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Eritreans should be thankful that President Obama didn't invite President Isaias

President Isaias Afwerki addressing a crowd of 10,000 Eritreans in New York City, Sept 2011 (Credit: YPFDJ)

The African leaders did not realized that they were 
being herded like sheep to slaughterhouse, not to a Whitehouse

By Alemseged Makonnen,

Due to the wisdom & farsightedness of our leaders, specifically to due to the self-reliance policy envisioned by His Excellency Isayas Afeworki, Eritrea has been saved from being caught up by the evil snare of mafia type grand financial scheme that had and is still pushing many 3rd world countries into deep poverty where no return for recovery is the end result.  Watch the following documentary film by John Pilger titled "WAR BY OTHER MEANS"

This film had won several International awards as the best Documentary Film. Watch it carefully to the end, and you will see how people of Philippines at large have immensely suffered great deal by debt they never asked for but pushed into the country’s throat by its masters. If you really watched carefully to the endI have no doubt that you will also clearly understand why I was urged to title my article as such.

Now after watching you will certainly most likely be forced to react and be grateful to both President Obama & President Isayas for different reasons. You will be thankful to president Obama for not inviting Eritrea because all those invited are all, with no exception going to be lead to the cruel & inhuman grand financial scheme of IMF & World Bank that will certainly cause a serious detrimental effect primarily on their economy, as well on the social, education, governance and on all institutions of the African nations that were invited. And the end result of their people is no better, but may be worst than you saw in the documentary film.

Furthermore, after you finished watching this documentary film, as usually being filled with pride for being an Eritrean, you will be very much grateful to our leaders, who are always ahead of the dirty game of the world empire’s exploitation & subjugation. Had it not been for our leader’s farsightedness & wisdom Eritrea too would have just been like the invited African leaders who had been herded like sheep to the final slaughterhouse.

Two kind of ugly wars, wars that John Pliger produced as documentary film has already been started in African just like the ones that took places in South America and Southeast Asia. Both wars had been openly or covertly destructive that had literally destroyed many nations economically & socially, and in both war the end result was & still is cruel mass death of innocent citizens of many nations.

Moreover, in the war that is entitled "wars by other means" the weapon used was "debt" enforced by IMF & World Bank. The 2nd war is entitled "War on Democracy" and the weapon used was intimidation, blackmailing, torturing and cruel death enforced by CIA & School of the America trained local personnel.

Now, because both South American & Most Asian countries have said enough is enough and resisted & rejected the empire of 21st century it turns to Africa and is executing the same strategy used in South American and Asia. The version of War known as “War By Other Means” was started in Africa a long time ago, but now by inviting more than 50 African leaders this war is intensified and it is now in its full swing mode. The other started on 2008 by establishing a military wing named At first many African rejected it but later on by coercing, intimidating, bullying, bribing and etc, almost all African has accepted Now has easily deployed its troops in 35 African countries. Click the following clips to have more insight into the reason why is in Africa.

Watch the 2nd ugly, brutal & inhuman war entitled "WAR ON DEMOCRACY", and you will have a very clear picture of why Eritrea is so keen in implementing its self-reliance policy as a driving force in all walks of of Eritrean life. Here is the documentary film, click and watch

This two documentary films by pliger are really educational and revolutionary too, and every Eritrean who has a stake in keeping this precious nation of ours & the leadership united must fight with all means available against any & all enemies of our unity, which is indivisible.

Primarily I wish very much this two films be watched & thoroughly studied by all young Eritrean in colleges, sawa and all high schools and by all Eritrean inside the country, and outside as well. Most above all it would have been ideal if the Eritrean people at large has the opportunity to watch a translated version of the two films.
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  1. ግፋ ባኒ

    ምልካዊ ስርዓት ኢሳይያስ፣ ኣብ ኣስመራ፣ ሹቕ፣ ከባቢ እንዳደርሁ፣ ወተሃደራት ከተማ ብምውፋር፣ ኣብ ጽርግያ ንዝሽየጥ ዝነበረ ባኒ፣ ክገፍፍ ውዒሉ። ምልካዊ ስርዓት ኢሳይያስ፣ ባኒ ብመቝነን ከም ዝሽየጥ ስለዝገብሮ፣ ስድራቤታት ከኣ እቲ ብዓቐን ዝወሃበን ባኒ ስለዘይኣኽለን እየን ካብቲ ናይ ጽርግያ ክገዝኣ ዝግደዳ ዘለዋ። ኣብዚ እዋን’ዚ ንሓደ ኩንታል ፊኖ 3400 ናቕፋ በጺሑ ከምዘሎ ይፍለጥ። ነዚ ወተሃደራት ከተማ ህግደፍ፣ ክልተ ኣይስዙ ዝዓይነተን መካይን ኣኸቲሎም፣ ምስ ደኻታት ኣብ ጽርግያ ዝገብሩዎ ዝነበሩ ምጕያይ ዝረኣየ ህዝቢ፣ “ ንደምሒት ክኾኖም እዮም ዝወስዱዎ ዘለዉ” እናበለ ከባጭወሎም ውዒሉ።

  2. I missed your point, not because of your tigrigna but the point. Two issuzu pickup? Thats all? What else abe? So demhit eats bread too? Funny to you,,,

  3. They were running after a few sacks of Bani ,would you need more than two pickups?

  4. Abe are you a replacment for the woyane trained dedebit tecs who use to troll on our Eri site? ansewer it with out waffling like your comment!

