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Switzerland: FDP wants to return Eritrean Migrants back home

Philipp Muller, FDP President

Switzerland: FDP Wants to Return Eritrean Migrants Back Home

After nearly a decade of accepting the majority of Eritrean asylum cases, Switzerland is now having second thoughts about their disastrous policy.

Recently, a Swiss news agency reported the Free Democratic Party (FDP) will consider whether asylum seekers from Eritrea can be sent back to their home.

“It concerns us that the political and the security situation in Eritrea are again re-evaluated”, said Philipp Müller, the President of FDP.

Switzerland, like other western countries, began accepting Eritrean asylum cases in mass in 2005, after UNHCR baptized all Eritrean migrants with the coveted status of "refugees" in its effort to destabilize Eritrea.

Swiss authorities say Eritrean migrants makeup the highest percentage of asylum cases in their country, a result they admit is due to their 2005 policy.

Currently, there are 5721 accepted asylum cases of "Eritreans"*, while another 9515 are waiting to be processed, according to the report.

Switzerland isn't alone in trying to send Eritrean migrants back to their country. Norway has also announced it will consider whether asylum seekers from Eritrea can be sent back too.

Norway also said it plans to return 500 migrants who have broken Norwegian laws to Eritrea, which is pending a return agreement with the Eritrean Government, according to Dr. Nazareth Amlesom Kifle.


*Eritreans is put into quotation because many if not most of the "Eritreans" claiming asylum in Western countries are Ethiopians, or other African migrants pretending to be Eritreans.

By favoring Eritrean asylum cases over other African migrants, Western countries are deliberately inducing young Eritreans to flee their homeland. In essence, they are telling Eritreans in Eritrea to chose a life in the West where they will be guaranteed with free housing and free state social benefits in a developed country, or chose a life in Eritrea where they face the challenges that come with being in a developing country.

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  1. It was obvious that swiss & other western countries couldn't bear the burden to accept migrants from all over africa pretending to be Eritreans..
    As they're smart, was sure they had to unmask the game behind that, and see with true lengths the facts about Eritrean migration and all the agenda connected with that.

  2. I really wonder about Swiss people.
    They hate Eritrean...which even they can't hurt them.
    But instead accepting the Islamic statt. ..people which they will make them suffer for the future.
    But for us Eritrean no matter what our God is there for as. Relax

  3. Brother Cane L., are you saying Swiz should and would not accepted Eritrean refugees?

  4. Yes, the question is how many of them are really Eritreans, and what is the real reason for their choice to be "Refugees"?

  5. You make no sense

  6. If the western countries are favoring Eritreans to leave their country, why you and the loyal supporters of the regime go back to replace those induced by the evil wishing West.

  7. How ironic Norway want to return 500 Eritrean immigrant who broke the law. Seriously ? How do we know those criminals are Eritrean ? So they want law abiding citizen to stay doing the dirty job ha ? That ain't gonna happen. Just keep them their.

  8. Yes,shouldnot accept,because they donot have any problem

  9. Cane libero,
    Brother lets assume half of them are Eritreans, that is still huge numbers of our youth which choose to be refugees than serving the drunk and paranoid dictator at home. You complain all the time about west, and if you really belive that Eritrea is a pardasie, please lead by example and move back. Until then please save us your hypocratic comments here. Go ahead and call me Woyane, i dont need anyones approval to be called Eritrean, for sure i am more Eritrean than Hagos Kisah, the money man of our hard earned golds and minerals.

  10. Brother you are asking reason over treachery; there was no logic to begin with but pure evil to subdue and succumb the Eritrean spirit. Now that it has become clear to all that "kelbee( sorry Cane) ze'freso hatsur meEtew ZbE yKewn"; the Europeans want to kick the hynas out, but to where? there is also a distinct characteristics between the proud people of Eritrea and the reap-off imposters that are causing trouble in the host countries. The unintended consequence is of course truth is always on our side and the swiss have to pretend as if they did not know to begin with, but who cares!

  11. You are really queer.
    The issue is not about rabbits or birds, it's about people whose presence is being considered by most of EU countries as an invasion of immigrants and particularly in Italy, a country which is facing acute economic instability. Observers expect confrontation between Lega Nord, a party that vehemently opposes the massive presence of refugee vs the govt' of PD. The outcome of the confrontation is unknown but it won't be in favor of the refugees.

    Cane is aware of the above situation that is why he tried to clarify it. The acceptance or rejection of Eritrean refugees depends on the decisions of the concerned nations.

  12. I am not talking about concerned nations, I was asking Cane L. (As well as you) are you for or against that the EU accept Eritrean refugees.

  13. Then if there is no problem back home why don't you return??

  14. I Ageery Norway should keep the good and the bad.

  15. How do you p[roof you are 75% hagos kasha may be noon Eritrean and you are 55 % Eritrean .hahaha. Eritreans are Human beings. They have many reasons to go abroad by any means. To abroad means to leave your country/? Isn't it?
    I support any one who wants any thing to be let there be. What I hate is Ethiopians pretending to be Eritreans. Eritreans go abroad like any other country people. Even I do not care if they say they have problem back home.
    Feed up you are not her making any sense. Why do not Eritreans go abroad. The only problem is the west have closed their borders, do not issue visas, do not allow by air to enter their countries. If that was the case everything would have been easy. Ethiopians would have remained in thief country. Eritreans would not have been a game ball for you to use it for political prostitution.

  16. Most ppl who are abroad left during the fight for independence & had children in the west. The current ppl are tricked into leaving by the notation of the grass is greener on the other side. Eritrea does not want Ethiopians pretending to be Eritrean or Eritrean who left & commit crimes in the west. If you think things are so bad, why don't u go back *& fight u coward.

  17. Ask your Ethiopian thieves who steal identity to to Ethiopia, where there is no problem for them. Actually Ethiopians claim as Eritreans because they do not have any problem in their country to make them claim asylum. So why do you not ask Ethiopians to go back to their country. Eritreans can stay, but Ethiopians have to go home, because they have not told any country in the west that there was political, economic, military, racial, religions problems in Ethiopia.

  18. "after UNHCR baptized all Eritrean migrants with the coveted status of "refugees" in its effort to destabilize Eritrea."
    Lol now off course the UNHCR, CIA, EU, AU, Arab League, Djibouti, weyane, Now Russia and China (since they did not vote against renewal of SEMG mandate) are all anti Eritrea. Sad people here on madote, but then again madote was the site that denied Ali Abdu defected and ridiculed other Eritrean websites (awate and assenna) about it, another pathetic story is off course about Ethiopian Airlines being called Ebola Airlines. If that is the case what should be call Eritrean Airlines? Greyhound Airlines, or Grounded Airlines perhaps?
    The only fool that is destabilizing Eritrea is the drunken, isolated and cowardly dictator in Asmara.

    My question to all the regime supporters is. If the west is so bad and Eritrea is the workers paradise and the best country not only in Africa, but just about any other place, why not leave the west and live back in Eritrea???

    My guess is that washing dishes in Oakland, or being a cabbie in DC, or cleaning toilets in London, or being a welfare leech in Stockholm, Amsterdam, or Frankfurt is a better life than doing indefinite military service in a country full of poverty, a shortage of energy and other basic necessities.

  19. Feedup, if you are more Eritrean than Hagos kasha, I pity you, he is working for Eritrea where as you, begging for a white man's paradise and mouthing nonsense.

  20. Osman from your comment I understood that you live to eat.

  21. Where Is Z Cruise:
    the cruise that you have wondering about is sold and put the money to buy rocket launchers. The SA-11 missile to defend Eritrea and to shoot dawn weyan war planes. did that answer your ridiculous question rasye bako.

  22. Have you thought of taking ESL (English as a Second Language)? I think you should do that, so we may be able to understand you. You are always welcome to write in Tigray Tigrigna, we have a translator.

  23. And to take a dump!

  24. Geniune Newcomer EritreanNovember 6, 2014 at 10:45 PM

    Obama assured that he will work with his colaborators to trafficing Eritreans out of the country. Woyane taking the role did all possible destructions alongside the border, first by refusing implement the borderline and leave Eritrean territories peacefully because they have the USA behind them to fryz the final and binding signiture to unknown date. For the reason few young Eritreans like me tired to stand on guard for so long. At the same time woyane infiltrated to some small cities close to our borders and politicised the situation to advance their ugly tactics and smuggle our young 12-13-14 years of age to tgray.
    Behind all the suffering are the big powers who play deaf on the issue.
    The ugly woyane use this opportunity to infiltrate his trouble maker gang well trained to blakmail Eritrea and at the same time misuse the asylum possibility for their favor as Eritreans.
    All this is well planned by our enemies and their colaborators..
    The only way for our newcomer ERITREANS is to DISCLOSE and EXPOSE all suspicious tgrayans who seek asylum and stay among us allover. These criminals shouldnt be given a chance to spoil it for our newcomers. Eritreans are well deciplined and educated so why tolarate someone from across the border among us? We should fight for our right. We shouldnt give up the blood of our martyrs ad sell our soul for temporary gain colaborating with our killers, who do their best to divide us into pieces even inside refugees camps.
    Wake up and expose the smugglers, woyane messengers and rooten apples among you my people.. If we are not strong enough to come together and enlighten the host countries we will pay the price for our protective actions. Think twice !

