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The Truth About ERITREA

Mendefera, Eritrea (Mendefera literally means "who dares?" in Tigrinya)

The Truth About ERITREA  

By Berhane Woldu,

There are many bad, dreadful, at times outrageous, alarming information and marginalization of Eritrea. These journalists want to only to advance their carriers at the expense of Eritrea. Then there are those paid NGO’s and NGO’s that have grudges against the Government for being kicked out of the country and will do and say malicious things for revenge.

The new western patriots hired guns are Eritrean’s by birth only, have never been to Eritrea and have no historical attachments to Eritrea during the armed struggle or during the war of aggression by Ethiopia. Most are Ethiopians from Tigray claiming to be Eritreans. They came to know that they are Eritreans due to their parental association only. They are now hired by Ethiopia and western spy agencies to do the dirty work. History will judge them as it has “Traitors” of the armed struggle.

The world press, the UN, African Union and many international organizations know the achievement and the many good things; with diminutive financial capacity Eritrea has achieved. The truth of the matter is unlike what is written. Eritrea is a place where one enjoys life with little effort.

Eritrea is peaceful, progressive and full of abundant hardworking people who value service to their country. I was in the sunny beautiful city of Massawa in mid-March of this year and I meet some wonderful people while swimming on the warm nice clear sky beach of Gergsum. The people I meet were employees of Azel Pharmaceutical Share Co. who had come to Massawa for a workshop and vacation. The compositions of the staff were all inclusive. My first contact was the secretary, a young lady named Yohana. She introduced me to several staffs; chemists, personnel staff, Mechanical Engineers, Database Administrators and many others. What struck me most was to see this cohesive happy group of people act if they were from the same family they swam, eat and partied together. It made me inquisitive and wanted to know more. My finding;  Azel Pharmaceutical Share Co. is a company that is managed and staffed by Eritreans who are happy with their job, highly productive and serving the general public by providing affordable medications. This is a testimony to “love of your people and service to your country”.

Easter was celebrated with much fun, mothers covered with their white Vaile, fathers with their traditional white cloth, priests and deacons with colorful decorations add to the celebration. Easter holiday is an affair of worship, eating and spending the day under one roof joyously. It is also a restart for weddings as lent is over.

Liberty Avenue has been called the most graceful of all Asmara’s boulevards’. With wide straight lane divided with lushly palm trees and wooded landscape the drive is a favorite to newly wedded enthusiasts navigating with their white limousines and convertible 1968 Pontiac Catalina. I once counted 18 white Mercedes accompanying one newly weeded couple.

This weekend I went to the country side about 52 kilometers out of Asmara to a small city (village) population of two hundred house hold called Mai-Lubus to attend a wedding. The city has electricity and running water. What a surprise the houses neatly built. Mai- Lubous is out of the main paved road that goes to Mendefera the capital city of Southern region. Driving to Mai-Lubous towards the church one follows the paved dirt road that snacks uphill occasional local car appears, inching through and forcing pedestrians to squash themselves against the hill as it passes.  Outside in the open space, amid the chaos of arriving people, I stood in the shadow of a tree where I was observing the activity with great interest.  As I watched the commotion, I caught myself speaking with amazement. The sanctuary of St Gabriel is a newly built church. The one room house of worship is the only church in the city destination for the devotees. The wedding ceremony was held there and lunch was provided at the brides’ house. The festivity was comparable to the ones I have attended in Asmara good food, live band and a nicely decorated wedding cake.

