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Oil and Natural Gas Reserves Have Been 'Confirmed' in Eritrea - AfDB

Is the potential discovery of oil in Eritrea the game changer?

Oil and natural gas reserves have been 'confirmed' in Eritrea - AfDB

In their annual African Economic Outlook, the African Development Bank states there is confirmed presence of commercially viable reserves of oil and natural gas in Eritrea.

"In addition, geological studies have confirmed the presence of oil and natural-gas reserves in commercial quantities." 

The news comes five months after a group of British businessmen led by former UK conservative Chairman Michael Howard arrived in Eritrea to explore investment opportunities in the exploration of hydrocarbon and natural resource in the country.

Eritrea has been tight-lipped about the presence of oil and natural gas, but during a 2009 interview with Awsat, President Isaias Afwerki did reveal there is a "large reserve" of oil in the country.

Regionally, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, South Sudan, and Somalia are at different stages of extraction of petroleum after foreign companies discovered commercially viable oil and gas in their respective countries.

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Oil and Natural Gas Reserves Have Been 'Confirmed' in Eritrea - AfDB Reviewed by Admin on 10:30 AM Rating: 5


  1. whay is this reported it is going to put ERITREA in U S A target more even with out this report the U S A have ajenda to distroy ERITREA now with this report it will make more worst look at the caountrys who targeted by IRAQ SRIYA LIBYA so this will put ERITREA in bad stiotion because of oil by the name of caountrys who support terorist

  2. aytsekef, TesfaLdet b'Aklin 'TgEstiN eyu kulu zBxah!

  3. After I read this article, I took a deep breath and I said yes!
    This news will be a heart attack for some
    We are blessed with resources I think America have known way before that is why deny us peace and stability.

  4. Who benefited form the mining revenue? Not the Eritrean peopel. We should ask where the money is going. Unelected President Issayas is treating Eritrea as its own property. Any natural resource is owned by the public and serves the public. Nigeria the biggest oil producer of the country is run by Nigerian HGDEF and the majority of the people are poor. The same goes Eritrea where the government harvest 2% from hundreds of thousands Eritreans plus the revenue from mining, still the people have not Electricity, water , enough food. The cities are deteriorated, the roads are deteriorated, there is no enough kerosine, fuel. The regime couldn't even manage to run 3 aircrafts. Failure failure failure.

  5. Eritrea's main power is Human Resource (Eritreans) then of course Our land is also rich of all, Red Sea, Farm Lands, Minerals ect. Blessed Country..

  6. You are the biggest denkoro I ever known. But what can you do when they are paying you for being denkoro.

  7. go to hell chefra agame
    go and get examined your head idot
    you have no clue except being negative
    I hope you will have sleepless night over this news
    I have seen your pattern of your comments

  8. You can throw your insult as much as you can but you will never twist the truth.
    Where is the profit of the mining?

    Where is the Cruise HIGDEF bought in 2005/6

  9. If asking a legit question makes me denkoro, then I am proud of being denkoro. I am glad that I am not a blind supporter.

  10. ha ha ha, I really can feel how the stupid Lemmings of GOE open a champagne bottle and scream....yeaaaah, kiss ass world (and of course ethiopia)....we got oil......ha ha ha

    ha ha, once a year the bring stories like this....oil exploratoin: reserve confirmed or the same old story of mysterious investors in tourism- at this time a "russian investor" (with the same old picture, which they used everytime), or how many heavy machinery the GOE "bought" :-)

    .....gähhhhnnnnnnn, its boring

    but to ask the GOE for what they spend the paid dividend from the bisha no no........a lemming will not ask for that......

    but we all know, how much money the GOE received from Nevsun Resources.....thank god to the annual financial statement....

    jeb, since there is no state budget published......we can assume that our GOE is just greedy and corrupt like any normal african dictatorship

  11. Then answer him and proof that he is wrong.....Just tell us, for what the mining was spend

  12. If you have personal hatred with some people and PFDJ post your insult somewhere else, (the three A websites) either it is better to start your own account.
    It is shame for you to use the PFDJ website to insult five million Eritrean people as if we are ignorant and blind.
    Enough is Enough!

  13. If you have nothing to say to the topic, this time the eritrean economy/eritrean natural quiet

    proof that the brother is wrong

  14. What is the truth for you to cry on the Eritrean website?

  15. Your comments is not relevant to the issue of the topic? Ask yourself?It is has nothing to do about the revenue of the mining sector? and other infrastructures in Eritrea.
    Who are you to tell me to keep quite. Your comments is always hatred and insult nothing more or less. You need to keep quite!

  16. The topic is not about the mining sector revenue?

    It is about the avilabilty of energy resources "Oil and natural gas reserves have been 'confirmed' in Eritrea - AFdB"
    So, Why post your negative and hatred comment on the PFDJ website?
    Try your own account to read your brain there.

  17. my reply was for "abraham"....interesting, so, you confirm that you are "abraham".....

    you write: Who are you to tell me to keep quite.

    ha ha ha, zeragi, how many names do you use in madote?

