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Four Ethiopian Air Force Pilots Defect to Kenya

Picture:  Former Ethiopian Air Force pilot who defected to Canada in 2003

Four Ethiopian Air Force Piolts Defect to Kenya

In a sign of growing unrest, Four Ethiopian Air Force pilots defected to neighboring Kenya, according to the Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT).

The Amsterdam-based network said the defecting pilots were from the Dire Dawa Air Force base, but didn't provide any more details of the incident.

The news comes just one week after two Ethiopian Air Force pilots and a technician defected to Eritrea with a Mi-35 gunship helicopter.

In total, at least fifteen Ethiopian Air Force pilots defected to neighboring countries - mostly to Eritrea -  within the last 12 month period.

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  1. Happy New Year , Deqi Ereye!!

  2. were gana!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. "Good" news on "new" year for "Ethiopians" from "Gehanem" Esat

  4. i wish a happy and wonderful news year and 40th founding anniversary for the developmental Woyane , all Ethiopians, and the peace loving peoples of the world. 2015 is the year for greatness of the woyanee and Ethiopian renaissance.

  5. You misunderstood the article, it's about four pilots escaping/fleeing the Ethiopian Air Forces.

    To wish is no crime but to wish for any 'good news' for the Weyane whose 'countdown to annihilation' has just begun is delusional.

    Prepare a nice marble or granite tombstone with an epitaph with clear inscription which reads:
    WEYANE, born in Malelit (Tigray) in 1974
    died (committed suicide) in Addis in 2015.
    RIH !!

  6. there is no pilot who defect from Ethiopia. this is the news from the cynical shabiya and its elements. greatness for Woyane

  7. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..Sakulish!!!! Wey Tirseeee!!!! Gura menfat be'bado medo !!!

  8. Weyane is crumbling by the minute. At this rate, hailemariam desalegn (or whatever the stooge's name is) will be the only one flying.

  9. Happy new year kubur/ti you as usual..

  10. 4 Senior Ethiopian Air Force Pilots Defect to Kenya
    Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
    The TPLF regime in Ethiopia has been plagued by serious and several defections of Ethiopian Air Force pilots and armed resistance to its provocations in different parts of the country.

    The last defection of airmen took place about a week ago, when two pilots and a technician safely left the country flying an M-35 fighter helicopter.

    It is reported in this video that four senior Ethiopian Air Force pilots have now defected from their base in Dire Dawa, in eastern Ethiopia, and are in Kenyan territory.

    ESAT reported that many houses at the base and in Dire Dawn have been searched. Several airmen have also been detained.

    No doubt, the TPLF is seeing the chaos it has been begging for.

    May the spirit and God of Ethiopia be with these Ethiopian pilots.

    As far as Kenya is concerned, Ethiopians must remind the Uhuru Kenyatta regime that Nairobi is under obligation of international law to ensure the safety and security of these airmen. They have fled to Kenya territory in search of protection. This is something that has defined the post-war world and the international system, and it should not be undermined because of a league the TPLF regime has created in the Horn of Africa.

    The people of Ethiopia would not ignore and pass in silence any harm that comes to these airmen because of Kenya handing them over to the butchers in Addis Abeba.

    In the past, in violation of international law, Kenya has handed over several Ethiopian refugees to the TPLF regime. On their forced return, many of these have perished due to torture and refusal of access to medical help. Otherwise, many were either sent to unknown prisons or were thrown to dungeons,where they were exposed to diseases and lost their lives.

    Torture for which the regime has been know for brings to mind the case ofEng. Tesfahun Chemeda, a bona fide refugee, Kenya handed over to the TPLF. The brutality he suffered are still fresh in the minds of Ethiopians, given the extent of the tortures he has been subjected to, according to his inmates in prison.

  11. I think even ETV is taken over by gehanebe ESAT. What is happening? There are no pilots defected anywhere, yet the Ethiopian television itself is claiming that MI35 has been hijacked repeating what Esat broke the story. We have been denying it all day long but alas to no avail.

  12. I don't think even to defect to Kenya, should always make sure for reality from Eritrea and ESAT news regarding Ethiopia. the "70 Ethiopians drown in coast of Yemen" was false news when investigated. so don't feel happy until it's approved,

  13. At this rate there won't be any pilot left to take these criminals out of the country.
    Or, the Last living pilot will definitely defect to Eritrea with these murders on board.
    Uhh...I just can't wait for that moment to come.
    That will remind me the day eritrea got its independence may 24 1991.I just like to relive that special more time.

  14. Happy & Prosperous New Year to you (Northern Eagle) and each Eritrean patriot (Shaebian) too !

  15. Wrong! Shaebia can be anything but never cynic, it's..and it will always remain selfless & optimistic.

    N.B. Shaebia does not lie and would not bother about who left or joined the Weyane; Shaebia knows very well that the evil Weyane are temporarily standing on a quicksand.

    RIH Weyane!

  16. I guess they made a bad decision to go to Kenya as they may return them back to the weyanes. Recent history have proven that.

