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Statement of Erirea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Human Rights Day

Eritean Ambassador Tesfamicael Gerahtu addressing the EU's Human Rights Day in Asmara [Image credit: Iqbal Jhazbhay] 

Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs On the Occasion of Human Rights Day Event Organized by the EU Delegation in Eritrea

Event Organized by the EU Delegation in Eritrea

Asmara, 10 December 2014

Honourable Ministers, Excellences
Ambassador Christian, EU Delegation Representative in Eritrea
Ms Christine, UN Resident Coordinator
Ladies and Gentlemen

It is a great honour to address this gathering representing the Ministry of Foreign affairs on the occasion of the Human Rights Day. It is an event which symbolizes the collective effort we all devote to humanity. Let me first commend the EU delegation in Eritrea for organizing this important event.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Eritrea is a country that emanated from the struggle for human rights which entailed huge human sacrifices paid for the basic values of liberation, freedom and democracy. Accordingly, human rights in post independent Eritrea has constituted the epicentre of state building, social justice and a viable future imbued with progressive morality. The effort is squarely based on promoting humanity and hence human right has been mainstreamed in nation building.

In essence this is interlinked with the concerted effort of ensuring human dignity, human security and human development and is thus managed as a process. The fundamental principles in terms of strategy have also encompassed a broader development outlook which includes the following:-
  • strengthening the supremacy of the internal transformations
  • decisiveness and centrality of the human factor in our society
  • integration of human rights into all sectors of life
  • indivisibility of rights and responsibilities and
  • interlink between peace and security, and human rights and development

Ladies and Gentlemen

The short span of time since independence and the challenges of nation building taken as a reality, Eritrea’s achievement of nation building as reflected in human right issues are really substantial. In particular the effort to promote equal rights and opportunity in all sectors of life and sanctioned by national laws as a major trend is exemplary. It is a process and hence a long way to go.Nevertheless, a strong foundation for peace, stability and all round development in the political, economic, social and cultural life of the society has been laid and is vividly reflected in the human rights of all citizens. 

As in all other sectors of development and like in any other country, there are however, human right challenges and problems which the Government continuously works to address. Nonetheless, the prevailing structures, processes and the outputs signify the importance of the systemic approach established and implemented through various policies and programmes. In this perspective, Eritrea reiterates its commitment to further consolidate the progress achieved in the promotion and protection human rights.

Ladies and Gentlemen

The sacrosanct ideals of humanity and the continuous effort to promote and protect human rights are thus predicated on the above thinking and practice. On this term and as part of the collective effort to humanity, Eritrea also continues to uphold its responsibilities on the basis of the international treaties it has acceded in congruence with its national laws. It has also reinforced its engagement as an integral part of its development diplomacy. The UPR recommendations it accepted in the UPR 2nd Cycle will thus be utilized broadly towards this end. At this juncture the MOFA is glad to inform all partners that work is going on to reflect these UPR recommendations in the sustainable development goals of the nation.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Eritrea however, strongly opposes all politically motivated resolutions as well as country specific mechanisms meant to target countries, Eritrea being one of them, under the guise of human rights but with no dividend at all. In the same vein, the prevailing tendency to co-opt human rights and use them as a pretext for intervention in internal affairs is also counter-productive. This also runs contrary to the basic principles of the HRC and HR Commission and undermines engagement and cooperation through the UPR.

In the context of the above outlook briefly described and to conclude, the MOFA reassures the EU delegation and all other bilateral partners that Eritrea will continue to strengthen its engagement and collaborative efforts on human rights. It is to be expected though, that the politically motivated resolutions and mechanisms on Eritrea are lifted towards this end. On the other hand, it is also critical to take into consideration the seriousness of the violations of the peoples’ human rights due to the occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories by Ethiopia and the illegal and unjust UN sanctions imposed on our nation.

I thank You Ladies and Gentlemen! 

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Statement of Erirea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Human Rights Day Reviewed by Admin on 10:55 AM Rating: 5


  1. thank you Mr. Ambassador, great speech as always.