  18. sry, my mistake in regard of accusation of your nick names

  19. Anta hassawi you are changing nick names now and then. Mafia! Leba! spoiled guy!

    That is what you have learned when you defected nothing else. Thief!

    "Ariel! is another nick name to "Where Is Z Cruise" shame on you.
    That is why I recommend you to have your own account number and read yourself there.

  20. do not try to chancge your name once Ariel, next where is Z Cruise . we know very well who give a comment hear . you agame kondaf if you are a man of principel show your face. agame kondaf abotatka kedat, kedemete USA, and kedame ne USA Aid. long live ERITREA AND OUR BELOVED PR. ISAYAS AFEWORKI.

  21. what always wonder me about Eritrean, ...... they believe any think if it good news about their country...... it is better to hard work by what you have in hand not by what you wish to have.


  23. Where Is Z CruiseJuly 8, 2014 at 2:25 PM

    That is right! I was in Eritrea, for a visit,when the pink buses were arriving to the country from China of course. The government was saying we paid x amount of dollar for those china made junk buses. You don't know who gives order what to buy or import. It seems there is no accountability. No body knows how much the buses cost but I am sure they cost fraction of the announced price. Transparency and Accountability doesn't exist in the world of HIGDEF.

  24. You are thetype of person who thrive on negativity, you spend your precious time here in an Eritrean website commenting nothing but doom and gloom askimg silly questions such as where the minning money goes, well I have news for you let us worry about that. If you can't swallow good news from Eritrea, if you can't evem wish good for Eeitrea then you are the ememy of Eritrean people, you can oppose all you like but if you are realy a concerned Eritrean this article should have at least say something positve!

  25. It is stomach churnning news for ya!!! bell TEQERETS eske.

  26. The loosers the likes of the Where is Z Curse, the rat Rora and the air Ariel are in turmoil, where the is is good news of Eritrea their good for nothing brain goes over dirve!!!
    bkofen teqeritsen!!!

  27. Mr cane libero, I dont know when you was the last time in eritrea, but if the trend go on, in a couple of years they will be no more human resources in eritrea

    ....except your donkey and PIA

  28. Where Is Z CruiseJuly 8, 2014 at 2:49 PM

    Where is the cruise ship HGDEF bought in 2005/2006. HIGDEF were barking that it will ease the shortage of transportation for people lives abroad. Kkkkkkkkk
    It was funny when Issayas was inspecting it at the port of Massawa. I knew that was HGDEF's personal property. Kkkkkk

    Please have a seat!

  29. Where Is Z CruiseJuly 8, 2014 at 2:55 PM

    The topic is about Eritrean natural resources. In a country where there is no accountability and transparency, no matter how much oilwell you dig or diamond mine you bore the out come is predictable. Look Nigeria!
    Now, where is the cruise ship HIGDEF bought in 2005/2006??? This is what I am talking about "accountability and transparency"

    Please have a seat!

  30. It is a good a news for the whole region if it is proved to be true.

  31. Where Is Z CruiseJuly 8, 2014 at 2:57 PM

    The topic is about Eritrean natural resources. In a country where there is no accountability and transparency, no matter how much oilwell you dig or diamond mine you bore the out come is predictable. Look Nigeria!
    Now, where is the cruise ship HIGDEF bought in 2005/2006??? This is what I am talking about "accountability and transparency"

  32. Where Is Z CrusieJuly 8, 2014 at 3:04 PM

    Killa, iske bejaka gdefena. The sanction is not to buy weapon. If the government had different approach to the situation, we wouldn't have fallen and hit the rock. The first to be blamed is The government of Eritrea.
    Don't come to me with a lame excuse.

    Now have a seat!

    Btw, where is the Cruise ship the HGDEF bought in 2005/2006? I know you will dodge from my question coz it is like a bullet.

  33. Where Is Z CruiseJuly 8, 2014 at 3:09 PM

    First of all I am not Areal. We might share the same opinion but we are different people. Second- that is all you can? Insult. Kkkkk come with something that I can say " hmmmm may be he is right". But as usual I don't expect honey from a mosquito. Kkkkkk

  34. you are right, as far as I know the machinery and the transportation (buses) what the GOE bought are most from china products with a short life period....

    but the thing is, the number of news, what the GOE published or publish through GOE friends like madote, are not go along with the facts on the ground....

    I mean, how you wrote before, all the years, they always say: we bought, xxxxx machinery, again more machinery, we bought xxxx buses, xxx.....or whatever

    I always ask myself, where is all the stuff.....I can not see it, neither in asmara, massawa, keren etc...

    I mean, sometimes I see chinese equipment, but its not propotional to that number of news, what GOE is saying/publish

  35. Wedinakfa,

    how often do you hear news like this in the last years?

  36. Agames hariren belu hiji,the more they thing bad about Eritrea/ns the more they get stomachache,guys there is something called "if you can't bit them join them" you should try the later.death to the hasadat zeri aka rora,cruze arile Eritrea.

