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YPFDJ Europe concluded its Annual Training of Trainers (ToT) program in Denmark

YPFDJ attending ToT program in Copenhagen, Denmark - (Photo Credit: YOUNG PFDJ)

YPFDJ Europe concluded its Annual Training of Trainers (ToT) program in Copenhagen, Denmark 

12 October 2014

YPFDJ Leaders who came from across Europe held their annual Training of Trainers ( ToT) event, where more than 60 chapter leaders and core YPFDJ members held three days event of meetings, workshops and lectures on topics ranging from organisational development, institutional building and strengthening PFDJ.

The three days event was attended by YPFDJ leaders from Switzerland, Italy, UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland have gathered to evaluate the status of the Eritrean Youth organisation and address crucial issues on strengthening the youth movement and empowering the leaders with knowledge and skills to serve the Eritrean youth and community and achieve the ultimate goal of serving their nation.

In the event Mr. Yonas Manna, Charge D'affaires of the Eritrean Embassy in Scandinavia was present to greet the participants and open the proceedings by giving opening speech and welcoming the youth to Scandinavia.

The 67 strong members of YPFDJ Europe were delegates who were chosen by their respective local YPFDJ chapters to represent them in the event and are expected to return to their chapters to inform and train their local members on the subjects discussed and agreed during the event.

The Training of Trainers (TOT) event is an annual YPFDJ Europe event which has being held since 2009 where the leaders and active members gather to develop key skills and knowledge to achieve the short and long term goals of the movement. The event was hosted by the local chapter YPFDJ copenhagen with close support and assistance of the Eritrean community in Denmark. The PFDJ chapter, National Union Eritrea Woman, Eritrean Community association under the collective umbrella of National Eritrean committee in Denmark have supported morally, financially and logistically to make the event successful.

Some of the key points discussed in this event was

  1. To clarify the bylaws of the chapters to help with clear methods of working across the movement including the role of the national chapter based leadership 

  2. Update status of all national chapters of their activities during the last 6 months based on the work plan agreed in the 10th annual YPFDJ conference in Switzerland. 

  3. Discussed and debated on Eritrea’s achievements over the past two decades and raised the weaknesses we have with the context of the numerous challenges we faced over the past decades; and use the assessment to strategize for the future. 

  4. Discussed and approved the annual YPFDJ Europe work plan that will be implemented by all chapters 

  5. Discussed and planned on all the large projects we implement together in  Europe including the 11th YPFDJ conference that will be held in Germany during April 2015 

During the 5th Training of Trainers (ToT) in copenhagen the following concluding remarks were agreed:

  1. to review and improve our organisational and working methods in our movement, a draft bylaws was presented and discussed during the gathering and was decided to be introduced in its draft status for final approval during the 11th YPFDJ conference in Germany. 

  2. The organisational role and working methods of the YPFDJ National Boards was presented and agreed for immediate implementation 

  3. The participants of the gathering discussed the current status of our nation in the context of our progress in nation building and highlighted the major achievements and present weaknesses we are facing as a nation. Participants agreed to increase their engagement and action by enhancing their understanding of the internal and external challenges facing our nation. 

  4. To prioritise and increase the level of consciousness of members by planning different methods of knowledge raising sessions 

  5. The current status of the YPFDJ strategic document will be coming to an end in 2014 and the gathering agreed to revise the YPFDJ Strategy document and work on implementing the vision, mission and goals stated in the document 

  6. to work in close association and synergy with all national organisations in their respective locality 

  7. to increase the close coordination and working method with Eritrea, the gathering agreed to strengthen the organisational link with NUEYS and other national institutions. 

  8. The gathering agreed the next Training of Trainers 2015 event will be  held in Italy. 

Eternal Remembrance to our Martyrs!

Victory to the Masses

12 October 2014

Copenhagen, Denmark

Visit here for more pictures of the event
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  1. eritrea is on the brink to collapse! why do you cheat people!

  2. USA along with IGAD is studying the current state failure of eritrea,that eritrean government is dying and decaying!

  3. Is beautiful to see gatherings of many minds, for sure something new and powerful comes out..Then the new generation of the Eritrean diaspora is basically educated averagely at degree level..As a consequence we can state that Eritrea's future is in the hand of dynamic generation and most of all full of intellectual ability.
    Great full deki Eritrea, awet ab serahkum

  4. PFDJ is father of YPFDJ, as an italian proverb will say, "il figlio supera il maestro" (the student overpass the tutor). YPFDJ is an incredible youth generation and a dynamic organization that will heir the country's future leading with a wise elderly people adviceses and experience. Go ahead my dear comrades we, united under the same umbrella are untouchable and strong..

    Eternal memory to our Martyrs
    Victory to the Masses (Awet Ne Haffash/Awet Egel Reheb Gebil/Anesuru Le Jemahir/Batafala Ajenasasi)