  25. It's an irrelevant question from a loony not worth responding, however, why are you interested to know about our opinion?

  26. Supporting the regime does not mean or imply that the West is bad, supporting the regime means supporting the existence and survival of a sovereign nation in need of constant material and moral contribution of its people wherever they reside and with whatever they can.
    Supporting the regime is nobility and an essential foresight, a guaranteed collective investment for the future....

    Poor Osman Younis, so PIA is a coward?
    Do you have any idea about the real meaning of courage?

  27. Feed up, if i have to use your manner to talk (answer you), is to make a mistake twice, cause you're insulting persons, rather i say is enough if you contribute your part as an Eritrean, if you do so, you're as the old Greeks called a Citizen and i might add Civil one or honest citizen. If you want a confirm about me, don't worry, I did in past, i'm doing right now, i'll do in future for Eritrea, we forget now the reasons why, for now that's enough.

  28. No, What i say is unacceptable that any one claims to be Eritrean, to help forge the result of migration issue ect and as a consequence to spoil our image gambling our Nationality to gain "a refuge status.

  29. Well said geniune Eritrean..

  30. Also to eat and shit i would add

  31. Your aim is known as mine here in Madote that reflects also our life. I ask you why you don't propose something concrete idea? instead staying all the time negative? You know that with time it involve also your personality? Eritreans every were are saying well come those who want to contribute as good will, good manner, good idea, concrete action (like going to Eritrea and work for a couple of months for Her)
    Cruise let we do this first to Eritrea and to those of our Nationals in need (deki jeganu seweat) and then let we discuss about modus operandi.
    Remember No Eritrean will accept those who sit with our enemies in mekele to bring us solution. The solution is in our hand, doing concrete examples.

  32. Do you have any statistical data that supports most refuges are not Eritreans?? Between 1500-3000 Eritreans exit Eritrea to Ethiopia every month. And many Eritreans escape to Sudan and Djibouti every month as well. Why you people don't call a spade a spade??? The Lampadusa boat tragedy killed over 300 Eritreans but many HGDEF supporters tried to deny the drowns were not Eritreans until the name list posted in one of none HiGDEF websites. What is the main reason to deny? What is the main reason to tell the government "enough is enough, change your direction"

  33. Almost all of them are tgrayans send by the woyane to defame the image of Eritrea. Its a cold war tactics. but no worries, wen the true Eritrea been called to get their new and impenetrable identification card, we will get rid of this frauds. Their Nightmare Is Starting. b/c if they didn't come to get their ID card in the Eritrean embassies; The Government Of Eritrea will labeled them as NON Eritreans. :)

  34. Leave this confused people alone. They never stop to amaze the whole world. I wonder which country or political leaders are good enough for them. They tell us all countries from USA to Australia are rubbish while we find they cleaning toilets and making money and send 2% of that for pimp Issu. At the same time they never fail to praise Egypt and Libya when their youth go through the worst imaginable physical harassment in these countries.

    Bedwins are doing their job well to this rigumat.

    look at you dumbass Wedinakfa, cane libero, googleman and Alec you below, you are just like your fathers and politicians. Not respond to ideas and conduct productive conversations but insult.

    deki essayas undikum

  35. and who gave that statistics ? do you really believe the swiss or other europeans can't really discover who is eritrean and who is not ? funny! keep using PFDJ statistics, even the lampedusa tragedy you PFDJ's tolda us they were african migrants.

  36. mr. Haile, beyond the numbers, it's a fact that eu or us are not anymore heavens, do you agree with me? It's false promise to make understand to our youth that west is synonymous of manna or heaven. 25 years ago might be true, not anymore. And already is very clear to swiss gov. aswell as to norway ect that have been made a big cheat using the "Eritrean Migration Agenda". They already unmask it.
    Now the Eritrea's enemy have to find another escamotage, as what ever they try went to FIASCO.

  37. Cane libero, how long do want to fool your self about side issues that have no relevance to the main issue at hand ? The problem is not whether European countries accept refugees or not. The problem at hand is Eritrean people leaving Thier motherland. you might fool your self by saying that the US the Woyane or whomever are empting our nation. Even, for the sake of argument, if I agree on your opinion, i am steel puzzeled on what the PFDJ doing to prevent that ? How come the US the Woyane are smarter than PFDJ in convincing our people it's better to flee than staying at home ? PFDJ should convince our people that it's better to stay in eritrea given it has the monopoly of media in eritrea. How is that possible our youth only listen to Woyanes and US ?
    You might continue fool yourself Sig. Cane libero but let me tell you this.. Tutti i nodi stanno venendo al pettine.. ed il tempo dei conti sta arrivando...

  38. Kisha is serving his countryman the dictator, not Eritrea. It's well known fact that the drunk dictator is surrounded by YES men Tegaru. As the same time Eritrean heroes are dying I. Prision.

  39. Contribute? I didn't know that national service has a limit so you do your part.and get permission to.leave, as you are cclaming you have done. If we talk about serving the dictator (not Eritrea) you should do it as everyone else , indefinite. Until the please don't fool yourself and tell us "I served my country".

  40. hahahahaha.....nice one...

  41. So in short you are saying the ugly Woyane outsmarted us. All you are saying is woyane this Us that. You have not mentioned anything the government should have taken as counter measures. Protecting the border From Eritreans leaving to wherever they want is not a counter measures. Implementation of constitution and protecting it the best weapon against whatever conspiracy towards Etitrea.
    Have a blessing day

  42. I don't have time to put names of Eritrean citizens that went to Eritrea to develop their people and the country, to create jobs and opportunities... That kicked out directly and indirectly by the regime. The regime is a disaster to our country. We all gave and offered everything we could to our country, but at the end the good guys are leaving and the bad guys are controlling Eritrea. You and your likes are part to be blames for supporting the killing machine aka HiGDEF.

  43. Sorry mr. Haile is that migration only an Eritrean case by the way? Wasn't' the us filled by european migrants after 15th century? and still, what about australia? at the end of the 17th..
    Isn't migration a living things phenomena? including animals? When is highlighted in the Eritrean case i see unfair pinpointing..
    Wasn't after the fall of the Berlin wall a mix-up of european happen? Romanians, polish, albanians, italians start to move here and there?

    Mi dispiace dirlo sig. Haile non è imparziale il suo ragionamento.

  44. I would like to know your stance also. Please, do tell us where you opinion is with regards of the Eritrean refugees in the west.

    I find it amusing that most seat in their cozy home using their high speed internet in the west are the ones that are complaining that youth are leaving Eritrea. Like Z said...why don't you all lead by example.

  45. I told the 'out of control Cruise', that the question is irrelevant. Why should I reply differently to you? Are you the Pope?
    Lead by example in which way?

    Let's see if you're human thence reply:
    Are you satisfied to witness our youth to perish in the deserts & high seas?
    Are you happy to see Eritrean youth including underage children rot in Tigray thus paralyze their productive age?
    Are you sure that those who reach the West will have a successful & dignified future?

  46. then reform the government and allow us to run it. Give the youth the ability to lead and not just serve a master with an agenda. Give us freedom and we will build the Eritrea our fathers fought for.

  47. The Government and the people of Eritrea are doing their share. How about you crying like a bitch day and night on woyane stooge !

  48. I would appreciate if you clarify what the Eritrean government accomplished so far-Mr. Robot.

  49. Wizee, its good guys finish last, you got it twisted! Also your "if it's so nice there, why not go there?" Rebuttal if it is lucks maturity, think about it! Now I'm going to fuji...,don't!

  50. Are you for real sir?? We all know WHO IT is who forces us to have a practically indefinite national service... The ethiopians. But instead of questioning why ethiopia forces us on a permanent war footing, you question why the eritrean gov uses any means possible to defend their nation. You think they want to destroy the hopes and dreams of their youths??? You think they want them to have their best and brightest to be soldiers???

    Youre a retard My friend. Think with your brain!!!

  51. Cane, intay kollel abeleka? The topic and the issue is about Eritreans leaving their beloved country. If Eritrea was ruled by constitution; if Eritrea respected human right; if there was rule and justice in Eritrea - would you think people would mass migrate illegally through the border?

  52. Only retarded blame USA, woyane,Europe....if we had leaders with brain, they would come up with different counter actions such as implementation of constitution, rotation of national service, issuing passports to people, not involving in Somalia as well as other countries issues, paving ways for Eritreans to invest in their country, fighting corruption, uniting people instead dividing and kickout DEMHIT aka national guards of Issayas and Kisha.

