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Leaked Memo Reveals Ethiopia's Destabilization Policy against Eritrea

If body languages could talk: Ethiopian Ambassador Berhane Gebrekiristos begging his master, John Kerry, to keep the illegal sanctions on Eritrea 

Permanent Mission of Eritrea to the United Nations

New York



The Ethiopian State Minister for Foreign Affairs Ambassador Berhane Gebrekiristos on 20 February 2014 (13 yekatit 2006) sent a Memo in Amharic to all Ethiopian Diplomatic Missions, with specific Instructions and Action Plans on how to Destabilize and Economically and Militarily weaken Eritrea. Read the full text of the Amharic leaked memo:

The Leaked Memo, among other things, clearly exposes:-

a. Ethiopia’s purported agenda of “weakening and destabilizing Eritrea” and its diversionary tactics to perpetuate its occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories including the town of Badme;

b. Ethiopian government’s fear over the increasing awareness of the international community about the positive and the true content of Eritrea’s economic and regional integration policies;

c. On how to present the sanction as an IGAD initiative so that it cannot be seen as an Ethiopian request; and to influence the intelligence agencies of the countries in the region so that they can echo Ethiopia’s baseless assertions;

d. On how Ethiopia’s occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories, including the town of Badme, can be avoided from being considered as the root cause of instability in the Horn of Africa;

e. On who in the US government has been playing a leading and crucial role on sanctioning and “marginalizing” Eritrea;

f. On how the Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG) was fed false information by Ethiopian intelligence and military establishments and is being manipulated and used to disseminate baseless accusations and disinformation about Eritrea;

g. On what actions and measures Ethiopian diplomats must take in order to defend the credibility of SEMG as well as to maintain and enhance their amicable relationship with SEMG;

Excerpts from the Leaked Memo:

I. On Eritrea’s Diplomatic engagement and the need for a New Diplomatic Approach 

Ethiopia was instrumental in the imposition of sanctions on Eritrea. We have cooperated with members of IGAD; and, have been at the forefront of the efforts at the African Union and the United Nations. However, after the sanctions were adopted, we did not take full ownership of the issue and relentlessly work to ensure its full implementation. In light of Eritrea’s ongoing diplomatic activities to lift the sanctions, if we don’t work vigorously and fail to ensure the strengthening and continuity of the sanctions, then all our past efforts to isolate and weaken Eritreawill be in vein. Therefore, there is a need to implement a “new approach” in our diplomatic activities.

Eritrea is actively engaged with the international community. President Isaias visited Kenya and Sudan. During President Kenyatta’s inauguration, he met with the Presidents of South Sudan, Tanzania and D.R. Congo. The Eritrean Presidential Advisor Mr. Yemane Gebrab met in Paris with the Chairman of the Sanctions Committee (Permanent Representative of Korea) and the Monitoring Group. The UN officials, OCHA and UNDP, visited Eritrea and in unprecedented manner the Organization is showing keenness to cooperate with Eritrea, including on political matters. All these developments could harm and affect the sanctions imposed on Eritrea.

Today, some are arguing that the Eritrean government is showing interest to engage the international community, and that the sanctions are hurting the population not the government. Such views have been expressed by the former US Assistant Secretary for Africa, Herman Cohen, and similar views are entertained in the U.S. Congress and the Council for Foreign Relations. Many countries, especially the developing ones, are against imposing sanctions on developing countries. Moreover, the support Eritrea received during the presentation of its national report under UPR in Geneva cannot be underestimated. Uganda spoke in support of Eritrea during UPR presentation, which must be closely observed.

The sanctions which have at the least helped marginalize Eritrea are being challenged. The success of Eritrea’s ongoing diplomatic activities to lift the sanctions can have serious repercussions. However, as long as the US, the penholder, hasn’t changed its position, there is no danger of the sanctions being lifted. The possibility that the sanctions can be further watered down and become tooth-less should not rule-out.

