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Ambassador Girma Asmerom's Speech at the 17th NAM Ministerial Conference

Ambassador Girma Asmerom


26-29 MAY 2014

Mr. Chairman,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to thank the people and government of Algeria for the warm hospitality and commend them for successfully organizing this Conference. I would also like to congratulate the Islamic Republic of Iran, the current Chair, for its tireless efforts and leadership in achieving a consensus Final Document.

Algeria has a special place in the Hearts and Minds of the people and government of Eritrea. Consistent with the values and principles of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), the people and successive governments of Algeria are one of those countries who supported the 30-years armed struggle of the Eritrean people for independence and self-determination. Let me once again thank the people and government of Algeria for their support to the Eritrean people who celebrated their 23rd independence day last week on May 24th
Mr. Chairman,

As much as Algeria has a special place in the Hearts and Minds of the people and government of Eritrea, it would be remise on me not to mention the significance of this beautiful city of Algiers for the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia. Fourteen years ago in the year 2000, under the able leadership of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika of Algeria, the leaders of Eritrea and Ethiopia agreed to solve their border dispute through a Final and Binding Arbitration Mechanism. The Algiers Agreement was guaranteed by the United Nations and the African Union as well as witnessed by the US and EU. The Agreement gave full and sole authority to an independent Arbitration Commission to Delimit and Demarcate the boundaries of the two countries. The Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC) was composed of five prominent arbitration judges, of which two were chosen by Eritrea two by Ethiopia and the President by the former UN Secretary-General Mr. Kofi Anan.

The EEBC, after deliberating on the issue for a year and half has unanimously awarded the disputed territory, including the town of Badme to Eritrea. It pronounced its Final and Binding Delimitation Decision in 2002 and its Demarcation Decision in 2007. The map determining the exact boundary lines with clear coordinates is given by the EEBC to both countries. It is also deposited in the United Nations. Therefore, today there is no border dispute between Eritrea and Ethiopia. What we have is Ethiopia’s occupation of sovereign Eritrean territory, including the town of Badme. Once again, the disputed territory is unanimously awarded by the EEBC to Eritrea. Hence, there is no need of dialogue between Eritrea and Ethiopia on this matter. It must be underlined that the Algiers Agreement is product of Dialogue and Mediation process that culminated with a judicial settlement. Final and Binding means; Final and Binding.

No country, neither big nor small, under any justification or pretext should be allowed to occupy the sovereign territory of another country. It must not be tolerated. It must be condemned and rejected. Occupation can be solved only by evacuation or withdrawal of the occupying party from the territory it occupies. There is no other option. For the sake of the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia and stability of the region, the Government of Ethiopia must be urged to respect its treaty obligations and to unconditionally and immediately withdraw from sovereign Eritrean territories, including the town Badme. There is no rational or justification for Ethiopian government to continue its occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories under the pretext of Dialogue after the EEBC has clearly Delimited and Demarcated the boundary between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Mr. Chairman,

As to the issue of Dialogue between governments of Eritrea and Ethiopia, I want to reiterate Eritrea’s unflinching stance and commitment that if the Government of Ethiopia withdraw from our sovereign territories, including the town of Badme in the morning; the Eritrean government is ready, not today but yesterday, to dialogue, with the Ethiopian government in the afternoon at any place at any time and on any issue of common interest.

Mr. Chairman,

The Non-Aligned Movement is still an important force in international relations. Our real strength never relied on major powers political and diplomatic confrontation but on the principles we all cherished and advocated since the inception of our Movement. The principles and values of NAM are as valid today as they were half a century ago. Respect to sovereignty, non-interference, non-aggression and respect for international law and obligations are the overarching principles that never withered even with the passage of time. That is why Eritrea finds the theme of this Conference: “Enhancing Solidarity for Peace and Development” relevant and meaningful.

