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US Cannot save Ethiopia from Tigray-Peoples-Liberation-Front

TPLF continues to have its gross human right violations and apartheid system swept under the rug due to its puppet role as a regional spoiler for the United States. 

US Cannot save Ethiopia from Tigray-Peoples-Liberation-Front

Amanuel Biedemariam

Does Ethiopia need saving and why? For those that follow the region closely, the signs are clear that Ethiopia faces imminent instability. Absent of divine intervention there appears no credible movement that can bring peaceful change in Ethiopia. The people of Ethiopia tried for years unsuccessfully to have their voice expressed at the ballot box and found it impossible.

In its response to Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG) Ginbot7 one of Ethiopia’s leading opposition groups wrote,

“Ginbot 7 was formed as a political movement in order to advance justice, freedom, and liberal democracy in Ethiopia. Ginbot 7 believes that no meaningful and genuinely competitive elections can take place in the country due to the prevailing and ever worsening egregious human rights violations, the closing of political space, the harassment and persecution of members of the legal and peaceful political opposition. Furthermore, an entrenched minority ethnocratic dictatorship in Ethiopia has determined to perpetuate its hold on power by all and any means necessary.”

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) remains hell-bent on staying in power by any means necessary.  This dichotomy has been pulling the nation apart for some time. These and other factors are threatening to splinter Ethiopia in ways that can re-shape the geopolitical, strategic makeup of the region and influence US policies in many ways.

The latest “Ginbot-7-tplfs-minority-ethnic-monopoly-of-the-armed-forces-in-Ethiopia” report on moral of the Ethiopian military personnel and, leadership composition states,

“There is widespread discontent among the regular army as well as rank and file officers that is predominantly drawn from the large non Tigrean ethnicity some of whom are referring to themselves as becoming slaves to a Tigrean dominated system. For several years now there is widespread and simmering discontent with this domination but questions related to these issues are not normally raised or discussed in public, for fear of prosecution.”

The report continues,

“According to this survey, the existing military governance system is highly skewed to one minority ethnic group, TPLF Tigrians. In general, the survey indicates that the system being followed by the current TPLF government is comparable to the old colonial and apartheid military organization systems, which now have become relics of history.”

The South African (SA) apartheid era army was considered amongst the most powerful in the world. The countries in the region posed no threats to it. The SA military was full of black South African mercenary foot soldiers that brutalized their kind. Similarly, the TPLF army’s core leadership is from Tigray when the majority of Ethiopian armed forces are comprised from other ethnic groups. And like the SA army the TPLF uses the military as mercenary forces that use brute force to quell revolt.

History shows that the apartheid army of SA failed and as such the TPLF minority clique will fail. The difference however, unlike the South African army which was established, independent, rich and possessed nuclear armaments, the TPLF army is very-dependent on aid, beset by internal and external threats and when it fails will take the country down with it.

Ethiopia is mired with-inner conflicts that are artificially-muzzled with brute force, intimidation, coercion, bribes etc… Recent Amnesty International report details repression and brutality the Oromos face. Currently Ethiopia faces simmering conflicts in the South with the Oromo, in the west the Benishangul, in the East the Ogaden, in central Ethiopia with the Amhara’s and in the north with the Tigray People’s Democratic Movement TPDM.

The conflicts Ethiopian (TPLF) forces are engaged-in are directed against the people in all regions of Ethiopia. The TPLF does not represent the people or the interests of the people; they are interested-only, to hold-on to power by any means necessary. The aspirations of the people are immaterial to the TPLF.

On the other side, the struggles and conflicts the people of Ethiopia wage are directed against the minority clique from Tigray TPLF-lead apartheid army.

The TPLF cannot exist in peace based on democracy and with-in a united Ethiopia. It needs constant state of conflict to survive. To that end, soon after assuming power 1991, TPLF divided Ethiopia based on Ethnicity, handed every region flag and declared Article-39 which gives every ethnic-region the right to self-determination and right to declare independence, setting the template for division.

Ethiopia faultiness is not limited to ethnic divisions. The TPLF is not afraid to use religion for political or financial gain from the West. The TPLF has been instigating conflicts with Ethiopia’s religious communities for a while. Ethiopia’s Muslims have over the last 6 years, demonstrated in huge numbers citing various grievances.

These simmering tensions are alive in all aspects of Ethiopia’s political, economic, social, ethnic, military and other-life threatening the very existence of the nation.

