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Innovations Driving Health MDGs In Eritrea

Eritrea has now achieved MDG-4, MDG-5 and MDG-6 ahead of the 2015 deadline 

Innovations driving Health MDGs In Eritrea



Eritrea has a positive and unique story to tell about health related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Eritrea was one of the few countries expected to achieve the MDGs in health. As expected, Eritrea has now achieved all the three health MDGs namely MDG-4, reduce child mortality, MDG-5 improve maternal health and MDG-6 combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

Based on the latest data available and through an analysis of the trends of the eight MDGs, as well as the current supportive policy and political environment in Eritrea, this report tells the Eritrean experience in achieving MDGs 4, 5, 6. Specifically, this report highlights innovations, best practices, as well as challenges and bottlenecks that need to overcome in order to sustain the gains achieved thus far.

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Innovations Driving Health MDGs In Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 8:37 AM Rating: 5


  1. Good job keep it up

  2. For Shaebia, MDG is all about their family members and their party members, it has nothing to do with the poor and disadvantaged.

  3. Guys you should warn agames before u post such facts. Sorry agames Eritreans and their govt wouldn't be sanctioned if these achievements among many others weren't facts on the halal meret(ground). Keep crying. VIVA SHAEBIA, فيفا ارتريا

  4. Beautiful, young and bright; Eritrea!!

  5. "Haki"
    What have you done in your "fruitful" life besides copy and paste?
    Talking about history of others, how about your own history repeating everyday; just think of what you have accomplished every single day in the year of 2014? Anything to be proud of? What have you accomplish in your life that has not repeated besides your age?

  6. What kind of penname is "MGD my ass"?
    Are you saying you have achieved MGD of your Ass?
    Desperate? Wrong place; we advice you to visit another site.

  7. Haki did accomplish something in 2014, he beg for money macerate as Eritrean asylum, he now have free money, free house and Health care without paying any tax. It is a big achievement if you think cos. how many people in world can have everything for FREE no need to educate yourself learn language.KKKK

  8. Eritrea is shining as the two kids eyes and smile..and new born beautiful

  9. The MDG (UNDP).
    Any country, unless it exists only in virtual form, is empirically evaluated by the type and priorities it attaches to its development programs. Programs and priorities may vary from country to country but one program / project which is above everything else is HEALTH.

    One of the few endorsing worth UN initiatives is their challenging MDG proposals, especially designed to encourage and involve third world countries and to read:-
    "Eritrea has now achieved MDG-4, MDG.5 and MDG-6 ahead of the 2015 deadline", definitely proves that the Eritrean govt. is not the 'human-consuming' monster that some sinister circles incessantly seek to depict but is a trustworthy diligent caretaker.

    Kudos to the GoE and congratulation to Eritrea and to all those who are behind this remarkable success!


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