US citizen is born with 50k debt. I bet you cried with Prince charles and John kerry as they attended King of saudi arabia funeral huh? Cause you know 1 woman in the nation being able to drive a car is VERY democratic. Please spare me the fake Hippocratic bullshit.


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