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Eritrean delegation participates at the 23rd African Union summit

Eritrean Delegation in Equatorial Guinea 

Eritrean delegation participates at the 23rd African Union summit

By MoI,

Saleh, Minister of Foreign Affairs, participated at the 23rd submit of the African Union (AU) held in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, from 20-27 June 2014 under the theme “Year of Agriculture and Food Security”.

The summit has been held in three levels. The 28th Session of the Permanent Representatives Committee has been convened from 20-22 June at the level of Ambassadors, followed by the 25th Session of the executive Council held from 23-25 June at the level of Foreign Affairs Ministers, while the 23rd Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government took place on 26th and 27th June.

In a statement he delivered to the Assembly of the Heads of State and Government on 26th June, Minister Osman underscored that the achievement of food security is of paramount importance to the security, dignity and development of Africa.

He further stated that the Government of Eritrea has put the achievement of food security at the top of its development agenda and has made huge investment towards that end. Further more, the Minister indicated that Eritrea’s ultimate objective is not only to produce enough to feed its population but also to make agriculture the basis for industrialization through value-addition.

The Minister went on to list the activities undertaken by the people and Government of Eritrea to prepare the ground-work for the modernization of the agricultural sector, including human resources development, infrastructure, and soil and water conservation.

Minister Osman also emphasized that ‘Agriculture and Food Security’ is not a theme that could be shelved at the end of the year, but a mission that the people and Governments of Africa need to dedicate their efforts and resources to until its fulfillment.

Furthermore, on 25 June, the Delegation attended the meeting of the AU Peace and Security Council (PSC) held at the level of Heads of State and Government to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the establishment of the PSC.


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  1. Before it became a 'theme' the people and goverment of Eritrea gave food security a top priorty of top priorities, thereby guarantying and achieving self sufficiency. No Eritrean shall go to bed on unempty stomach! Eritrea Leads by example.

  2. Why going to the same organization that we labelled "Useless" among other terms? The same empty bravado ?

  3. Eritrea have nothing to do with the african states modus operandi..will be seen in the next few years..even to this rotten world

  4. Good news! USA refrains from the HRC26 illegal resolution. Please read the US Department of State release. "Ambassador Estifanos @AmbassadorEstif "tweeter" US silence/distancing itself from HRC26 illegal resolution against #Eritrea is a good starter on the right direction
    Eritrea my country will remain as a Peace of Island!

  5. They didn't list it because they forgot even if there is a country called so. They gave up on it, because they have decided that .... everybody knows :)

    Please post us his next tweet.

  6. Agreement signed for construction of Science College

    Asmara, 01 July 2014:- In line with the agreement concluded in December 2011 between the Eritrean and PRC governments regarding cooperation in the economic and technical sectors, an agreement was signed last Saturday for the first phase of the construction of College of Science in Mai- Nefhi at an expenditure of USD 33 million.

    During the signing ceremony, Mr. Abraha Asfaha, Minister of Public Works, and Mr. Hagos Gebrehiwet, Head of Economic Affairs at the PFDJ were present. The Vice President of Academic Affairs at the Eritrean Institute of Technology, Prof. Tesfamicheal Haile, signed the agreement on the part of the Eritrean government. On the Chinese side, Mr. Hao Yizhong, Director of China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, signed the accord.

    Reports indicated that the construction of the 3-storey building would get underway next August and is expected to be finalized within 30 months.


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