  5. Abe is here to destruct our discussions of why the US had the summit for African Leaders?

    This question shouldn't be discussed because Abe knows what he is doing together with his asters.

    Africa is to go back to the old Dark History enslaving the whiteman. History repeating itself. Trust me yesterday's Congo is our neighbor Ethiopia in the modern age....

  6. Ethios Pride of Modern SlaveryAugust 10, 2014 at 12:34 AM

    Home grown Achinos of The Phillipiness trusted the US, enslaved their own people and played more Americans like what Ethiopia is doing today, the result was the people still forced to live OVER their ancestors deadbodies. They consider the burrial place as "their big castle" to live over them. What is Hailemariam to do to Ethiopians in the next century is just to wait and see.

  7. Had obama invited Dictator unelected Isseyas afwerki and he refused to attend then we would have said so but the invitation never happened coz he don't deserve it.

  8. Folks, please allow me to share with you this beautiful
    Aesop fable. I believe there is great wisdom in this simple story

    One hot summer's day a Fox was strolling through an orchard
    till he came to a bunch of Grapes just ripening on a vine which had been
    trained over a lofty branch. "Just the thing to quench my thirst,"
    quoth he. Drawing back a few paces, he took a run and a jump, and just missed
    the bunch. Turning round again with a One, Two, Three, he jumped up, but with
    no greater success. Again and again he tried after the tempting morsel, but at
    last had to give it up, and walked away with his nose in the air, saying: "I
    am sure they are sour."

    The moral lesson is "It is easy to despise what you
    cannot get"

  9. Rora,
    These people does not know what they are saying, otherwise it is shame for the leader and the country to be left uninvited. Instead of rectifying their mistake, they go around and give unnecessary excuses. For good or bad Eritrean leader should have invited, because it was a US African leaders meeting. Eritrea is also located in African continent not in Asia or else.

  10. How can isayas be invited ? If you dont mind that isayas was ignored by the white house, just ignore the topic. But I know, isayas is very much angry that he is not invited/

  11. The only leaders that invited are,those countries accepted US Africom in their home land.

  12. Sahsah agame go to hell

  13. I don't care if Issayas is invited or not, but what I know is that summit is waste of poor Africans money. This bunch of leaders went there to have a good time in America and will come back home with nothing. They all are bunch of slaves. If they had balls, they should say no to the summit. They made Africa the play ground of the west.

  14. Philli, let me ask you a question. What was the summit about? Would you see any change in Africa after this empty meeting between the slave owner and the slaves?

  15. Abe aka ape, I don't like how Eritrea is governed but I hate it more when some one like you come here in Eritreans room talking shit about Eritrea.
    This is your country and try to solve your problem before you solve ours. At least we are proud people with all our problems.

  16. proud people don't go on a rampage to leave their country in a speed of light and scatter all over the world. Just my personal opinion. Proud people don't go in hundreds of thousands and seek sanctuary in countries they love to hate most. Proud people stay at home and try to fix their broken glass. which one is a sign of pride, staying at home and wait for the aid and handout of foreigners or fleeing your country to get to wherever aid is being given? Issayas and his cronies think they are independent of foreign aid by pushing hundreds of their citizens out of their country to hunt for foreign aid....and boast Eritrea is a self reliant country while its citizens in their hundreds of thousands are depending on Aid:

    More than 250,000 eritreans on aid in Sudan
    more than 100,000 eritreans on aid in Ethiopia
    more than 65,000 eritreans on aid in Israel.
    more than 100,000 eritreans on aid in Italy.
    Tens of thousands in Libya knowing not what their fate will be.
    Hundreds of thousands of Eritreans all over the world on government handouts.

    Ya, a sign of pride people with all their problem who try to fix the problem of their country by fleeing it frantically in every direction. I have never seen a proud people who haste into death fearing death itself

  17. This man has one and only one friend in the world-Beshir.He is hated by most of " his" people(except of course by some kids in guayla).The country is in shamble and a giant prison cave, its people running away in every direction, many of its educated and brave people in jail,the country divided in Zobas(for example the capital city of Zoba Debub Mendefera instead of Adikeyeh thus systemically excluding the Brave people of Akeleguzai,who paid dearly during our independence more than any awaraja).I mean the list goes on and on. It boils my blood to see my country in the situation it is now and the so called Higdef supporters have one thing to solve the country's problem calling names.

  18. They should bring the issue over and over again at every opportunity because they know it hurts deep down inside. But these guys are playing smart to appease themselves by inventing all kinds of excuses just to save their faces---old shabia style. When they were beaten bitterly in the badme war they declared they had to leave it for strategic reasons and not because they were defeated terribly. The flash point of the 1998-2000 Ethio-Erirean war. Compare this to their bravado of "we will never relinquish bademe even in hundreds of years time" before the war broke out.
    Sounds familiar? .......oh yes indeed!!!!
    Let us just enjoy their ingeniousness in fabricating lies and excuses!!!
    Well done madote bloggers!!

  19. You are suffering from identity crises! Living in the 17th century. You are out casted from the continent, find yourself somewhere else perhaps in Mars.

  20. Halka you f**cl up the man is in everyone's heart of course we want change but he is the father of our country do not repeat what the told u in mekele and debre zeyti here.