The massive land leasing/sales program the TPLF is engaged-in is displacing Ethiopians in large numbers further escalating tension between indigenous Ethiopians and the ethnic minority Tirayans led by TPLF which is using brute force to push populations out of their land.

Unfortunately, Ethiopia’s existential threats are not only confined to its borders. Irrational, short-sighted adventures have made the TPLF a regional pariah thus target. The TPLF clique is from Tigray, Northern Ethiopia. Since 1991, they have worked as mercenary foot soldiers of the West and engaged in conflicts with countries in the region pursuant of Western interests in the name of Ethiopia and at the expense of the interest of the countries thus people of the region.

The TPLF was propelled to power by Eritrea. As soon as they were able however, made Eritrea their first target, waged a devastating wars and created seemingly insurmountable-permanent state of conflict called, “No Peace No War” designed to weaken Eritrea into submission.

The TPLF miscalculated by assuming it will take 6 months for Eritrea to fold. It declared regime change, recruited individuals and groups and committed aggressions. They trained terrorists, established government(s) in exile, recruited regionalist, religious extremists, susceptible individuals and declared war to topple the government of Eritrea. The TPLF has been openly hostile to Eritrea while crying wolf and occupying sovereign Eritrean territories in violation of international laws.

However, the opposite became true. Eritrea’s resilience has turned the table on the TPLF.  The genocidal dictator Meles Zenawi is dead and the No War No Peace agenda he put on place has become an albatross that it could not dislodge.

The adventurism of Ethiopia continues unabated. In 2006, the TPLF committed another huge blunder when it invaded Somalia a sovereign nation in violation of international laws under the pretext of fighting terrorists and extremist Muslims and destabilized Somalia. Eight years later, after loses of countless lives and distraction, Somalia is in worse position. Ethiopia, touted by the West as Christian nation, invaded an Islamic state on Christmas and nurtured unnecessary enmity with the people of Somalia.

The TPLF adventures have placed Ethiopia at odds with Egypt by playing politics with the Nile which poses existential threat for the people of Egypt.

Recently, at the behest of the US, the TPLF attempted a regime change-heist in South Sudan (SS). The attempt threatened the lives of the leaders and perpetuated the instability in SS. It also placed Ethiopia at odds with SS with long term security implications.

The SS leaders took some major steps to protect their interests. They opted-out of the mediation held in Ethiopia, demanded negotiations moved to Tanzania, reaffirmed their commitments to China, and signed military agreements with Uganda and Egypt. This agreement gives Egypt backdoor to Ethiopia. The SS have also expressed their discontentment with Inter Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) a regional organization that Ethiopia controls and uses for sinister motives and minimized Ethiopia’s place in it.

As a host nation of the African Union, when dealing with African matters, Ethiopia was supposed to play a neutral role. By overplaying its hand the TPLF damaged Ethiopia’s future roles as neutral location for Africa.

Many factors could propel abrupt change. Ethiopia is the second poorest nation in the world prone to famine and other calamities. Addis Ababa is beset by power outages and the streets are littered with beggars. Recent reports placed the number of orphans at 4.5 million, which is 5% of the total population. Ethiopia remains heavily indebted and it depends on foreign aid which makes-up-to 97% of its annual budget. Ethiopia receives aid primarily because it serves as a foot soldier to western interests. When the West decides they cannot pursue their interests through Ethiopia it is unlikely that the aid will be forthcoming at the current level.

Additional regional developments could divert western attention away from Ethiopia. For example, recent developments in Yemen could play game changing role. These developments can influence events in Saudi Arabia; change how the US acts in the Baab Al Mendeb, Indian Ocean and the Red Sea; it can change US stances in Djibouti for budgetary or other reasons.

These and other factors can influence western decision makers on how they finance Ethiopia. When they do the TPLF is effectively done because it depends on Western aid for its life.


The situation in Ethiopia is unsustainable by all standards. Ethiopia is a pressure cooker. The central government is wrapped by destabilizing factors inside and outside the country. Anything can spark unrest thus instability in Ethiopia. Instability in Ethiopia will spell disaster for Western presence and influence. It will wreak havoc and become a breeding ground for terror and extremism that will influence the region and beyond.

The consensus has been that Ethiopia is large and strong. That perception is serving the people of Ethiopia poorly because it shields the vulnerabilities-the-reality from the international community and denies Ethiopians real solutions.