After lunch and the traditional ceremonies were completed we set out to H&G Family resort located about two kilometers out of Mendefera. As the afternoon sun sparkled on the city we drove South ward following the wedding car, cutting a graceful sweep across the countryside.  This enormous resort with its complex network, massive expanse gardens is a busy tourist center. The place is startlingly beautiful massive tropical trees arched gently in on both sides creating a sunshade and spacious quadrangle lawn. H&G Family resort with its exceptional design a brain trust of an Eritrean American with a restaurant, bar, cafe, hall and a waterfall on a 30 acre park is a work of genius.   As we reached the resort, to my amusement several newly wedded had arrived. Some were just arriving. There were twenty one newly wedded. There were few with the regular white Mercedes limos most were arriving on regular cars. The groom wearing the black, gray or white suit, which fit remarkably well; Bride transformed a natural beauty having changed into a white long bride’s cloth, which complemented her nimble figure with her authoritative walk hand in hand with her future husband. The young newlywed with their entourage pausing for picture, as they walk a decorous, dawdling Laid-back relax walk enjoying the country side effervescent pleasant evenings. This is life at its utmost.

Western writers who write outrageous things about Eritrea have never visited Eritrea; know nothing about its people yet appear as experts. NGOs that are the blood line of many individual profiteers’ of Western donation have no place in Eritrea. The few Eritreans’ who are selling themselves for small change, or the once hiding for their criminal activities in no way reflect the true nature of Eritrea and its people. The genuine Eritreans are the ones who are working hard understanding their duty to their country, starting families and transforming villages into cities.

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  1. Berhane "Asha s dehan alo, zemed asha gina kefiewo alo" zibehal si kemzi natka euy
    If you were a true Eritrean and a fair and balanced citizen, you should had visited individual families and neighbors and see how a bitter lives they going through. Of course, for you whose pockets are full of dollars or euros, it is impossible to look people around you.

    You should be ashamed of yourself when you mention "Electricity" while tv of the lies (ERE T.V) says otherwise. By the way,what kind of car did you drove? Have you visited the intercountry bus station? Have you visited the gas stations and attempted to see for how many hours people qued to get few litters of gasoline? Have you visited the countless numbers of prisons in Eritrea? Have you asked your relatives and cousins what kind of life they are going through?

    Please, don't try to gain a personal reputation at the suffering of our people!!! History will remember individuals who sided with the masses, not individuals.

  2. When Berhane mentioned the words such as resorts, wedding, limousine and Mercedes, I concluded that Berhane is either self loving person or someone who is seven years old child who grew up in the West and thinks the refrigerator in the next door is full of everything just as full as his.
    At this time most of the people who visited Eritrean what they say is the country is dying from minute to minute and even have no a sense of to which direction the country is heading. And yet, we still have people like Berhane who say otherwise.

  3. Berhane, Sarina and Tesfu have responded to your one sided article in a simple way. I just want to add that you seem to be an educated person, who is unable to differentiate between white and black. "Kab muhros aemro" zivluwo si kemzi natka eyu.

    Why did you come back then?

  4. I recently came back from Eritrea and can give you updates. Biggest problem in Eritrea is not the lack of electricity. It's the power shortages. But it happens rarely now than what it did in 2012. The buses are slowly being updated. They recently changed the worst Opel buses from 1975 to buses that are really dirty but is maybe from 1990s. So the worst bus you can travel with is a 20 year old bus, and there are few of them left. The rest is new.

    You don't que in gas stations, either they have or they have not. Taxi drivers always gets prioritized. You only have a few of them in asmara and they are pretty quick to tell you if there is or not. And when the delivery comes, it's more than enough.

    The relatives goes through hell based on European measures. They only get 500 nakfa, and except the food rations, the subsidizing of water, sugar, meat, they live on the edge. By African measures they fare pretty well. Problem is that they think that they are the poorest Country in Africa, due to an horrible Internet connection, bad English, external conspiracy, and just a bad world view. Ask a person who fled Eritrea through Libya or South Sudan and you will hear horror stories about the lack of infrastructure in these respective countries. Plus the fact that they have to forcefully flee their country means that they necessarily aren't free (Thx to Ethiopia)

    Eritrea probably has prison's. What I can confirm Is that they have harsh penalties (my cousin was jailed for 2 months because he built his house without a permit and the neighbors complained years later after the house was built.. Another relative was jailed for a week because he forgot to cut down a tree in his backyard) , local jails exists. There is plenty of them. Underground jails - i don't know, maybe.