  21. Yes we know the woyane regime is a servant of the USA. Follow the footsteps of your regime woyane and go to hell.

  22. Are you hallucinating?

  23. What are you doing in the Eritrean website? I can understand you are suffering from low self stem. We are not interested about you. You are self invited, and you live the website soon or later with your hungry empty stomach.

  24. Why compare human beings with animals?

  25. Yes! We know clearly why PIA is not invited. So what is your problem?

  26. How many breads do you eat daily? beggar

  27. Yes you are AGAME on flesh ! let us worry of our Zobas if there is anything to worry about., you better mind of your Adwa, Meqele, Akhsum divisions.
    Zoba Debub is the most developed Zoba and the hardworking people of the Zoba have got the possibility to show the world what they can unlike tgray people who are oppressed by their own woyane tgray.

  28. You walked up of your ugly dream buddy :)

  29. ግፋ ባኒ ? ኢዶእ!!!!!

    ስርዓት ህግደፍ ኣብ ዕዳግ ውዒሉ
    ምስበሉኒ ዘይንቡር ዘይኣመሉ
    መሲሉኒ ክሸይጥ ወርቂ ቢሻ
    ዕልል ኢለ እዛ ልበይ ተሓጒሻ
    ሎምስባ ናብ ነብሶም ተመሊሶም
    ምስበልኩዎም እቶም ሰባት ተገሪሞም
    ጠመቱኒ ብጎቦ ዓይኖም ጌሮም
    ዝዓበድኩ ግዲዩ መሲልዎም
    ዕልል እትብል እንታይ ድዩ ወሪዱካ
    ወላ ሓንቲ ዝፈለጥካ ዘይብልካ
    ስርዓት ህግደፍ ንዕዳጋ ዝኸዱ
    ከይመስለካ ወርቅታት ክንግዱ

    ምስ በሉኒ ኩነታት ደንጽዩኒ
    ዘይምፍላጠይ ኣዝዪ ኣህፊሩኒ
    ካሊእ ዳኣ ምኽንያት እንታይ ረኺቦም
    ንዕዳጋ ዘውርድ ዘይኣመሎም
    ክነግሩኒ ኣጥቢቀ ሓተትክዎም

    ናይኣመልስ ይጽነሓልና ዘረባ
    እንታይ ሰሪሖም ኣብ ርሑቅ ኣብ ቀረባ
    ኩሉ ይፈልጦ እንታይ ከምዝኾነ ኣመሎም
    ዕዳጋ ምራድ ኣይኮነን ፈለመኦም
    እንተኾነ ናይ ሎምስ ንበይኑዩ
    ተዓጂቦም ብኽልተ ኣይሥዝዩ
    ንድኻታት ክጎይይዎም ውዒሎም
    ወትሃደራት ባኒ ክምንጥልዎም

    Can anyone believe this, what is going on ????

  30. those numbers are all your cousins from Adwa, who proudly call themselves "ERITREANS" and try to talk and talk like Eritreans like you do. LOL

  31. I am always awake in case you don't know it. My stance on Eritrean government is the same. We need to be ruled under constitution. We need to be ruled under rule of law. We need transparency. We need to improve investment. We need to encourage local businesses......

  32. Soon there will be Europe/America meeting Puten not invited. Another one will follow soon Latin American/America then Venezuela, Nekaragoa, Cuba, Bolivia etc. Not invited. Go figure the connections. Was ever there a Whitehouse gathering b/n America and European leaders? Was there a Whitehouse gathering b/n Latin America leaders and Washington? Was there a meeting b/n Washington and Asian leaders? Why amalgamation when it comes to Africa? It is an insult to the African

  33. Its not being happy or unhappy it is you that are trying to use this non-issue as something phenomenal.
    We are yet to hear from those that attainded; but the likes of you, along with sule and azma keep harping here on everybody's behalf.
    Your ethiopia under woyane is a failed state, so talk about your ethiopia and try to address issues that pertain to you.

  34. Really??? Wey ajoka shikorey, toof bel -kah kah, ! Enka keremela :)

  35. why do you wish me to go to hell while eritrteans are leaving it behind?

    Eritrea is bro the living hell on earth
    residents flee it in thousands every month
    they go to yemeni, they go to ethiopia
    they go far and near, leaving eritryaa
    Ask them they'll tell you what life is like
    Men women, children and all their ilk
    Eritrea is a furnace, a hell look-alike
    where every thing is burning,
    even the smokes spike.

    So wishing me to go hell is rather uncalled for (hell=eritrea)
    I don't wanna go there,
    nor have I been there before
    I have a country,a nation of beauty
    where eritreans are flocking looking for a safety
    knowing they will be held with honor and dignity
    now they are convinced they never were mighty.
    Some are even wishing they never went awry
    some sad, reminiscent some even angry
    remembering the past when they were respected
    as part of ethiopia before they got separated
    now things have changed, upside downward
    Let's stay where we are,there is no going back!!

    Get it over Zeragi!!! no going back.

  36. you sound gay. yuk!