  53. You have understood precisely what Ibrahim wrote, but since he hit your stone head with reality- the only answer you come up with is insult. Poor thing!

  54. tadesse teklehaimanotNovember 7, 2014 at 4:43 PM

    From the comment of Osman I understood that he sees the regime supporters in the West like you as hypocrites and cowards who downplay the problems Eritreans are facing back home, while living a comfortable life in the west (although one could argue to what extent the life of the wedinakfa's, cane libero's and other cab drivers/toilet cleaners/welfare recipients is comfortable. being fed by the white man and than cursing him lol, sad people).

    @Osman. You make an excellent point regarding this websites childish behavior. Even though I got used to seeing immature articles where Ethiopia's problems were discussed and at the same time Eritrea's problems were ignored or downplayed, the Ebola Airlines (together with the classic Ali Abdu defection denial LOL, we cant forget that one) was the most desperate attempt in my eyes. Especially given the fact that Eritrea as you mentioned does not even have a decent functioning Airlines itself. Ethiopian has been a member of Star Alliance, was chosen as African airline of the year, is flying to more and more destinations (all continents except Australia I believe) and is rapidly expanding its fleet and its training center. Eritrean Airlines meanwhile has seen two defections of its CEO's over the last decade (Captain Asres and Kubrom Dafla), can not fly to its lucrative European market, and last but not least it does not even have a website I kid you not.

    I would advise you mister Osman and also for the regime supporters to listen to the interviews that Kubrom Dafla has given that you can find on youtube. He has been a senior official at the ministry of Trade and Industry,
    Himbol finance, Red Sea Trading Corporation and has given a good insight
    into the regimes financial ins and outs. Also he explained how the dictator constantly meddled in the affairs of Eri Airlines and micromanaged (or better yet mismanaged) the Airlines to its current state of barely functioning flag carrier.

    The regime learned last week that SEMG mandate was extended by another year. The regime which until now has refused to published a budget or give any insight into the nations financial state to the people, has shared detailed information regarding the 2% diaspora tax to the SEMG. This shows that the regime only succumbs to pressure. The sanctions the UNSC put on Eritrea are the result of a failed foreign policy by the dictator in chief. Whether it was withdrawing from IGAD a few years ago (and unsuccessfully trying to come back since), or the Djibouti conflict (and the regimes initial refusal to even admit this conflict), the regime has made one blunder after another. Don't forget to listen to the interviews by Ato Kibrom, you can find it online.

  55. እቶም
    — ብህዝቢ ኤርትራ መብዛሕቱ ከም ዳርጋ ተጋሩ ድሕመዬ፣
    — እቶም ምስ ዓጋመ ድተዓራረኹ
    — እቶም
    ዓጋመ ባዕላ እዚኣቶም የሕዋትና እዬም እቶም ካልኦት ኤርትራውያን እያቶም ሓንጊዶም ዝኒኤዎ ትብሎም፣ እዚኣቶም ማ
    ሰራዊት ኤርትራ ጣንጢኖም ናብ ወያነና ዶ ኾኑይ ዝመፁ ዝኒኤዎ ትብሎም፣
    ብግብሪ ተመራሪሖም ናብ መዓስከር ወያነ ዝኸዱ ኣብኡ ዘለዎ ፣ኣብኡ ምጥዓም ምስ ኣበዬም ንጥልያን ክሰግሩ— ኣብ ላምፔዱዛ
    — ንሳቶም ዝደልይዎ ስለዝሰኣኑ ኣብ ኤርትራ
    ሎሚ ድኣ ከይፍለጡ መታን
    የመነ ቻርሊ
    ሓጎስ ክሻ ይብሉ ኣለዎ እምበር ድሕሪ ፍሽለት 3ይ ወራር ወያነ— ገለ ካብ ጉጅለ 15 ስለዝተኣሰርዎም ኮሬም
    — ኢሰያስ ትግራዋይ
    — የማነ ገ/ ሚካኤል ማንኪ ትግራዋይ ዝብሉ እዬም።
    — እዚ ሓባላት ንበሎም ከይቀደሙና እዬ።
    — መን ናይ ኤርትራ ሕማቅ ይደሊ
    መን ምስ ወያነ መኺሩ
    መን ምስ ተጋሩ ተዋሊዱ
    መን ዓርኪ ትግራዋይ መሬት ኤርትራ ኣፀቢቃ ትፈልጥ እያ።
    — ዓጋመ ዓጋመ ኣይበልካ።

  56. Allow you to run it? What is your qualification? Betrayal? For all we know, you may not even be Eritreans. If you are, you are most likely writing here because the Weyane told you that they want results!

    Let you run the government in Eritrea? You mean hand the country over to the Weyane? Tell us about your agreement with the Weyane first.

  57. You are talking silly as usual. I do not remember anyone here saying there is no problem at all at home. Most people are saying that leaving home is not a solution. The rest of the world is not as nice as one thinks. They are saying that there is more suffering out there, the kind they have never imagined, and much death!

    What is this, "Why don't you go back home" question? What does it have to do with what is being said? It is clear that your aim is to make your critiques quiet. Wherever one is, he/she can voice her stand for the well-being of his/her country men and women in general and their families, neighbors and friends in particular.

    But then, you yourself should be asked, if what you are expressing here is your conviction, why don't you go back to Eritrea and struggle there instead of waiting for the Weyane to deliver you and the "opposition" to the throne on top of their tank?

  58. Why don't you explain how the constitution would stop the Weyane? You are full of hot air! The Weyane is afraid of the Eritrean constitution? Being ever vigilant against an enemy hellbent on destroying you and waiting for every opportunity is the job of a responsible government. However, as you well know it has its own consequences--the same one you are propagating (on their behalf?). The Weyane are keeping the no war no peace condition on purpose, with the backing of their bosses. Constitution or not , they will keep the pressure. Constitution, blah, blah is mentioned by the opposition to appear as if they care.

    Unfortunately, you have made it your business to side the enemy.

  59. Accept Eritreans YES but not the look-likes or sound-likes as Z-Qursus LOL

  60. Radio Mekele ! woyane outsmarted ONLY you who repeat their propaganda day and night LOL

  61. You want to learn about what the Govt has accomplished?Go and see it for yourself, if you have balls LOL

  62. A disappointing FOOLISH reply.
    Change of argument by quoting Ali AbuTaleb, the fourth Califa:

    Men are four types:
    No. 1. A man that knows and knows that he knows, he is knowledgeable, so learn from him.
    No. 2. A man that knows but does not know that he knows, he is sleepy, so wake him up!
    No. 3. A man who does not know but who knows that he does not know, he is ignorant but apt to know, so teach him!

    Choose one of the 4 that might resemble you best.
    P.S: Eritrea is lucky that people like you are spontaneously leaving it, it's like a blessing in disguise.

  63. Are Eritreans not Africans you idiot? Is Eritrea not in Africa?

  64. Is this the only thing the opposition can come up with? With your logic, one could say why are you here preaching for "democracy" and "freedom" when you should be doing it in Eritrea. What's stopping you coward?

  65. let them go back to eritrea and you will see who is eritrean and who is not. i fully support the repatriation of all doggy asylum seekers.

  66. you blame everything on your thin legged cousins weyanos, but the culprit is local bred mafia by the name of manjus, check it out if you do not trust me.

  67. an eritrean business man died of ebolla in drc, as the man was known for his charitable charactor the locals refused to send his body back to his country, meanwhile his wife of 7 years clashed with some eritrean community members as her husbands will is to be burried next to his mother in tigray/northern ethiopia. meanwhile the ethiopian embassy refused the demand for two reasons,1. the person was a stounch government supporter 2. he died of an ebbolla virus so they refused to authorise his removal to ethiopia.
    due to the infection and lack of care his body is decaying few days after his death, this is the indication that his body must be cremated/burned to ashes/ asap.

  68. I went there last time and I didn't see any positive change. What I saw was beyond belief.

  69. Wel come btsay Daniel abzi Geza: Madote Eritrea.

  70. If you are doing the same thing over and over with the same outcome (in our case "negative outcome"), you have to change your way of doing things.
    Tell to that stupid leader either to reform or stepdown.

  71. Number 4 applies our stupid President lol

  72. Good that commenter Osman younis mentioned Eritrean Airlines. Kubrom dafla currently resides in Holland and has told in detail how the airlines was killed by the president and his economic head hagos kisha. Bytheway the article where this site denied ali abdu defected and even made fun of assenna can be found here:

    I found the part where they corrected the supposed arrival time of ali abdu hilarious, from 3.30 PM to AM. Think about it, this site just fabricated a news story, blamed assenna and others for lying trough their teeth, and then corrected a minor aspect of their fake story to make it seem more credible. to the people of this site, Ali Abdu defected, so did kubrom dafla and Rahwa Gebrekristos the ERAF pilot that was sent to Saudi to pick up the presidents plane, so did Luul Gebreab another ERAF pilot and so did many many many others. No matter how hard you lie and fabricate stories about ali abdu or others the truth is out there for everyone to see. your desperation is amusing for all of us.