  37. @Proud,

    as I am an eritrean, who only have love for his country and its citizen, everthing in regard of eritrea and its people is my if they is oil, I am happy for country and people

    ....but this is not the point. the point is stories like this are repeated every year.....and its damage the credibility of are some examples:

    1) Does Eritrea have Petroleum Oil? Mar 5, 2013

    2) Does Eritrea have Petroleum Oil? Mar 31, 2010

    it is just embarassing

  38. so in your opinion, its silly to ask the goverment for what the spend the mining money/tax etc........Am I right?

  39. Lol and this comes from an agame who gets excited if canada gets more rainfalls than the usual,agame boy we get excited cos it's our country,the question is why you get angry if you hear good news about Eritrea?I appreciate that you are using ur real id unlike most of ur agames bro/sis in every Eritrean websites.

  40. I cannot tell you how much the bus cost but I travelled from Asmara to Keren for 30 Nakfa. The pink bus has air condition and it was clean. The bus was carried passengers according to the seat numbers. Smoking wasn't allowed. It was totally joyful trip beyond my expectation. As I know you that you don't like to see or hear any excellent achievement of the people of Eritrea. I'm for sure these wonderful news about Eritrea caused you to have a persistent diarrhea. Mihret yewridelka.

  41. ZCruz and Ariel found another reason to make more noise! Do you think an Eritrean has so much hatred towards everything Eritrean?

    If you read every comments and replies they have written, you will understand why they do not want to hear any good news about Eritrea! They believe the Weyane has played a good "game" but they deny the Weyane have anything to do with most of the challenges in Eritrea and the current situation in the Horn.

    They expose themselves with their childish arguments everywhere. Their replies are mostly insults as if it is about who can insult the most or who has the most foul mouth! Isn't that childish!?!

    They are the "ኣነ እንተሞይተ ሳዕሪ ኣይብቆላ" type, Weyane paid agents or Weyane themselves. ሃገርካ ምስ ጽቡቓን ሕማቓን ሃገርካ ኢያ! ምስ ጸላኢኻ ሓቢርካ ኣይተፍርሳን ኢኻ!

  42. @Madote

    Why you delete my comment

  43. yeaaah, we make you headaches....and you dont like it, because truth hurts......

    no of you can answer, where the revenue from eritrean natural resources, especially from the mining industry is. for what the goe spend it.....

    ha ha ha.....truth is truth.....and not part of disney world

  44. You said stories like this are repeated every year yet you post my article from 2010? What about 2011, 2012, and 2013? So you mean once every 3 years, right? Because it's been that long since I last posted an article about oil.

    And even then, the stories are very different. The article you just posted discusses the history of oil exploration in Eritrea, whereas this one discusses recent news that confirms there is commercially viable oil in the country.

    Why does this information upset you so much in which you have to embarrass yourself in front of thousands of visitors? Aren't you Eritrean? Or are you one of the thousands of 'bloggers' the Ethiopian government is paying to shape negative perception about Eritrea as part of its online political strategy?

    I seriously doubt you are Eritrean. I think from your actions alone, you are an Ethiopian TPLF supporter making lots of noise on here.

  45. Where Is Z cruiseJuly 8, 2014 at 5:04 PM

    off course it has air condition but the question is its durability and maintainability. Those are one of the most important thing when you buy machinery. I guarantee you two years from now they will be classified JUNK. If the government didn't force out the Eritrean who set up Bus factory in Dekemhare, we wouldn't even import buses from China

  46. I know you have a great aversion anything Eritrean, if you follow the Eritrean news, not in a year I read and see plenty of developments in every speher however, you would like to hear bad about Eritrea so no matter what happens in Eritrea your evil mind and blinkered eyes would not could not accept it, I pitty you!!

  47. Her is the leader of the quacks!!!!!

  48. Where is z I.D ....and the I.D??? you said you have an Eritrean I.D and offered to show those who are intrested, well i want to see that I.D and please don't run away like a coward that you are when i get involved, keep your words if you are not a twisted hearted Agame

  49. Where Is Z CruiseJuly 8, 2014 at 7:24 PM

    Well lets make it fair play, I have my Id with me, have my entry's stamp on my passport and I even told you the comical scenario at the airport where people stamped each other in the duty free shop ( @ the left hand side of the exit door ) to buy pasta, oil... Coz there was no oil, pasta.... at the market.
    So the fair play is - show me where the Cruise is and I will show you my ID, passport stamp, receipt from Asmara hotel, alba bistro, royal.... Everything is saved as souvenir lol

    May God bless you!


  50. Ariel, what we are saying is that it is non of your business about Eritrea. It is good for you if you go to your woyane land ask Azieb Gola where she is spending Ethiopian money.