Mr. Chairman,

A peaceful, justice and prosperous world remains a distant dream to be realized. Seven decades after we vowed to save succeeding generations from wars, deprivations and injustices, many of our countries continue to suffer from marginalization and poverty. This is primarily because the institutions established to galvanize collective action against war, poverty, and injustice are undermined by a few powerful countries and are often manipulated to serve and advance their agenda of domination and exploitation. It is a well-known fact for all of us that some permanent members of the UN Security Council continue to abuse the mandate of the Council by promoting their agenda and interests. They use it as an instrument of coercion and intimidation. They threaten and punish countries that reject their hegemonic agenda. They label countries with independent political stance as “Spoilers” and “Destabilizers”. They use all types of mechanism and methods of domination and intimidation. Sanction is one of them.

Sanctions whether we call them smart, selective, targeted or comprehensive; and whether they are imposed unilaterally or multilaterally affect the people not the governments. They perpetuate poverty and marginalization. The negative impacts of unjustified multilateral and unilateral sanctions imposed against a number of NAM countries are there for anyone to judge. Imposing any type of sanctions on any developing countries contradicts the objectives of global development agenda and goals, be it MDGs, Post-2015 Development Agenda or SDGs, whose main purpose is the eradication of poverty. It also goes against the letter and spirit of NAM’s principles and purposes of solidarity as well as the UN Charter which clearly reaffirms respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of all countries. It also contradicts NAM’s principle of solidarity. Imposing any types of sanctions against any developing country must be rejected and challenged by all of us. Let us maintain the spirit and letter of solidarity and unity of NAM. Let us practice what we preach.

Mr. Chairman,

Another area where political and diplomatic manipulation is advanced and perpetuated by the dominant powers is in the area of Human Rights. Promotion and protection of human rights has been a core tenant of our Movement. Human rights issue can only be addressed through comprehensive and dialogue-based approach, with objectivity, impartiality, non-selectivity and transparency as the main guiding principles. However, we are increasingly witnessing the politicization and manipulation of human rights mechanisms for political pressure and regime change agenda. Countries who rejected the creation of the UN Human Rights Council are using the Council for their geopolitical interest and agenda. It is unfortunately to see that some members of the NAM have become a willing accomplice of this destructive scheme. In the Final Document that we have just adopted; we rejected country specific resolutions on human rights. In this sprit, we must be united and be vocal in all multilateral forums stressing the importance of dialogue and cooperation over confrontation. Naming and shaming approach must be rejected by all of us. Once again, let us maintain the spirit and letter of solidarity and unity.

Mr. Chairman,

We must rise beyond our narrow national interests and short term political and diplomatic expediencies. The collective ideals of NAM must be respected. Strengthening our solidarity will make us partners, rather than subordinates in international forums, including the United Nations. Allow me to conclude by reaffirming Eritrea's commitment to the principles and ideals of the Non-Aligned Movement.

I Thank You, Mr. Chairman

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Ambassador Girma Asmerom's Speech at the 17th NAM Ministerial Conference Reviewed by Admin on 2:39 PM Rating: 5


  1. Well said H.E. Girma Asmerom, hopefully the NUM will understand the essence of your speech, to know what does mean to stand on the side of rationality and objectivity instead of subjectivism or nepotism..
    Victory to Masses
    Eternal Memory to Our Martyrs

  2. We put agame as president, agame as treasurer and now amharay at the UN what are we going to see next....

  3. Agamitas back in in abashawel to BREEEED some more resentful agames, THAT's what!

  4. Who cares where ever him or his parents born,as long as he is capable representing Eritrea at the highest level.

  5. Wherever he comes from...anyway he's much, much better than you useless least he's advocating for the rights of you and your likes who can't speak/say a few meaningful words.

  6. Atum sebat embere 'we know what civilization means? We stood for one Eritrea and we should continue to stand for one Eritrea. What is these rubbish comments? Y r putting yrself down! Pls be objective and try to make sense. Instead of thinking how no war and no peace stop keme gemel shinti nedherete memelase entaye amso?