  73. Do you have statistical data that 1500-3000 Eritreans exit Eritrea every MONTH?

  74. Noway Eritrea will not accept all refugees from tgray. Let them go back to Ethiopia instead.

  75. I feel your anger and frustration. Please welcome back your landsmen who call themselves ERITREANS without any shame:)

  76. As usual you are looking at things as if they exist by themselves. The situation is more complex than you believe. The current Eritrean situation is happening in the current international, continental, regional, local, . . . environment, all of which can present opportunities as well as constraints. Examining all of these will give you the power to appreciate and perhaps conclude that the country and its leaders are doing well under the circumstances. You would also learn what variables the enemies of Eritrea are trying to manipulate for the most favorable outcome in the aim of destabilizing and nullifying the country's independence!

    Let me give you an example using airplanes, as it appears that those machines are one your favorite things. A pilot is landing his airplane in a stormy weather--heavy rainfall, high winds with changing directions, ... . It is almost out of fuel, so it has to land. The nearest airport has a very short runway, but there is no other choice. One of the engine is already lost after being shutdown when struck by lightening and catching fire. The pilot lands the airplane as it was being tossed around by the high winds but it is thrown out of its path landing with its fuselage diagonal to the runway and eventually running into a ditch. The airplane is heavily damaged. Many passengers are injured while a few die.

    The analogy here is that you are criticizing the pilot for the dead, injured and the loss in property without taking into account the circumstances under which the pilot landed the airplane. Moreover, you and others (some of you purposely, some because of hatred to the president, some presumably being paid for the service they provide and others by refusing to think by taking all the circumstances into account) do not even know how to fly an airplane (lead their own lives let alone a country)! At least the president has lead a difficult and protracted revolution!

    And please speak of the president of your country with some respect. It reflects on you.

  77. Thanks for reminding me, a very interesting proverb that I had forgotten.

  78. Are Eritreans Africans or are they Red Indians?

  79. Late comer, the US and the Weyane are smarter than the PFDJ. not because they have a better brain but the means to convince & buy mercenaries and traitors with dollars and plenty of wickedness.

    Hai perfettamente ragione, 'tutti i nodi stanno venendo al pettine', anzi sono gia' rendi conto e' pronto e sai benissimo chi la paghera amara.

    Con Shaebia non si scherza.

  80. Come in please and have a comfortable seat, guests like you are always welcome!

  81. I wish that the barber with 'toothless comb' called Haile WM would read the above post, not so that he may redeem but to know that the conspiracy against Eritrea is no more a secret.

  82. Wow! An analogy worth a reputable prize,
    unfortunately, the lost-souls and the neuron-deficient people like Cruise will fail to comprehend.

  83. Why would I be angry and frustrated that Ali abdu defected and this site made themselves look foolish by fabricating a story (complete with time correction lol) about his imaginary return to Asmara? On the contrary it is people like you who seem to be frustrated by all the defections of pilots (leul gebreab, rahwa gebrekristos and others), high government officials (ali abdu, kubrom dafla) and football players (I believe we now have a total of FOUR complete Eritrean teams living abroad, but I have to admit I lost count, perhaps you know the exact number of times an Eritrean football squad defected).

    Me thinks you are frustrated that Eritrea is an insignificant player in the horn of africa thanks to the president for life. Kenya announced today that the brand new highway connecting Mombasa-Nairobi-Moyale-Hawassa and Addis will be finished in about 12 months and will significantly boost trade between the two countries and will strengthen regional integration.

    Last month it was announced that the Djibouti-Addis railway is 50% complete. Ethiopian Airlines as mentioned previously by another commenter here is a Star Alliance member, has increased the number of planes in its fleet (including 10 state of the art Dreamliners and Airbus A350 XWB planes), flies to major destinations in East Asia, Europe, Africa and North and South America.

    Meanwhile Eritrean Airlines over the last decade has decreased the number of flights, it does not even fly to Europe anymore, has a shrinking fleet and even when it leases a plane every now and then, this site will immediately publish the news so that frustrated people like cane libero, meriet, wedinafka and yourself can boast about that insignificant fact. It does not matter that the plane is a 17 year old boeing A320, It does not matter that the airline is crumbling, it does not matter that it does not even have a website like all major (and minor) flag carriers have.

    In your frustrated and imaginary world, just imagining Eritrean Airlines is a rapidly expanding carrier with an (invisible) large fleet and (invisible) pilot training center is enough. Just like in your imaginary world, news about ali abdu defecting is untrue and he was seen (imaginary) arriving in Asmara probably in an (imaginary) Eritrean Airlines plane. Good luck with your anger management, frustration control and above all reality check. Listen to Kubrom Dafla for the reality check you seem to be needing.

  84. T'hsho, keep lighting up madote and illuminate us with your wisdom; the barking dog sometimes makes a mess unintentionally.

  85. Interesting analogy using airplanes mister asha. Let me stay on topic and use the airline industry (or the Eritrean airline industry to be more precise as an example).

    Eritrean Airlines over the last decade has decreased the number of
    flights, it does not even fly to Europe anymore, has a shrinking fleet
    and even when it leases a plane every now and then, this site will
    immediately publish the news so that frustrated people like cane libero,
    meriet, wedinafka and yourself can boast about that insignificant fact.
    It does not matter that the plane is a 17 year old boeing A320, It does
    not matter that the airline is crumbling, it does not matter that it
    does not even have a website like all major (and minor) flag carriers
    have. Moreover two of its first two CEO's have defected (Captain Asres and Kubrom Dafla). The last person has outlined in detail how the dictator in chief was micromanaging (and thus mismanaging) everything for Eritrean Airlines. He recalls meetings with the president where he at the end and out of the blue would demand EA will fly from Massawa Airport alone, to the shock and horror of the Eritrean Airlines board of directors.

    No one is denying that Eritrea has gone through (and is still going trough) difficult times. No one denies the negative role the international community in the past (and present) has played towards Eritrea. This however does not absolve the dictator Asmara from his responsibilities towards the people. The dictator even refuses to tell the families of Petros Solomon, Ogbe Abraha and other patriots who are rotting in jail what their condition is? These people have fought for decades for Eritrea and are now in prison over a decade without any court case or access to lawyers or family. Do you ever think of those people, the heroes who, to use your words ´lead a difficult and protracted revolution´?
    isaias has never thought of publishing a national budget and give insight and transparency into the governments handling of the peoples finances. Only when the SEMG pressured him, he caved in and gave extensive details regarding the 2% diaspora tax and mining revenue. What does that tell you about the dictator in chief. It tells you that he only succumbs to international pressure. The sanctions will not be lifted anytime soon and you can thank the dictator in Asmara for that. Bytheway make sure to listen to Kubrom Dafla on youtub.e, so you can understand how Eritrean Airlines came to its current abysmal state. To use your analogy: The airplane (leased) is heavily damaged, many (imaginary) passengers are injured and the (fictive) Airline in question is dead. I will let you guess what Airline I'm talking about, but I'll give you a hint: Kubrom Dafla and Captain Asres were the heads of that airliner long before it began its freefall ;)

  86. Why are you more concerned about Eritrean issues? take your hands off neighbor. If you ask Kibrom Dafla and others, they wouldnt agree for you to defend their cause because they fought to free themselves from your agony.

  87. I like your last sentence LOL

  88. late understander, the time to brag about shaebia is long past, shaebia is a dead cow, you can beat it but to no avail.

    caro terreno agricolo, sei anacronisticamente dietro di qualche decennio, shaebia era forte grazie al popolo con il popolo e per il popolo. Adesso shaebia è morta e spolta grazie al tuo padrone di tembien l' ubriacone. (lo sai di parlo vero ? ) .
    e tempo che ti shieri con il tuo popolo prima che sia troppo tardi per te.

  89. LOL.., i love how Isaias is on your minds 24/7 365days.
    First his full tigray, then his father is tigray but his mother is eritrean. Then hagos is tegaru. Then his an alcholic. These are lies started way back in the 1970's to try and cause division in the EPLF by successive Ethiopian commies/facists etc.. Trained very well in the art by the west and russians. The same way "white republicans" say obama is kenyan lol., even tho his been more corrosive to Africa than most white presidents. They say show us your birth certificate!! your a muslim although he's blown up more Muslims than the past 2 administrations and all this even tho he said himself he is a christian. Your slow so you might not know where im going with this.