Therefore, we must approach Embassies and International Organizations in Addis Ababa; the UN Secretariat, and Ministries of Foreign Affairs in the relevant countries to expose/convince that Eritrea’s current diplomatic activity is not a sign of real behavioural change but a deceptive charm offensive for the sanction to be lifted. We must actively lobby for the sanctions not to be lifted, and push for its full
implementation and further strengthening.

The imposition of sanctions on Eritrea materialised due to the unity that existed within IGAD. If the unity of IGAD is eroded, the matter will be seen as an issue between Eritrea and Ethiopia, and the international community could lean towards accepting Eritrea’s narrative that the root cause of all the problems is the Border Issue. We have to strengthen our effort to prevent this from happening. The challenge is portraying our activities against Eritrea as an IGAD initiative. This must be taken as a top priority.

In this regard:
a. we must work with Djibouti and Kenya to strengthen the unity within IGAD; and,

b. we must constantly provide information to the security and intelligence agencies of the countries of the region so that they will understand and explain Eritrea’s destabilizing role in the region.

The Reports of the SEMG has been key in ensuring the continuity as well as the strengthening of the sanctions against Eritrea. But as of late the integrity of the SEMG and the credibility of its reports are being challenged by many countries. Eritrea in particular has ridiculed the reports of the Group. Some members of the Security Council such as Russia and Pakistan labelled the report ‘unbalanced’. Italy, Norway, Kenya and Somalia who were mentioned in the report also criticized the Group. The Group’s reports exposed the rampant corruption in the Somali Government and the involvement of the Kenyan soldiers in the charcoal trade in Kismayo. The Somali Government wrote a letter to the UNSG requesting the chair of the group to be fired, while Kenya declared members of the Group persona-non-grata and denied frequent requests for an entry visa to one of the members. These situations coupled with Eritrea’s consistent assertion that the group lacks neutrality and is an instrument of Ethiopia and U.S. could hurt the credibility the Group.

We must:-
a. facilitate the resolution of the misunderstandings the group has with Kenya and Somalia,

b. provide information to the SEMG on Eritrea’s violations of the sanctions and make sure the information is included in the reports of the Group presented to the UNSC,

c. lobby member states of the UNSC to accept the reports of the SEMG as credible,

d. lobby members of the UNSC to accept the recommendations of the SEMG on  strengthening the sanctions; and,

e. obtain advance copies of the reports of the SEMG and the UN Secretary-General on the implementation of the sanctions;

f. develop close relations with the relevant departments in the UN Secretariat in order to ensure that the reports are in line with our position, or at least don’t hurt our position.

IV. On the Role of the UN Security Council Members, in particular the US: The P3 Countries have been supportive of the sanctions against Eritrea. The United States played a crucial role in the adoption of UNSC resolutions 1907 and 2023. The former U.S. Permanent Representative to UN, Ambassador Susan Rice, was instrumental in adopting the resolutions. The current US Permanent Representative, Ambassador Samantha Power, may not be as strong on Eritrea.But since Ambassador Susan Rice is serving as the National Security Advisor of  President Obama, she will ensure the continuation of U.S’s policy of sanctioning Eritrea. 

United Kingdom has supported the sanctions in the past, and has taken positions similar to that of the U.S. Meetings with the UK Permanent Representative, hasconfirmed that the UK will not change its position regarding the sanctions against Eritrea or the SEMG.

France has supported the imposition of sanctions against Eritrea, primarily due to the conflict with Djibouti.

Russia while supporting the first resolution, in the second resolution not only abstained but has also worked with China and South Africa to water-down the resolution. The position Russia undertook with regards to the second resolution is not related to its relations with Ethiopia but the condition in the Council after  Libya and Côte d'Ivoire. Our country has historical relations with Russia since the Soviet Union, and it is our view that Russia will not support the lifting of sanctions against Eritrea, but if Eritrea’s efforts to lift sanction get the support of Russia in light of the existing confrontation with P3 in the Council then our diplomatic activities will face great danger.