  51. Let me tell you this story it happened a long time ago in a monastery called "Enda Gabir DerAanto." A gossippmonger like you spread rumor that a bull spoke to monks in the monastery. It was pure rumors but there were few naive people believe him. All your defamations are baseless and untrue the same story like the bull spoke tigrigna.
    When I was a kid in Asmara there were two bus factories in Godaif, Asmara - Enda Aboy Habtemariam and Enda Janny and the third one is Dekemhare. After WWII Germany VW company had a plan to open VW factory in Dekemharebut your king Hailselasei refused and it became bus factory. The reason all the three factories became out of business was their machineries were an outdated. Not only the bus factories suffered from old machineries, but also all the factory that the GOE inherited from the doomed Dergue had the same problem.

  52. You can be any visitor from abroad, can be one of the journalists who bigmouth Eritrea, you can be Eritrea-grown messenger or else.

  53. the whole region? Nope !

  54. Are you trying to threat Eritreans because they touched your nerves? How about you when attacking the people and the country (My Blessed Eritrea) the main reason that pushed come-up here and discuss is the EXISTING country called ERITREA, where you work fullheatdely to destabilise, destruct, condemn,attack,blackmail and push for SANCTION ! isnt it?

  55. Where Is Z CruiseJuly 8, 2014 at 8:42 PM

    If I was not Eritrean, I wouldn't have any business visiting Eritrea. I would spend my time in Barbados, Panama City, Cancun, San Juan, San Jose Costa Rica, Belize city.... You know what I mean.

  56. Where Is Z CruiseJuly 8, 2014 at 8:56 PM

    Kkkk I see you are not updated even with ERITV. Izi indiu zeguhyeni zello. OMG!
    Well let me tell you the story from year 2000 - there was an Eritrean engineer (mechanical) and his wife, she is engineer as well, who started a bus manufacturing company in Dekemhare. He trained many people with welding skills, trained university students with CAD/CAM ..... And started his business. His plan was to produce 4-5 busses a year to start with then increase the production. The engine was made in Germany and Eco friendly engine. His future plan was, beside buses, to produce industrial laundry and drier machines.
    The rest you could figure it out what happen or why he packed and left the country.

    Do your research and find it in Hadas Eritrea about this bus production.

  57. Ok I support the Government of Eritrea and all its failures and weknesses and I believe there is always a need of improvement but not bubbling day and night from your hiding cave but IN PERSON, in the real world, among the people.

    Keeping your hands clean and soft inside your pocket while destructing those on the go is just crime.

    Forget 23 years old country like Eritrea, even those who been there before WWI they are always in need of betterment.

    I am for positive change but not pointing fingers from afar but from inside my community together with my people.

    Your hard try has failed miserably because you have no ability to make me change my mind.

    Are you happy now?

  58. Wizee,.you have pretty much drag it out and am obliged to steer the cruise issue towards you; and if you have the gusto the wind blew south and the owner is no more,,,,connect the dots new york to uganda, hope you will cease and now go ahead and change your nick. Are we square?

  59. Proud of Eritrea and of PIA for being loyal to his country and protecting it. Why are those dumb ppl writing about busses and other stuff who cares this article is talking about natural resources God Bless Eritrea and PIA

  60. Wizee, more impressed with the CAD/CAM, top it of two engineers, husband and wife at it; here too the number 5/yr and just as the maintenance of the chines bus arguement you presented, begs the question of viabality on top of waiting so long for very few buses, sometimes it is really cheaper to buy it than make it. But rest assured its included in our plan of self-reliance.

  61. Same here & I agree absolutely. This is why as a 28 yr. old entrepreneur, I plan to move back to Eritrea in 3 yrs (2017) from the U.S. and focus my investment in the capital. If this Oil and gas discovery is feasible and commercially viable, I plan to create 20K jobs in Eritrea through in various industries by 2030. I'm passionate about this and you will see me in the headlines as a success story.

    I will hope and pray this confirmation is real. Eritrea can be the Qatar of East Africa in terms of wealth creation and nation building. You will see 100 new skyscrapers in Massawa and Asmara from this resources in the near future and massive number of Eritreans talent relocating back to their homeland for piece of that investment opportunity.

    Dream Big! Hustle Hard!

  62. Ashaaaaa ansebetayyyJuly 9, 2014 at 1:27 AM

    Ashaaaaaa ansebaaaa

  63. Ashaaaaaa ansebetayJuly 9, 2014 at 1:31 AM

    Asssshaaa ansebaaa

  64. Ashaaaa ansebetayJuly 9, 2014 at 1:33 AM

    Ashaaaaa anseba

  65. Ashaaaaa ansebetay yyyyJuly 9, 2014 at 1:36 AM

    Ashaaaaaa anseba

  66. awetina nay gedin eyuJuly 9, 2014 at 6:03 AM

    Asha, eskas abokan adekan awet elom shim awtsiomlka. AMERICA diya rewiatka. Tereguabi

  67. awetina nay gedin eyuJuly 9, 2014 at 6:12 AM


  68. hey, wether HGDF is in power or not the prospect of having natural resources is great. all the governments will pass and all the weyanes will pass. the main thing is our people and the new generation will have something to rely on economically. I am sure every eritrean enemy is much discouraged about this news including the imperial powers.