  38. Andinet,
    Go to hell, as if we care LOL

  39. Ur name is a good indicator,ZERAGI. Ask ur self.

  40. Ma a selama! Sety rigets ! Lem lem yotsnahka! Megedi cherki yigberelka ! Dehan eto! Getska ayeriena ! Dehaika ayesmaana !
    Ezi kishinena harur koinika ? Eh mishkinay hawey, nabtom naakha dimeslu kid ( awate, asena, walta agame online) hassad mishkin !

  41. I know myself very well. Who are you by the way?

  42. Go to your country! Why crying in the Eritrean website?

  43. As I said it on my post Higdefite solution to our country's problem personal attacks and guayla and festival instead of honest debate.

  44. Woyane the thief demonstrates in Los Angeles
    ወያኔ ሌባ!! in Los Angeles …

  45. Are you talking about Hailmariam Desalegn, your master. PIA is the first, and perhaps the most important, original and cosmic. PIA in 47 years has attained historic proportions. The future will provide the definitive appraisal of our PIA merits, but to us he appears to comparable to those of the great revolutionary leaders.
    You and your likes are desperado. You left no stone unturned to tarnish the image of Eritrea and its leadership. The Awraja game you are trying to play is an outdated. Do you remember in 1980 how the gallants EPLF kick jebha asa from Eritrea in a few months because your cumbersom jebha leaders were involved heavily in awraja game for the coming 3rd national congress election but they ended up in Korokon. You better collect your fake disability check instead of being a laughing matter.

  46. Where have you been?
    If you leave open your door to dedebit flies (weyanes) they don't hesitate to enter to your house to infect you with contagious diseases that's why I told you not to be a laughing matter of Dedebit flies. I hope so one day madote administration will do Dedebit flies quarantine in order Eritreans to solve our differences peacefully. By the way, how is doing your MiEti Kifli(hundred grade) friend.

  47. Shimagile
    Let me ask you about the last statement in your mumbo-jumbo (hatew- qetes)... The moral lesson is "It is easy to despise what you cannot get." That's why you and your likes when all attempts to destroy eritrea failed, you despise what you cannot get such as Zoba X vs Zoba Y, Highlander vs Lowlander, Islam vs christian and Ama vs the gallant EPLF and you became Wey'ane's puke(vomit)lickers.

  48. SuleAgameMan
    Atyo tsiwiya agniye elka buzaEba badime titswiy. gizai abti chinqilatika atiyu zeyEneEi mereja titsewiy Eneika. baElu awune Aregawi mihretu yeridelka. Atayo men eyu kem nay Meqele amenzira liAlqese. Ayte Tsadiqan kem libeluwo bikulu mokirna shaewiya gin ab maekelna atiyu alahiyuna. Assab aytegeney bado qerina. Hizi ema likiE kemti Abotat nay Eritrea lubeluwo, lihasas agame si leiba entebelkayo si luwa zibelkayo yimeslo. Hizi ema abuzi lay Eritrea forum kulu eritrawi ignor entegebereka liAnterka mesiluka. Gizeikha aytebakin abuti nay Aiga forum mis deqi rubakha awagie.

  49. What you do not know is that it is your hatred and your super ethnocentric mentality that is boiling your blood. Your super childish desire is not going to be accommodated. I am afraid that your boiling blood is going to kill you!

  50. In ethiopia we have a choice of white bread, Brown bread,whole wheat, whole grain, Kicha...

    In today's Eritrea you need Doctors prescription to buy WediAker bread. Imagine a black market bread?

    What happened to the self reliant diatribe?It couldn't even deliver bread on the table.
    Mark my word, the END is very near for HIGDEF and its dogs..

  51. "Africa is to go back to the old Dark History enslaving the whiteman." Do???

    Wisdom, do you mean African renaissance is imminent and Ethiopia is at the forefront?

  52. Weyanay democracy in action.
    The Camel marches while DERGIST/HIGDEF dogs bark.

  53. Elsa Chrimti, It's all about reconolise Africa. Why shouldn't we talk about it. Are you eestern big mouth????

  54. Proud or empty pride? shameless ass,

    In self reliant Eritrea you are lucky to get Wediaker bread in black market. (Sorry, White bread is only by doctors prescription)
    No electric city for months, No running tub water,people with collateral deposit travel to have medical check up and minor surgery to Sudan and Ethiopia, yes ETHIOPIA. Democracy, as in freedom of expression... punishable by death.
    How low is too low?

  55. እንታማ ጉዱ ኣታዮ እንታይ ግኒይካ
    ለለ ትብል ሓሶታት ትሓንጊጥካ

    ላይቦ ድዩ ላያታትካ ኮይኑካ
    ከይትገድፎ ብሱሩ ዶ ሚሕልካ
    ኣይተ ፃድቃን ኢልዎ ልበልካዮ
    ሰብ ረኺቡስ ሻዕውያ ፈሪሕናዮ
    ጨኒቁና ሞኪርናዮ ብኹሉ
    ኣይክኣልናይ ከላህየና ውዒሉ
    ዶ በልካኒ ፅውፅዋይ ኣኪብካ
    ይዅን እምበይ ልኣምን ተረኺብካ

