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Eritrean American in Denver, joined the National Council of Eritrean Americans NCEA

On January 10 - 11, 2015 the Eritrean Americans civic organizations in Denver, where able to join the National Council of Eritrean Americans together with the others 42 cities in the US by conducting a full day
workshop consisted of thought provoking presentations and productive group discussions to address challenges and looking ahead through a Common National Vision on the current situation and collective understanding as  the tackle on the necessity, objectives, and structures of the NCEA by seating plan for 2015 within a three panel discussion.

The work shop was attended by PFDJ, YPFDJ, NUEW and PFDJ-II of Denver, Colorado as they gathered and the theme of - Harmony in Vision, Vanguard in Action– were they participated actively in the workshop led by special guest Ms. Hadnet Keleta.

The full day workshop consisted of thought productive presentations and creative group discussions. The day started off with Ms. Hadnet focusing on understanding our clear vision and the challenges we have faced and how we can overcome them to accomplish our goals. She focused on how our weakness are translated into strengths and offered perspective on how we must enhance engagement with our youth, those raised here and those who recently came from Eritrea.

She also conducted multiple breakout sessions where all participants were split into groups to discuss resolutions for a work plan/outline for 2015.

This was followed by two presentation lead by Mr. Ibrahim Idris whom he gave an introduction to the newly established - National Council of Eritrean Americans- better known as NCEA. The main purpose for NCEA is to be an umbrella organization for all Eritrean civic organizations such as PFDJ, VOE, YPFDJ, NUEW, OEA etc so that we can be better organized as a civic institutions the mainstream America. Its aim is to develop a common understanding among all organizations, encourage excellence, preserve
culture, contribute to Eritrea and solidify a vigorous participation. This was followed by a report from Mr. Tsegay Hibtios regarding expectations and responsibilities for the local Council of Eritrean-Americans in Denver to achieve the tasks of 2015. The event ended with people feeling energized and ready for work with vision and devotion.

Follow up on Sunday, Ms. Hadnet Keleta was able to conduct a through presentation to the Eritrea community in Colorado about the current developments in Eritrea and the region. Where the attended engaged in a very informative gathering, by addressing many subjects concern the peace process, socioeconomic, and political being of their beloved country Eritrea.

Credit: Dehai

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Eritrean American in Denver, joined the National Council of Eritrean Americans NCEA Reviewed by Admin on 10:47 AM Rating: 5

1 comment:

  1. Indeed a long long awaited thing to see. Very glad to read about such a realization in strengthening our diaspora communities. This should have been done way ahead of all the ganging up of conspirators that have been mushrooming for the last decade. United we stand!
    I would like to see more of other associations, specially professional associations under the same umbrella.

    Wetru Awet N Hafash!


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