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Education: The only way to success

Education: The only way to success

ECDC board members organized a workshop for high school students that reside in the Greater Boston area. The seminar was conducted on October 11, 2014 by Dr. Tesfay Aradom. Dr. Tesfay gave a thorough lecture on how the students can excel in school by improving their study habits. He emphasized that the discipline that the students acquire in high school will prepare them to be more successful when they will join college in the near future.

Dr. Tesfay also taught the students an easy method (SQ3R) to study for subjects that require a lot of reading. He strongly advised the students to practice and practice on the SQ3R studying method until they master it. He told the students that the SQ3R method is used by undergraduate and graduate college students.

In between the lecture, the students participated in group activities whereby each student had to share their personal experience on how to tackle challenging academic situations such as bad grades and/or tough subjects. The ideas that the students were generating individually and collectively were simply amazing.

Finally, Dr. Tesfay advised the students to work diligently in high school. Based on his personal experience as a college instructor, he strongly advised the students not to procrastinate on school work, be it homework or term papers.

The workshop took approximately 3 hours. Pizza was provided to the students after the workshop. Since Dr. Tesfay did not finish lecturing everything that he had prepared for, a follow-up workshop will be conducted in the coming 3 to 4 weeks. Every high school student is welcome to attend (see the address below). The actual date and time will be announced as soon as possible.

85 Dartmouth Street
Malden, MA 02148
Tel: 781-324-6988      


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  1. Thank you for posting the useful article. And to all who participated in this discussions.

  2. Education: the only way to success. Substance baby!

  3. Thanks dr. T. Aradom.
    The awareness is developing Eritrean intellectuals around the world is unique, what i like of the Eritrean diaspora is the sole community in the world to organize symposiums, work-shops, cultural events, classes and most of all the will to go back to Eritrea and give oneself a period of his life and teach something. This is a Model only Eritreans can do. I learn that the Eritreans residing in the US start this project, by now many countries in EU also are following this path. it's encouraging and hopeful action made by people to its own people.
    Awet Ne Haffash

  4. Burundi, Eritrea, East Timor top global hunger index

    LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Sixteen countries have alarming
    levels of hunger, with Burundi the worst affected, according to an
    annual index released on Monday which also reveals that 2 billion people
    worldwide suffer from “hidden hunger”.

    Hidden hunger, which is a lack of vitamins and minerals, weakens the
    immune system, stunts physical and intellectual growth, and can lead to

    Burundi, which tops the Global Hunger Index for the third year in a row, is followed by Eritrea, East Timor and Comoros.

    Some 805 million people around the world are still chronically
    undernourished, according to the report, despite progress in combating
    hunger – three years ago, the index recorded 26 countries with
    “alarming” or “extremely alarming” hunger levels.

    South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa face the highest levels of hunger.

    Countries showing the largest improvement since 1990 include Angola, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Chad, Ghana, Malawi, Niger, Rwanda, Thailand and Vietnam.

    The report said hidden hunger not only affects the well-being of
    individuals, but also has economic impacts, including lost productivity,
    persistent poverty, and reduced gross domestic product in many
    developing countries.

    “Particularly in countries facing a high burden of malnutrition,
    hidden hunger goes hand in hand with other forms of malnutrition and
    cannot be addressed in isolation,” said Bärbel Dieckmann, president of
    German aid agency Welthungerhilfe.

    “In the long-term, people cannot break out of the vicious cycle of
    poverty and malnutrition without being granted the basic right to
    nutritious food,” he said in a statement.

    The index, now in its ninth year, combines three indicators – the
    proportion of the population that is undernourished, the proportion of
    young children who are underweight and the mortality rate for

    Among its recommendations, the report calls for an increase in
    numbers of nutrition and health experts, improved access to local markets and the development of local food processing facilities.

    The report, compiled by the International Food Policy Research
    Institute, Welthungerhilfe, and Concern Worldwide is released ahead of
    World Food Day on October 16.

    It comes a week after the Food and Agriculture Organization announced
    world food prices had hit a four-year low following a record high
    forecast for global wheat production in 2014.

    (Reporting By Kieran Guilbert. Editing by Emma Batha.)

  5. It is very necessary, Was good extending in all over living Eritreans.

  6. what do you mean? in term of priority food comes prior or that fake statistics shocks you? The head line talks about educations. We Eritreans we already close the food security tema, now we're in other domains.
    The same gangs ten years ago were saying about us that we couldn't stand even 2 years, we were to die, we were on the edge of catastrophe. Never, nada, zero

  7. Cane:

    You and your regime are out of touch bro. Ajewujow bezihu. The regime is full of empty promises like an empty barrel.

    What the heck are you talking about Timihiriti? You want kids to go to school and learn on empty kebdi?

    Dud Shaebia is fake. You have one dictator that is digging 6ft under for the whole Eritrean population.

    Don't you have family members in Eritrea? Talk to them they are suffering man. Have some heart of the underprivileged.

  8. @Hager So, what do you want us to do with our kids who lives in the US? There is a saying in Amharic, "feyel wedeya kezemezem wedeya". Briefly speaking, don't mix up subjects. It is our responsibility (yours and I) to encourage our kids to finish college.

  9. The article is bogus. The report was using data from 2002, when Eritrea experienced its worse food insecurity due to the so-called border war.

    Eritrea is currently experiencing a bumper harvest. The rains were good this summer. Anyone can call back home and know that the there is no hunger in Eritrea.

  10. Plus it does not have any relevance to the main topic. We are loosing our kids to drugs, alcohol and gang and the 2 cents that we can contribute is by encouraging them to excel in school. Once they are mature enough, then it won't matter. In the mean time we should encourage them to be together as a group by allowing them to play basketball, soccer or their video games together. The alternate is becoming very difficult for our kids. This relates to every Eritrean parent who lives in the west. It takes a village to raise a kid. So, let's put our differences and raise our kids harmoniously.

  11. Derho, if the pizza was a bribe to engage our children for a better future in education...THEN BE IT, IT'S WORTH IT!!!!


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