The West and particularly the US has so far been irresponsible in the way they manage Ethiopia. Their actions belie the undercurrent that will engulf the nation and by extension the region. Ethiopia is a ticking bomb ready to explode and almost too late for anyone to save it from its own misdeeds. It will spell disaster if the US fails to change direction. The atrocities the people of Ethiopia and especially Tigray could face will be devastating long term.

Esat Scores die in southern Ethiopia due to a conflict between Mezhenger and Highlanders,

Ethiopia’s armed forces are comparable to the apartheid military structures of the past.

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US Cannot save Ethiopia from Tigray-Peoples-Liberation-Front Reviewed by Admin on 5:34 AM Rating: 5


  1. Erkus political spirit in words from "intellectual" Shaboo clown

  2. Change your name or you will be banned. Thanks!

  3. How on earth do you guys expect the US to save Etiopia from TPLF when they are the ones who support and love TPLF like they did to AlQaEda, ISIS, AlShabab and Taliban to the last minute, until their time come to eradicate them from the face of earth. The TPLF of tgray will also accomplish the US mission and enslave to the last minute till the time is over.The US has own plan like they did to the former.

  4. Dear Editor
    My question is why you guys hate my most beloved people and nation, Ethiopians and Ethiopia? Why so much doom say about my only and only belonging? I am not woyane or any thing that you may hate to your teeth and I don't care about that. But if you attack my home what do you expect from me? I am defending Ethiopia and its kuru hizb. But Shaebia trespass my red line every when and for too long. That is why I nominate my self as the above. Respect my people and my country, I will respect you. I do not have problem with Eritreans and I have lots of friends from there at school, job, neighborhood etc but I dislike your political view towards my nation. If you do not have some thing good to say about my people and my country, just shut up. By the way please forward my regards to the polite and respectable mass of Eritrea less Shaebia. RESPECT

  5. Say thanks to Madote, you are warm and comfortable among Eritreans in this forum,
    and to breed your likes as TUKHAN does inside a wall.

  6. Look; Shaebia is a political entity deserved to be liked or to be disliked, like any other imperial cells in the world. TUHAN is the one that dislikes some sort of people what ever they are from. So I am not TUHAN but fumigant for TUHAN

  7. My suggestion to average (common) citizens of Eritrea:
    When you read the above article replace the word Ethiopia by Eritrea and sense what do you feel.
    Heart breaking, is it not? that is why I am saying Shaebia is bad spirit for me. Look what the author say about Nile and Egypt. Do you think Nile issue is Woyane's? If you think like this You do not know what Ethiopians are, at all. With love, your good wisher average (common) citizen of ETHIOPIA

  8. if same rational Eritrean read this article he can understand how much shabiya supporter is Hassadat, denakur, hassewiti, kenat etc......
    i am really surprise why this much bad wish towards TPLF and Tegaru?

  9. Lol, agames watch/read Eri media 24/7 and dont like the fact their collapse is inevitable. You have no one to blame, but yourselves. When the aid spigot get cut off, you will see Ethiopian Revolution. Bye bye agame.

  10. You like it or not we HATE your masters TPLF as the majority people of Ethiopia does. But for Shaebia (who paid Eritrean blood to free Ethiopians) has no problem with the people of Ethiopia. Infact we do all our best to eradicate TPLF like we did with Haileselassie and Mengistu and still free you from the oppresssors and cancer of the Horn Woy'Ane too. Keep loving the people of Eritrea as Shaebia is the people and the people of Eritrea is Shaebia !

  11. Because tegarus betrayed the people of Eritrea by letting their landsmen keep lying to their teeth.
    -TPLF still occupy our territories and refuse to abide by the law
    -TPLF entertain everybody who stand against Eritrea
    -TPLF push for sanction day and night
    -TPLF smuggle our people to tgray and make them suffer in refugee camps to lastely sell them to trafficers and gain from the UN in the name of Eritreans. Send tegaru to EU and the USA in the name of Eritreans.



  13. Completely wrong, since when are rulers and subjects be one and same?
    try to study politics 101.
    Shaebia is a small group of people who are determined to rule Eritrea and Eritrea are people and nation

  14. 2+2=5 in woyaneland! Yagoresut wesha balebaitun yenekesal.

  15. 2+2=5 and it is called synergy
    Ayeyeyeye memihre sawa

  16. I do not like some of Woyane' s policies and deeds but I think there is no better alternative from the oppositio

  17. Enjoy bending to woyane then.
    Leave Eritrea alone !

  18. Better to ask me to leave Shaebia alone, b/c I am not against Eritrea nation

  19. I am not worrying for Eritrea but try to teach you the difference b/n ruler and under rule

  20. Oh lord! You can't make this up if you want to. You need medical help

  21. please refer dictionary for the word "SYNERGY" or you only refer words from Shaboo's Ideological book?