China asserts that it opposes sanctions in principle, in reality it has economic and other interests with Eritrea, thus doesn’t want to offend Eritrea. China opposed the listing of Eritrea’s military and political leaders by the Council as well as the measures to control the finances of the mining companies that are investing in Eritrea. We must convince Chinese government that there is no linkage between the sanctions regime and the Ethiopia and Eritrea border issue. If Eritrea’s efforts at engaging the international community continues and its efforts to lift the sanctions receive the support of Russia and China, the permanent members of the UNSC could be divided and our past efforts will be in vein.

Nigeria will support our efforts to ensure the implementation and strengthening of the sanctions. Even though the Eritrean president has participated in itsIndependence Day celebration in 2011, we don’t believe Chad will be supportive of Eritrea’s effort to lift the sanctions. Rwanda hasn’t been forthcoming in providing information regarding Eritrea. However, if Eritrea gets the support of one African member in the UNSC, it could cause serious damage to the sanctions.

Lithuania has a good relationship with the US and as a member of the European Union it tends to implement the common position of the Union. We believe that this could be helpful in our effort to implement and strengthen the sanctions on Eritrea. We do not believe it will have a strong role in supporting our activities to maintain and strengthen the sanctions imposed on Eritrea, but it won’t take actions that damage Ethiopia’s position.

Argentina and Luxemburg have no meaningful participation or contribution in the UNSC.

Australia and South Korea tends take positions similar to that of the US.

Jordan has assigned non-resident Ambassador to Eritrea. It is important to approach Jordan and explain the need to maintain and implement the sanctions imposed on Eritrea. Chile, during its previous membership of UNSC, had expressed its opinion concerning the border issue between Eritrea and Ethiopia. It has stated that in accordance to international law Eritrea has a legitimate demand and legal case. We have to work closely with

Chile to make the country understand our position and provide support for the maintenance and implementations of the sanctions imposed on Eritrea.

In this context, we must:-

a. actively work to convince members of the Council that there is no real change of behaviour from Eritrea and that they must expedite the implementation of the “due diligence” guidelines to control Eritrea’s revenues from the mining,

b. work with the SEMG, to convince members states of the UNSC to expedite the adoption of due diligence guidelines to control the money Eritrea gets from the mining sector,

c. check the status on the listing of Eritrean officials by the UNSC and provide ideas on the way forward,

d. request countries to enact laws and take administrative measures to tighten their control on Eritrea’s use of the Diaspora tax; and

e. urge member states to submit reports on the implementation of the sanctions

Eritrea’s Conclusion and Observations on the Leaked Document

The Leaked Document from the State Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia illustrates without a shred of doubt that Ethiopia remains wedded to a dangerous and myopic strategy of perpetual destabilisation and demonization of Eritrea. Ethiopia is not, apparently, interested in respecting its treaty obligations and international law as well as cultivating good neighbourly ties with Eritrea for the benefits of both peoples and for the enhancement of peace and security in the wider Horn of Africa region.Ethiopia’s politics is indeed dominated by a zero-sum game and by subterfuges and subtle tools of disinformation and manipulation to advance its policy of destabilisation and confrontation. Indeed, Ethiopia has gone to extreme lengths and employed unorthodox methods in pursuit of these objectives. In this vein, for the last seven years Ethiopia has shown reluctance to relinquish its chairmanship of IGAD in order to abuse its position to block Eritrea’s reactivation of is lawful membership and participation in this regional organisation. In Ethiopia’s short-sighted view, this would imbue it with added leverage to railroad unwarranted resolutions against Eritrea.

Ethiopia’s manoeuvrings, however malicious, would not have amounted to anything without the vigorous support and collusion of the United States Government. The fact is Ethiopia has neither a regional or global clout to defy international law or ram through unwarranted sanctions against Eritrea without the financial, diplomatic, and political support of the United States. To blame or give credit to Ethiopia would be to miss the point.

Therefore, it is about time that the unjust and illegal sanction against Eritrea is lifted unconditionally and without any delay. Ethiopia must also be urged to respect its treaty obligations and to withdraw from the sovereign Eritrean territories, including the town of Badme.

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  1. You fool me once shame on you, you fool me for 23, shame on me!!! How about the acts of the mafia group called PFDJ that has taken our beloved country to its grave yard? This is simply a childish politics that can't even believed by three years old child.