  7. Let's go back and review the border issue. First we were told leaving Badme means the sun won't rise up anymore, then Ok we left Badme but we won't negosiate berfore the border is fully demarcated, now changed to if the Woyane leaves Badme on the morning we will negosiate in the afternoon, and it is a matter of time before HGDEF says we had a secret meeting with the woyanes (without precondition) made a deal. Mr Ambassador please tell us, what is the difference between having negosiation the same day as the woyanes leave Badme and negosiation without precondition?.You and your regim are wasting our youth precious time in a sensless no war no peace game with the Woyanes. The main problem is neither your regim nor the woyanes are interested in peace.

  8. Asmerom
    Hade hade wugee metseee selam eyu Barya
    So asmerom Go find your peace die for it, it is
    Only you who can accomplish that or die suffering

  9. Latley to many hasusat. Deki eri pay attention the masters of are in madote commenting nonsense it is hard life for them they got no country that they are proud off eventhough some of them pay 2% ,no president, no party lol

    ፍሽለት ከዳዓት
    “ኣብ ናይ ወያነ ዉግእ 1998፡ መንእሰያት ኤርትራ መሓዉሮምን ሂወቶምን ክስእኑ ከለዉ ክከላከሉ ንህዝቦምን ሀገሮምን ናይ ገድሊ ትዉልዲ መራሕቲ ተቋወምቲ ኣብ ሕቁፊ ወራሪ ሰራዊት ኢትዮጵያ ማሚቆም እፎይታ ረኺቦም ኔሮም። እንታይ እዩኸ እቲ ምኽንያት ኣብ ሕቆ ወያነ ዘሕዘሎም? እቲ ዉግእ ብኢሳያስ ኣፈወርቂ ስለ ዝተጀመረ እዩ ዝብል፡ ዘይቅኑዕ ምኽንያት ተሞርኪሶም ናይ ፕሮፓጋንዳ ዘመተኦም ምስ ወያነ ኣሰንዮም ኣብ ታንኪ ናይ ኢትዮጵያ ተወጢሖም ንሰሜን መሪሾም። እቲ ናይ ኢትዮጵያ ወራር ሰራዊት ንናይ ኤርትራ ሰራዊት ምስ ደፍኤ ኤርትራዉያን ተበለጽቲ/ተቋወምቲ: ኣብ ዝተሓረረ ቦታታት ንህዝብና ንሕግዝ ኣለና ብዝብል ንዓለም ኣውርዮም። እቲ ሓቂ ግን እዞም ለዘይቲ ተቋወምቲ ኣብቲ ናይ ዉግእ ተዋስኦ ዝነበሩ ንሓንቲ ነገር ጥራሕ እያ ኣብ ጥቃ ዙፋን ምቕራብ፡መሲሉዎም እቲ ወራሪ ሰራዊት ኢትዮጵያ ስጋብ ማእከል ኣስመራ መሪሹ ኣብ ስልጣን ኮፍ ዘብሎም። ኣብቲ እዋን ብተደጋጋሚ ሃንደበታዊ ናይ ኢትዮጵያ መጥቃዕቲ ኣብ ሉእላዉነት መሬት ኤርትራ፡ እታ ዝኽሪ ምዉጣሕ ኣብ ልዕሊ ናይ ኢትዮጵያ ታንክታት ስዓበት ብናታቶም ስቅታን/ሓጎስን። ናይ ጣዕሳ ሀንደበቶም፡ ልኡላዉነት መሬት ኤርትራ ብኢትዮጵያ ምግባጡ ዘእምን ፖለቲካዊ መርገጾም፡ ምስ ናይ ወያነ ፖሊሲታት ዝሰማማዕ፡ ጥንቃቀ ዘይብሉ ስንኩል ስጉምትታቶም፡ ኣደበኖ ነቲ ሽግ ናይ ገድሊ ትውልዲ ተቋወምቲ፡ ንሓንጎሎም ዘናወጸ ጉስጢ ድማ ነቲ ዋኒን ናይ ምቅዋሞም ዘየቋርጽ ናይ ሓንጎል ምስሓትን ምህትፍታፍን ኣስዓበሎም ብርግጽ ንምዝራብ እዚ ኢዩ ናይ ኤርትራዉያን ተቋወምቲ ናይ ፖለቲካ መርገጾም። ሓቂ ብሓቂ መመላእታ ናይ ወያነ ፖሊሲ!”
    ብጾት ንሕናኸ ኣብ ታንኪ ዋያነ ዲና ተወጢሕና ዘለናስ ዋላስ ምስቲ በዓል ጥውዮ ነጸላ ኢና ዘለና! ምስ መን ኣሎና ንፈልጥ ዲና? “የዋህ ኤርትራዊ ዘረባይ ስምዓኒ ዓፍራ ከይትረግጽ መሲሉካ እምኒ” ኢሉና ሓሊፉ ክቡር ኤርትራዊ ሓዉ የማነ ገብረሚካኤል(ባርያ)