  17. Sak, sak...mechersha man bedemb endmisk enayalen. ሳቅ ሳቅ፡ መጨረሻ ማን በደምብ እንደሚስቅ ናያልነ።

  18. lies, delusion, historical surgeries are the ingredients of shabiya. with out lies shabiya cant exist. they live by distorting history and teaching to their subjects that as they are the Singapore of Africa economically and Israel of Africa militarily.Shabiyas live in delusional imaginary world(I WORLD). this is clear sign of illness and retardeedness. for detailed informationcont6act at shabiya relation with eritrian people, Ethiopia, Djibouti, USA, UN and etc.......

  19. I think you will discover that this is the last laugh!! Wouldn't you agree? You have been laughing for the last 16 years...Guahmam Sinie Adey Mezengie!!!

  20. Biassed news from ESAT and the slave people "Eritrean" woyane made u a strong but u forgot. I'm woyane we r going to claim Assab port is to belongs Ethiopia. We r going to destroye the cancer people Eritrea. The failure state u will see next to Somalia Eritrea.

  21. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk........wey ene betam eskemefeneda saku..asseb ema' mercuree nat atigegnim!,

  22. Real sign of a collapsing/disintegrating regime..peace to the reminds me the same fate as the derg..

  23. You have been laughing for the last 16 years, well sorry to break this to you like this, but this is the last laugh dedebit!

  24. You dear to talk about 4 Ethiopian pilots but scared to talk about the 17 innocent Eritreans, among them 3 young sisters, murdered when they try to leave the country. You all (Wedik Komarit) supporters are guilty in killing our brothers and sisters. Issayas Wedi komarit is finalizing his grand plan to take the country under his relatives across the border. Ahhhhh tesawitulna mibal ayabisin iu tsbah nigho. It will be to late.

    Cane Libero and the rest should wake up from deep sleep.

  25. if dictatorial regimes collapse or disintegrate via defection the Eritrean regime should have collapsed before 10 years because ministers, high ranking military officers, pilots, football players, athletes etc. are frequently defecting.

  26. Meriet hilina albo, what about the 17 innocent Eritreans killed by DEMHIT, among them 3 sisters, when they try to leave the country? You are heartless, soulless and criminal like Wedi Komarit Issayas Rissi Chikka. While you are wishing death to others, your leader is killing your sisters and brothers in a daylight using his DEMHIT soldiers. 2015 is a year that almighty God shut Wedi Komarits Kidneys and lungs. That day I will fly first class to Eritrea and pee on his grave. May he be dogs food when he die.

  27. Wedi TPLF,
    Because of one mentally disordered person like you, I am not going to blame the entire people of Tigray.

  28. I should have ignored you but I have a day-off & reply to your usual useless bickering.
    Knowing that you're a coward, disgruntled and a regional-maniac, I'll use terms which only maniacs understand.

    As a good Shaebian, I never wish death to anyone, in case of need would confront any traitor like you to a head-on duel.

    You claim that Demhit have killed 17 people...only 17? Next you'll tell us that Demhit has occupied the whole country...How would that make you grief? You run away, you left the country and the people can you be sad and look concerned? Where is your manhood? Where is your conscience and patriotic obligation?

    You can't deceive us, you skunk coward. BTW, cowards and traitors have no God, your evil wishes will befall on you. Amen!

  29. I understand in ethiopia there are ethnic discrimination and hatred growing more than that the dergue era due to the practice of federal system..adopted by the ugliest minor regime that ethiopia had ever in history: wey-ane. Eritreans are economical migrant, as witnessed by the late european states.

  30. You are a healthy carrier of virus Shaebia, Tsre Hizb

  31. U R free from the virus causing a disease called Tsere Hizb

  32. ሳግላ ብላዕ ኣይትቕላዕJanuary 3, 2015 at 1:14 PM

    Regarding the system and administration of Eritrea in the past it was a taboo and the proverb ሳግላ ብላዕ ኣይትቕላዕ was working on concealing the real nature of Sha'biya, but now many veteran fighters of EPLF are disclosing the truth. If there is equality and justice in Eritrea, why we don't see this reflecting in the so called leadership of the country and why we have opposition factions organized in ethno-religious bases. If Ministers, Ambassadors, high ranking officers, football players are economical migrants then it is true Eritrea is a failed state.

  33. Meriet aka soulless individual, did you cry when you hear about the three sisters who got shot by your dictators dogs? Please tell me how you reacted? What would you say if they were your sisters?
    You see now the difference between you and me?

  34. A failed state bankrupt and go to auction after not able to pay debts of world institutions..As my concern Eritrea have no debt and cannot be pulled or pushed as will of the big fishes as might be those indebted till their nose (maybe like your country)..
    A country that refuse to subjugate or to say it in a slang "refuses to leak masters boot" is a strong nation, self-confident. This country in Africa is Eritrea, in S. America are Bolivia, Venezuela, Cile..

  35. 3/4 is O.K. but the remaining 1/4 is unfortunately wrong and vague.

    What can I do or say to bring you back to your senses?

    Hate is like a boomerang, it comes back to harm its owner and weakens the one who harbor it.
    The wisest form to fight opponents is 'self-control' first and with it 'evaluation and adequate' physical/empiric action.

    It's Shaebia's winning modus-operandi and principle, learn and apply it to become a happy man.

  36. 6 Jan 2015
    More Ethiopian MI35 Air Force Pilot Flee from Ethiopia - ESAT



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