  2. ican not belive the USA can go l low this shows the despration of the USA eritrea is not obeying

  3. Seriously,now the blame goes to Mr. Berhane Gebrekiristos ?Wow,you Eritrean leaders never like to surrender.Oh!Eritrea,Let god save you from these wicked people

  4. hahahahaha i like the titel and photo of ur article. it does really fet!

  5. Yes shame on you, you have been dim for the last 23 years and still dim and shallow for the future and ther reason is that becasue you are a woyane stooge, your brain can only operate by orders of woyane, meaning that you are brain dead!!!!

  6. swallow the truth with your muddy bilharzia.

  7. It's not difficult to guess what they might they are talking, mutual favour, from one side would be Aid release and from the other side to keep being a servant (a modern slave). Failed philosopy, Eritrea faced already and dismantle all tricks in old history and right now, most certain in future. Resistance is Eritreans ability in all circumstance against all odds.

  8. The minor regime in ethiopia is too much narrow minded that envy to let what this singers down are saying..i'm sorry my friend from're right.."hullum sew befekaker"

  9. Where I can get this leaked memo? Any ideas or links, pleasae

  10. @zeragi,

    Dude,I have to say, beside Ato Prof Doktore Mussie Gebreab you are the dumbest on madote.....ha ha ha

    But Atoo historian Mussie Gebreab has his medical treatment as excuse....What about you? What is your trauma

  11. The issue is not Ethiopia per se because they have no genuine power to invoke their sinister plans without the assistance of the US. We should channel our diplomacy toward them because ultimately they dictate to Ethiopia.

  12. ohhh dude,

    first of all, you dont have to be smart to know that ethiopia played an active role, not only to implement sanction on eritrea in regard of...

    - arms embargo, first sanction, applied for ethiopia too
    - travel ban for political and military leader, second sanction (sussesful)
    - frozen assets of individuell person from political and military spectrum of eritrea, second sanction (sussesfull)
    - to isolate eritrea (sussesfull)

    ....guess what, they won that game

    but what we expect, we dont have a strategic thinking GOE....

    I thought you guys are the most knowing experts on
    international policy, globalization, economy, agriculture, history, patty-cake, solarenergy, exploration, touris
    development....birthexpert.....ha ha ha

    ps: this so leaked memo, high-school kids with computer, printer and scanner would make it better, more authentic

  13. THE Ethiopian State Minister for Foreign Affairs Ambassador Berhane Gebrekiristos on 20th February 2014 (13 Yekatit 2006) sent a Memo in Amharic to all Ethiopian Diplomatic Missions, with specific Instructions and Action Plans on how to Destabilize and Economically and Militarily weaken Eritrea."

    History is reputing itself, I clearly remember 1985 Berhane Gebrekiristos then Weyane/TPLF foreign chef crocodile tears on Swedish TV in Stockholm by accusing EPLF. He said among many of his lies that the EPLF was starving the TPLF and his people by blocking the road to the Sudan from getting foreign Aid. To his embarrassment the journalist asked Berhane that the journalist said according the map Ethiopia has longer border with Sudan than the province of Eritrea so how the EPLF mange to block you to cross to the Sudan. Berhane had no answer except mumbling to the effect Hummora city is controlled by the Derge if Hummora is the only get way to the Sudan. In realty the Weyane/TPLF was starving their own people by demanding the aid organization buy sorghums from TPLF in cash(Dollar) and show the buyers(Aid Organization) for the starving Tigrayans that the TPLF dirt trick according their admission was to show the Buyers few sucks full of real sorghum but the rest of thousand tons filled with sands. the architect of this dirt Weyane trick was Meles Zenawi, Abay Tzehaye and Berhane Gebrekiristos. So the Weyane evil character against Eritrea and even their people was born with them.

  14. Ezom qomalat agame always on the begging position from the day i saw the first eating some leftover on the streight of Asmara. Still on truck of begging!!!!! So sad

  15. It might have been said a million times but lets say it for the million and one time: it is suicide for woyane to abide by the agreement let alone make peace with Eritrea. The masters know this very well and are holding it hostage by threatening it with Eritrea. At the end of the day woyane's usefulness as an errandboy will come to an end and just as Al malake Woyane will be told to look for a save haven. End of the story, it is a useless front that lacked a clear objective from its inception.

