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President Isaias Afwerki will attend Egypt's presidential inauguration

President Isaias Afwerki discussing with his Ugandan counterpart, Yoweri Museveni, in 2011

President Isaias Afwerki will attend Egypt's presidential inauguration

Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki will attend Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi's inauguration as the new president of Egypt, a government official said.

The Egyptian authorities sent invitations to the leaders of some 22 countries to attend the ceremony, which will be held next Sunday after Al-Sisi takes the national oath, according to Egyptian media.

Among the invited countries that have agreed to attend are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Iran, the UAE, Palestine, Iran, Russia, the US, South Africa, Nigeria and a number of the Nile Basin countries, including Uganda, Sudan, South Sudan, and Ethiopia.

According to Egyptian sources, Qatar, Turkey, and Tunisia have been excluded from attending due to their opposition of the military ouster of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, while Israel has been excluded for other political reasons.

Al-Sisi won the presidency with nearly 97 percent of the vote, making him the fifth Egyptian president of military background since the 1952 coup against the monarchy.

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  1. Stage set for Al Sissi inauguration amid tight security

    Arab leaders to attend; West to send low-level delegates

    By Ramadan Al Sherbini Correspondent

    Published: 13:33 June 7, 2014

    Cairo: Amid tight security, Egypt’s President-elect Abdul Fattah Al Sissi is to be sworn in on Sunday as the country’s second head of state in two years.

    Al Sissi, who won a landslide victory in last month’s election, will be sworn by the 13-member general assembly of the Supreme Constitutional Court. He is likely to be transported to the venue in southern Cairo aboard an army helicopter for security reasons.

    As thousands of security forces have been deployed in the area, the elite Republic Guards have been put in charge of the court building where Islamist president Mohammad Mursi, deposed by the army last year, took the oath of office in 2012.

    Egyptian presidents used to go to their swearing-in ceremonies in a motorcade to greet their supporters, a tradition likely to be skipped by Al Sissi.

    The new president, who led the military’s overthrow of Mursi, has recently disclosed foiling two attempts on his life allegedly masterminded by Islamist insurgents.

    His swearing-in will be followed by an inaugural ceremony at the presidential palace in eastern Cairo. Kuwait Emir Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah, and Saudi Crown Prince Salman Bin Abdul Aziz are among several dignitories who will attend the ceremony, according to Egyptian officials.

    Monarchs of Bahrain and Jordan as well as presidents of Palestine, Eritrea and Somalia are expected to attend too.

    In a sign of displeasure with alleged rights abuses in the post-Mursi transition, the bulk of Western countries will be represented by their ambassadors in Cairo at the inauguration.

    Meanwhile, the US has said it will be represented by Thomas Shannon, the counsellor to Secretary of State John Kerry.

    Washington and Cairo have been key allies since Egypt signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1979. However, the Egyptian-US ties have deteriorated since Mursi’s ouster, although Washington stopped short of calling the Islamist leader’s removal a coup.

    Mursi was Egypt’s first freely elected president, but his one-year rule was marred by political instability and public discontent about socio-economic problems.

    Earlier this week, the White House said it is looking forward to working with Al Sissi, but expressed concerns about what it called restrictions on freedoms of assembly and expression in Egypt.

    Only four countries — Israel, Qatar, Syria and Turkey — have not been invited to Al Sissi’s inauguration. Qatar and Turkey, staunch supporters of Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood, have been critical of Egypt’s new rulers.

    By ignoring Syria and Israel, Egyptian authorities have sought to avoid embarrassing Arab allies, who maintain no ties with both countries, observers say.

    Al Sissi’s supporters plan massive celebrations nationwide to mark his inauguration. Celebrated Emirati singer Hussain Jasmi was to perform Saturday evening in central Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the epicentre of a 2011 uprising that forced long-time president Hosni Mubarak out of power, media reports said

    Al Jasmi has recently soared to popularity in Egypt with his hit “Boshret Kheir” or “A Good Omen”, which encouraged Egyptians to vote in the May 26-28 presidential elections.

    In the run-up to the inauguration, Egyptian police launched a nationwide crackdown on Mursi’s backers and arrested dozens of them for allegedly planning to disrupt street celebrations.