  5. Thanx brhane for sharing and enjoying the people and the country Eritrea; by the negative responsea thus far you received, i am glad that you decided tp lay it bare as ypu saw it, and you are absolutely right the traitors and sellout will meet their fate. Just by looking at the negative advocates i come to the same conclusion as you; these suckers are either not Eritreans or do not even know where and what Eritrea and Eritreans are. Keep on marching and happy independence Kneeyat deki Ere!

  6. Maybe he have to accomplish his studies, maybe he have plan in soon future..

  7. It's naive and genuine thoughts Sarina, rather i'm hearing from your comment something i heard from a foreigner anti Eritrea's speech, like "the country is dying from minute to minute".
    1) How a people that resists a tremendous situation like the 1974 th can surrender now when Owner of its Country?
    2) How a people that are resisting and face it stubbornly the Un just and Illegal sanctions can surrender?
    3) How a people that forget the meaning of handouts and any Aid for more than decade can surrender?
    4) How a people of SELF RELIANT motto can surrender to this temporary hindrance?

    5) ...many more
    The answer for me is NEVER..

  8. it show how you have no point when you ask stupid questions like that: as 'cane libero' simply answered your question, i want to ask you, see i know a lot of European who have lived most of their like in the UK, likewise Australians... just a few examples, so are you saying if a person just visits his/ her home land but does not permanently stay there is due to luck of Freedom, Freedom of speech, lack of economical growth, lack of freedom of movement, hate the government of the land, ....and what ever other reason you have stated? woow if that the case, then should we conclude & close the subject, as you are saying the whole world who live in this city/country are in the same place as Eritrean?

  9. Dear Berhe, i read your comment, you highlight only what you think is negative outcomes in the Country. Why don't then talk about the country's effort/challanges against: Malaria, food security, Water & Soil conservation, reduction of Infant mortality, free Education for All, free clinics, free health centers, free referral hospitals ect?
    This shows that your point lack of objectivity, you're pointing only one side show, this makes me to say you're unfair.
    I been in at least 8 countries in Africa the last 4 years for work (most sub-saharian), i can assure you what Eritrea is doing is something out of comparison, eve

  10. Sarina, why can't you accept Berhane's words and instead you accepted of .." most of the people who visited Eritrea..."? Be fair in your judgements.

  11. Lol What an idiot are you have you ever been to Eritrea?? Oh wait you might Be Ethiopian or half Ethiopian I dare you to ask the ppl in Eritrea that am sure. They will kick you back to your original country

  12. Lol you bitchs Ethiopian are everywhere by the way if you haven't known Eritrea is 23 not like your shity Ethiopia 200 years old of freedom but still worst then Eritrea in everything

  13. Andom,,i guess the proverb " Kab muhros aemor" fits perfectly for you...what a nonsense question...

  14. Where Is Z CruiseMay 18, 2014 at 4:24 AM

    Mr Brhane Woldu,
    I visited Eritrea last year. What I saw in Eritrea and what you saw in Eritrea contradicts very much. As a matter of fact my family are rich, but it would be immoral to me to come here and tell people are doing fine.

  15. Other part of the coin which "tebelexti" want to hide.
    1, thousands of political prisoners
    2, Mass exodus.
    3, Electric shortage
    4, Water shortage.
    5, Food shortage.
    6,Medical shortage and personell
    7, Etc.....etc......etc

  16. Andom,
    Why do you assumed that he had returned? He probably live there. He can write what he seen and that can be only positive things about the country to give a he'll to those Eritrean haters. Don't expect to read all doom and gloom story on this site.