  22. I am not Eritrean nor Tigraway; let me compare Wodi Agame, the Tigraway, vs Logic, The Shaebia supporter.

    Wodi Agame insults political supporters who can have choice to support or not , that is common practice in the world but Logic insults Tegarus who are people born from Tigray not by choice, and that is taboo.
    This difference is a typical difference b/n Shaebia and Woyane or Isias' and Meles' political academy

  23. No wonder, to deny is in your agame blood.

  24. You are like a dirtfly who disturb people by being round. Stonehead !

  25. Just go to your mentor Sebehat Nega and have this sort of deceitful dialog, not here .

  26. The people of Ethiopia tried for years unsuccessfully to have their voice expressed at the ballot box and found it impossible.
    Aman Be Aman but,
    What about Eritrean people, when are they going to try to have their voice expressed at the ballot box?

  27. I am really surprise why this much bad wish towards TPLF and Tegaru?
    wedi agame,
    It is because DIA supporters are enraged on TPLF for destroying the vision and agenda of Isayas in Eritrea and the entire region.

  28. God bless you Shabokilla,

    This writer once in this website wrote that "

    Now, Eritrea is flourishing country � getting brighter every day. The once barren
    land is full of waters and greenery from coast to coast and east to west
    turning once abandoned desert into luscious green agricultural land

    A careful look at Eritrea’s
    economic sectors will reveal that Eritrea, in a short time would have a
    shortage of manpower in every sector because the population will not be able to
    fill all jobs that will become available.

  29. well, not sure if the title 'US Cannot save Ethiopia from Tigray-Peoples-Liberation-Front' is correct. The TPLF like any other weak governments the US is in alliance with views and treats with the same principle as any sane person would view and treat "Abu Salama / Condom / Jonny / rubber ......" use and throw !!!

  30. No matter how you try to hide your weyane infant . you cant deceive us. komal agame.

  31. The article is working on the assumption that the US will lose if Ethiopia disintegrates. That means the US association with the condom weyane is futile for its interests. The question is can the US (even if it wants) control events in Ethiopia once they start to roll. Considering the amount of problems there is nothing that can save the country. And as long as the tplf stays they will further the damages to the point that it becomes irreversible. At least now there are some actors that could work together that can help the situation provided the US makes a u turn.

  32. well I see the point now - thanks, I was think along the line of what happen in the Egyptian revolution to over throw President Hosni Mubarak. thus was not taking into account the ethnic division that has been fostered and reinvigorated by the current government, rather I was talking (as I hope) the whole Ethiopia people revolting as a united nation –
    as I do not want a divided Ethiopia as I do not think its good for Eritrea or the region, even African’s best interest to have
    a divide Ethiopia.

  33. Ibrahim, why change the subject, The focus here is Ethiopia a dying regime. If you want to talk about Eritrean election you can write about it. It is hard to understand or see Eritreans loosing focus provided you are Eritrean.

  34. Our problem is only thousands Eritrean youth that come to our country by walking on explosives.Hay,come to your mind Ethiopia is working on hundreds of mega projests can be seen from far.The small projects sre in millions.We are very comfortable.TEKATEL TELAT.

  35. deny and blaming is a typical behavior of Shabiya and Shabiya supporter like you

  36. Fantastic analysis dear Amanuel & MadoteEritrea allow me to quote a paragraph from your rich text which i like:
    "History shows that the apartheid army of SA failed and as such the TPLF minority clique will fail. The difference however, unlike the South African army which was established, independent, rich and possessed nuclear armaments, the TPLF army is very-dependent on aid, beset by internal and external threats and when it fails will take the country down with it."

  37. Don't speak bad language, it will hurt your health Mr. Stonehead

  38. Do you see btsay/yti Logic, their disappearance will be like that of the dergue or the recent burkinafaso's leader (bless campaore) like a dead rat.

  39. Sorry I do not know neither Sebhat Nega nor Sebhat Efrem, I know only Sebhat le Ab Sebhat le Wold Sebhat le Menfes kudus, Amen

  40. Grateful article dear Amanuel, a nice chronology of the crimes committed by the minor TPLF regime, at this point one ask him self that weyani being worse than that of the previous government of ethiopia, then my question is why the all ethiopian mass including the militia is waiting all this time to eradicate it once for all.

