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Anniversary Celebration of the Eritrean-German Youth North Rhine-Westphalia

100 visitors attended the anniversary celebration of Eritrean-German Youth Group NRW

Anniversary celebration of the Eritrean-German Youth North Rhine-Westphalia

By Eritrean-German Youth Group NRW,

The anniversary celebration to the one-year-old cohesion of the Eritrean youth in North Rhine Westphalia, took place on the 1st of November, 2014 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Approx. 100 visitors from the area North Rhine-Westphalia & surrounding towns were represented. Predominantly the visitors formed young Eritreans from different towns NRWs as well as the Eritrean women's group Dusseldorf & Wuppertal supported the youth by her participation.

The organizers talked about the foundation, history & motives to the origin of the Eritrean youth group, as well as about the aims and the importance of the preservation of the Eritrean history & culture!

The programme was very many-sided & was enriched by a speech about the importance of own Eritrean identity, a poem about the Eritrean roots with an appeal to the youth to fight for her future as Eritrean!

A progress report of young Eritreans followed over her Eritrea trip in 2014. They described her experiences about the Sawa programme & different towns of Eritrea. They motivated Eritrean youngsters, who grow up in the Diaspora and Eritrea interested people, to get to know the country!

Finally there was a musical contribution with which the audience was animated to take part.

The anniversary of the Eritrean Youth celebrated with dance & togetherness. The Eritrean youth group NRW exists since September 2013. They came together at the Mekete North Rhine-Westphalia event in Dusseldorf, in which they were told to introduce themselves more in the Eritrean Community for the preservation of the Eritrean culture & identity.

Since that time the group had some successful events& could strengthen the Eritrean youth to fight together for Unity!

Would you like to find out more about the Eritrean- German youth group in North Rhine-Westphalia?

YouTube Channel: Eritrean- German Youth NRW:

                                 Pictures courtesy of Eritrean-German Youth NRW - For more images of the event, visit their Google+ page

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