  17. Writer,
    It has been a while since darkness of doom has descended on Eritrea and people of Eritrea. However, you do not seem to be concerned about it, probably because, among many other reasons, your mind is numb in the worship of the cult of the con artist, Isaias Afewerqi.
    A country, where there is no Constitution, its young and the educated flee in droves of many reasons, including fears of incarcerations, death by secret killing squads, endless futile conscription etc. cannot be referred as peaceful for the genuine inhabitants.
    However, you could also have written it from the interest of the con artist, Isaias Afewerqi and his inner circle. In that case, you are right because Isaias's Interest and motive is silent and complete cleansing of Eritrea of its population.
    Just compare Dejen's interview by Amanuel Eyassu posted at asena with that of what is posted at meskerem posted by the stooges of Isaias Afewerqi with regard of the Asmera Conference and you will see clearly their diametrically opposite point of view.
    Dejen's experience is an embodiment and true reflection of the grim situation Eritreans are passing through, while that of the stooges is pure deception and chicanery.
    Genuine Eritreans,
    We must know that Isaias Afewerqi and woyane are two faces of the same coin. The 1998 War, the Mother of all of our Problems, is their brainchild. Let no one deceive otherwise.
    Remember, Isaias Afewerqi was about to hand over Port of Assab to woyane if it were not for the gallant Eritrean Defense Forces who refused his command to withdraw. And it was because of him that woyane soldiers were able to cross into Eritrea soldiers and attacked Eritrean Defense from behind. Isaias Afewerqi is a Traitor.

  18. Where Is Z CruiseMay 18, 2014 at 2:13 PM

    I don't know if I can believe they jailed a person because he forgot to cut down a tree in his backyard. If it is true, then I say that is the stupidest thing to do by the authority.
    You said "Eritrea PROBABLY has prisons" why probably?? Where are people like Sheriffo, Petros, aster Sheriffo's ex wife, aster Petros Solomon's wife, Uqube Abreha..... Do you think they are in Alascala hotel or Asmara Palace Hotel??.

  19. Where Is Z cruiseMay 18, 2014 at 2:15 PM

    You nail it Brother Dawit

  20. Haha you really think i would lie about that? The thing is, he was warned for numerous months to cut down the tree. He had probably 6-7 trees , but they analyzed them and chose witch one he should cut. I dont remember exactly what happened. It had to do with the fact that it was unhealthy tree or something and it was infected with bugs who could spread diseases and problems to neigborhoods nearby. Then in a swift move, probably half the neighborhood (those who forgot to do the same) got locked up in jail for a week, and during that week all the trees got cut. After the inspection they all were released. Thing is i agree with the authority on this one, if people dont listen you need to act firm and hard.

    Those people are locked up. Where? Maybe in an underground jail or an official prison. I dont know. And that is my point.

  21. cane libero,

    That is the problem. Nobody is objective. If i try to be objective and talk about the MDG:s, the G-15, the recent economical growth, the shutdown of free press, the fact that Eritrea is one of the few countries in Africa who are about to achieve an balanced budget, the fact that there are prisoners that have not recieved trial, the beautiful self reliance police Eritrea has.... Both the opposition AND the Pro-PFDJ would brand me as a traitor of some kind.

    Oppositions, with their hired goons, dont really hate Eritrea, they hate the EPLF. I dont care how many wonderful articles you show them, they will always say something negative about it. "Eritrea probably bribed some U.N officials so that they could use the MDG:s as propaganda" was the worst shit ive ever heard.

    The Pro-Issayas are not really far away. Show them something bad about Eritrea and then its the CIA:s fault. How the hell was the CIA responsible for the fact that you from 2005-2013 werent allowed to carry dollars freely and needed to show receipt on every dollar transaction?
    And yet , these are the same people who uses the black markets, EVEN WHEN THEY KNOW ITS WRONG!

    Its the kind of "Either youre with us or youre against us" retorics that i hate. Cant we all just TRY to be objective?

    Like i said, im pretty sure both the opposition and the Pro-PFDJ will hate what ive just wrote.