    ኣይረኸብናይ ባዶ ኢና ቃሪና
    ዓሰብ ይዂን ኣስመራ እንተይኣተና
    ኣይኻኣልናይ ካብተሰነይ ክንሓልፍ
    መን ክክእሎ ሓይሉና እቱ ህግደፍ
    ጫኒቊና መውፅኢ ምልሳኣና
    ቱ ሻዕውያ ብዂሉ ኻቢቡና
    ደዊልናሉ ክሊንተን ብህሩሱ
    ዕረቊና ኽንብሎ ምስቱ ኢሱ
    እግዚ ይሃቦ ክሊንተን ባጺሑልና
    ካብ ፀበባ ካብ ጉድዩ ኣውፂኡና
    ቃደሙ ኸ እንታይ እዩ ኣግንዮና
    መንነቶም ሻዕውያ እላፈለጥና
    ምስለይግጠም እኻ ኢና ጋጢምና
    ይካኣሎ ምኻናቶም ረሲዕና
    ብድሕሪኡ ምህረት ምስጋበሩልና
    እላጎየና ልዓዳትና መፂና

    ጃናራል ፃድቃይ ጋብራታንሳይ!!!!

    ሓቁ እዮ

  56. Abe do you earn your living, i.e. by trading sweat for an honest work, or do you live off others, i.e. tax payers? If you are an honest hard working man, you will say "I earn my living" if not you are not yet man enough. The same is tge principle of self-reliance, which in it self is self explanotary, so why are you against self? While you may say you have bread and so on, its earned not given that matters.
    Your ethiopia is mentioned a number of times not because its achieving meracles but as a poster child of the donating countries.
    The u.s. has ear-marked 7 billion in developmental aid to four struggling economies, and number one is your ethiopia, a failed state under woyane.
    The electricity you were boasting about is now an open secrate, and is America's feel good pet project. However, to you a billion dollar is really a lot,; in a country where one man; here i am talking the pedphile, drankard, immoral sheik, is looked upon as a savior, how in the world will self-reliance make sense?
    Eritrean are hard working people and had never been associated with eating to live, rather eat to live; still today we are generous and kind to the needy and compassionate towards the lost and tormented.
    History has judged as time and again for what we are and who we are, we never covet others nor will we ever forcefully give whats ours.
    Natna aynHbn ZeyNatna Ayndeln! is Eritrean by nature.
    About you though many more could have been said but to borrow wedi Ghebru' insightful comfirmation: Nkulu Enque Arkeb'klu!
    A white bread should definately taste better than quentee. We had a chicken that scratched endlessly, peace be upon him, a knife relieved it of its misery.
    Ethiopia is a failed state under woyane.

  57. Proud or empty pride? shameless ass,

    In self reliant Eritrea you are lucky to get Wediaker bread in black market. (Sorry, White bread is only by doctors prescription)

    No electric city for months, No running tub water,people with collateral deposit travel to have medical check up and minor surgery to Sudan and Ethiopia, yes ETHIOPIA. Democracy, as in freedom of expression... punishable by death..the list goes on and on...

    How low do you think is too low?

  58. Forget your diatribe and the empty rhetoric , read and enlighten yourself from an independent prospective;


  59. Name any one from Akeleguzai in the Eritrean leadership.Name one as to why Mendefera was selected to be the capital city of Zoba Debub? What about the people their lives is affected by this changes? Who decide for who?A lot of unanswered questions? Lets have an honest debate instead of name calling.

  60. Forto sawa a man of 'good' etiquette
    with 'good' manner you try to educate
    a theory, a concept you don't know
    by talking much and writing too shallow
    no one boasts as you do in eritrya
    we all well know how poor is ethiopia
    The difference b/n us and you all
    is "honesty" which you think is foul
    we don't deny who we are in the world
    unlike you who tries to hide
    your history that we know is very bad
    we do accept all history of ours
    Good, bad , ugly for we know it matters.

    The theory that you picked for discussion
    is a concept you followed as a nation
    for decades without any notion.
    It feels good to take it as a motto
    though difficult to show it in tomato
    Bread, pasta including potato
    When you failed to put it in practice
    then you resort to get rid people by force
    A country with thousands of refugee
    emaciated looking like effigy
    in every corner all over the universe
    how possible is that to claim self reliance?

    Oh lol..... I made my english poem sound as easy as tigrigna. Well done me!!!

  61. You wide open your big mouth longing to swallow whiteman bread, but you get upset of the result soon when you come to your sense and learn the price you had to pay for it.

  62. Akeleguzetay is at the top of every department, every zoba, every adminstration. Akeleguzay is blessed and got the best of everything Eritrean from Ambassy to Ministry positions allover.
    EPLF has done everything to serve Akeleguzai, we have the biggest university in Eritrea, we have all our villages connected to eachother, we have water and electricity which we never dreamed of before. All our farms full of all kind of fruit, vegetables and serghum, wheat, taff, mashela, dagusha, ater, ayniater, ufun... hard to count our blessing. Thanks God and thanks Government of Eritrea. Akeleguzai is having it the best of all Eritreans and I wish all other Eritreans also do their best to have it the same.
    Yesterday and today Eritrea !
    Woyane tgray will endup soon.

  63. Good idea but everything comes AFTER our sovereignty. We shouldnt blow it off blinded with our insider issues We shouldnt give the enemy an inch or micro of space among ourselves:)

  64. Now you sound yourself LOL
    good improvement.
    And soon you will learn where to place yourself too I hope LOL

  65. zeregai
    if u know urself there is no reason to use nick name. Come with ur real name to chat with me. Ferah.

  66. well said brother!!!!!!!