  2. T. Gerhatu was baptized on the hands of DIA by water of lies, so he will live lying until the last minute of his life

  3. Ambassador Tesfamicael Gerahtu:
    Thank you for the clear presentation on where Eritrea stands. As always, your message is accurate and to the point.
    Eritrea's path to greatness is getting clearer by the hour. We're proud of you and Eritrean Government.

    Long Live Shaebia.

  4. A typical deceptive speech from the Joseph Goebbles of the regime.

  5. For some Countries Dec.10 Human Rights day doesn't mean nothing or lip service at best, but for Eritrea it is the daily life of fulfillment .

  6. Well structured and presented lies about the government's commitment to address human rights issues in Eritrea. Few months back, people who asked for their license and permit processes to speed up were detained and yet I never heard of anyone speaking about them or if the are charged or be charged wiht legal proceedings in court.

    Gerahtu or whoever, they are lairs and they won't stop it as long as they are in power.

  7. Traitors Acting like OppositioDecember 12, 2014 at 12:49 AM

    Ann, ermiss, Abraham. One and the Same Person. Typical Weyane behavior. Allways on the Run to Lie. Libi tigray caracter

  8. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiDecember 12, 2014 at 2:39 AM

    Ato Gerahtu, if your claims are true, what are we to make about accounts
    of gross human rights abuses by honest Eritreans like Bahlibi Kifu Amer?
    Is it not more honest to admit that the evil reign of DIA has brought nothing but suffering, regression and oppression upon our people? Compare your own generation as youth with the Eritrean youth of today. Compare the eloquence and competence of my father's generation as youth with the broken and skilless young men and women who flee Eritrea today.

    Art and culture are the barometer of how open and tolerant any given society is/is not. That being so, where are our Eritrean artists today? Where is the art of today's Eritrea? Where is Ermias Ekube today? Where am I? And why am I living here in Sweden if my rights as a woman and an artist are indeed respected in Eritrea?

    Why are my people being forced into exile?

  9. Mr. Ambassador Tesfamicael Gerahtu: Thank you for your hard work.

    And thanks

    Admin. :)

  10. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiDecember 12, 2014 at 3:57 AM

    This is what happens Ato Gerahtu, this is what happens when men who know nothing about the rights they deny our women DAILY choose to address an issue which should be in the hands of women like Luul Gebreab. BLATANT AND OUTRIGHT LIES are what take place when men who know nothing about how impossible it is to wash your eternal gabis by hand hypocritically address the very issue which silences our women today. If the current regime is one which respects human rights why does it keep Dawit Isaak cruelly locked away for years upon years? If the current regime is one which upholds and respects our human rights as Eritreans why doesn't it show a HUMANE reaction to the plight of the Isaak family?

    Dawit Isaak asirkas 'HO'! AIKHONEN DO Ato Gerahtu, aikhonen do?

  11. HGDEF talking about human rights, is comparable as drug dealer talking about the cos of drugs in people's life.

  12. Alla B.Adal
    If you are able to write such a good English, at least you have some academic background, so please try to read Eritrea wiyhout being biased, do not be a blind supporter. What did you mean by Eritrean path, a country without vision, without road map..

  13. I can not believe this corrupted so called ambassador is still functioning. This regionalist narrow minded selfish little man caused so much havoc and division in London!! Not to mention his disgraceful appetite towards younger women, alcohol and the squandered and unaccounted for thousands and thousand of public fund.

  14. Are you a shameless blind shaEbiya supporter? Please do write a reasonable comment so that you can tell if we are Weyane or not - [it is just wasting time to deal with your nonsense comment]. I don't see anything there except meaningless insult. Ato Traitor[your name seem to fit your support for HGDEF and their dictatorial leadership- Woy -Ane]

  15. Don't waste your breath! This man has not got a single descent bond in that little body of his!! He is regionalist, narrow minded, selfish man with no dignity.. Who spent a lot of his time chasing after woman who are young enough to be his grand children. A man who never tried to hide his disgraceful teenager like behaviour. Save your time sis..


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