  22. Where Is Z CruiseMay 18, 2014 at 6:14 PM

    Wouldn't it easier for the municipality to just cut the tree without jailing the man?? I'm just wondering.

  23. Well said my friend, Objective is the key. It was the solution for EPLF success. We need to seek for the truth, the virtue of EPLF history is pass to us and what define us is not EPLF history, it is we the current mass and specially the youths, because our country will ask us in the future. stop blame someone else our country is in our hand who is the current Eritrean government.

  24. Who wants to hide it? Isn´t it precisely why the govt. has been building dams and now made a deal with Sudan for electricity for ex.? And those you call "tebelexti" are the ones who contribute everything they´ve got to help their people, while people like you just sit and watch eating hamburgers, hoping the country will disintegrate.

  25. Positive information thanks. MEKETENA QETSALI EYO!

  26. Why is it so hard for the pro gov people to admit the short comings and the anti gov to admit success stories. I was there recently and saw both good and bad. The country over all is not doing great with regards to the populations shortage of basic necessities such as electricity, water, transport, freedom of speech. As well as the over all dimoralisation of the people especially the youth. In the same time great achievements in Heath education and infrastructure in rural areas. But why do we think that it's a miracle, a government is expected to do that, and if they fail to achieve basic necessities for the people and then they have clearly Failed

  27. Where Is Z CruiseMay 19, 2014 at 4:42 AM

    Brother John, our Government is à verk shortvsighted Government. If it was long sighted, we wouldn't be where we are today. In terms of energy, the government should have invested 100% in Solar and thermal energy long time ago. If I were you, I would ask what would happen to the deal if those two countries (Sudan and Eritrea) goes to conflict??

  28. John, I like the way you explain the good and bad. Even I don't The majority of human beings if you look attentively they remind only to the negative outputs only, cause it require to be HONEST to see truly what the Other do even if he don't think the same way you do.

  29. "A country, where there is no Constitution, its young and the educated flee in droves of many reasons, including fears of incarcerations, death by secret killing squads, endless futile conscription etc. cannot be referred as peaceful for the genuine inhabitants."
    Ha Ha Ha ..... "death by secret killing squads" is especially the most hilarious phrase ... kikiki ...
    So non of these things happen in your country, Ethiopia, because you have constitution?
    Not only you are an Ethiopian but you are also a damn ass Agame.

  30. Sarina,
    How is life in Mekele? I asked you this because I think it's better if you tell us what you SAW rather than what you HEARD.

  31. Muncipality? With all due of respect, have you been in Eritrea recently? Which eritrean wouldve used the word "Muncipality"? What do you think this is, the west?

    Eritrea is (to an certain extent) built on muncipalites, but its a clear difference between the Nation, the Zobas, Administration areas and the Village councils (baito).

    When it comes to diseases & health care, that is a national issue , when it comes to crimes, thats a local issue (for example)

    This was a national issue, and people blatenly disregarded the warnings they recieved.

    To just cut the tree without jailing the man?

    I dont like your arrogance, it feels like youre looking down on Eritrean system. Its not the worlds best system, but its a solid system.

    You really think Eritrea is rich enough to have some full time tree cutters who walks around and cuts down peoples trees on the orders of the state? You think that is the baitos first priority? Or the state for that matter? We want to achieve food security, not put our money on something unnecessary. Like i said, stop describing it as an easy matter.

    They ignored the warnings, they all got jailed for a week. During that week they made sure that the trees got cut down and paid a fine. Even though this was my relative, i understood that it had to be done. If you do wrong and also understood why you did wrong - you pay the price. Its about principles for us Eritreans.