  5. who would take the appearance for reality? Only the slavish cult worshiper. The con artist and rascal isaias afewerqi , typical of his Libi tigrai Twi Tway heritage, uses semantics, such as PFDJ, YPFDJ, Hade Libi, Warsai, Serving the Truth etc. feeding his slavish cultworshipers with what they want to hear. Thus hypnotizing them, he feverishly undertakes devastating the destruction of our country and its people.
    Lets take PFDJ, People's Front For Democracy and Justice. It has been twenty years since its inception. However, the people of Eritrea have never seen a glimpse of Democracy and Justice. As a matter of fact, whatever semblance of justice/democracy was during the early phase of the era of Independence, this impostor has systematically taken them away under the guise of false claim of woyane invasion, which was completely disproven by the Eritrean Ethiopian Claim Commission.
    During the early phase of our independence, there was Baito ( congress), not of course perfect but something we could have cultivated to perfection as soon as the ratified Unitary Constitution was implemented. It was to preempt this divine evolution and to grip total power in his hand that he invented illegal and unnecessary war of 1998.
    From 1998 till today, this rascal, willfully abolishing the Baito, and the Constitution, has been subjecting our people to slavery and unimaginable travesty of justice; they cannot write, they cannot speak up, they cannot own anything with any semblance of security etc. they are just being herded like cattle to the slaughter houses. If any one of them show any sign of resistance, ask questions about their plight, he/she is picked up and placed to one his thousands of dungeons who are overflowing with innocent prisoners, if he/she is not shot on the spot, that is.
    One day, in a TV interview, he was asked by a foreign journalist for the whereabout of an Eritrean, a former tegdalai and an editor of one of the news papers during early independence. He flatly denied to have ever known him. The foreign journalist, showed him his photo , but to no avail. The con artist kept his denial to the end.
    Denial, evasion, euphemism are the con artist's hallmarks. The main reason he got rid of all NGOs from Eritrea was not what he told to the Eritrean people, that the NGOs create dependency. No. That was not it.
    The one and only one was: to prevent any news leak from Eritrea to the outside world about the human right violations he was perpetrating. And that was also the reason he closed down all the private news papers in Eritrea.
    It was also for the same reason he has been slaughtering Eritrean elites, pre and post independence and that he shut down the Asmera University, to blindfold our people into the abyss.
    It has become self evident, except to his slavish cult worshipers, that the nature and motive of isaias afeerqi is diametrically opposed to Justice and Democracy. If one can learn from experience, the last 23 years are the proof. The PFDJ, YPFDJ and many other jargons the con artist uses are all devices to deceive the gullible.
    Ask yourself, Why did he talk of drafting a New Constitution, when there is already one ready to be implemented? It is all subterfuges, Libi tigrai Twi Twai!!!!!!!!!!


  7. I love YPFDJ! Eritrea is in good hands.

  8. 4 comments in four days what does this tell you, on the other hand over 50 comments for anything that is ethiopian, unblievable how bogus is eritrea.

  9. @anyee:
    I would
    like to correct you before I respond to your comment. This current article appeared
    on Madote late on 12th of October, hence it has been two days.

    On the question
    on why only few comments now as opposed to more comments when the topic is on
    Ethiopia; well most readers normally don’t write comments, unless it is so outrageously
    bad or good. The few comments on today’s topic is because it is not something
    new to us Eritreans since YPFDJ have regular meetings that are held all over
    the world including Nakfa, the 1st liberated city of Eritrea. On the
    other hand, if we look at the article regarding Ethiopia (e.g. First Ebola case reported in Ethiopia), it is the Ebola news
    that the whole world is talking about, that got us interested. One might say it
    is an unfortunate thing and another might argue it is due to woyanes greed, flying
    to Ebola risky West African countries that brought the Ebola (a.k.a woyane) to
    Ethiopia. The excessive comments are basically due to woyanes and woyane lover’s
    pointless responses trying to defend the shameful woyane.

  10. i realy apretiate you for not jumping the gun and call me agame, weyane, hasadat what else????/
    any way now i know that eritrea is gone from every ethiopian emagination as thinking they are our brothers and all that b.shit was a waste of life and resources for nothing. congradulations we have managed to damage the future of our children through hate of one another and you are part of it.

  11. You your self start that, historically Eritreans are naive..even now who is sitting for a while in someone's territory are not kenyans are you kameleont weyine..
    you can't immagine to sit into others home and sleep well, never

  12. We will never kneel down !! and We don't forget Eritrana !!

  13. Sheyani agame you still here.

  14. You people are the one that made enemy out of Eritrea. you people started it, don't try to twist it like your twisted heart.

  15. ካብ ጸባ ዘይተረኽበስ ካብ ማይ ጨባ!

  16. why do not you go and take back your teritory, instead of crying foul,

  17. no i am not trying to twist my twisted heart but i realy mean it that i am going to write an article suggesting to celebrate the day we became free of eritreans in my beloved ETHIOPIA, IT WAS BECAUSE OF YOUR AROGANS WE WENT THROUGH LOTS OF HARDSHIP. now we have to forget eritrea and eritreans for good.

  18. yeah am still here pissing in you:::::__)))) and pissed off with all mindless tight toughts.

  19. mr. twisted if was so, you were not here breaking our our home and web site..lemmani

  20. why do n;t you answer on my comment against yours in the bottom?? may be it is hard one,

  21. don't worry badme is already Eritrean no rush. we are going to destroy you by your own people, now thats Art.

  22. You have zero capacity to do now but when we think you are about we will destroy your shabians.

  23. No worries you will never see it coming.

  24. HegdefMan
    The one and only thing that gives pleasure to PFDJ/DIA supporters is speaking evil and name calling about Ethiopia and the reason is that they want to see Ethiopia a failed state as PFDJ's Eritrea.

  25. Eliza,
    PFDJ'S Eritrea is going to destroy Weyane (Hassadat) by YPFDJ who are in a military training process in USA, Canada, and Europe.

  26. what do you mean nope??/ please explain.

  27. keep dreaming cheap as usual....are you telling me that you atre totaly decapacitated in the last war and this time you chose to fight using proxi,,,,,,,come on elizi that is not eritrean, is not it? but the truth is you can not fight ethiopia any more unless you chose to commit sucyde. you are finished beyond repair.


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