  16. Wizee I thought world cup is the ferber, whats all this talk about boxing, paul simon, the boxer? Anyways you know better and welcome back.

  17. What a charlatan!!!

  18. If you said one thing positive about Eritrea as you did for Ethiopia (smart)! Once again, you are telling everyone of us that you are here to bash Eritrea and demoralize Eritreans! You hang around here to destroy not to give constructive ideas. Everything you say is meant to inspire, encourage and build a positive image of the Weyane while you do the opposite for Eritrea. You wonder why you are considered a Weyane?!

  19. Like Cruz, you seem to lack any thing positive to say about Eritrea, but a lot to say about Ethiopia. Do you and Cruz long for reunification with Ethiopia? It is easier for you guys to change your nationality to Ethiopian than for Eritrea to reunite with Ethiopia (If you are not an Ethiopian already)! And you wonder why we call you Weyane!

  20. Here we go again, wedi mama ethiopia are spweing your filthy thoughts against my beloved country. You mad at Eritrea for two reasons- 1. when you tried to visit Eritrea the Eritrean embassy refused to grant you entry visa because you have Ethiopian nationality. 2. You enticed your brother-in-law out of Eritrea for easy money to buy house in his village, however he ended up in Lampadusa water. God bless his soul. If you bears grudge against Eritrea and its leadership for that two reasons, you had gone insane. Abune Philipos mihretu Yewridelka.

  21. Like I always said a good agame is a dead agame.

  22. This kind of underestimation is our worst enemy. Woyane eventhough the reality is as you guys say they have no genuine power, they are still the once who are used to eat up our people. Would you stand and watch when a cruel dog of your worst enemy eat up all your chicken ?

  23. You guys may say NO we will fight back the dogs OWNER but until then you let the dog do what it has to do (eat up the poor chicken), this shallow excuse gave a chance to woyane to kill the very future of our young and made them spread themselves allover to pay with their life, sad.

  24. Qomalat nabakum teshagira eko. Now we are in peace and getting healthier by the day but you are even badly Qomalat and hungry. Even worest than Qomal is being a spare part like we see it in Sinai. But we Ethiopians never joke and insult you like this during bad times rather we are hosting you with your qumal in our shelters. Bad people and arrogant like you and still at this time you are the qomal insulting your host.

  25. This is diplomacy
    morons . Eritrean dictator is egoist and he lucks diplomacy skills .
    Accept the truth and move on guys .weyane are doing their homework
    but your dictator is building a castle in the air ,throwing false
    promises .

  26. I would not have provided him with any information to this stinking agamino, ariel.
    Look what this agamino has to say later after she read the article.
    Let's not be the tools these filthy people tigrayans.

  27. Where Is Z CruiseJuly 4, 2014 at 8:42 AM

    Why dont send me your email and then I will show you my Eritrean ID and my 2% tax payment Clearance.

  28. Where Is Z CruiseJuly 4, 2014 at 8:46 AM

    You havent even counter against what I wrote and this shows that what I have said is The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth. If you have valid counter argument bring it on.
    the truth hurts, but it can also set you free

  29. Eritrea kikikikikikikikiJuly 4, 2014 at 9:28 AM

    I can attest, that we laugh at Eritreans who come to Ethiopia. They stay in our refugee camps, ask for better service from the Ethiopian government then they say Ethiopia is an enemy while they are sitting and eating on Ethiopian soil. Stubborn nations don't last. I can tell you that if Ras Issaias and his government is not overthrown, Eritrea will lose the only thing they ever had, which is unity. Without unity, you guys are hopeless. Soon the country will be nothing but a terrorist hub

  30. The Ethiopians effort has bear fruit .they isolated the cr and Eseyas fall on ethiopian trap and Eritrea is on the verge of collapse . Let's face the reality on the ground . Ethiopians know how to play smart and desereves credit


    Erm hello. Ethiopia is now not only our only threat, I think we need to start caring about these ISIS before its too bloody late!! As shown on the map in this article they too are looking to take us an Ethiopia on over, and the rest of the horn .