  69. "Confirmed" is a subjective word for oil and gas. The proper indication is "proven". Even when it is proven, the next big question would be if it's commercially viable to produce it. As an example, one may find water in a small pond, but it sure does not rise up to a well. So, patience is required.

  70. Haberieta:
    abzi web site kemzi kalat metekam betbki zetekelkele iyu, nementay kab mesmer zewetse kalata nay tsergia selezekone, bezaeba nay hangol zelewo atehasaseba tezareb entekonka dehan, bezeterefe nay mechereshta metenkekta hibnaka allena..daharay ayraekun, aysemaekun zebahal yellen.

  71. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiJuly 9, 2014 at 7:46 AM

    And what will you do with all these resources deKi ERITREA? What will you do with all the profits?

    GIVE them TO elfi Ketelti hezbom deKi DEJAZMACH as per usual?

    Or will you hand them over to DAN COLIANIALISM via z MENGAG ELSA CHYRUM?

    OR will YOU DEMAND TRANSPARANCY and SOCIALIST REFORMS which eradicate poverty, carnage, corruption

    as well as the vicious and endless cycle of SOMNABULIST POLITICS by intoxicating the people with


    Do you really believe that this is the first time EVER in HISTORY that gold, silver and oil were discovered in our region?

    HA! To you if you do... HA!


    DEMAND THAT THE PEOPLE BE CONFERRED WITH BEFORE OUR ITT (International Thief Thief) gvt and business people

    SELL OUT ON OUR PEOPLE by surrendering the peoples' wealth to CORPORATE GLUTTONS and LOOTERS

    like NEVSUN and Co FOR A MERE 40%!

    DEMAND that the wealth 'of the people, by the people and for the people' be returned TO THE PEOPLE!


    DEMAND that abject and shameful history cease to repeat itself!


    DOWN to democracy a la MAHAYEM on the land that our martyrs sacrificed their precious lives for!

    DEMAND that the rights of our women be respected.

    DEMAND that violence against and the oppression of the Eritrean woman be eradicated.

    DEMAND THAT THE DREAM AND VISION of a democratic and PROSPEROUS ERITREA be honoured!

    NO to theft and corruption!

    NO to enslavement and blind leadership!

    NO to divisive imperialism and its sellout tools eg ELSA CHYRUM, MERON ESTIFANOS etc

    YES to a conscious, empowered and enlightened ERITREA!

    YES to the end of disdain for and exploitation of the poor and illiterate Eritrean peasant.

    YES to the end of exile.

    YES to the right to live in peace on the land of our ancestors


    Awet n'Hafash!

  72. Shut thew f u you bustard

  73. Madote the Master of Censorship, decided to delete all my comments

    I hope for you, that you have a good lawyer....

  74. what cruise? have i ever made a comment on a cruise before? i could not tell you about something i do not know about. if there is a cruise as you said bought in 2005/2006 then maybe it’s sold or in a junk yard. do i really care or do you or someone you know lost something in relations to it - people like you only speak when they personally lost or been hart . i honestly do not care but what happen to it to answer your question?
    well my logic tell me that the government got this product at the height of the sanctions in the hope that it could be used to improve the tourist sector - however due to external circumstances that were directly hurting the Eritrean economy the government decided to sell it or lease it to others or use it to make money by using it to work in other part of Africa as there is a bigger market. or maybe it sitting in one of our ports for the sea and salt to eat... who cares?
    but to honestly tell you it’s in the heart of Asmera the presidential house - see the president decided to dig a big lake in the palace and fill it was fresh water (explanation for water shortage in Asmera) using all the electricity in the country (explanations for electricity shortage) to make waves in his personal lake and he has it sitting in the heart of Asmera. Are you happy now? In short I do not care!!

  75. Where is z I.D. Everything you have said, you could have got part of it from 3rd person - what tell me which part the shop is found any person would tell you. in regards to 'people stamped' really i have lost count the number of times i've gone through the airport and never, never have i seen stamping (i've seen pushing to pay quickly and to get out of the airport but with the exception of a handful of people - the majority of passengers do not stop there. - however by the way you have written the statement above it sounds like a story originally written in 3rd person clearly used to sensationalize things.
    Furthermore, from someone who has been a victim of Photoshop - any fool with a fake Aerodynamic degree could fake a souvenir!!
    Finally, I answered all your questions even though they did not apply to me. So under FAIR PLAY show me your I.D

  76. hahahaha your tigrigna is killing me Ugum.
    Who said that YOU have ? Eritrea made her mind and said bye bye ! yechigaram zer LOL

  77. fara ! tetsarifka keman aytikhelon LOL

  78. Say it in person from INSIDE Eritrea, otherwise you are as fake as all woyane tools.

  79. why do you think the reason ALL EYES ON ERITREA ?
    Everyone of them know the blessing is showering my beloved Eritrea. The blood of our martyrs is GOLD, GAS, POTASH & OIL
    Bless their soul ! We need to come together and keep the promise alive.

