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Egypt Opens Defense Office In Uganda

Egypt opens a defense office in Uganda

Egypt Opens Defense Office In Uganda

By el-balad news,

The Egyptian government on Wednesday officially opened a defense office in Uganda with the stated aim of enhancing military relations and cooperation with the East Africa country.

"The inauguration of the defense office in Kampala is another step to practically strengthen bilateral relations between our countries," Egyptian Ambassador to Uganda Ahmed Abdel-Aziz said at a ceremony attended by military officials and diplomats from the U.S., U.K., Belgium, South Africa and Ethiopia, among others.

"This occasion reflects the cordial and warm relations existing between Uganda and Egypt," he said.

Abdel-Aziz emphasized the need to "enhance relations to a level that should really reflect and reply to the aspirations of our two peoples."

He added that Egypt was keen to establish a defense office in Kampala, despite the domestic challenges it had faced since the country's 2011 popular uprising.

The ambassador said that the move was aimed not only at consolidating bilateral military ties, "but also to contribute in establishing more peace and security in the area and Africa."

Brig. Charles Bakahumura, chief of Ugandan military intelligence, noted that the Egypt-Uganda relationship dated back to the Ottoman era.

"We hope that this relation will enhance cooperation in the areas of combating terrorism," he told the ceremony.

Bakahumura also congratulated Egypt on the recent reactivation of its African Union (A.U.) membership.

"It's a right of Egypt to return to the A.U.," he said.

Egypt was readmitted to the pan-African body in June after a one-year suspension prompted by the ouster of Mohamed Morsi – Egypt's first freely-elected leader – by the army.

-Enhanced cooperation-

Col. Ahmed Fahmy, the Egyptian military attaché, told the gathering that the new defense office "will simultaneously enhance military cooperation between the two countries."

He added that considerable progress had been made in terms of improving bilateral military cooperation.

"This has been more evident in many different aspects: training, industries and official visits," said Fahmy.

Egyptian Maj. Gen. Gamal Hemdan, who is currently leading a team of six Egyptian army generals on a visit to Uganda, said the office "will increase confidence and achieve the aspirations of our people for security, stability and development."

He noted that certain international and regional issues imposed enormous challenges that needed to be confronted.

"These changes open promising opportunities that we should make use of; with no doubt, we are capable of handling this if we handle these challenges and take these opportunities in the framework of joint interests," said Hemdan.

On Monday, the Egyptian army delegation met officials from the Uganda People's Defense Forces (UPDF), led by Land Forces Commander Maj. Gen. David Muhoozi.

The two sides discussed cooperation in the fields of training in different military specialties; health; research; intelligence and information sharing; industrial production; agriculture; and culture and sports, according to a UPDF statement.

"We can provide the UPDF expertise for agricultural production," said Gen. Hemdan, the statement added.

"If land, water and a power sources are availed, together we can produce food to feed UPDF troops," he added.

The two sides also discussed regional security challenges, the threat of terrorism and the situation in Somalia.

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  1. Encircle that WOY-ANE & unleash a fury with no hole to run!
    These BORKO HARRAMS time is UP, its time to CROWN some body ANYBODY
    With common sense . 2014 is not looking good for these RATS , here already is a time for them to look back & where did we go WRONG ? But then again with what brain w'd they think that way !
    Thankyou MADOTE you're as always on top of it all, & we are GRATEFULL !

  2. Egyptian Armed Forces is the largest army in both Africa and the Middle East with an estimated strength of 468,500 personnel and over 1 million reservists. Uganda has a total strength of between 40,000 to 45,000 personnel, according to the UK-based International Institute of Strategic Studies.

  3. Lemine Zeydirer IyeAugust 29, 2014 at 9:11 AM


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    In Asmara, Tigrayans were famous for begging in order to avoid breaking a dollar. I am serious! Honest to God this is true. They used to say, "Intay gedisuni. Lemine Zeydirer iye kab Kirshi Zeshirif." They would prefer to stand in a corner and beg because they didn't want to break a dollar.

  4. Tell me top powerfull army in Africa ???

  5. This is the only politics you could come up with?
    Didn't expect any better from bankrupt Ideology student and Bankrupt italian boot leaking mentality.
    If you know ur roots you wouldn't dare open your filthy mouth.

    Even after the infamous boot leaking diplomacy by FM of Eritrea , It seems Russia is onceagin duping Eritrea for Ethiopia.

    The Reporter - English Edition - Sergey Lavrov to visit Ethiopia
    6 days ago ... The Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, is scheduled to visit Ethiopia next month, The Reporter has learnt. According to sources, Lavrov ...

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  8. you never know if it for good purpose, might let understand the the junta in ethiopia to get back to their mind, that would be a fantastic deal to Russia to make peace in the horn, while others failed to accomplish even been guarantors..