  32. Do not try to change the topic of my criticism. Read it again if you have not understood. Readers here can see that you are always trying to crush the Eritrean spirit. You do not acknowledge good news about Eritrea, but you lie, exaggerate, take out of context, belittle everything Eritrean while praising Ethiopia (its diplomatic skills (a result of wrong analysis), its airlines, . . . )

    Just because I did not reply to you on the subject you wished I did, it must be the truth (The Whole Truth: CAPITALIZED!)! You wish! Truth is not ascertained because of lack of response. It exists independent of what others think of it. In fact what you have written is YOUR OPINION, albeit dishonest, in my opinion.

    Could this and other twisted logic you use in seeing the world explain how you turned out to be a pro-Weyane? As I said before, for all intent and purposes if whatever you do attempts to undermine Eritrean sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and right to pursue its own development agenda, it helps the Weyane agenda, so you are a Weyane.

    One last thing "The Truth shall set you free." was said in an all together different setting. Do not twist it to fit your feeble argument!

  33. @Gasha,

    Ha ha ha ha, This old dude knows that his time is over.....and with it, the money what he receive from the GOE for marketing services...

    ha ha ha, dude, you should look for a new source of capital, beside child support and more wiretapping of the hardworking eritrean diaspora (2 percent) and plundering of the eritrean wealth....

    time is running away, you are on the list -:)

  34. Something more: You have not countered my comments (not only now, but many previous ones as well), either. Using your own argument: It must be because I told you "The Whole Truth."

  35. "old dude"? You think it is an insult? Old is experienced, full of wisdom. That must be the reason that I see through you traitors and servants of the Weyane and its collaborating imperial powers!

    Money? How about patriotism? Justice? Right of a people to live peacefully in their own country. Right of a people and country to chart and follow their own destiny? To be sovereign? How much do the cia and the Weyane pay you to undermine Eritrean patriots?

    Does the GOEritrea wiretap Eritrean Diaspora? Substantiate! How did it get access to their phones? How come the law enforcement agencies of the countries in which the diaspora live have not said anything about this significant finding? Do you know what wiretapping means? The GoEritrea does not have access to foreign telephone communications? It is logical, if you know about it, they must know it too!

    I do not think the GoEritrea has any need to tap telephones, even if it could. Guys like you are very few!

    2 percent: Why did you write that in parenthesis after your wiretapping claim? Let alone 2 percent, you know that Eritreans have given thousands extra to the defense of their country. Thousands have even died for it! What is 2 percent of your income?

    Your reply to me is no doubt meant to discourage and intimidate me
    as all your comments are meant to attack and demoralize Eritreans. You
    proved me right once again.

    Oh Mr. child, you exhibited a childish attitude. You wrote a childish argument. You are only doing your job; psychologically disarm Eritreans!

  36. don't expect a counter argument from Eritrean, they are low IQ people only they know how to insult people with out compromise.

  37. I cannot trust you because libi woyanay tiwiyway. As you proclaimed you are the smartest person in madote, and therefore you have to figure out the content of my message. If you are unable to understand it, ask you illiterate friend.

  38. Where Is Z crusieJuly 4, 2014 at 4:04 PM

    I disagree with you 100%. First of all we didnt fight and sacrificed 10s of thousands to United with Ethiopia. We fought to be independent democratic country. Second, how can we unite with a country that has no unity within herself?? Look at Ethiopia- Oromo hates Amhara, Amhara hates Tigray, Oromo Hates igray, Tigray hates every one....
    What we need is to clean our houses and create a democratic nations, then we can talk about strategical unity, economical unity or total unity.

  39. Where Is Z crusieJuly 4, 2014 at 4:08 PM

    Don't try to be more Eritrean that I am. If I was a supporter like you I would be called a Super Eritrean by people like you. I know you know how Eritrea is doing, but just for a self interest you are supporting the regime killing our nation.