  32. Ketali Traitor,
    Are you a lisper ? But again, if it were otherwise, you wouldn't have spelled your name, "ketali" like a child, instead of Qetali.
    However, the lisping could also be a manifestation of your low level of intelligence. Of course, this is more likely the case because you seem to project a cowardly and servile behavior.
    Isaias Afewerqi, in his grand mission of decimating the country and people, loves people like yourself who exclusively worship, protect and serve him like dogs at the expense of themselves and their people.
    Isaias Afewerqi is also immaculate killer; he does not leave verbal or physical traces of his crime behind. Once his killing mission is accomplished, he gets rid of his murder squads too by new murder squads.
    He loves Cheguar Danga because he can very easily manipulate and use them in his dirty work. Conversely, he is allergic to Intellectuals whom he decimates under false pretexts, such as Left wing extremists , Right wing extremists, CIA or Ethiopian spies etc. Why? To keep his secret agenda in the dark until it reaches a point of no return.
    Qetali Traitor,
    Wake up! The War of 1998, the Sanction etc. are all the brainchildren of Isaias Afewerqi. He and Meles conspired to bring them about. Do not be mislead by appearance, unwrap the cover and see the Truth for Yourself. And it does not require the intelligence of a Brain Surgeon to do it.
    Last week, I talked to one of his Cheguar Danga agents who loudly and proudly, parroting Isaias Afewerqi, blamed the Western countries for the fleeing young Eritreans.
    Deep in his soul, I am sure he knew that a person, like the fleeing young Eritreans, does not willfully leave his happy life to meet his death but because he was emotionally manipulated, he was truly unable to differentiate the grain from the chuff, a victim of the evasive Isaias Afewerqi.

  33. (even though you did not write to me) what did you nail? your tongue? or the fact that he’s a stupid uneducated individual who does not know how
    to use the language properly and who is try to pass his own short falls to
    others? i guess 'Where Is Z cruise & Rora' are meant to say
    you have been nailed Ageme, and are trying to protect one of their own. If you use the Q + E sound one would not be
    able to get the right sound rather you would get a similar sound as the (no 2 )in
    Tigrinya. However, to create the right sound you need to use the K + E sound in
    order to get the right pronunciation you must use the K+E sound as in Ket-ches / Ket-chups / Ket-tles and KET-ALI …..

  34. p.s. “Isaias Afewerqi is also immaculate killer; he does not leave verbal or physical traces of his crime behind.” So why are
    you complaining, I mean you are contradicting yourself, if he is the best at
    that then you are saying he the right man, as he has been the best in what
    every he has don, even killing. I think you have the god complexity when it comes to Isaias but sorry Ageme, Isaias is just a man, just like all the other true Eritrean so please no
    worship a man please, yes we know he’s immaculate, perfectionist and does not leave a job incomplete but I’m sorry he’s still a man, I understand to you he a
    god, just like any true Eritrean but we are still just humans.

  35. we are using Latin an inferior language to describe Geez a superior language ... hard to say who has Lisper!

  36. Can you in detail tell me about your experience in Eritrea last year?

    "Mozaka" told about his, lets hear about yours? Did you travel to Sawa? Did you like the cab-drivers? How much does a cab-fare cost? Did you rent a car? An apartment? Wich bar did you go to? Whats the price of a meal during the tourist season and non tourist season?? What are the thoughts of the youths inside eritrea? Was Asmara & the other cities rather clean? What did you think about the rural areas? etc...

    Please do share.

  37. ketali Traitor,
    You have affirmed your ignorance and the thus the reason you have become a servant of the con artist, Isaias Afewerqi against your own interest and that of your own people.
    Any way let me once more say that you are wrong to use the letter 'K' for the Tigrigna word ' Qetali'. Tigrigna , unlike English, is strictly phonetic ; you cannot therefore alter one Alphabet for another.
    And also it is wrong to say, Qetali Traitor. The correct one is, Qetal Traitor.