  80. Well said brother!

  81. About three months ago, there was a seminar or may i call i circular read at the Commercial Bank of Eritrea Zeray Deres branch by the Manager. It said that "Eritrea do not have any natural resources...Ab dege sebat bzuh werki terekibu...mengsti bzuh genzeb rekibu eyom zblu...kemu gn aykonen...Eritrea wala hade nay tefetro habti yeblan...." nay bhaki natural resources slezeybla dyu walas bielama eyo kemu tebahilu ..dehan ngzien...ntententn ngedfo...
    Kemto Gasha ab laeli zbelo " Hagerka ms tsbukan hmakan hagerkaya" ewe nhna Ertrawyan nhagerna lieli manm nfetun nefkrn...Baesna wey tsegemna ms hagerna HGDEF bflay mszi dictatorn mesharktun eyu.....Hagerna zeynefkr entenkewn emo....ab Salsay werar tmhrtna gedifna aymketetnan....Hager endateweret yehwatna ab gnbarat endahalewu entay ziabs tmhrti elna do ayonan temeharo University Asmara Zketetna...............Aykonen dyu????

  82. One of your lemming wrote this: "if you can't beat them join them"

    First time, that I agree with you lemmings

    I got a new strategy. From today, I will join PFDJ. I already contact my local PFDJ- they was really happy on my decision. Since most of the PFDJ member are really old- close to death, it will not difficult to climb the ladder.

    I swear to you, I will be loudest, bigoted empty headed GOE supporter you ever met...and soon, you will praise me as your new leader, ha ha ha

    Heal Ariel...Heal Ariel....Heal Ariel

    .....Destroy from my new moto, ha ha ha....

  83. Where Is Z CruiseJuly 9, 2014 at 2:05 PM

    There there are many words you could use to forward your opinion. Where is your manner? Are you raised as a street boy in Asmara?

  84. Where Is Z CruiseJuly 9, 2014 at 2:30 PM

    You have not shown me where the Cruise is !
    Well let me continue my story to you ;)
    Entering Asmara was not that hustle, but to get exit visa was very very backward. Many people were irritated for it took us 2 days to get our exit visa get stamped at the location close to cinema Capitol. As I am checking the exit visa as I write to you now, the logo says Eritrean Visa and there is 7 digit number ( mine starts with 07..... , then there is name, pass number, visa number, visa type, good for, journey/s, stay up to, from the date, from the date of, leave before, date of issue, place of issue, name and sig. Of Authority (mine was stamped by REZANEIT lol.
    If you want to hear more of my journey, I am willing to tell you but you might not like it coz I don't go to Eritrea like you to take out small girls

  85. Where Is Z cruiseJuly 9, 2014 at 2:45 PM

    " the government got this product at the height of the sanctions in the
    hope that it could be used to improve the tourist sector - however due
    to external circumstances that were directly hurting the Eritrean
    economy the government decided to sell it or lease it to others or use
    it to make money by using it to work in other part of Africa as there is
    a bigger market. or maybe it sitting in one of our ports for the sea
    and salt to eat..."
    Now you come to my point -indirect deep inside you you are admitting there is no accountability, control and transparency. If the government uses public's property as his own then we are the same as the countries you insult day and night "Nigeria and other African countries.

    Who cares if the president lives in Asmara or Mendefera, Kim lives also in Pyongyang. He is a dictator.
    wait a minut, the president lives in Asmara but his account might stay in some islands.

  86. Where Is Z cruiseJuly 9, 2014 at 2:56 PM

    If you have read or listen to his interview, it was just a beginning but based on demand, man power and other stuff his production would have topped. The first blow was when they, suddenly , drafted his employees. A responsible government would facilitate everything for people like him, but in Eritrea it is the other way 'round. That is why we are backward undeveloped 4th world country under this government.
    Now have a seat!

  87. Where Is Z cruiseJuly 9, 2014 at 3:07 PM

    Our natural resources was our people. Look at your grandfathers and fathers. They were raised under good moral and principle, had better freedom even under colonial regime (be it Haile S. or Menghistu) than today. They had work ethic, they were entrepreneurs, handy men, creative... it is just they were left alone by the regimes. Ask them how they grew up. Ask them about their dreams. They were dreamers and achievers. Look at today's Eritrea and look at the backbone of the nation the so called working force. Can you imagine my friends are there working as slave without changing their life, since 1st and 2nd round national service.

    Is it morally acceptable when people here ( living comfort life, working and making money or going to school and improving themselves) saying our people are doing fine???????????

  88. I can't tell you how glad I am that you decided to join PFDJ. but being the loudest isn't always the best policy.

  89. Now I got you. Why don't you ask the person who pressed you forward to bring this nonsense unrelate topic to the forum. The guy who owns the business was involved in regionalism. He started to hire his relatives and the GOE said no problem. Later he took his dirty game to the next level that he started to play awraja's game. Instead of hiring people according to their knowledge and skill, he interviewed them and asked them if they belong to his awraja.(wedi Adina dikha). When applicants expose his wicked mind the GOE kicked him out of business. Please, stick to the topic. Don't take a detour (gual mengedi).