  40. Where Is Z crusieJuly 4, 2014 at 4:10 PM

    wedi agame I suggest you to stay within your border. You are not better than HGDEF robots.

  41. Where Is Z crusieJuly 4, 2014 at 4:15 PM

    which comment???? The only comment I have read from you is - Woyane, Agame, Smuggler..... You have not given me any simple, reasonable, logical explanation why the regime jailed people for over 10 years with out trail. Not a single explanation why the regime do not have budget. Not a single explanation why the regime do not implemented constitution. Not a single answer why the regime has not dismiss people who has served for over 10 years. The list goes on.
    When you come with a simple explanation then........

  42. Where Is Z crusieJuly 4, 2014 at 4:27 PM

    Let me paste the Lyric for you ;)

    I am just a poor boy.

    Though my story's seldom told,

    I have squandered my resistance

    For a pocketful of mumbles,

    Such are promises

    All lies and jest

    Still, a man hears what he wants to hear

    And disregards the rest.

    When I left my home

    And my family,

    I was no more than a boy

    In the company of strangers

    In the quiet of the railway station,

    Running scared,

    Laying low,

    Seeking out the poorer quarters

    Where the ragged people go,

    Looking for the places

    Only they would know.


    Asking only workman's wages

    I come looking for a job,

    But I get no offers,

    Just a come-on from the whores

    On Seventh Avenue

    I do declare,

    There were times when I was so


    I took some comfort there.


    Then I'm laying out my winter clothes

    And wishing I was gone,

    Going home

    Where the New York City winters

    Aren't bleeding me,

    Leading me,

    Going home.

    In the clearing stands a boxer,

    And a fighter by his trade

    And he carries the reminders

    Of ev'ry glove that laid him down

    Or cut him till he cried out

    In his anger and his shame,

    "I am leaving, I am leaving."

    But the fighter still remains

  43. You make absolutely no sense whatsoever. As I've alluded to before, Ethiopia is a pawn and a small fish who has no true power. The issue is with the hegemonic power and your master, the US, who can lie, oppress and cheat and sadly no one can hold accountable. We've seen what happened to Iraq and how that nation was destablized on false intelligence. If the leaked memo is not authentic, why have Ethiopian officials remained silent? Their silence is indicative and an open acknowledgement they've been caught red-handed especially since this has been deciminated to pertinent UN officials.

  44. Why I compare myself with you? No one in the entire world can do a better job of being me than me. I aint naive to compare myself with pro Eritrea hater. I don't believe in self interest. I support Eritrea and its leadership because I want to see Eritrea shining like a diamond and the GOE to be continental icon.

  45. Oh my God! everybody knows you you are a typical paper tiger.

  46. Eritrea is not worried about ISIS or any other band of misfits seeking to harm it. We were the first to kick Osama Bin Laden and his associates ass and for their sake they shouldn't test the gallant people of Eritrea.

  47. Verge of collapse? People have been saying this for decades and Eritrea and PFDJ are still there. Wishful thinking from the naive and ignorant. Keep dreaming.

  48. Dont tell me you Eritreans love eachother? I am the witness how much you hate HIGDEF from your comments over here and every minute popup a new group to oppose. Most of you come to Ethiopia and cry and part of you say we hate only the government but I am sure you hate yourselves. As Mr Meles said you are idots kikiki tgray people have thousands of difference but we all respect our government, you know why? because if the government not there we know we are not there. kikikiki tigrigna people, you will be eaten by muslims soon kikiki

  49. eway kndey shermotmot tbli ikhi gualey, kidi !

  50. Dude, you dont live there.....ha ha ha , ohhhh long have you been a Gasha. may I ask you if you still knows the difference?.....tell me?

    you are on fire right knows that.

    it doesnt matter, what we discuss (refugees, development, state-budget, economy, prisoners...etc.), you have no answer. you answer is just simple like you mind: strangle the eritrean with, derg, woyane, unity against enemy etc...) same bullshit like always, buy you time is over....RUN DUDE....RUN

  51. Give us some positive facts on eritrea.

    And I mean hard facts.....not what is part of your fantasy

    comon dude, 10 positive hard facts on eritrea.....