    Tell how how any of that is relivant to this current topic or broadly why you tegaru's or just treasonous Eritreans think this is relivant. Oh your barred from eritrea? thats why huh? you don't like our military then excuse my french F you. We actually have real problems in adei. We never ever paint a rosey picture. But our nationalism and deep roots always rubs you bastards the wrong way. Who cares that's YOUR problem go see a shrink and stop hounding Eritreans. You have nothing constructive to say. So just leave and good riddens.

  90. oh now.... they were saying africans to teach that eritrea is indeed in africa :D
    you can't fool everybody every time. ripigliati geografo !

  91. oh there you are Geography professor. Is that your latest discovery ? or you have a new marvelous one ?
    thanks for stating the obvious, what is not obvious is why they didn't say eritreans already ?? terediuka do mr Colombus? next time you have a new geographical discovery please enlighten us

  92. After FAA and NTSB did the investigation of the accident, based on the Digital voice data recorder aka black box, as well as the report gained from medical examination of the pilot, they found out the following
    1. The pilot ignored / underestimated the dangers of precipitation and in-flight weather condition and flow the airplane through the storm. The pilot could have changed his flight route and avoid this incident.
    2. The pilot had traces of alcohol in his blood beyond allowable limit and that could be the reason why he underestimated the weather condition.
    3. The pilot made a tactical error when fire started on engine # 1. He mistakenly armed and fired cargo bay fire extinguisher; this could be due to alcohol level in his blood that affected his judgement.

    The final report concluded, pilot's poor judgment, poor action and decision is the primary cause of this accident. There are still investigation going on why the pilot didnt hand

  93. There is still investigation going on why the pilot didnt hand over the control to the co-pilot.

  94. Where in a fairytale? Do i have to teach every one of you hamburger big mac lovers about democracy? Go read a F'ing book. 1776 do you know what that represents. That is the independence day of a country you are probably living in. Do you know when people of color got the right to vote in that country? 1965.

    We eritreans want a REAL democracy, not just nice words on a piece of paper that mean absolutely nothing to us atm. We are literally sitting on gold and many evils like yourself would like it to go to our enemies. Again slow one, CONTEXT, we started from BELOW ZERO. We have secured food and education and health for everyone a big feat with the rest of the world cheering for us to fail JUST like in the past. We have created a society and atomsphere that can now nurture TRUE democracy and the consitituion of Eritrea is being written as we speak. FOR Eritreans BY Eritreans. We have normalized our relations with almost all hostile countries besides those that wish us ill. Mainly Langley and ethiopia minority government. The stage is set for eritrea to prosper. You will never get your wish for us to fail.

  95. "Shaebia is a dead cow..."
    This is style news or Vaccaro's tantrums.
    Do you have its death certificate authenticated

    by your Weyane or CIA?
    I presume that as a seminary graduate, you have prepared a nice eulogy or composed a requiem for its burial (the cow).

    Hallucination is not a vice, whatever it's, we know that enemies of Shaebia/Eritrea/Hafash are all afflicted by or prey of it, thence, you can't be an exception.

    Caro indolente, un essere normale, al contrario dei traditori tipo camaleonti, si schiera solo una volta.

  96. Yes I have! Do you want me to email it to you lol.

  97. Ok smart guy! I did not give you the conditions you added, so obviously the additional assumptions you have put in are not considered. True, you outsmarted me on that! I concede as much. I could have avoided and perhaps forced you to look at the situation by including a further assumption that the appropriate authorities concluded no misdeeds on the part of the pilot or flight control or what have you. I mistakenly, despite evidences otherwise, thought that you were interested in conversation. Inadvertently, you have told everyone you are interested in talking louder than those who present opinions different from you!

    You are just avoiding looking at the issue as I have described. Readers here will understand my point: when one is able to see events in their totality, they will appreciate that the country has been taken care of in the best way the situation permits without compromising its sovereignty and independence--which is clear for all Eritreans that it is those the enemy is after!

  98. Yes, they did! ZCruz avoided the issue by bringing his own additional assumption!

  99. is that you PFDJ puppets don't have fantasy ? is it because MemrHi ziwehabekum hade Aynet ? what ever is said you just label people CIA or Woyane, it's boring and it shows your limited cognitive activities ;)

    Sig. Papagallo ripetere sempre le stesse frasi non è sintomo di intelligenza estrema, ma questo si sapeva...
    continuare a fare il papagallo prego ... CIA, Woyane, marziani, gengis khan...

  100. Hey Mr. Lebam! I am not talking about Eritrean Airlines! If truth be told, I do not jump to conclusions without listening to both sides of the issue, and as you can presumably guess, the circumstances under which the alleged decisions are proposed or made, unlike you and the other Weyane-purchased cyber warriors! But, what does your talking about Eritrean Airlines and so on say about you while that is not the topic at hand? So, Weyane-like!

    Say whatever you want, Mr Ali, nobody is greater than the country when it comes to its sovereignty and independence not to mention its chosen path of development. If you had tried to follow my analogy, you would have learned that I am saying nothing is as easy as talking! The national security of the country demands unique ways of handling situations that arise in circumstances of extreme hostility that threatens the country. There are prices to pay, and that is what you are observing in the Eritrean circumstances.

    Your enemies try to capitalize on the difficult circumstances some of which are of their own creation. That, by the way, is where you guys come in. Whether you are doing it because of your personal hatred to the president; think, short-shortsightedly, that you are interested in the country's welfare; are the Weyane themselves; are paid for the service you are rendering; or you have your won justification of some kind or another!

    I repeat: Nothing you mentioned above is above the country! It is easy to say blah, blah but difficult to actually lead, even more difficult to lead under hostility that threatens your existence. You are shouting about human rights, and other lofty ideals day and night simply because it will make you look good not because you believe in them or you think you will actually do better! HINT: YOU ARE COLLABORATING WITH THE WEYANE, an organization that bases its (mis)administration on ethnicity, thus preparing the ground for discrimination and ethnic disharmony as the various clashes that took in Ethiopia in the past 24 years or so indicate. Most seriously, you are collaborating with an enemy that destroyed properties, looted, raped, killed both in Eritrea and in Somalia! Do you have any credibility talking about anything lofty?

  101. Gasha, maybe I see things in my simple mind and looking simple solutions to the problems that are surrounding us. Implementation of constitution would give our people the moral and hope, not only that it also would draw the line the governments and people's duty and responsibilities. My distant relative (very educated man) who went back home to contribute to his country got taken out from his home and put in jail without any reason and got released without any trail and without any explanation why he was in prison for years. That is why we simple Eritran demanding constitutional government. There are other simple things like shortening national service, issuing passports to people who want to travel.....all this would stop the hopelessness, the mass migration, corruption......

  102. ok give me a name for him to stepdown "men knbl?" hahaha

  103. I believe all these problems were created by the west and now they say some are Ethiopians or other nationalities. They play a dirty game in Africa, they send armaments to the wrong hands, they pass sanctions not to aggressors but to the regressed one etc etc. If that is so they should bear the consequence.

  104. Gasha Asha kem zibehal, you wrote an entire book on the conspiracies. but that helps you only to justify what is unjustifiable. you don't have to make acrobatic thinking to explain something improbable like conspiring and spying agencies. It simply doesn't worth all the husle for them. If the US wants eritrea your master wedi berad aka wedi tembien would sell eritrea instantly. Remember when he was trying to sell a US base in Eritrea to Donald Rumsfield back in 2002 ? The problem with you PFDJ puppets and cadres is that all you can is parroting the regime propaganda, if they tell you it's because of the US that we don't have Electricity we can't work in our own land we can't live in peace.
    tell me how is Giffa organized by US or Woyane ? how is my people can't live in peace in his own land? How is my grandparents are bearing a Kalashnikov ?? all because of the US right ??

  105. Sig. Cane
    migration is a normal Phenomena, what is not normal is the rate and way it is happening now in eritrea. Please don't sell me the usual Regime propaganda i know what is happening right now in my country. I have being there this summer to witness all the hardships the Giffas the electricity the water shortage etcc... and all the generals living like kings using hard labor of the youth.

    Sig. cane lei può prendersi ingiro fino a quando vuole, è libero di farlo, ma non può e non deve cercare di prendere in giro il popolo eritreo.
    il mio giudizio è totalmente imparziale haragione! Io sono il popolo, io faccio parte del mio popolo, io sto dalla parte del popolo e non del regime.

  106. Your answering your own question the whole time.., The Eritrean government stops invaders and that is the main concern. But if people want to leave we are not fighting them to stop them or trying to fill there head with propaganda to stop them. But there is internet and satellite t.v and other propaganda form outside saying milk and honey milk and honey.