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  13. you always celebrate too early

  14. Ma bro the russian are the largest ortodox nation and we r the second ...Russia send it's troops when we kicking Askari azz and shabia terrist group(al-shebabe) in somali so Russia always will be with #ethio matter what...

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  16. weld its woyane's unique tradition to celebrate early like they did post eebc ruling on badme in 2002.

  17. Well in that case who iz 'kissin russia azz ' for its' battle ? MAGGET ?

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  19. Hey Egypt.... No need for lengthy negotiations with Uganda.... just unleash a Tomahawk missile and blow up the so called "Millennium Dam".

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  21. This time is God punishing pfdj People. If this Office was such a big deal why dont egyptians opens thier Office in Asmara. What a pitty!
    This is the difference being ethiopians and shabians. We say no to anything to do With colonialism and its residual rules. Before Egypt changes the Language of campla to arabic the dam will be finished. Our leaders force Egypt into discussion while pfdj Dances that Egypt opens an Office. They dont even know that Office paralized Uganda not to use its God given water which tributaries for Nile.
    Every time i see pfdj going below the accpetable tresh hold of humility i appreciate how it is good to be ethiopian.
    Who is respected in the world a leader who makes a Speech the water of Ethiopia is the historical property of Egypt or an ethipian leader forces egyptian leader to sit and discuss. What will be the shame of isaias when the president of Egypt comes and visits addis in equall status. Not the one in Asmara just takes the NeXT fly to scoop for egyptians if they need any help?
    These 23 years burrying Eritrea Beyond recogntion.

  22. You said, " We say no to anything to do With colonialism and its residual rules" are you sure about that Tamrat? Ethiopia is the very face of colonized country both in the mind and physically. Over 60 percent of your economy is foreign AID. This is true 40 years ago this is true now. Now you know that Ethiopia have been serving 1st the west, east and know pretty much anybody who would give pennies. Example of this is your war against Eritrea. Financed, instigated by your Evil master, USA. Your leaders selling land to Indians for pennies for the dollar. I mean, any self respecting African would not do that! But, I am not mad at you or any Ethiopian. It is just that like our forefathers said, libi know the rest.

  23. epic lol man.... hahaha

  24. We celebrate in 2002 and hold Our promise. Do you have problem With that? If you dont behave like Your president, then you get 'no sun shine ' again. You got it.
    About libi tigray, nobody believe you after you shit where you eat (bombing mekele School). You know how many tigrians sacrificed for Your lunetic politics?
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  25. Hahahaha they go your boiling point , didn't they?
    Proud Eritreans

  26. Mind you injera only cost 5 cents in those days.

  27. Tamrat, do you really believe what you write or just a bravado? Just take a chill pill bro. It is not that serious. We Eritreans know who we are and where we going. We have a national charter, self reliance. It is that simple. If and when help comes our way and it does not have strings attached to, it we take it.

  28. I feel your pain bro, It is very humiliating,
    The Russians were Eritrea's last chance,every HIGDEF goon was expecting military exercise on the red sea not investment and respect for Ethiopia.

  29. A National what ???
    it must have been written on Issaia's diary.

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  33. Do you know the term Investment? Do you know americans invest in China? Do you know China invest in Norway?
    First you have to know the differenc between aid and Investment. Because you hate the Development in ethiopia dont make your statement correct.
    Do you Call the Canadians Investment in Eritrea aid or Investment? If that same country invest in Ethiopia you Call it aid or Investment.
    What you Call the 100,000 refugees in Ethiopia then. Investor or giving handout for ethiopians?
    the game is simple. you fight for investeros to come to your land gives work opportunity to your People. First you make sure People have work, and Food. And at the same time you work for a better work conditin and life condition, then a better ethiopia.
    While you sitt and talk trash, more tha 3oo,000 erits are sheltered in only sudan and ethiopia.
    Even if ethiopians can invest 100 times more than now, still we can not stop international investeros. We are part of the world we live in. We dont want isolate Our country just for the sake of hypocricy.
    Pfdj problem, it still recieves aid from other country, but gets red eye when other gets it. Tries its best to attract investor and gets some but still gets red eye when other gets investors. Worsk all sorts of super Power including China russia when it doesnt work gets red eye others are succiding.
    Who does need Medical hep here!
    I am here only to help open your eye, not to bleed a nose.

  34. grow up........... I don't know what point you are trying to make; however, this kind of trash talk should not have a place here; it should be discouraged.... why don't you come up with some useful discussion on solving the country's problem. differences aside, no people is more closer to Eritrean than the Tigrayans in the world. You should make use of your time and think out of that small box of yours and promote peace, love and coexistence.

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