  52. Ethiopia : a leadership in disarray


  53. You don't beat a dead horse. HGDEF/Issayas one man rule is a dead horse. The Eritrean people await their day and control of their destiny. Until such time, all national and international pressure on this illegal regime are legitimate. The pseudo- patriotic waqos, who confuse Issayas' interest as the people's interest need to wake up and check their senses.

  54. What they say to insult you? Did they say 'Ezi qomal sahsah hizbi tigray , Sle AmneAregawi mariam thabku' yes in reality you people shame to the horn of africa so sad though the Oromo stakk with u.

  55. How childish!

    Did you say you discuss? No you don't you insult, you spew out hatred! What ever your problem is, you should take care of yourself before it gets worse. Work on bettering your own life first. Then, you may be of use to others!

    I expose you, I do not discuss with you. Not only don't you have the required caliber for discussion, especially about Eritrea, you can't/know not/should not/are not/ know Eritrea/n!

    Tell Zcruze what I said. It refers to him as well. Cheers!

  56. Weyane, yes. The rest, you said it. At any rate, Everyone is observing and reading. Who do you think you are? Am I going to answer you about anything while your purpose is to undermine the confidence of Eritreans in their country? Absolutely not! Besides, you do not discuss, you insult/express your hatred towards Eritrea and Eritreans!

    Then, I expose you and people like you!

  57. Where Is Z crusieJuly 5, 2014 at 2:24 PM

    Typical you!!! lol you don't dare to answer my questions because you know the government is on the wrong direction and you don't want to admit it. You are living in a denial world.

  58. Where Is Z crusieJuly 5, 2014 at 2:26 PM

    get lost you moron!

  59. You get lost of my territory, no more qomal Eritrean in the camps of my beloved tgray.
    Go Home !
    Israel tell you go home, libya tell you go home , italy tell you go home, norway tell you go home and I tell you now to go home. We gave you second chance but now I see you coming from East and West invest in my country and you still tell me that Ethiopia is your enemy..You know how smart woyane is we will ask to leave all your belongings behind and Leave Ethiopia alone . We hate Eritrean qomalat beggers.
    Enough !


    This is how growth measures !

  61. The Agame low living creature always on begging position, weak subhuman.

  62. Agame - Ethiopia belongs equally to you and me. As I am a foreigner to Ethiopia, you are too a foreigner. Why you call yourself you are An Ethiopian when the majority (40% Oromos, 30% Amharas, and the rest such as wrage, Ogaden and benishangul) don't want you. Instead you cousins United Ethiopia, they divided it for a short gain. Sooner or later you will drink the poison you have brewed.

  63. Erena

    It seems you dont know Eritrean situation at this moment. You don't know how many people eat only one a day in Eritrea. Sure you don't understand it because you eat 3 times a day, tanx to the food stamp you receive from the government.

  64. sad indeed, and i liked that the UN thinks the country is becoming dependent on AID. What a joke, its is heart ranching to see those innocent children suffer because of politics. I am disappointed, to say the least. Food security should have been top priority than a lonely high-riser that serves no purpose than propaganda!

  65. 170 thousands of Eritrean refugee in Shamlba with out a visa. So who wants to come let to Eritrea ? No one. Even Eritreans are fleeing away fast by thousands every month.
    The truth hurt!

  66. Oh my God,Ethiopia are the leader of east Africa you have to swallow this even Egyption swallow it.
    I can tell Madote one thing do not talk about Ethiopia forget them as they forget about Eritrea no water,electricity,bread..............


  67. Where Is Z Cruise.. for real? where do you want me to send the email address then? I hope you will not show your true heart: 'one Rule for one and another for others', I hope you'll email me your Eritrean ID or are you going to show us your vision of future Eritrea - where people are classified and have different law for each depending on political / economical / social/ ethnic / religious stand? I await for your ID

  68. The woyane baptized every agame as an Eritrea. It is only a matter of time the UNHCR will find out.

  69. No no, a good agame is one who does your cheap sister doddy style for a piece of bread in a shanty refugee camp house.


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