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Turkish Airlines to Begin Flights to Asmara in May

Turkish Airlines to start flights to Asmara in May

Turkish Airlines to Begin Flights to Asmara in May

Turkish Airlines will commence flights to Asmara in May, according to a source who recently visited the country.

The announcement comes just three months after Turkey and Eritrea signed Civil Aviation Agreement in Asmara.

May is traditionally the start of peak tourist season in Eritrea when tens of thousands of tourists flock to the country to take part on Independence Day festivities.

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Turkish Airlines to Begin Flights to Asmara in May Reviewed by Admin on 2:54 AM Rating: 5


  1. Concerned_EritreanApril 1, 2014 at 4:01 AM

    Here we go again, has been telling us for the last 1,5 years , Turkish airlines will start to fly to Eritrea in a couple of monthes time but nothing happened. Why don't you wait until the airline itself announce this news instead of spreading rumors all the time? And don't you think the airline would have announced this news by now if they plan to start fly to Asmara next month? They need to fill in the seats with passangers right? And that takes some times to do.

  2. We have heared this kind of news so many times for the last 1,5 years but nothing happened. Why not wait until the airlines itself announces this news? I have hard time to belive an airlines with plans starting a new route would just keep quit when it is just few weeks left for their first flight to the new destination. Don't they need to sell tickets?

  3. You very right I heard a lot of bullshit from madote about turkish luftanza amd qatari airlines please stop giving faults news its not a good look for you how many times u told us about turkish airlines? Its April the fool everyday for madote

  4. anta gud iko rekhibna.
    Eritrawi fetawi Hageru iyu intebeluwom si kem injera kbelUna delyom.
    Beluske gde Haqi knzareb, nAddis Abeba iza nefaritTurky tbluwa 5 000 ketekfl inkela, nEritrea lEli 10 000 ketekhfl si yemHrela do? bnafQot Hageru zbeluwo kemzkhefl Eritrawi kulu iyu feliTuna intay ygeber?

  5. Good news!!!

  6. Was your source ali abdu who was seen in Turkey with out body guards:)

  7. Nay bahaki Eritrawit Ade..

  8. Because we are weak!
    case close!

  9. now that turkish airline start flights to asmara,Lufthansa,start to cray.

  10. That's is good to Us users then..

    from Rome to India you pay 500 € average, distance (9000-10000 km). from Rome to Eritrea you pay 700 € average (egypt or yemeniya,) if good, distance 5000 km..How is rational this when our distance is almost half to that? Infact with the Eritrean Airlines was similar to 500 or sometimes even cheaper on May specially.

  11. Why are you deleting critical comments of this article? As long as it was written without insult.

  12. Dear Customer.

    Exciting news.

    We are expanding and new routes will be started in June 2014 from Stockholm Arlanda (ARN), Sweden and London Gatwick (LGW), United Kingdom to Asmara (ASM) Eritrea and Mogadishu (MGQ), Somalia.

    Please see Pressrelease and our ads below.

    Fly Olympic is delighted to announce the launch of new direct scheduled

    services to Asmara, Eritrea “ASM” and Mogadishu, Somalia “MGQ”, from both

    Stockholm – Arlanda “ARN” and London – Gatwick “LGW”.

    Flights will be operated by the IATA / IOSA certified carrier Jordan Aviation (JAV)

    via Amman, Jordan “AMM” in each direction.

    All traffic rights are granted from all respective countries authorities.

    Fly Olympic is appointed as JAV:s General Sales Agent (GSA) in

    Sweden, United Kingdom, Eritrea and Somalia for these routes.

    The first flight is scheduled for Friday 6th

    of June 2014, operating on a Boeing 767 EM.

    The aircraft interior has been recently refurbished and contains a Business class

    with a “40” inch seat pitch and a comfortable “31” inch seat pitch in

    Economy class, refurbished interior, decorated in Fly Olympic livery.

    The sales of all seats and cargo from all locations will be controlled

    and sold through Fly Olympic.

    Bookings can be made through various sales channels :

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    Agent : Your Local Fly Olympic’s Authorised IATA Travel Agency’s.

    Fly Olympic CEO Akis E. Kefala’s stated :

    “In teaming up with Jordan Aviation, we believe we have an airline partner

    that can provide our customers with the service and reliability that they deserve.

    This is a dynamic market, but this alliance should prove to be the dominant force

    for flights to this region.”

    The Team Of FlyOlympic

  13. Cane libero, its not about distance rather the number of passengers and the competition between the airlines. The more flight we have the less we pay.


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