  41. The US (Ya uz billAllah), its history of involvement in foreign countries is clearly evident. The US does not and never did save countries but only preserved and protected convenient regimes for a certain period of time, time equated with servitude.

    If history would be taken as an indicator or modem to choose an empiric insight on which relationships could be based, no serious nation would rely on the USA but only desperate regimes and the Weyane are the most desperate of the desperate.

  42. Shabokilla,
    malelit graduate cadre you are.

    Mengistu aimed to destroy Shaebia,
    Haileselassie aimed to destroy Shaebia,
    Meles aimed to destroy Shaebia...
    and where are they now ? LOL

    To tell yu the truth SHAEBIA that crushed Abay Tgray dream is going to crush the numbered woyanes too, just have some patience :)


  43. wedi agame, the adjectives you're using are not suitable to Eritreans..rather abti gezaweteka hasew bel, neakatkum iyu zemelket, hasot, serki, ken at. Ab bahli nay Eritrawian yellen..

  44. 1.Resistance is not destroying
    2.Hailesellasie died at his age of 85
    3.Mengistu is in Zim
    4.Meles died of natural cause
    5.I do not know any thing about Abay Tigray but Abay river, bridge or dam
    What is your point?

  45. The other day I was listening to Meaza Petros Solomon (17 years old daughter of Petros S.), and I was thinking what people like A Manuel B.mariam and the rest of Pfdj clowns say when they listen to the interview. She is 100 times matured that the rest of clowns.
    When I see people like her, I see the light on the darkness.

  46. If Eritrea is green and rich, I would be happy. What is the use to have poor and dirt neighbor? I only resist the bad wish of Shaebia towards my nation and my people. If Eritrea is rich Ethiopia will be number 2 from that blessing. Nothing is gained from poverty, we know it personally. I fight against jealousy where ever it is from.
    Do you agree Sami?

  47. Ya sure I believe you.

  48. Eritrea nay HZBI imber nay wulqe sebat aykonetn !!!

    We do not care of individuals but the country in GENERAL

  49. "resistance is not destroying" but it is A WISH, ADREAM, SALIVATE FOR SOMETHING WHICH DOESNT BELONG TO YOU and perish in a nonesence war like you guys do for your greed.
    Never learn from your forefathers mistakes and act civilisedly NEVER ! LOL

  50. As an Eritrean politician ones said (I don't know his name), the issue between Eritreans and Ethiopians (particularly Tigrians) is not Badime, currency, political ideology difference or other. The sheer cause is Eritreans' hate towards the other. As it can be seen in the article all you wish us is to be wept from the face of the earth. that is what is happening to you from Libya to Egypt and Israel to Mediterranean sea. Fetari nay edkum yibekum alo.

    My grandma once told me that once she was going to Asmara (I think in the 1980s) and the bus went through land that was controlled by Hizbawi Ginbar (shabia). When the bus stopped the elderly women started chatting with the Tegadelties and they asked "dekina kemey alewu?". the response from the Tegadelties was shocking... they said " alena alena dehan ena. beAl goma egru eyu tewdiU". To this day I don't understand what it means. However, understanding that Eritreans don't have respect even for our martyrs who paid their lives in the trenches and mountains, I bleed when I see them In Addis and other parts of Ethio working and making millions.

    Tigray and Tegaru today are in different league. we are growing when you are still boosting and bragging about your industries from the colonial era.
    That is the the only problem you have!!!

    but I think you should wish us all the good. At least we can save you from dark Asmara with electric power from one of our projects.


  51. Suk bel geltam, Eritrea is owned now by individuals, issayas, kisha,filings,man just,teklay and Few more.

  52. You are underestimating THE PEOPLE OF ERITREA ! IDIOT

  53. Fillipos, Manjus

  54. If you talk about wish, it is Erkus Shaebia that wish to dismantle the nation Ethiopia, BAD wish

  55. We do not need your help. Ethiopia is on the right track and all world powers know that. On the contrary, Eritrea is given no seat in any major International platform. Why do Shabia support the Ethiopian Opposition Ginbot 7, which claims to bring the Asseb Port back to Ethiopia ? ?? Why Eritreans support a group of Ethiopian Opposition that are telling us they will bring Eritrea back to Ethiopia ?? What a fun !! Let Eritreans live in peace and stability and Ethiopia would prosper sooner or later. We wish you all the best but we have no reason to re-consider our divorce !! Keep the Divorce certificate anyways!!!!


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