  38. Ketal hasot,

    You must be another Cheguar Danga whom the con artist, Isasa Afewerqi, use against his own interest and that of his own people.
    Yes, indeed, Isaias Afewerqi is immaculate killer. The question is: Whom does he kill immaculately and why?
    The following must be clear: Isaias Afewerqi never shot and killed any soldier of Ethiopian colonialism, nor commanded any military operation during the Liberation era.
    He commanded the 1998 War with Ethiopia and it was a complete disaster. But we must understand that it was for that very outcome he illegally and unnecessarily launched the war and assumed its Supreme Commander in conspiracy with Meles.
    The border instigations of the evil woyane could have been nipped in the bud by taking the case to the UNSC but Isaias Afewerqi would not take that path because the border instigations and the war were the result of his conspiracy with Meles.
    Once, international reporter asked Isaias Afewerqi about the ever escalating flight of young Eritreans to the neighboring countries. His reply? Give me concrete evidence.
    Another day, the reporter came with a photo of the imprisoned former tegadalay and later newspaper editor named Joshua and asked Isaias Afewerqi and about his plight. Isaias Afewerqi denied to have ever known him.
    Shocked by his denial, the reporter asked him once more, you have never seen him before, pointing at the photo with his finger? Isaias Afewerqi replied, Never!
    Isaias Afewerqi, the immaculate killer, of course not of the Eritrean enemies but of educated Eritreans. His Motive? To blindfold Eritreans into the abyss and to build Abai Tigrai over the ashes of Eritreans.
    To be contuined...........

  39. Yemane, the moto you talking about is used for transporting goods and cereals but in uganda and else where people are saddled- up feel their lungs with what may have been the last breath of air, let alone freedom. Ironically that is the difference between those that advocate on brhalf of lost souls and live and breathing one. Why stay for over six years in uganda and have not yet built the temple nor the life those mentioned seeked to do so? Why in the same breath mention Eritrea hosting oppositions, when the issue is zelalem and his likes? Irony too is the false name the former 100 dollar a month earner bank employee; age 27 barely knows anyone with that name even visiting diaspora. The other one was saying no jobs, employment opportunities well there would have been a vacancy at the bank after zelalem i guess. Those guys should not be afraid to go back unless thet have comitted a crime, they can go to thr Eritrean embassy in kampal and ask for a white paper and i guaranty you they can go in and out of Etitrea as they will; thats Eritrea for you, the 2000 dollars they paid to fly out hidden in a pickup truck; i am assuming hidden in the cab as the rest of a pickup truck is open and visible; would not only buy him that tuktuk but would have left him with some money to throw a celebratory party for the newly gained fortune. Please stop the hatef'tef and read between the lines. RIP

  40. Sorry yemane, was for gust,

  41. Yohannes, the same is said, why do you fail to see that we are doing our best with all the limitations. Eritrea is rich si are her people, but the problem is those that expect everything for nothing; ford makes cars but does not issue driver licenses. Do you get it johnny come.....

  42. I usually agree with what the admin writes about our beautiful land, but I doubt all our young men are serving willingly, coz service without definite time period and barely enough wages can be tolerated so far. Many Eritrean diaspora don't know the reality inside, the despair, the hunger our villages are going through, all the young men and women in prison for 'evading sevice', many more for believing in the 'wrong' religion. It is one thing to be proud of one's identity, but it is another to hide the ugly truth. When I say this, it is with conviction of an ex-national serviceman who have seen all frontier Eritrea as to offer. I 've been there, I've seen things done by Eritreans to Eritreans that is shameful and degrading. I was part of the system, but I broke away, not willing to do the dirty work of the regime anymore.That's why thousands of us has left the country, not willing to be part of the rogue government anymore. The truth speaks loud and clear. More than 400 hundred soldiers from Assab front alone deserted to Djibouti, tens of thousands in Ethiopia, unkown numbers flee to Sudan daily. the proof is in the hundreds of Eritreans who lost their lives at sea and desert. There's a sickness in our land, and it is costing our people dearly. We might not be in a position to do something about it, but I'm afraid if we don't critisize the administration to make reforms, we might fail in keeping our country as beautiful as it once was.


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