  90. Where Is Z CruiseJuly 9, 2014 at 5:11 PM

    Kkkkk as usual this is the lame excuse that comes from wicked people like you. Why did HIGDEF overtook ASBECO (that is called day time robbery) is that awrajawnet? What about took control of Eritrean Airlines and bankrupt it! Is that awrajawnet? For every crime the government does you people came with lame excuse awrajawnet and crap like that. This shows how you are mentally corrupted by the HgDEf.
    As I told you yesterday or the day before, wake up and pave the road for your kids to think with their brain. If you don't think for yourself, you are becoming a bad example for your kids. Just you comment you posted today it shows deep inside you you are infested by narrow nationalism and tribalism. The person you are falsely accusing wouldnt invest is he had such kind of mentality. I know one qualified person who started working for him if you are curious which zoba he is from I can tell you.
    Don't paint some one with your dirty paint.

  91. what have we done so far..... plus i want to add something since u live in Europe u may know well about bologna festival will u tell me when was the last time bologna festival was celebrated like this year... why are they doing things like that after 40 years why not last year or 15 years before or 10 year after to make it golden anniversary. still am criticized political tack ticks.

  92. what have we done so far..... plus i want to add something since u live in Europe u may know well about bologna festival will u tell me when was the last time bologna festival was celebrated like this year... why are they doing things like that after 40 years why not last year or 15 years before or 10 year after to make it golden anniversary.

  93. why would u want to see his I.D? dumbass
    he's not dickhead as u to let u see his I.D.

  94. why do you care if celebrated after 1, 10, 20,.....years? what has to do with you ?

  95. Any move, you will taste your own medicine LOL

  96. Where Is Z CruiseJuly 9, 2014 at 8:38 PM

    Tanx Wedi Awate - iske ngereley Nezi rissi hamham

  97. Predictably, a lot of Ethiopians seem upset by this news.

  98. How sweet would it be if Eritrea's reseerves of oil turned out to be as big as Saudi's? Lots of these Ethiopians pretending to be Eritreans on here would lose their minds.

  99. we're not street boys but you are ....fuk'n Agame

  100. Madote, since you have been posting articles are informing us about how Agame cadres are blogging and sabotaging Eritrean websites, then "auto-block" those obvious trolls (ZCruz and others) out of this website, block their computer devices. Be part of the solution, not the problem. If you really care.

  101. Infact what is the problem to do it when one is ready or when think is suitable to Him (Eritrean People)..entay sheger allewo? wey natka point i didn't get it..

  102. Dear guest last year been done in Asmara directly as after independence and abroad each nation did it accordingly..this was a silver anniversary not political tack ticks..

  103. That means more and more agames will start migrating to this rich nation. So that they could feed their starving family back home in that dirt land of tigrai.

  104. AGAME do you take us as fool

  105. You now understand why they called them twisted heart? Agame protecting one of their own,Madote is full of Agame and is this called dickhead love as it was him who offered to email his ID and coming with fair game bullshit and yet he does not respect his own rules .Agame has been showen naked, how to catch an Agame staying true. Let's rename the page Madi Agame the only fair and good hing Is to kill ever Agame in the planet

  106. who cares about agame...
    u never know him? u may be more agame than him? get life kiddo

  107. and now who is pushing the wheelbarrow?

  108. silver anniversary is 25th year

  109. there may be no problem but still its pointless propaganda

  110. i care about the capital invested for the festival with that amount at least they can build a new healthcare center or school in any rural area and it can serve minimum for 4 villages

  111. Thanks for the correction

  112. are you his bitch or something? he talk
    like one, walk like one, act like one then he's one... "u may be more agame than him?" oookkkk (1st learn the language you are using to communicate:a statement is not a question) ... so are you going to give me a life then? if you are so concern about me not having a life, why don't you take your life then, so i could have one. ... really do not know your point or your problem, what you don't like agames getting bitch slapped?

  113. if you do not like the answer does not mean the question has not been answered but i have no doubt now that you are agame, just like your forefather breaking your own promise, agame you coward not in my level. erdaka

  114. ignore him he's Agame himself,

  115. Wizee, hear me once and hear me good; I will not argue wether one is Eritrean or not, and i personally value constructive criticism; however, on most issues ot topics you seem to make a sweeping and generalized statement which lead people to respond in the way the do, cause you intentionally force the reader into provacation.
    It is agreeable to ask any short coming you see or feel exists on the part of the peoples government, but the very basic requirement is you recognize its very existance. Second any and every development is for the people and the Nation, not just in present time only but perpetual; therefore, the best that one can say is are we doing what is not only in line with our pledge but also our vision vis-a-vis the dynamic world and politics.
    Most Eritreans readly see that the powers to be collectively sentenced them to extermination favoring their geopolitical and other interests. Our people were denied the basic rights as human beings to live, and aspire on their own land with dignity and equal say. 100 years of missed opportunities will not be compensated let alone in a fews years time but in decades; soecually the antagonusm and the desire to see it not materalised is ever greater. Despite all this, Eritrea and the peoples government are tirelessly working in unison to guarantee where every citizen knows its rights and duties and is the sole owner of its manifested destny.
    In my opinion, there are two fundamental issues that bring us in collusion in respect to how the Nation is governed: aid dependant or self-reliance, the peoples government has opted for the latter and as you have on so many occations implied you are a staunch opponent of welfare states.
    In conclusion, we all know and agree that there is much work to be done, but we believe in working together not blaming the working for erring.
    Thank you

