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23 Things we love about Eritrea

Keren, Eritrea

23 Things we love about Eritrea

By Bereket Kidane,

Eritrea holds a special place in our hearts.  On the occasion of Eritrea’s 23rd birthday, here are 23 things we love about Eritrea.

1. It is a sacred land. A gift from our martyrs.

2. Eritrea is the only place that is my true home and where I feel like I belong.  Everywhere else is  just temporary.

3. The beauty of the land of Eritrea from the highlands to the lowlands, from the Red Sea coast in Massawa to the mountains and valleys outside of Asmara.

4. It is the land of ancient Islam and Christianity.  One of the few places in the world where you can find a mosque and a church only a couple of blocks from each other.

5. It is totally crime free.  The only country in the world where you can walk downtown without looking over your shoulder at night.

6. Summertime in Asmara and the diversity of the languages heard from teenagers and young adults who come from all over Europe, Middle East and North America, speak more languages than one can count and yet all have incredible love for the people and land of Eritrea.

7.  The heroism of Tegadeltis.  It is the land of Yikalo and Warsay.

8.  Gelato and evening stroll on Godena Harnet Combishtato.

9.  Eritrea proves that miracles do happen, sometimes against all odds.

10. The Jacaranda trees lining Eritrean cities and the Bougainvillea flowers that cover the villas.

11. The tranquility and perfect year-round weather of Keren and the hospitality of Kerenites.  The majestic mountains of Upper Keren (Keren Laelay).

12. The sense of community that is prevalent in Eritrea.  Unlike in New York or Los Angeles, people know you from the time you are born until the time you die.  People show up at weddings and funerals uninvited.

13. The trenches of Nakfa and the stories they would tell if they could talk.

14. The Sawa Youth Festival.  It draws musical talents from inside and outside of Eritrea and brings together Eritrean youths  from all over the planet where they party in a fun and patriotic atmosphere.

15. Every taxi driver is a former tegadalay and has war stories to tell.

16. Dancing in the streets of Asmara during Independence Week’s Carnival.

17. The deliciousness and freshness of the food.  The best organic food in the West doesn’t compare in flavor to what grows or is harvested in Eritrea.

18. You don’t have to travel far to see every topographical region. The desert, the sea, the mountains are all within 3 hours. Every topography exists in Eritrea, more beautifully and ruggedly.

19. The Eritrean people’s diversity and harmony. The nine different languages and customs.  One people, One heart!

20.  Gorgusum Beach, its wonderful sea-breeze and salty air.  The crashing waves of the Red Sea that bring sand and unique shells.  The ferry ride to Green Island and Dahlak Islands.

21. The strength and resilience of the mothers, particularly mothers of martyrs. They have lost so much and yet they only feel pride and joy.  The strength they show is amazing.

22. The collective spirit of the Eritrean people.

23. Only 23 reasons? With 5 million Eritreans, there are 5 million things we love about Eritrea!  What do you love about Eritrea?

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23 Things we love about Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 3:48 PM Rating: 5


  1. I would add the national cycling team. Somebody from Eritrea is always at at the podium claiming the top prize while Eritrea's national anthem is playing.

  2. True I Love Eritrea, the National Cycling Team is formidable, what about Our Marathon champions? What about the film directors Daniel Tesfamariam and Daniel Weldab..? What about of Yemane Barya, Abraham Afewerki..? True is astonishing E r i t r a i a n i s i m.

  3. I Love Eritreans & Eritrea.

  4. Am I reading a mass hypnosis or what?

  5. Bereket: Thank you and perfect timing for the reminder to the beauty of Eritrea and it people. If you allow me, I would like to add just one more to your list of 23 things:- Eritrean women: ...
    Besides being beautiful, smart, brave, and compassionate,
    They are the best mothers and sisters the planet offers.

    Happy Birthday Eritrea.
    Long Live EDF

  6. I love Eritrea be because Eritrea makes us one wherever we are. I love Eritrea because I belong, I love Eritrea because i am proud. The blood of our martyrs is not in vain and am proud that blood rushes through my veins. now go and hung yoursel!