  67. The above title reminds me the saying about the Fox who failed to reach the Grapes. Any fool can despise what he can not get.

  68. Abe aka ape, after I seen this video, I admitt I was wrong about Tigray. I am jealous that Tigray and Tigrians are ELAVATING.

  69. Asmayt, without involving politics, wouldn't it be waste of money to go to that summit? Will Africa be different or better continent after this summit? Most presidents you seen in that stupid summit are dictators and thieves. Is Issayas worse than them? Could you tell me the reason why he is not invited. ( I am sure the answer is because he is dictator)

  70. I agree with you mr Abe, you also have forgotten to mention how hard you have worked to ELEVATE to success and I am wishing my people the same path of elevation to the top.
    This video shows it all that We Eritreans are jealous

  71. Kurkur, I was trying to sound like my brothers from Raya and Enderta, the most brave Tigreans. But I don't actually sound like that as I am from Adwa. You gullible eritreans however think Tigray has only one dialect, knowing not how rich in different dialects we are!!!

  72. Hey brother YACOB, loosen up!!! and don't take it personal. You seem to know a lot about me but believe me, I am not having any hidden agenda or intention of destroying your Eritrea, except that I have an immense concern about our (your) Eritrea and the way things run by our (your) government. The problem I see in our (your) Eritrean platform is the lack of capacity to solve differences peacefully and we resort to unnecessary name calling and insults. And we are very inventive at ways of blaming others for our failure and misery.But our main crisis is the utter lack of regard towards anyone who doesn't think like us or believe like us and we always try to own the TRUTH.
    No hard feelings brother Yacob, but pull your head from where it is stuck and try to see and understand what is happening around you. How do you read the current transformation in our people from one unified and coherent society to the situation we are witnessing now; completely divided and polarised. As Sun Tzu said "Nations or empires do not fall from a external force, but collapses from within"
    Sorry to bother you again , but I would like to finish my posting by sharing another Aesop fable which I believe has a higher moral lesson that the previous story.
    ''A lion and a bear were fighting over a fawn. The fight was so terrible that they injured themselves very badly and lay half – dead. A fox passed by saw the two predators lying helplessly on the ground took the fawn and left. The lion felt bitter saying "a grievous fate is ours – to undergo all this suffering for the benefit of a fox"

    Abiy Hawka

  73. where Is Z Cruise,
    Thank u 4 ur polite approach. I know many dictators were invited, I know very well the world has a double standard. I am not convinced by those who pretend PIA is unique, different, self reliant ..etc ..etc. Objective situation of our beloved country is self explanatory. Just we left the country some months ago. Someone can not be good with others but best to others, in our case PIA has lost both his people and foreign diplomacy. Why? why? let us ask our self, instead giving unnecessary excuses. Our country is leading towards failed state, so let us do something to correct our mistakes. i recommend a conference to be held from all parts of society and discuss the objective conditions clearly and establish a transitional government including HGDEF. That is the solution otherwise hiredo kitelo esero firedo ayewasianan iyu tewesaki bloodshed entezeykoynu.

  74. don't just write fish, learn how to fish instead of continuously handed fish! dining in the white house with a bunch of slaves isn't one of the lion of nakfa's dream. move on!

  75. "Sorry, White bread is only by doctors prescription" lol...I'd rather not eat white bread it is better for my health, but what do you know you lived on next to no food (I was tempted to get an image of a tigrayan child here, but thought better not it is low), now you are trying to brag about "white bread". Have you been to Eritrea? i am telling you man don't burn all your bridges.

  76. you forgot to mention the color of the bread, was it white? and while you are at it, at least there is bread to be sold...why don't you feed your people by working as hard as an Eritrean...learn to work ! Ethiopia has one of the largest arable land mass in Africa, but you chose to give it to the Arabs! the Indians! and etc.....because it is too big to work right? and your dear PM came out and said "we achieved food security" while the indians and the arabs send the produce home....I feel sorry for poor Ethiopians..I bet you are one of the few millions who managed to get out of Ethiopia while you can, and get money from weyane to go and talk shit in Eritreans website at the same time live on welfare, wow! I am astounded as to how a country which is one of the largest recipient of donors money is paying cadres like you? good on you for trying though.

    Lets go back to the bread the white, whole meal bread you mentioned earlier in COSTCO? or may be in a supermarket in BOLE? or may be a supermarket in adwa? I hear you are from there, I bet you grow up yearning for bread, as you said "We Ethiopians are poor" so is Eritrea for that matter...but we work harder than you guys and that is a fact. why do you think an average Eritrean in Ethiopia was better of? it is again my friend hard work!

    Ethiopia is showing some stride economically speaking, but i would wait before i start bragging, I actually want Ethiopia to be better of as it would be disastrous for Eritrea to have a failed state next door with 100 million people, but without private investment and direct foreign investment, relying on donors money and debt is not sustainable, tell the weyane cronies to change their policies.

    Worry about your Ethiopia and we worry about our Ere, as for the bread story we will eat our wedy aker and make sure we come out winners it is in our nature, as we all strive for a better future!

    Wish you all the best where ever you are.