  116. Did any mining company took concession, did what it takes and made public its findings? We know it is not that simple to identify underground resources and specially its commercial viability.It takes years of hard work and millions of investment to reach in to such conclusion. I have no doubt the PIA thinks he knows every thing under the sun,geology,astrology , physics, Chemistry...either way I take it as a good news.

  117. Abe, it is indeed good news, but more than that, we should not depend on the resources alone; PIA is complemented with many specualized expers; in such fields as the ones you mentioned; but he is unique in that he is a man of many talents, and highly organized individual.
    Just as you said our focus is to lay the ground work for things to come and things to be; as you might very well know opportunity favors those that are prepared for it. Come oil or not knowing how to live with out it will make it look like an added bonus when it finally comes.
    Think of it like the money you find in your pants pocket after laundry or wash. Eventhough it was yours to begin was but makes you happy that you have it at your desposal for whatever you like.
    Lets stay the course and equip ourselves on tech related fields of study and be prepared for the opportunity that is on the horizone.

  118. Fedayeen - the person who is pushing wheelbarrow is a decent hard working person. He is/was doing that to raise his kids and pay his rent. May be today his kids are doctors or engineers.
    This is why I always tells you to think out of that narrow box which HGDEF squeezed you in.

  119. Eri mouse,
    I know you hates me and there are three reasons why you hate me -

    1. You hate yourself
    2. You want to be me
    3. You see see me as a threat

    Don't worry I will not catch and kill you, I have respect for mice as much as I have respect for human.
    Be safe and sleep well.

  120. You are born fool, I can help it.
    Go now and dig your grave

  121. The answer is simple Wedi Awate,
    Since the government has bankrupted our Airlines, there are only 1 and 3/4 airways that flys to Eritrea. This will leave the people 3 months of depression and frustration. Bologna 2014 is/was celebrated as a compensation.

  122. This is what I call throwing white towel as in a boxing ring. If you don't know about boxing , let the Cruise "ex. amateur light weight boxer" explain throwing white towel means.
    When a boxer is too beat up to continue, his squad/coach throws a towel into the ring to tell the referee the fight is over.
    Here I see you throwing your white t-shirt as a signal Ariel. Rora, Z cruise, Wedi Awate are beaten you up until you see colorfull stars.

    Damn I love me when I used to beat up people like you in the ring and now in the discussion forum.

  123. Agree in some of your sayings but I want you to read this statement you wrote and think about Eritrea today
    " Our people were denied the basic rights as human beings to live, and aspire on their own land with dignity and equal say"

  124. are they going to celebrate it again next year in bologna or in sudan

  125. you are just reading too much into this Bologna festival. 40 is big so why not celebrate? You think it is diversion or something? We were too occupied to celebrate 30. Simple!

  126. Why do the AfDB have to blurt the news like this? They are going to get us invaded...ufffff!

  127. Those half Eritreans who are licking woyane's ass will also claim to be 100% Eritreans!!!

  128. You sound like that Chiwawa, Meles Chenawi.

  129. I don't think agames like you will abide by the rule of the court. Madote has a lawyer but you don't have a court.

  130. Ask him where the "Zeray" Deres branch is? If you were student then the more the better. But you too might be like rora from Hazega, now? Everyone sees through you, dont even try. I bet you there is abdisa aga junior high too?

  131. Please contact me at

  132. Good for you, nothing wrong with ambition.

  133. as an every Eritrean i pay my 2% + i have 5 family of martyrs i hope this will shut u up.

  134. I am anseba and proud! thankx God I am not agame

  135. Where is the ID: ok if you wish, but you need to get a mirror to see where hate is coming from... if i'm so, then i'm sorry you did not have TV as a kid but you need to watch "Tom and Jerry" ... its a shame you do not seem to respect your self, you understand before you could respect others, you first need to respect your self. keep your word when are we meeting up?

  136. My name is Robin, a father, and a husband. before i married my wife,

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  137. This is for all eritrean people the Ethiopian regime & the west trying repeat 1940 history we not flush any more

    victory to the mass Eritrea

  138. We should not be too excited by this news. .. first, Eritrea''s true Oil & Natural resources are its beloved citizens. Second, the so-called discovery of these natural resources, especially oil, is a magnet fot the evil. Erittea knows how & when to fight the evil with its Camel walk....


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