  7. live with the realityMay 17, 2014 at 12:04 AM

    I have friend from Tigray and I told him about Eritrea uniqueness in Africa.

    and he told me I wander why you people talking always about your past instead now. what you told me about Eritrea it is different from the reality and by talking and day dream can not change any thing.

    but if you want to know about Tegaru what they think about their past history

    "Tigrai is the mother of all civilizations in the horn of Africa. It is the Source of the Geez fidel, Christainity and Islam. Tigrai is the land of Qdoos Yaryed, Axum, Yeha and Wuqro Negash. Tigrai is the land of dauntless Emperors such as: Ezana, Kaleb, Armaha, Abraha, Elamda, Almeda, ZeraYakob... Yowhaness; Ras Alula, General Hayelom and much more. Tigrai is The home of the Ark of the covenant, the land of the just, brave, free and fair. We have nothing to apologize, be sorry or fear for in our history, but we have everything to be proud of."

  8. I love Eritrea, the indomitable spirit of its people.

  9. My eri is my home, sweet home!

  10. The character of its people: integrity, honesty, and kindness. The cleanliness and beauty of the country.

  11. Tigray, the country of the dirtiest people in the planet. The country of liars, thieves, and asked for it. LOL

  12. Kabtn kabtn leQaQibom "Tgray" tbahal hager, zeyneberetn zeyelan, zeythlun tarikh intewaQiU amelom iyu. Woyane feTarikha men iyu ilka intezHtet "Eritrawi" mkhuanu iyu iti Haqi. bzterefe halew-lew tgray Adey bzeyblomn zeyserHuwo jigninet keteqalHalom nsikha intekhone almatsi merat shiHani nay woyane ikha zwdey.
    Gele gele kedaAt Eritrawyan qedem neromuna, ab Umur kunat idom nab tselai hibom yeHwatom zereshenu, kabAtom felina aynriEkumn ina.
    Lomi kem tmali Eritrea bdemn rehatsn deqa kebira ktnebr iya!

  13. miinti Haqi demu nliEli 50 Amet keyteHalele zkhefele hzbi Hjiwn intekhone keyteHalele mtsweta keytetsebeye riisu nmkhAl zQales zelo TEBA'E HZBI aytresiU izom deqey.
    zmerere intemerere, Hagerey inabele demu zkhefl CHiwa hzbi iyu Eritrawi, itom nab tselaE zguanabiHu meninetom zeynutsur, tebeletsti TraH iyom.
    SuwuAtna bKHbri yzekeru !
    Ertrana nzelAlem tnber !

  14. The rubbish you smell is yourself!

  15. If that were true, why are you here spreading lies?

  16. I love Eritrea for the Hard work of the people and the Government to eradicate


    1. malaria

    2. polio and working on

    3. fistula control

    4. infant mortality

    5. female genital mutilation

    6. minimizing HIV/Aids inside communities

    7. heart surgery

    8. blindness control


    suceeded on:

    1.women's rights

    2. dawns syndrome children's rights

    3. euqal education and medical rights

    4. sawa's EQUAL participation

    and more......

    where our enemies envy us a lot

    One more time GOD BLESS E-R-I-T-R-E-A !!!