  77. LOL u kill me Z Cruise, something we agree about for the first time, These people are....., elavating ma a-- LOL

  78. Shmagle,
    Gabikha tegomgimka betekrstian temelales, ab laEleway Alem gele inteseleTeka ayfleTn iyu lol

  79. Dont tell me Adwa has purified dialect than other tgrayans, huh. Now you belittling them, damn! LOL

  80. What's the big deal if Mendefera is the capital city of the Zoba Debub? What difference should it make if Tera Emni, or even the whole length of Ruba Mereb was made the capital? Why not Mendefera? There is no chance this or any administrative change would affect anyone's life!

    Like most of our citizens, I care even less who is in the leadership from which region, nor do I want to know as long as they are Eritreans dedicated for Eritrea, like the leadership we have for example!

    What debate? Debate on this INFANTILE, non-topic? Why waste our time and energy in discussing nonsense? The surprising thing is that you consider this non-issue, as the most pressing thing, of Eritrea's challenges!

    We are on to you, Weyanes and their messengers. What you do not know is that Eritreans have gone beyond such subnational attitudes a long time ago! We are not going to go back! There is no hope of reviving it! Get lost Weyane!

  81. My sentiments exactly!

  82. "As Sun Tzu said "Nations or empires do not fall from a external force, but collapses from within"". Let me add something, if the division is not already there, create it!

    That is why you Weyanes and their messengers are hellbent on dividing Eritreans in order to 'manufacture" a collapse from within! We wont participate in your silly game!

    You talk about the lack of debate among Eritreans. We do debate on matters of importance to us in forums in which you guys have no access. We can recognize debate when we see it. You guys are not about debate. Our sovereignty is not up for debate, go fool gullible Ethiopians if there are any!

  83. I am reminded of paulos gnogno not long ago when asked why do Eritreans(tigre) get mad quickly? Of course this is before our neighbours to the south lost their tail, he simply said because they understand matters just as quickly.
    Eritrean are hard working, honest, and kind people and all around are reviered and respected.
    Honesty and integrity are our core-values,; go to shashemene, dila, to moyale or arsi, arba minch, dombidolo even metu dukem, butajira and harer, dire dawa, kebri dehar; konso, geleb and omo..weldia, korum, yedju and meele, gojam and gonder all of tekeze, even meqele with its abraha castle and mengesha sium zoo; in you coutry' lingua franca, we are affectionately called 'Sme Tru'
    Honest? You are not being one, otherwise
    Ethiopia is a failed state under woyane
    Will have you nodding your head in agreement.

  84. Taher, Eritrea begged the US to use its ports.

  85. intedelena nmanaTel bani
    intedelena ndarabe biimni
    natka khe intay ybahal gerimuni
    abzey mlketeka weTemTem dentsiyuni
    yewetet znb - tsembruni
    nay tgrayka gber nay woyani
    kabzi kemakha yedHneni

  86. Now, here is a true Eritrean!

    Nay Haqi ente koynu, we say to them, "EnQuae feTerelkum!" Wouldn't it be easier for these invaders to tell their government to leave territories and abide by the agreement they vowed to uphold than to convince Eritreans to give up on their country? Given that there is economic growth in Ethiopia, Ethiopia would grow even faster if it abides by the EEBC decision!

    However, it seems that Ethiopia's leaders seem to be playing the role told of in a joke in the late 1980's.

    The joke tells of the Almighty God coming to earth visiting different countries and asking the first man he meets what his heart's desire was. Out of His Generosity, God promised that whatever He gives to this man, He would give twice as much to all other human beings. Everywhere he went people asked for money and other things they considered would benefit them without caring much others are going to have double as much as they were given.

    The joke goes on to tell that God went to Ethiopia. After listening to what God had to say, the Ethiopian he talked to asked for a few minutes to think about it. Finally, the Ethiopian requested that God blind one of his eyes!

    The joke was a commentary on how Ethiopians viewed their character: the average Ethiopian would wish harm to himself/herself as long as others are far worse than themselves. In this joke the one-eyed guy would be superior than the rest of his compatriots as long as they are totally blind! There is even a saying, "Be ewiroch ager, and aynama (the one-eyed) negus new!" (In a village in which all villagers are blind, the one-eyed is a king.")

    I would debate the joke is a true reflection of the character of all Ethiopians, for most Ethiopians I knew and still meet are good people. However, it seems to be true of the Weyanes (the organization). That is why some use the word in "hasad" in reference to the Weyane! They continue with their intransigence despite the fact that peace would be a big dividend to both the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

    Things are going to change. The Weyane bosses are messing up situations around the world, for their own interest (or things grow out of control?). The dangers that seem to be far away now might soon come too close for comfort!

  87. Thanks for your polite reply and I totally agree with you in most parts. As the US-African summit I see it as a meeting between a Slave owner and a Slave. Unless Africa wake us and solve its own problem, it is doomed to be a slave and a play ground of Western nation.

  88. Here comes your ignorance in full swing! No single dialect is less pure than the others,It is just different. The belittling of people because of one reason or another is not in our culture. The fact that you belittle one another within your own community (the seraye, akele, Hama(anseba) is only typical of you nothing to do with us. And in case you don't know who installed that in your culture was your masters- The Italians. Ooops or was it the Arabs or the Turkiss?, sorry bro, I am lost here.

  89. kkkkkkk, I like your jokes. The "sime Tru" one is just excellent !!!!!!!!