    In December, Egyptian authorities labelled the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation after blaming it for a deadly attack on police headquarters in the northern city of Mansoura.

    Al Sissi, 59, is Egypt’s fifth ruler drawn from the military since a 1952 army-led revolution ended the monarchy system in the country.

  2. Monarchs of Bahrain and Jordan as well as presidents of Palestine, Eritrea and Somalia are expected to attend too.

  3. Wedi afom bri wedi afom brie nisu kulu kulu anbesan nebrien..... I hope he will meet with Dr. Teadros on that occassion and lay for him ... ways on how to put the logger heads to end. That is my prayer.

  4. the author of the article Ramadan Al Sherbini said "Washington and Cairo have been key allies since Egypt signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1979. However, the Egyptian-US ties have deteriorated since Mursi’s ouster, although Washington stopped short of calling the Islamist leader’s removal a coup."

    that is not true, the Egyptian-US ties has been deteriorated since Mursi’s and his Brother hood elected/ come to power in Egypt. the true of the mater is the USA orchestrated Mursi's ouster.

  5. Wish you all the best PIA on your way to Egypt!

  6. Return fast take care PIA

  7. I have a contact inside the intelligence of Eritrea and he told me there is a plane to remove PIA and I expect a good news with in the next 2 days from Eritrea.

  8. But it further detoriated when the U.S realized that Al-Sisi wasnt a "puppet of the United States".

  9. I also have a contact inside the EPRDF who says that there is a plan to remove the TPLF from power in a few days. I expect good news soon.

  10. it is to early to tell whether he is a puppet or not before he inaugurate as Egyptian president.

  11. Well he seems to have a "plane" and you only have a "plan" :)
    Iguess we"ll just wait & see which is faster , lol

  12. Where Is Z CruiseJune 7, 2014 at 9:33 PM

    If the statement by Ali Abdu is true, there will be many arrested very soon in Eritrea. Wedi Aforki will start with Wedi Efriem (one of the few smart high ranking officers left in Eritrea).

  13. you seems a high ranked person waow to have a contact with high officials..or it's just false, or dream, or hope, or you are the wiki leaks of tplf? in that case we should get afraid all (horn of africa), but don't forget that wiki leaks at least have evidence of what he say, did you? or is that kind of message that trolls some year ago about the death of PIA then revealed to be true of the late meles..
    It's all to say don't think to talk to ignorants, remember Here are know what i mean?

  14. ahhahahhahh smart and proud people ahahhahahahha you are funny ..... I wish also like you but reality and dreaming is different please live with the reality world.

  15. hermon
    wedi vacaro said the samething in Holand he said I have 6 men ....and then he mention only 2 months and you are saying 2 days as of right now only 1 and 12 hr left

  16. I wish this will be Ole way ticket, and this monster won't come back. The Egyptian will be happy to hand him over to a president elected by the people.

  17. Wedi Vacacaro is another sick individual. He is opportunist and fool. Wasn't he an instrumental (useful idiot) of Issayas??? I have not seen any wise opponent leader so far.

  18. Thats the oppositions biggest problem. They lack any credible leaders. Everybody knows that Eritrea isnt perfect and the leadership has done alot of mistakes. But 90% prefers the government because they know that the opposition is ten times worse.

    The day the opposition brings up leaders that speaks about what is happening on the ground, and brings up real valid points is the day they will honestly win alot of votes. Right know they are just puppets who barks for money. Thats it. None of them is actually not interested in power, they only want the money they get paid from the Ethio Government. Slaves.

  19. Where Is Z CruiseJune 8, 2014 at 4:35 PM

    We are stuck between a rock and hard surface.

  20. Checking in on the weyane boot lickers every few days is one of my guilty adventure. Observing their ridiculous allegations against Eritrea and its leadership, as well as their manic paranoia is mindlessly entertaining. Most of the time, it is like gazing through a one-way-mirror into a locked room full of whacked out. All of the boot lickers are in the payroll Weyane. For more information check wiki leakes.


  22. The above is in support to Yacob Cali info

  23. Thank you Selalia for additional info regarding the sellout Eritreans wanna be.


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