  17. How about topping the list with freedom of movement, freedom of speech, no cronyism, free elections, etc. etc.

  18. live with the realityMay 17, 2014 at 5:49 AM

    ewe ane ewun ni weyanie, shaebiya eyu fetiriwa eleyo neyirey nusu zimeleseley kea
    endihir shaebiya ni weyanie fetaria koyinu
    1.nay weyanie eminet shabiya ni hizibi eritrea kab netsanet zihalefe dimocracy ni selamin miebalen kemitseala ayikielin elom eyom ziaminu neyirom ezi eminetom kea 1983 bimetsihaf tsihifomo alewu kalie yitiref bi 1984 weyane bi dimitsi hafash eritrea enatetekemet kela ezi eminetom tezaribom eyom. nimitay kemizi ayinet nieket nishaemiya kihiliwom kielu?
    2. kalie bi Ethiopia dereja weyanie zemitsiewo lewti gedifina ab Tigray eka mis enirie electricity bidergi gizie 5MW eyu neyiru higi gin 420MW alewa, bidergi minim college zeyinebere Tigray, lomi collegat gedifika 3 university lieli 50,000 temiharo zihiz alewa .....etc.
    nimintay shaebiya zihashe lewiti kemitsie zeyikale eyu zibil, nisika entay mibelikayo?

  19. live with the realityMay 17, 2014 at 5:50 AM

    instead of you told me bla, bla what dont tell me which part of Eritrean history is better than Ethiopian (Tegaru ) history? or in which part is Shaebiya is better than Weyanie. can you tell me same thing sabstencial I am going to debate with agame friend?

  20. live with the realityMay 17, 2014 at 5:51 AM

    to insult same one is, a sine of ignorant so grow up

  21. Hi Eri Ade, where have you been? These poor Tigray people are ashamed of their transvestites. He didn't even mention tedros, yohannis, or minelik. LOL. Even if Tigray had a little good about it, no one will believe what comes of the liar's mouth.

  22. Eritreans have million resons to love their country.
    Loving the people and loving the regime are two different topics, you are just slave of the regime nothing else.
    Don't pretend to love the nation while you destroy the peoples values.
    You are just fake.

  23. Don't bother answer him. He is not with it. If he wants to know about woyane situation now, ethiopians are hunting them one by one.

  24. Yes, Eritrawit Ade. What is not to love about Eritrea with people like you.

  25. Dearest ida,
    Yes Ethiopians are hunting Tigrays now. May be they don't like the color of their eyes?

  26. You can be proud of Tigray if you are TIgray, although I don't see what there is to be proud of. Treachery, lies, reneging on your words, jealousy and inferiority complex are nothing to be proud of. But this is an Eritrean website and we are talking about why we love Eritrea. Nobody mentioned Tigray. So take your Agame azz and get out of here.

  27. I love Eritrea and the Eritrean people because we are a self-confident people. We never bow down to outside powers, super powers or not when principles are at stake. We have an unshakable belief in each other and our abilities. We never get demoralized by temporary set-backs, if there are any. We always take the long-term view and come out victorious in the end.

  28. When is the values of the people destroyed? Isn't Eritrea one of the countries of Africa which achieves the MDG goals? Isn't the rights of children in education, health etc is giving good results? Isn't Eritrean giving the opportunity of education and proper care to children with autism? Let us be be fair! In life there is up and downs. We should consider the past and look for the future. Minimizing our differences is the best thing we should try to do!

  29. live with the realityMay 17, 2014 at 9:57 AM

    now I believe my Agame friend is right, Eritrea people is irrational that why we are low society, low IQ

  30. Just reality and truth, which you don't have in Tigray dictionary.

  31. found this powerful poem and want to share it with all you folks out there.

  32. I Love Eritrea, cause the first Country with Rwanda in Africa to ban plastic bags just decades ago. Aware of environment & ecosystem.

  33. I Love Eritrea cause of Her millennia years old history of Geez alphabet

  34. Good one cane libero! I didn't realize we had done that but we are ahead of our times when it comes to a lot of things.

  35. I love the generosity and good-naturedness of Eritrean people. Even people who have less than me prefer to give me things rather than receive things from me. This is not shared by every culture by the way. I see how the Nigerians and Jamaicans and others behave. We are a truly proud and dignified people. May be it's the influence or religion (Christianity and Islam) or may be it is just culture but we don't like to owe people in general. We would rather give than receive. That's my favorite Eritrean trait or character.