  90. I guess you are one of the very few privileged to have a LDL cholesterol in Eritrea?

  91. I knew ur victim of substance abuse.

  92. The great Monastery of Debre Damo? Who doesn't.
    Enjoy your Debre Bizen for now..

  93. Do you see most of the so called meeting the Eritrean officials conduct abroad? You know where the majority of the people are-Hamasien and half weyane/tigray and some from Seraye.Infact the Eritrean officials consider the people of Akleguzai -Tigrai.What an irony? And they are the one who paid with their lives dearly. You know how many people are affected by this divisive politics of Higdefite. One elderly man told me last summer when I went to see my family how difficult it is for him and many others to go to Mendefera for court procedure and questioned so many times as to why they are considered as a second class.It may seem a simple thing for you. However, it is not for many people. If you deeply care about Eritrea you should condone division whether it came from so called Eritrean government or an ordinary citizen. Simply involving the people in the decision making would have solved the confusion. But again Aba esu is does not like involving people.

  94. SuleAgameMan
    Your poem justified you your true color.

  95. Name any city in Akeleguzai let alone entire Eritrea with continuous light? Yes tat some point they brought some generators last during in Dekemhare during last year festival. However, after that Dekemhare is dark like any city in Eritrea. I bet you are not from Akeleguzai let alone Eritrea.

  96. Yes in deed, you have said it, we are in agreement, i guess.

  97. Selamat Shimagle;
    You are a typical a wolf in a sheep skin. I would like to answer some of your sugar coated poison'
    1. The way things run by our government is beyond belief. The GOE is leading Eritrea into promising future. The GOE is responsible for many political initiatives that transformed the face of Eritrea.These includes land reform, the collectivization of agriculture, clinics and education. The GOE vastly expanded the country's social services, extending them to all classes of society on an equal basis. Education and health services have been made available to Eritreans free of charge.
    2. Blaming others for our failure and misery. In this context you seems to me you are weyanay because you don't know the culture and custom of Eritreans. Eritreans by nature don't blame others for our failure and misery. Even with two unjust sanctions and the rhetoric speech of Obama which is "We are partnering with countries arch enemy of Eritrea to lure the young men and women to flee Eritrea to subjugate the GOE, however the GOE is marching and the chihuahua like you are still barking to appease wey'ane.
    3. How do you read the current transformation in our people from one unified and coherent.....
    Still the people of Eritrea is unified and coherent except some sellouts whose sole mission is "bidihrey saEri ayibqola." If you think the people of Eritrea is fragmented and incoherent please send the Dedebit flie for their last desperate mission.
    4. As Sun Tzu said, "Nations or empires do not fall from external force, but collapse from within." LOL! you are acting like a hungry Serengeti vulture hovering over a herds of wild beast for free carcass in case if the wicked one succumb to death. Your lack of knowledge about the determinant GOE is a laughing matter. The GOE has been tested since the establishment of EPLF. Eight invasions pre independence and three bloody invasions post independence. By the way have you ever taste your pie from weyanay in the sky?

  98. From all these discussion one thing is missed. Eritrea is one of the HIGHLY INDEBTED COUNTRIES in the world. The policy of Self reliance by the Tyrant is just a cover up like some of said the tale of the FOX - Sour Grapes. From 1993 -2000 Eritrea borrowed Millions of dollars from World Bank and some European countries that we could never able to pay for generations. Do you know about the ECDF(Eritrean Community Development Fund) projects that build many schools, roads, clinics and health centres across the country. This is a WORLD BANK LOAN. What about HAMSET Project- the fund that the government borrowed from WORLD BANK. there are many Road projects from European UNION. The Demobilization of soldiers -another WORLD BANK Loan. All the Support from UNDP and UNICEF - in many areas and in many Ministries and Zobas - budgets are covered from these UN agencies. The GOVERMENT HAS NO ANY FINANCIAL CAPACITY TO RUN A SINGLE PROJECT EVEN IT CANNOT PAY SALARIES.

  99. SuleAgameMan;
    This is the only entertaining poem from you so far. It is funny the ugum accent. I try to read the poem but to no avail because I laughed out.

  100. Your point is why Akeleguzay . . . , the problem is simply your mentality and the mentality of those like you. How silly and childish! Come back to your senses, otherwise you will be sick and your "boiling blood" will kill you (unless you are sick already)!

  101. you don't buy friendship by selling your ass or your soul. Issaias' mistake was to lead the country with integrity, and seek self determination all the way, not half way. If we have to sell our soul to get friends, then that makes us a prostitute.

  102. proof please??? World Bank wouldn't loan Eritrea no money cos they are controlled by America. If I correctly remember there was one loan/grant am not sure for about $24 million. And what's 24 million? loose change...

  103. Brother Yacob,
    Kimlseleka do walas dehan y'trefeni?

  104. Zkeberka Gasha
    "N'lebam amtelu N'asha kea derguhalu"

  105. Ethiopia is a failed state under woyane

  106. What's up Where is Z Cruise
    I watched the video and I realized that they are the best commando in this planet.LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Atiyo Zemzem lishire kikheyid Eye libelkini edo. Entayma agniyuki hasabki qeyirki. Gele nayzom eletriya tiEmki Enekhi.

  108. Don't ask me, I ain't your boss. You better call Bereket Simon for advice.

  109. You said, in ethiopia you a choice of white bread, brown bread, whole wheat, whole grain, kicha.. You forgot to mention the dumpster (enda guahaf)


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