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Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways put Eritrea on the global aviation map

Turkish Airlines Inaugural Flight to Asmara

Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways put Eritrea on the global aviation map 

By anna,

With the arrival last week of Turkish Airlines services from Istanbul, Asmara International Airport, serving the capital of Eritrea, has arrived on the global aviation scene. It was also confirmed recently that Qatar Airways would be adding Asmara to its route network with twice-weekly direct services from Doha starting in December. Located across the Red Sea from Saud Arabia and with Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti as neighbours, Eritrea has been under the influence of Italy and the UK during the last 100 years. It officially became an independent state in 1993.

Egyptair offers daily flights from Cairo

In recent years Eritrea has had mixed success at establishing a national flag-carrier. For a while Eritrean Airlines and Nasair (not to be confused with Saudi Arabia’s flynas which used to be known as nasair) operated in competition. In 2011 the two airlines were merged. According to local reports Eritrean Airlines in May of this year began operations to Jeddah and Dubai with twice-weekly flights using an A320. However, the airline does not appear to have an on-line booking tool so this can not be confirmed.

Last December Sudanese carrier Nova Airways began flights to Asmara from Khartoum using CRJ 200s, while EGYPTAIR offers daily flights from Cairo using an A320. The almost three hour service departs Cairo at 00:20 and arrives at 03:15 in Asmara. The return flight leaves Eritrea at 04:15 and arrives back in Cairo at 07:10. Yemenia appears to offer four times weekly flights from nearby Sana’a using an A330 and with a flying time of just one hour and 10 minutes. According to its website Sudan Airways also offers twice-weekly flights (Wednesdays and Sundays) from Khartoum using a Fokker 50 with a journey time of around 85 minutes.

Architecture lovers should check out Asmara’s art deco treasures 

During the 1930s while under Italian rule, Asmara saw the building of a number of delightful buildings in the then fashionable art deco style. Many of these have survived relatively intact for 80 years and will appeal to
lovers of the style that also saw the creation of the likes of the Chrysler Building in New York.

Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it an airport? No, it’s a gas station in Asmara designed in the art deco style in the 1930s when Eritrea was under Italian rule. Asmara is still home to a number of well-preserved art deco buildings. Turkish Airlines’ new thrice-weekly service will make it easier for the world’s architecture enthusiasts to come and see these rarely-visited architectural gems.

                          The following pictures are from Turkish Airlines' inaugural flight to Asmara

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Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways put Eritrea on the global aviation map Reviewed by Admin on 7:09 AM Rating: 5


  1. Thanks Madote for the vibrant news..our people will benefit.

  2. why don't learn from Ethiopian Airline

    ለምን ከኢትዮጲያ አየር
    መንገድ አትማሩም

    የሰው ወርቅ አያደምቅ
    ይላል የሀገሬ ሰው

  3. Okay, im not sure what you really are trying to get at here, as you yourself stated,
    "There are less pics of issayas in eritrea than anywhere" so why the complains ??
    That what you see there, is gov palace, & it's customery to put YOUR CURRENT LEADER there . It's done EVERYWHERE else.
    A simple question for you, have you been to any embassy or immigration office lately? Chances are you saw obama there with that little smerk that he has on the wall im i right? WHY coz he is the current leader of this Country ( assuming you're in the USA otherwise you may have some one else on the wall but im sure there is one!
    To be quite honest with you, the man is no GOD but desrves any and every pic & frames on ANY wall, he has SERVED his country enough to deserve that, if you dont get what i mean still, just go to ANY bush for 23 hours & see how yo feel, & ADD 30 YEARS to that & ask yourself is he wothy ? I think he is , & wont blame if you dont at all !!!!! Chhhheeeerrrrsssss.

  4. Short term good news but in the long term we need to get our own airline going. We have a lot of travelers in and out of Eritrea, therefore, the airline industry in Eritrea should be profitable if manager properly.

  5. Tilebsew yelat Tikenanebew Amarat.

  6. What the F are you saying?

  7. Kostarit agame, wher u @?August 29, 2014 at 5:49 PM

    He say, they don have sheet to eat
    But they must be super powers of africa
    While dependent on aid & landlocked & on verge of 1984 ( best famine EVER) As i call it " KOSTARIT AGAME "

    I miss her SO much, i just wanna see some skin & bonez parked on the GREEN CARPET called grass!

  8. Crashing fully loaded? No thx!

  9. He said you must be from real moon that don't have any idea about his dying so call Country. Gebito donkoro ye isayas baria.

  10. I hate the word Habesha, which means someone who belong nowhere..

  11. Turkish do fly to Ethiopia, right?

  12. Ethiopian air lines is not successful airline. It is alomost 70 years old supported by USA but yet the ten years old Emirtaes is better than Ethiopian air line.
    But Eritrea should have its own air line. It is because of DIA interference that Eritrean airline ceases to exists. Otherwise Eritrea has well trained pilots and technicians serving other countries. All Eritrea should do is organize those skilled people and run its own air line. But I do not think DIA wants to see Eritrea having its own airline.

  13. Habesha means Abysinnia. I hate it too.

  14. Takin shape , size, colour of you surroundings AGAIN ?

  15. more than 12 years as a sovereign nation, still bragging about other country's airlines? what a failed state!


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