    “ናጽነትና ንዘልኣለም ከቢራ ትንበር!”

  10. Read before you make comment on my view.

  11. Asmerom, you are kurkur nai weyane. You do not know the low. Tomorrow Woyane will be dismissed, and Ethiopia will be disintegrated. You do not think with your mind. You are a child rather.
    Eritrea and Ethiopia agreed that the border case be closed by EEBC. the EEBC gave their verdict. Badme and other places were given to their owners, that is, Eritreans. "DiHri firdi Fetsmi" zibehal you do not know? The EEBC decision should first be implemented and then we go to dialogue. The dialogue is not about Badme. It is about how both countries restore their relationship. If Woyane doesnot accept this it will only take time, we Eritreans will get it back by our MIghty power.
    You Woyane and Ethiopian government depend on US even for your food. we are not lementi like you.

  12. Because both regimes are weyanes, Eritrean weyane is the "mad dog" Ethiopian weyane is "deszeyebilom".
    Justice will come sooner than you think, weilekin 2% Eritrawian.

  13. I agree,at the same time Rep Grma Asmorom have proved himself the way he addressed the ministerial conference group with an outstanding class.

  14. Go over what the stooges of the con artist Isaias Afewerqi write, you will readily note their limited range of reply, repetitive and thus monotonous, which in turn highlights their perpetual servitude in the service, not in the interest of the people of Eritrea, but in the interest of the con artist.
    The mother of all predicaments our people are passing through was spawned by the illegal and unnecessary war of 1998 with Ethiopia , which was launched by this con artist, allegedly in self defense but it is historical fact that he could not substantiate his "In Self Defense " stance before the Eritrean -Ethiopian Claim Commission, which found him the aggressor, and which he accepted and signed.
    However ,to date, the con artist never explained to the Eritrean people in general and to the Badme residents in particular that the evil woyane got away with the crimes it perpetrated with pushing them out of their own land and thus they were the subjects of double punishment.
    In accordance with the Algiers Agreement, a Commission that would investigate the scenarios that led to the border confrontation was to be set up. But that Commission has neither been established nor did the con artist Isaias Afewerqi push for it.
    There are infinite number of such instances like the aforementioned above that would genuinely stir any Eritrean patriot to see the con artist's deeds with skepticism and question his integrity. Nonetheless, his stooges, like a broken tape recorder, continues to make same tone unabated in his support.
    The con artist Isaias Afewerqi ,when he wants to eliminate his would be rivals, accuses them with the same crime he perpetrates, such as anti Eritrea, Ethiopian/CIA spy etc.. This of course is, as we say, Key Qedemuna N'qedmom. His stooges are doing the same thing.
    When I visited Eritrea in 2011, I met a young girl working in a hotel. I asked her why she didn't she go to school? She replied that she did but some times she worked to support her single MOM. I asked what happened to your father? She replied he was an Ethiopian soldier and that he went back to Ethiopia after independence of Eritrea and she did not know his whereabout. I asked her whether there were many kids like herself? She replied half of the kids were like herself.
    Do not be surprised therefore if all of the con artist's stooges are like that kid . After all he is surrounding himself with tegaru .

  15. S.T.F.U you ignorant,go get your self a real job,instead representing Assena and getting paid for posting trash.


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