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In Memory of Eritrea

The heavy price of independence and fighting to defend the homeland. RIP heroes. 

In Memory of Eritrea

By Bruh Tesfa,

June 20th …

  • Beyond holding a candlelight vigil
  • Beyond just remembering those who died in the struggle for and preserving Eritrean independence
  • Beyond an occasion to “meet and greet” a long lost cousin or a friend
  • Beyond the feeling of sorrow for the loss of a loved one during the war
June 20th is….
  • Eritrea’s official Martyr’s Day
  • The DAY we solemnly swear not to ever abandon our promise to Eritrea’s Martyrs

A promise to…

  • work tirelessly for the realization of a progressive, genuinely democratic Eritrea
  • be united through thick and thin and to fiercely resist and overcome any plot to divide us across religion, region or tribal line. 
  • reassure that while nine nationalities we are and will always remain ONE when it comes to defending the freedom our Martyrs had fought and died for.
  • never ever allow the enemy to disrespect and ruin the cemeteries in which the remains of the Martyrs-Eritrea’s heroes and heroines- laid to rest.
  • never betray the cause(s) for which our brothers and sisters martyred and condemn those who do in a strongest term
  • never put Eritrea’s sovereignty into compromise for a personal financial and/or political gain

For only by engaging in such noble acts and following through the spirit of our Martyrs and the causes for which they fought and died will live on.

Eternal Glory to Eritrean Martyrs!!
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  1. maHla alena !

  2. where is your brother?June 17, 2014 at 10:34 AM

    They have died in vain,oh my brothers and sisters,the land you died for is hijacked by wolves and jackals, the natives are displaced and replaced by deki 40, your parents left without children to care for them, your sisters are widowed by senseless wars and the rest of them raped by generals and colonels, your brothers imprisoned and scattered around the globe, oh my brothers and sisters i cried for you for you have died in vain.

  3. Eritrea 4 EritreansJune 17, 2014 at 1:13 PM

    agame, agame, that's all you can say,some one from tigray hurt your feeling, i am sorry mamush or mushmush. your country is run by agame and tembenay wedi 40 and you keep saying agame ,issayas is playing tricks on you punk.


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