  36. Are you not a slave in UK? Who are you to underestimate and insult 5m Eritrean heroes people? Shut up your freak mouth and stay away from Eritrean website. Kiss your failed campaign against Eritrea and its people. Loser!
    I never see an Eritrean citizen to be an enemy of Eritrea and its people except traitors, losers and fake ones like you. How much are you paid to do that? Gambler!
    Long Live Eritrea and People!

  37. I love the patriotism and self-sacrifice of Eritreans. "Ane Kisuwa'e niskatkum tsinhu."

  38. Sabina!
    I admire you because at least you dont insult people like the other "degefti".
    I will give you one "big" example of our destroyed value "BAITO".
    I do think we should consider to minimizing our differences and
    i as a person(as a child of debaat"indahizbi") are for EPLFs core values, that is rule of law, constitution and justice and against dictatorism.

  39. IfUrEritreanULovePIAMay 17, 2014 at 3:20 PM

    Lol we will insult you if you talk bad about shabia if u don't like PIA don't talk about him in any topics cause I'll consider you Ethiopian

  40. IfUrEritreanULovePIAMay 17, 2014 at 3:26 PM

    Hahaha I never seen freedom of speech in this world are you lost and there is no so called free election in this world no country has done it unless you believe the ones who lie about it & say they do these stuff

  41. I love Eritrea because of its people can-do-it attitude.

  42. We, Eritreans, have a long way to go.
    1. Why is Madote not reporting on the scape of Dejen from prison? It's information, shouldn't people be informed.
    2. The opposition is too busy tarnishing the regime. Website like Assanna have no positive things to say about the government.

    My point is on both side shouldn't there be balance instead of posting information that only feeds their own side of the aisle.

  43. These are a bunch of individuals who never contributed to our beloved country Eritrea who enjoy their lives at the expense or suffering of the Eritrean people. Our people are suffering due to the childish nature of the PFDJ gangs and yet these mindless people are dancing over the graveyard of Eritrea.

  44. nay tgray miEbale, bHaTyat ztehantse sle zkhone nebari aykonen

  45. ShaEbia is:
    1. the organization made by people to people with freewill to free the country unlike Ethiopian soldiers who been paid to do the job
    2. Eritrean ideology was to free the country and now building it without any handouts while Ethiopia to the opposite is building with handouts.
    3. Eritrea do not let any outsider to own a piece of land inside the country while Ethiopia displace nationals to lease thousands of acres to foreigners while the people stand on line for daily portion from UN.
    3. Ethiopia always been a playground of colonizers, UN, and African dictators, while Eritrea refuse to kneel down for outside pressures.
    4. Ethiopia is building the country with Handouts while Eritrea do it with regular Eritreans sweat, hardwork and resources.
    The comparison is like black and white !
    Bless Eritrea!!!

  46. Eritrawit Ade,

    Yes indeed! I love the spirit of the Eritrean people. I will join you to toast to that: SuwuAtna bKHbri yzekeru ! Ertrana nzelAlem tnber !

  47. Love how the people pull together. The sum parts of the Eritrean people is greater than their population.

  48. Meeting others from all over yet having the same common denominator of being an Eritrean and having grown-up in an Eritrean household. That's what I liked most about my trips to Eritrea. I saw myself coming and going. Everyone looked like me.

  49. Eritrean history is written by blood and sweat of its children who said NO and guess what? that attitude helped you or your friend to achieve your misguided dream...a dream nevertheless.. You shoud appriciate and reciprocate the good did the good Eritrean ppl did..Erey is marching toward a teritory where no African country been....and with the will of the people we will get there.

  50. ርሑስ ቅንያት ናጽነት عيد ميلاد سعيدMay 18, 2014 at 8:15 PM

    ርሑስ ቅንያት መበል 23 በዓል ናጽነት #ኤርትራ

    سعيد الأسبوع استقلال إريتريا

    Happy Independence Week!

  51. Yohanna Yohanna
    Happy 23rd birthday week Eritrea.

  52. I love very very much Eritrea.

  53. go get ur food aid ass hole u hv 20 billion dollars to pay go fight other ethnics mf


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