    Most of the people that leave are economic migrants. They send money back home all the time. If the Eritrean gov wanted to stop that they could., or if the diaspora wanted to villianize them they could. But we don't since we are not in a position to judge. The propaganda machine of the west and our neighbors couldn't crack eritrean nationalism. So trying to create an "opposite" is there goal. I use quotes because there is really no opposition cease if the fundera leave they will cease to exist. It really ramped up in late 2000's when people like meron elsa and selam went to look for ngo/un jobs. This coupled with almost immediate access to asylum or refugee status for ONLY Eritreans in most "white" countries is the cause of the exodus. This also became a scam for tigaru that speak tigrinia well. While the average Eritrean can discern the deference in dialect and accent. A white European just stamps APPROVED. They do there home work they even know almost all ministry of eritrean names. Some people in refugee camps are befriended by tegaru and have there identity stolen so they can go claim asylum in western countries. The stories and evidence is endless. if you want more data you will have to go look for it. Your questions are too simple and broad. If you really care its easy to find the answer

    Eritrea faces unique challenges but its people persevere cause there is no alternative. But slowly the world is changing its attitude and soon Eritreans will write a new chapter in history., yet again.

  107. stop cut and paste comments, Bring new ideas and alternatives or at least paste with grace... delete all the space with-in. zi hawey teberaber ms hzbika teselef mis mafia aytideln

  108. I could say the same 2 you hawey. You are wasting our time . Either go look for your own answers or stop posting rubbish trying to start arguments. Hasad seb ehewatay aykonunu. Sebuku kete zareb ente dayte kewun coinka., abze atey igurgur ena.

    Ms hizbay hade iye
    Dehan wali

  109. I'll pretend to be you now ok?
    why is the sky blue?
    how do you have generals of Eritrea finance information? Why are you woyane propaganda?
    Why are you trying to kill the country and distort the real issues and causes of things going on?
    I can tell you for sure that you are ling because i saw your finances and you are rich from doing eritrean propaganda..., btw why does everything taste like chicken? why is your favorite colors yellow and red?

    You and your buddies spouting woyane propaganda i don't wanna hear it. Try to say whats on your mind not what people tell you to say. Can you also tell me what is the time difference between Eritrea and itay? Also can you please write the entire history of Ecuador and Taiwan? I can't use google like you so please write it for me. Then i will reply back to you that your saying propaganda cause im just lazy and want to argue with you more.

    Completely irrelevant to the situation completely out of context, factless, and baseless. This is how you look to the rest of us. Go use your brain for better things. That is if you have one.

  110. So based your assumption, Woyane have studied well our weakness and our strength, but Eritrean government is so stupid that is unable to know the strength of his people as well as the weakness of his enemy. If I don't have right to work freely, if I don't have freedom to move which place I choose, if I don't have the right to elect who to represent me, if I don't have right to carry passport, if I don't have right to set up my own business, if I don't have work to build a family, to have wife and kids, if I don't have right to the basic necessities - what do you want me to do? Please mr Gasha, give me a solution what to do!

  111. Meriet, I need your advice
    If I don't have right to work freely, if I don't have freedom to move which place I choose, if I don't have the right to elect who to represent me, if I don't have right to carry passport, if I don't have right to set up my own business, if I don't have work to build a family, to have wife and kids, if I don't have right to the basic necessities - what do you want me to do? Please mr Gasha, give me a solution what to do!

  112. Mehaba, just because you can write sentences in English doesn't mean you are writing something meaningful.
    Hateftef aytibel zeyrideaka intekone arediuni bel guahmam

  113. Usually, a loony does not ask for advice, since you did ask thence you're only partially loony with a good possibility to get cured.

    You need a medical treatment, visit a psychiatrist he/she will assist you to live according to your prevalent reality.
    (Short-cut: Keep your head attached to your body.)

  114. Fantasy? Do you know what it means?
    We learned how to live realistically, we don't label people, we only describe them precisely.

    Prete deluso, se mi indichi una sola volta che io abbia ripetuto una frase ti daro un premio di tuo gradimento.

    (Genghis Khan era un valeroso guerriero, non come te/voi 'cacca-sotto' ed esperti di pettegolezze dietro le quinte.)

  115. Should I stay or should I go?

  116. I understand that you are not fair when you talk about the migration of Eritrean youth when we know it's human kind antic process..
    Even about electricity what you pretend to have 24/24 hrs like jeddah? we're not pumping oil for the moment, take time, another false with Haile, is to be appreciated the Eritrean Gov. & People for the effort they are paying to build dums the last 20 years..

    Nota: Lei dice di stare con il popolo, ma il popolo Eritreo sta con il suo governo. Dunque di quale popolo parla Lei? quello del tigray?

  117. yes i pretend that it's 24/24 hours electricity, even the DERG or Haile Selassie could give Asmara 24/24 hours electricity. The PFDJ can't even compare to them ? this shows your devotion to the regime. water is even worse, i will leave it there it's quite evident to everybody who lives in asmara. you can brag about building dams but that is totally irrelevant. the policies of PDFJ and Iseyas Afewerki are all failed and are killing the country and it's economy. Worse the people are fleeing at alarming rates, you can simply close you eyes and pretend it's not happening even if I don't understand why you would do that.

    Lei sig. cane lei parla del popolo del tigray ? Mi permetta di osservare che Iseyas è tigraway di origine tembien, Hagos kisha, Yemane charlie e Yemane Monkey sono tutti di origine del Tigray i cosi detti deki arbea. é ironico che lei si permetta di dire a me del tigray. Ma trovo anche più ironico che adesso i DEMHIT facciano il bello ed il cattivo tempo in Eritrea e lei citi il Tigray parlando con me.

  118. Merhaba,
    you are a clules hasas, not even to the minimum requirement for PFDJ cadre.
    Aqmika tezareb, aqmika Hiseb. Yibehal ila dimu tQuaHila aytigbero.
    Some times it's better to stay silent and look like and idiot than opening your mouth and confirm you are effectively an idiot.
    stay put and learn some debating skills

  119. live realistically ?? really ? where ? in italy ?? show us your realistic eritrea and go live there. you are the armchair tegadalay, bragging about eritrea from the comfort of western countries.

    terreno agricolo tu ripeti sempre le stesse frasi, Woyane CIA ecc... (adesso come premio voglio che prendi Yemane monkey a schiaffi al prossimo vostro meeting di YPFDJ)

  120. You call what you do debating? hahahaha! Your just a lame-duck trying to preach war and hatred with the cover of war. I'm an idiot? why am i an idiot while you ask EVERYONE here 101 questions that you can simply goggle?

    Oh since i called out your true nature it has owned that little ego of yours. Now the narcissistic side shows clearly. You want a debate? act like you got some sense then.

  121. Haha spoken like a person who has no home. I'm sorry you alienated your people don't be mad at me. Just admit you are wrong and work for real peace and real solutions and don't go around the internet antagonizing Eritrea and Eritreans.

    You speak and act like a fool on the internet and when people do it to you., that is when you show your panty. Also for god sakes stop speaking out of context and making up your own crap.

  122. is googling your way of finding data ? That shows your age hasas. this is a grown up debate and simply you can't cope with what is being said.
    please for your sake, stay silent and learn more. Try reading books instead of google search.

  123. this is typical of you YPFDJ puppets, you just make silly arguments adorned with "HAHAHA" and "panties". i will repeat my adivic finisch school and read more relevant books.

  124. Gasha asha when i say PFDJ cadre it perfectly suits you. Even if you are not one you just repeat it like them, so the case is you are one of them or you are a cluless hasas.
    the badme ruling has nothing to do with current situation in eritrea. you can't just simply justify everuthing because of the woyane holding a piece of desert in badme.
    it's like a husband biting his wife because his neighbor is trespassing his backyard.
    let me tell this the weyanes will hold that piece of land until they will be able to keep it. there are two options one is kicking them out by force the other is negotiation with them in talks.
    the first option i don't think we are able to do that given the state of things of the eritrean Governament and it's youth runing all overe the world, PFDJ coudn't even retaliate when woyane got inside eritrea 2 years ago let alone getting back badme by force.
    the second option would mean Iseyas's rule would simply end his rule of brute force.
    so now it's up to you, mr cadre, what are going to do about it ? are going to fight for badme ? or let it do to your grandfather for you ?
    you are here in the west and defend eritrea in forums? Nice one !
    Keep it up

  125. -Constitution is not implemented - because of Woyane
    - Human right is not respected - because of Woyane
    - Heros such as Petros, Aster Sherifo, Aster Selomon, Sherifo..... thrown into prison -because of Woyane
    - intellectuals such as Dr kiflom are thrown into prison - because of Woyane
    - Eritrean Airlines is bankrupted - because of Woyane
    - Sea farm in Massawa is bankrupted - because of Woyane
    - Eritrean Pilots, Navy.... Are running away from the country - because of Woyane
    - There is no electricity and running water because of Woyane

    This is like a student who got F in all subjects ( even in physical activity) saying " it is because of my teachers.

    Mr. Gasha, based on your writing you are very intellectual person (which I admire you), but when are you going to say " government handling on this and that issues are wrong, we should reform this and that, since we fail on this and that, we should change our strategy on those.........
    Remember it is a crime when your own government denies its citizens their god given right to live. Please Mr. Gasha, don't be blind nationalist because it will cloude your reasoning and judgment.

  126. Cane Libero, you and I know we never have beggars in Eritrea before, but today you see beggars with decent dresses all over the corner and ask you for money. It pained my heart when I saw these people and that alone told me we are dip down in the bottom. Your stupid leaders intention is to put us in the same level as his cousins on the other side MEREB. He is humiliating us intentionally and purposely. We are humiliated, insulted.... Our Eritrean pride, spirit, nationalism is diminishing everyday. This is well engineered by master cone artist Issayas Afeworki. The Hyena from Nakifa.

  127. No this SHOWS your age, Your a stupid old man that is barred from Eritrea don't be mad man. I told you the key is to make peace but you won't listen.

    My old friend.., have you ever heard of Ebooks? have you ever heard of cnn,bbc,rtv,cnbc,eritv,blogs,websites,internetnews, and many other news organizations? HELL even YOUTUBE? this is not the dark ages my old friend. The information is at your finger tips. Which i encompassed all by saying google but you try and flip that to mean im young and foolish. You got caught in that trap and you are old and foolish. The last bit of elation and self recognition you get is from arguing with Eritreans on the net. I can walk in Eritrea i can call to Eritrea i can talk with its people on its streets and that is like salt on your old and festering wounds.

    I don't hate you tho.., hey even a hero can be wrong. You need to make amends instead of trying to get people to see a flawed point of view. Stop flaunting your ignorance on the internet. Such an old ignorant perspective and arguments that is not graceful at all for elders of Eritrea. Say rational and respectable non conjured up things and we will respond in kind. But your personal vendetta., this is no place for it.

  128. " we will respond in kind... "

    who is "we" ? hasas YPFDJ cadre.
    I told you to finish your school and learn some eritrean manners, If you think I am an old man you should never have addressed me "Your a stupid old man ".
    In Eritrea we don't do that, not because we think old men can't be wrong, but out of respect we address "aboy kusto tegagikum alekum" out of pure respect for an elder according to our tradition. only nisika hade nefat who grew up in the west can address old people like that adorning your comment with "HAHAHA" and panties joke. Hasas YPFDJ go back to school :)

  129. Where must you be my friend? I know Gasha was pouring water over a rock; and he knows exactly what he was doing, for many are learning and relearning about the truth. But, haile is no better than a 'tSelim eMnee' a woyane that lives on illusions that some day he will be called Eritrean. DOA! Now go and suck on a lollipop.

  130. It does not matter where & how I live, what matters most is that I live according to my Shabia principles, which is Eritrea first.

    Prete fastidioso ed inutile, dovresti sapere la differenza tra una frase ed un sostantivo, le due entita maledette che hai menzionato non sono frasi percio' hai errato.
    Peccato, avevo l'intenzione di premiarti con un libro molto istruttivo, intitolato 'Gioventu Perduta Priva di Speranze e Vita Equilibrata'. Raccolte di storie vere di personggi come, buoni a nulla.

    Salutami Akhonnenom aka Adhanom l'ex ambasciatore di spazzatura.

  131. That is exactly our brothers and sisters doing right now. Finally you could be able to admit it.
    Welcome to reality my sister Meriet. :))

  132. You stupid Nefat wedi Spagadish, let me lower myself to your level and reply you in accordance. Instead of jumping in American democracy why don't you look and learn from small countries such as Namibia, Botswana.... We have more in common with them than We have with USA. Your coconut head hallucinating that we started from Zero hahaha that was funny. My Rissi Akkat friend, We didn't start from Zero, we had all functional institutions when Shabia entered Eritrea. We had schools, small manufucturing industries, service sector, fully educated and skilled people. What brought us to Zero is your alcoholic leader the hyena from Nakfa. Have any of you seen Eritreans begging on the street before? I grew up hearing from my parents "miliman aybahlinan iu , Eritrawi aliminin iu.... " but today you see Eritreans begging on the street of Asmara. This is what I call below Zero (like you IQ)

  133. Yes but you don't deserve respect. You are trying to destabilize my country. I am also responding in kind. I was provoked and i called you stupid not out of disrespect but you ask question you can find the answers to yourself in a matter of minutes of leg work.
    If you are indeed an elder i apologize i treat all my elders even if they arn't Eritrean with respect. But i have been working since the age of 16 and i've seen many "elders and adults alike" act like they are preteens. So i'm not addressing your physical age at that time.

    Anyways i am done i don't want you to lure me into anymore fruitless arguments. As for going back to school.., i have a bachelors and masters. Next time i will go back to school will be in a decade so i can get the credentials to teach computer science in my home country. thanks very much sir have a good day.

  134. Btw you are not sitting on the gold, you are sitting on the ship that your hyena leader planted. HAGOS Kisha is the one who is sitting on the gold. Tomorrow when you wake up you will find the gold in Tembien

  135. ZCruz,
    I know you have decided not to see my point, but I have to try and convince you. In fact my participation here is to understand why people do not see what is obvious to most of us. Now I am convinced that some are the enemy, some have their own axe to grind, some are the perfectionists, who see everything mechanistically, some are completely dishonest, some are, . . . . . I want the redeemable of these not to hand their hard-earned independence away, as that is the most precious thing that we can lose if we do the very thing that the enemy wants us to do! The saying, "The gold that you already own is (mistakenly) considered as good as copper" is what comes to my mind when I read postings such as yours!

    Look around the world. There is no one and nothing perfect especially, governments. We cannot even be as perfect as circumstances permit us. All of us.

    You are still asking me questions to which I have already given you
    the answers to all of the questions you have asked if you care to read
    carefully. The key thing is that you need do is to put your priorities right! Nothing people perceive or find is wrong is as precious as our hard-won independence and existence as a sovereign country!

  136. Now, be civilized and put the insult aside. You must really be convinced that you cannot make me see your point!

    We must have met before; I recognize the way you are expressing your point--the same arguments as before, the same ones the Weyane put forth, claims but no explanations! And convincing you are! You are advocating that we do just what they ask? You do not see the shortsightedness in that? Their demand is not going to stop there!

    Let's argue that you are right, that Eritrea cannot do anything. How do you think we reached this point? Could it be because the Weyane, you their paid servants, and the Weyane bosses worked so hard to effect the conspiracy I have been telling you about? Go ahead and keep denying it. Are you "oppositions" so desperate that you have to resort to the use of such a feeble argument. Do not hope to bring anyone on your defeatist side!

    Once again you are saying I am repeating what the PFDJ say. I, at least gave you the reasons I say to justify my claim. In fact the reasons I gave you were just of the top of my head, so not necessarily the best ones! Perhaps the PFDJ has the same explanations (you claim) as mine or vice- versa, because we both have the only logical explanation! What reason, plausible explanation have you given me?

    The important answers readers in this forum and I are waiting to hear from you are those I always ask of you the "opposition:" How are you going to deal with the Weyane's obstinate behavior regarding the border? If, as you claim, the Eritrean government is week compared to the Weyane and that they will never hand in Badme, how do you think your much more feebler government deal with them? Are you going to continue to be their puppets? How do you expect to stop them from taking more precious territories such as Assab and its environs? Do you think our people will accept you as an alternative to the current government? What will they do when they see you coming with the Weyane? What guarantees our people that once the various factions of you come in, you wont fight with each other for power? It is probable after all, why should our people risk supporting you? There are more questions than you can answer!

    Not expecting a satisfactory answer,

    Doubtfully yours,


  137. Gasha what you and the PFDJ cadre don't understand is that at the end of the day the destiny of Eritrea depends on the Eritrean people. we achieved our independence thanks to our unity not because we were more powerful than the Ethiopian army but because we fought united with a just cause. the same goes for badme and other future problems Eritrea will face. If we fight as a country we can achieve our goals.
    the case with badme is settled for good, it's an Eritrean town ruled by the EEBC and nothing will change that. The woyane can stay there but at the ed of the day that piece of land is Eritrean.
    Now lets get back to the situation in Eritrea, how the hell is Badme relevant to the fact eritreans can't lead normal life in their land ?
    how is badme impeding the process of national political development ? why is that Eritreans can't work in Eritrea ? no Licence is given to people to work in Eritrea. Instead of encouraging the youth to stay and lead a normal life create jobs and make suitable environment for them to grow in eritrea the government is making them flee in droves by conscription for endless national service, where they build dams for 450 nakfa per month. Tell me how is that badme has got to do with the matter?? this is basic facts i am not going to mention the fact of political prisoners the absence of basic freedom of national free press freedom of religion etc..
    In Eritrea not even the national assembly is working anymore can you explain why ??
    Even the PFDJ doesn't work as a front, Based on the organizational charter of the PFDJ it should have done the congress every 7 years and elected the leader of the party and it central committee accordingly. But that never occurred! can you explain it to me please ? let me tell you this out of the 70 plus central committee members of pfdj that elected Iseyas as their leader more than half are dead or in prison the other half is roaming the streets of asmara or out of capacity or frozen. Do you still believe there is PFDJ in it's proper capacity ?
    Gasha what I am telling you is evident to every Eritrean.
    The problem is there in the palace. Everything goes according to one rule i.e. Iseyas holding power at the expense of Eritreans, be them veterans (like those arrested in late time like Ali Omaro the ambasador to Nigeria) or simple tera ertreawyan (like those thousands in prison for many reasons)
    Badme has nothing to do with it at all ! the regime stooges will tell it's because of badme woyane and the US but good governance of our people is not dependent upon external factors.
    Now you tell wich side you want to be, the regimes part of our youth ?

  138. Your Shabia principle ? you are a funny dude. armchair principle of being shabia from the amenities of the west that you despise :) how convenient. Meanwhile your grandpa is holding your Kalashnikov for you because you choose to run like a rabbit in order to lead a life of commodities in the west, hey but you have a principle ! your armchair shabia principle of eritrea first but before that, your easy life in the west that permits your principle to live on :)

    non so chi sia sto' prete che ti sta dando fastidio ma ti consiglio di andare a confessarti da lui, generalmente i peccatori provano fastidio davanti ad un prete perche hanno la coscienza sporca.

    maestro d' italiano, per brevità avevo messo solo woyane e CIA credendo che fossi abbastanza intelligente da capire che intendevo dire che ripeti le frasi con i due sostantivi in mezzo, ripeti sempre che Woyane occupa badme e che la CIA ci destabilizza.... cmq non accetto libri scritti da Sofia Tesfamariam, quelli servono per estendere la tua intelligenza da cucciolo PFDJ con brillanti prospettive per diventare cadre.

    P.S. non so chi sia sto Adhanom ma se vedo qualcuno che si chiama cosi te lo saluterò calorosamente.

  139. You nail it brilliantly

  140. merhaba wake up !!! smell the coffe! it's time you get out from your slumber state of mind. I am not the one who is destabilizing your country (supposing you are a true eritrean and not like your masters deki arbea). the one who is destabilizing MY Country is Iseyas and his gang.
    It's amazing you declare you have bachelor and masters degree, and i will accept that at face value, however education in your case doesn't mean you have achieved enough wisdom nor increased intelligence. Your way of expressing your self is that of an illiterate and that of an ignorant, keep making assumptions about others (me) and believe what ever the propaganda of PFDJ is telling you in order to read reality on the ground. Quite frankly a minimum education would have revealed for you the facts on the ground glaringly, because people like me, without education nor certification use wisdom to see what is good and what is bad.

  141. Do you even have a brain ?

    you just resonate like a mentally challenged one.
    first you say "You have boiled down everything I have been pointing out as a question of Badme"

    then you say "Just to recap, my position is that the Weyane must leave all occupied Eritrean territories immediately"
    now unless there are other places that are under occupation by woyane that i am not aware of, let me advice you: can you please make peace with your mind ? as there are some parts that are conflicting in your tiny brain.

    Regime change is what worries you ?? we shouldn't even have a regime in first place you PFDJ puppet don't seem to understand it, we should have had a proper government in first place with a functioning apparatus an implemented constitution and rule of law.

    How dare you can something like i am hired by woyane ?? You mentally challenged puppet who didn't even finish his cadre classes.
    Here we are discussing Eritrea and the Regime that is holding our people as hostages threatening the woyane CIA or god-knows what to hold power and make our lives impossible in our own land. Do you get it ??
    let me repeat it for you: WE ARE DISCUSSING ERITREAN MATTERS not woyane or CIA do you get it ???
    And who told i am OPPOSITION ?? you PFDJ want to reduce every thing to Woyane CIA and OPPOSITION, you don't care about the normal standard Eritrean opinion. All you worry is WOYANE CIA and OPPOSITION because what you care is about how to hold POWER indefinitely and what scares you the most is regime change!!
    let me tell you this PFDJ puppet Regime will be changed soon by the people of Eritrea and that time is not far. You should wise up by then and side with your brutalized brothers, but until then you are Gasha Asha for me.

  142. only you don't to seem to understand the points at hand. consider brain transplant

  143. Priest turned Don Quixote, thanks for your entertaining opinions, really great, good as lessons for practical extrapolation, and how to regurgitate toxic enemy material.
    I gave you the possibility to discharge all you had in your useless self, you've nothing more to say, but please, for curiosity's sake:-
    You know that I'm posting from my comfortable life in the West, what about you?
    Are you posting from Hebo or Korbaria?

    Pezzente, hai detto che non conosci il tuo leader Akhonnenom/Adhanom, allora salutami il tuo compagno di lotta, Saleh Gadi.


  144. imbecile, insulting you would be very easy for me, after all you are like like a prostitute you are at the service who is paying you more. this time is PFDJ next who knows maybe the demhits or woyane.

    piccola imbecille prima di nominare presonaggi del calibro di salih Gadi ti dovresti sciaquare la bocca con vagisil

  145. I guess this is the kind of occasion where people say LOL! LOL!

    Fortunately for you, you are not using your real name. Otherwise, you would have been the laughing stock of your peers! I do not care about who you are it is what you say that is important!

    Let's look at what you are saying: [1] ' first you say "You have boiled down everything I have been pointing out as a question of Badme" '

    [2] 'then you say "Just to recap, my position is that the Weyane must leave all occupied Eritrean territories immediately" now unless there are other places that are under occupation by woyane that i
    am not aware of, let me advice you: can you please make peace with your mind ? as there are some parts that are conflicting in your tiny brain. '

    Wow! You need to work on your reading comprehension! Pay attention to contextual clues as well! After the part you quoted from me, I also said, "just for your convenience!" I had to say this to you because you seemed to get (boil down my discussion with you to Badme) only a tiny fraction of my discussion. Now I am convinced that you were purposely avoiding the challenges I invited you to think about, not only the first time, but also this time!

    One other thing you should understand is that regime change is not a picnic. It causes destruction and death of innocents. The question is can you "OPPOSITIONS" (for what else are you if you advocate regime change?) do it, whether by yourselves or with the Weyane?

    Finally, you revealed to readers here that you do not even believe in what you are doing. If you were, would you have resorted to insults? Would you have thrown tantrums without a serious understanding about my points? You must just be trying to do your job! It is frustrating isn't it? I hope they pay you well!

    Remember that there are readers here. They can read our discussion and judge for themselves! You should not have resorted to insults. IF you were campaigning to earn trust and bring people to your side, YOU HAVE FAILED!

    P.S: There are other places than Badme that are still occupied! Do your homework, mister!

  146. bring people to my side ? really ? is that what matters here ? in a clearly pro-PFDJ individually run website ? you must be joking. Here I am just expressing what an average eritrean thinks about PFDJ. My real name is what you read you imbecile, i don't need to use "gasha Asha" as a nick name.

    before crying like a baby for being insulted consider the fact that you accused me of being a woyane paid agent... that s typical of you paid cadres whi live in the west.
    If you have the balls and you believe in PFDJ please go back to Eritrea and act on what you believe. Your grandpa is holding the kalasnikov for you because you choose to run like a rabbit. Consider the fact that your grandpa is abused if he doesn't show-up for military training by demhit round-ups.



  149. How eloquent! How deep! Let me guess where you are: it is not in Eritrea! Weyane Land?

    'tSelim eMnee!' OK, have the last word! You are not improving your position. What are you doing? You don't even know what you are doing? We know.. You just can't admit it!

    Enjoy your stay wherever you are! It might be a long, long time! Adios!!!!

  150. you are hilariuos for a shabia cadre, usually you guys are quite boring but you must be the exception that confirms the rule.
    the "We know..." part of your comments reveals a lot of you.
    next time you go to asmara check your back as I might poup-up and give you some lessons on "We know.."

  151. It does not matter if these people spent their young and productive years fighting for the country! According to you, they do not have the requisite "ethnic purity!" I don't believe even the Nazi's had ethnic criteria as refined as you are setting!

    Then you turn around and try to preach to us about democracy, human rights and other weighty ideals! You should know your whole mentality is against the practice of those lofty ideas!

  152. did you google arround the translation ? or you are the same person i was replaying to ?
    I was telling your PFDJ friend-collegue (or you..) that saying tigray people whenever they are challenged it's not wise since speaking of tigray all the ruling clique of PFDJ are of tigray origin.
    You PFDJ cadres have no shame in accusing people of being tigray when in-fact those who are your bosses are from tigray. Hasas Gasha asha


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